Cathe, how is Brenda doing?

Brenda, you're so amazing that even with you in a cast I'd have trouble keeping up! Anyone who does an Ironman has my utmost respect and admiration. Get well soon. A Cathe DVD without you just wouldn't be the same.

Brenda --Wow!! Iron Man competition..your amazing. I'm sure with your focus and determination, you will recover just fine. Sending my best wishes and thoughts your way. :) Laura
Thank you Cathe for the update.


Thinking of you in this challenging time. Be strong and positive as we all know you are. Have a complete recovery and see you on DVD's very soon.

My prayers are with you,

Oh my gosh. How awful for Brenda, I am truly sorry, Hope she will be fully recovered soon.
I am wondering if her hips were fractured or something before her run. And she did not know?
Osteoporosis? Puzzled..
Take Care Brenda. My Prayers are with you.
((Hugs)), prayers and warm wishes for a full and speedy recovery! All the best to you Brenda as you work through this challenging time. God Bless!

Take Care
I had no idea!!! My prayers are with Brenda. Surely being in such great shape will help her immensely in her recovery! {{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} for Brenda!
I am so sorry to hear about Brenda. She always makes me laugh when I do a Cathe workout - i.e. shakes her head when Cathe says "We're still not finished yet. In the shape she's in - she'll probably be as good as new in no time. Take care Brenda.

I'm so sorry to hear about this! Please tell Brenda we're keeping her in our prayers and wishing her a speedy, COMPLETE recovery.

Please tell Brenda take care and God bless,


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