Cathe, how is Brenda doing?

I am so very sad to hear that this is true and that Brenda was put through this trial. I can only imagine the pain that she suffered as a result. I will be praying for a fast and pain-free recovery for Brenda.

And it certainly does not surprise me that Cathe posted that her attitude is unbelievably positive, I could see that she shines from within when I got to meet her in person. She has phenomenal character!

Speedy Recovery Dear Brenda!!!

xoxo, Denise :)
I am so sorry to hear about Brenda's hip:-( Although of course I don't know Brenda personally, she always comes across as such a wonderful, friendly, and athletic person. Brenda is a real inspiration to me. I would like to send her healing vibes as well as hugs. She will be in my thoughts and prayers. Get better soon Brenda!! Helen
(((HUGS))) Brenda, wishing a speedy recovery your way.


~Straighten out, fly right~

Cathe Friedrich
Brenda, I have absolutely no doubt that you will come back even stronger than ever. Your determination, enthusiasm, and focus amazes me. Good luck with your recovery and keep on smiling!

Maria Katherine
I am sending my very best wishes for a speedy recovery to Brenda. It inspires me to hear Cathe's update of how positive Brenda is about her injury. I know she will be well rested and back on her feet (or in the case of step a la Cathe - on her toes!) in no time.

My thoughts and prayers are with you Brenda!

I am in shock and disbelief! I am sending positive thoughts and well wishes into the universe for Brenda. I can't believe something like this could happen to her.

Positive healing vibes go out to you Brenda! I love you and always watch for your smile!

Please take care.
I read about this earlier today but was waiting for an "official" update before posting.

Thank you Cathe for letting us know how Brenda is doing.

I sincerely wish her the best and hope that she recovers 100% from her injury.

((((HUGS)))) and speedy recovery wishes are headin' her way!:)
BRENDA!!!! You're such a sweetheart. I can't believe what I'm reading here.

All the best for an ultra-speedy recovery. Being you and being so fit I have no doubt that your recovery will be complete. But let yourself heal.



Thanks so much for the update. So sorry to hear about Brenda. My thought are with her and wishing her a speedy recovery.

From another Brenda :)

Thoughts to you from Colorado. Hope your healing process goes smooth and quickly. :)Thinking of you, Heidi

I am so sorry this injury happened to you. I met you on the RT and couldn't help but notice your positive energy and humor. Your determintation will only help your recovery process. I am wishing you the best for a speedy and full recovery. Please take care of yourself.
So sorry to hear this! Brenda's bright smile and cheery attitude is always a comfort and encouragement to me during Cathe's workouts.

Brenda, good healing and best wishes to you! Given all of the good karma that you've sent out over the years, I'm sure you'll be on the mend soon!

:7 :7 :7

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