50 and over February check in

Well, what a weekend!! Saturday I did xtrain chest back and shoulders. Wanted to stay on track with some cardio yesterday. Got caught up in building a website for my gardening group. Sat at the computer all day. DH came down with a cold so he stayed quiet. MUST do cardio today! :D

I hope all of you are enjoying the long weekend or just enjoying another monday! :D:p
Tried to get into xtrain cardio legs -- just couldn't. Jumped on the treadmill put on a Brothers Gibb DVD stayed on there for over an hour - 500+ calories gone!! Thank you Barry, Maurice and Robin!! :D
Tried to get into xtrain cardio legs -- just couldn't. Jumped on the treadmill put on a Brothers Gibb DVD stayed on there for over an hour - 500+ calories gone!! Thank you Barry, Maurice and Robin!! :D

Ah,ah,ah,ah stayin alive,stayin alive. Stayin aliiiiiiiiiiiive :) good for you!!!! I can hear it now. Really made me smile.

Did disc5 Xtrain legs. I have the day off so going toDSW to look for boots for DD s birthday, I just might have to get a pair for myself!
Boys and I ended up leaving about 4:45 Friday and heading up north. Potential storm issues were possible over night and Saturday and so I decided we might as well go then even if it meant driving in the dark. The last couple hours had some snow showers which weren't fun in the dark on a highway, then the two lane highway it wasn't snowing, but had some snow on the road with tracks. But, we made it and it made it so much nicer just to get up and go Sat. morning.We all had a great time!

But, of course I got no workouts in other than walking a lot. I actually ate pretty well though, so at least I didn't add to the problem. ;) OTOH I didn't get a workout in today, so I'm just going to pick randomly the next couple days and start back up Saturday.

I don't have time to read back through everything, so I hope every one is feeling fine and getting their workouts in!

Did you all see that Cathe is looking for input on a Greatest hits DVD? And filming again! I love new stuff, but it's starting to come to close together for my budget. Wondering how big this next series will be or if it will be something smaller like CrossFire and To The Max.
Cathy glad you had a safe and fun trip!

I did 30 minutes on the treadmill today and then 30 minutes of abs. yay!
Jennifur -- did you get matching boots?

Did Bis & Tris yesterday- that was fun! I have Ride scheduled this morning and I am supposed to go to Zumba afterschool today. I'm not sure if I'm up for the Zumba- I still can't shake this fatigue.

No boots anywhere in the stores!! Sandals and flip flops abound! I cant wait until it is sandal and flip flop weather! I had to order a pair on line and at that point I realized that I really to not need another pair of boots!

Have a great day everyone. Time to get on the bike.
Jenn I can't wait until it's sandal weather also! :D It's in the teen's again today-- brrrrrrrrr

Tabata 1,2 burn back and core#2 I like this little premix. 200+ calories gone! Core#2 hurts and I feel it for days, not sure why?? :rolleyes:
I forgot to mention -- class tonight. I can not believe it's been 7 weeks already! I start my state training in 2 weeks along with the county training. :D:D I am loving this!! I didn't realize how much I didn't know about gardening. :confused:

I mentioned this on MFP -- I just read that we should change up our foods like we do exercise to keep our metabolism working better. Here I am trying to automate my meals so I know I am eating well with out thinking about it. It is so hard to keep up on this stuff. :eek: My DH has cut out wheat from his diet and the weight is falling off him, he hasn't changed anything else. He is still eating way to much sugar and no exercise. -- MEN!! I love my Ezekiel bread and pita pockets to give up wheat. :(
Finally a workout to report! In keeping with Cathe's wanting to know what our favorite compilation workout would be I did one of mine. I wanted to do it again before I suggested it. So, I did:

warm-up 4DS LIS
finished combos 4DS LIS
finished combos 4DS HIS
finished combos Step Moves
finished combos Step Blast
bonus cardio Body Max 2
all 7 blasts Low Max
stretch Low Max

Was definitely fun and now I'm wanting to do those DVD's again. Those blasts in Low Max had my legs fried! I'd forgotten how long they were and the premix runs them all together with little break. Came in at about 65 minutes.

