Cathe, how is Brenda doing?

Brenda, I was shocked to hear of your injury. I'm praying you have a quick and complete recovery.

Take care,
What upsetting news! Please let Brenda know that we are all thinking of her and sending her our best wishes for a full and fast recovery.

Brenda!!! you're the greatest. I read your stats from the swim and bike portions of the Iron. WOW!!! I hope you have a speedy recovery!!! take care!!!!
Oh no!!! My heart goes out to Brenda. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and wish her a speedy recovery. I hope your physical therapy goes well, Brenda!

Brenda - Get better soon!!! I hope all went well and you are on the speedy road to recovery :)

Could one of the posters who saw this at VF please post the link, I can't find anything over there about this.
From a poster on VF:

"I just talked to Brenda. No George Clooney. Her hip started hurting during the run, getting worse and worse after the halfway point, until she was only able to run a few steps and then was walking. At mile 15, she heard a loud crack in her hip and down she went. Ambulance came, whisked her away, x-rays followed and she has a fractured hip. She is scheduled for surgery, hopefully today. It sounds as if they'll put a rod in her leg from hip to knee. Then 6 weeks of crutches, then rehab. Typical Brenda -- she is still laughing and able to make a great story of it. She is in a hurry to get the surgery done, so she can get out. Oh -- and dying because she hasn't been able to shower or clean up. After a 2.4 mile lake swim, 112 miles in bike shorts and 15 miles of running. She did get her hands on a comb. I've got to nominate her for best attitude (she had me cracking up throughout the phone conversation) and best IM story ever. But still, ouch."

So sad! But, hey--what a trooper! Absolutely unbelievable. She is one kick-a$$ woman!!!!

>what is VF & DH?

VF =
DH = dear(darling, etc.) husband

Brenda: wishing you a speedy recovery.
I'm sure that being in shape to do Cathe's workouts made your injury less serious than it could have been.
OMG! Poor Brenda! At least she was doing something "cool" when it happened. It'll make for better stories. ;) It beats "I tripped on the dog" or "my kid left her rollerskates on the stairs," I guess.

I'll be thinking healing thoughts for you, Brenda! Get well soon!
Brenda, I'm so sorry to hear about your injury! I hope you have a speedy recovery. Pamper yourself in the meantime--you are still an Ironwoman!

Chocolate IS the answer, regardless of the question.


Where did you read this????? This is tragic. I'm sure she will bounce back in the end though - she's strong.


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