I'm reading Dr. Robert Lustig's book "Fat Chance..." which is really interesting.
Cathy wow that workout looks like a lot of fun.

Sorry I've been MIA. I think I had the flu or just a horrible cold. I haven't workout in 7 days and now my son is sick. Hate winter. Today's workout will be light 100 rep challenge bi and tri plus Leslie Sansone 1 mile walk. Bbl
I guess I am still a little sick I had to stop and cough a couple of times but I got through it. My sister brought Jeanette Jenkins cardio kickboxing DVD and it has 8 small chapters that are around 10 min each. So I plan to use this DVD this week.

I love when my sis buys workouts because they become hand-me-downs sooner or later.

Switching up eating plans every month makes good sense to me. I was thinking of adding protein bars to my menu.

Did you know that Fluidity program is over 300 dollars!!
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Cathy -- "Fat Chance" looks interesting. I agree about sugar. I had no idea how much sugar was in my diet, even tho I thought I was eating pretty clean! Thanks to logging my meals I discovered it.

Robin that's real nice of your sister - :p Fluidity is expensive. People swear by it tho!

I am beginning to think Thursdays are just going to be bad days for me - :rolleyes:
I can't seem to fine energy. With classes and seminars on tue/wed nights by thursday I am just wiped. So no workout yesterday. Plan to do weights today.
Decided I'm going to change up my workouts, so today was Pyramid Upper Body Down Only premix with planks subbed for abs. I have to admit that I really don't like the ab portion of this one. Even when my core was it's strongest and I could do any other ab work, that one following upper body just doesn't work because my arms die. :(

Did my shopping today, because again we had snow on Friday! Really Mother Nature needs to quit messing with my shopping day...well as long as I'm making requests, I'd like spring now!! None of that 80 degree week in March though like last year. Novel as it was it totally messed up the fruit crop in Michigan. I'd happily settle for 50's.
I decided on high step circuit -- I am glad I did!! I forgot how much I love this workout. I was sweating!!

Just got home from working the Ag table at the mall for the master gardeners -- omgosh!! People everywhere, everyone must have been at the mall today. :eek:
Hi ladies. I'm feeling better but still have this chest congestion. The funny news is that my boss has a bad cold now. I wonder who gave it to him? Hehehe

I've been doing my light cardio with 100 rep challenges but I'm getting bored. I was going to buy a used les mills combat off of eBay but now Cathe has a new pre-sale. :rolleyes: I can't pass Cathe up. So next month I will do a mix of les mills pump, taebo, kbell hiit,and tabatas. I hope the warm weather comes in so I can do some walks.
Butts and guts today! My legs are actually a bit shaky -- hmmm?? :rolleyes:

I can NOT wait until spring. I should have worked outside yesterday- :( missed my chance.

Robin glad you are feeling better. Seems this cold/flu just won't go away!
Cathy my trick when doing Upper body pyramid is do the ab work first.

Think spring!

Sunday I did PLB, then yesterday was Imax 2. I did the whole thing, but blast #9 was way less than pretty. :rolleyes: Today was Muscle Endurance and I did the timesaver premix, but even then I miscalculated my time and I had to leave, so I shortened up a few things. My lower back was really disliking some of the things, so I shortened reps for somethings and ended up skipping a couple. :(

I am really over this whole winter thing. Looking like school will be canceled tomorrow. They actually sent the older kids home 20 minutes early, so the buses could have more time to run there routes. Younger kids left 7 minutes early. It was just raining at that point and the paved roads were fine, but it's a predominately rural school district and the dirt roads that still had snow on them were turning to ice with with the rain. Not long after it changed to snow, and we've had at least 2", with more expected overnight. Would love to think this is the last storm of the season.

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