50 and over February check in

Sheila I wish I can stop drinking coffee. I only drink one cup so if I find strong enough tea then maybe I will.

I did super cuts for the first time and I loved it!!!
It was so much fun and challenging. That is how I like to do core work.

On Monday I plan to start feb rotation with some add on.
Did Supercuts today too! I did the premix with the Core 2- wow that was a challenging core segment. I've been pretty tired for the past few days and realized that I skipped my rest day last week and did a few doubles this week. I'm paying for it now- I felt like I was just going through the motions during my workout today. Tomorrow will be a rest day for sure.
Hi all!
I have been on a lazy streak myself the last couple of days. I did the same as Jenn I over did it and needed to back off. Will pick up on my rotation today!

Robin -- I have never drank coffee. I can't get past the smell. :rolleyes: If you want to try a tea that has the same kick as coffee, Teavana makes a tea called My Morning Mate. It's a blend of mate,black and roobios teas. I love the smell! It has a rich, full, taste. Some put creme and or sugar in it, I don't think it needs either of those. Just a suggestion. :)
Well, here is the description from the site:
Rise with the sun and kick-start the day with this unbelievably rich and robust caffeine mix of mate, black tea and red rooibos. This morning blend is filled to the brim with sweet cocoa, chocolate and almond bits, pistachio nuts, macadamia nuts, and coriander rounded off with warm hazelnut and cinnamon. PRODUCT CONTAINS NUTS AND DAIRY
Sheila - Your hike sounds like it was a good time with the kiddo and great way to get outside! Come on spring!
Cathy did you get much snow?
Well the end of my week ended up with a lot of switching around. My meeting Thursday ran about an hour longer than I thought it would and then I was never home enough the rest of the day to get a workout in. Friday I was just tired all day. :( We got about 5", everyone was home for the day and there was no way I was heading out in the direction of more snow to shop. So, no retreat. But, we all helped shovel the drive clear, the sun cleared off most of the plowed roads and the boys and I went to homecoming on Friday night.

Since I was unexpectedly home this weekend I was able to get in the workouts I missed during the week. Yesterday I did the low impact hiit 1-10 and Burn Sets Chest (which I am definitely feeling today!) and today I did Legs barre, ball and chair and floor. So, I'm back on track.

I never drank coffee either. My Mom drank black instant coffee and one taste of that as a kid cured me of ever wanting to try it again. :p In the 80's, I gave up caffeine which meant ditching the Pepsi and regular tea. I had headaches for a few days, but never went back to it, so it was a one time thing. Now if I'm out and about I might have a regular tea, but only before mid-afternoon otherwise I can't go to sleep.

I recently found a wild berry tea that I really like and I'm down to a few bags and darned if it hasn't suddenly disappeared off the shelves. Hopefully, it'll be back next week!

Can you guys who did Supercuts be kind and tell me that you couldn't do all those crazy pushups/sit ups and the end, please? :D
Cathy- I was able to do 5 rounds of the sit ups push ups yesterday. I just can't keep up with Cathe and then by the time they're: done I'm really "done". I still consider it an accomplishment! :)
Cathy lol those push ups sit ups were hard and I couldn't do them all. Not yet but that is another challenge for me.

Jann thanks on Friday I will order this tea. It sounds so good
Well, I managed to do pyramid legs yesterday. I am so tired, it's like I have been drugged or something. I am thinking something may be up with my synthroid meds! :confused:

I am sorry Cathy that you didn't get to go on your retreat. :( And you got snow! Is there a make up weekend? No, I was not able to do those pushup/situps either! Omgosh!

I use an infuser to make tea. According to what I have read after the first cup the caffeine is less with each cup after that. I use 1tsp of what ever blend and re-fill it up to 4 times after that. I am hoping that the only real caffeine hit is the first cup. :p

Cardio today!! Need to burn off calories from the weekend - :eek:
Jann I hope your doctor can figure out why you are so tired. What cardio are you doing?

Today's workout was xtr chest shoulders back round 5-8 plus some of bob's kbell

I'm starting to get bored with xtrain. Next week I may do some Amy bento. Next month I want to do les mills pump/combat. I guess I have to order combat soon
Thanks Robin. I don't go see her until April - :confused: I am wondering if I may need more carbs? GESH already!! Trying to fine that balance is crazy hard!

I did a GREAT workout today. It's from the KPC dvd. It was the premix with the kickboxing routines mixed with the standing legs and abs It was great fun and I sweated like crazy. I have to mark this one for the future. :)
Now, I have to go pick up my GD from the sitter. Yay play time all afternoon!
I made up mind. I am going to give up coffee for lent. I brought Tetley black tea and lemon. That should hold me until the good stuff comes in the mail.

Today workout was hard strikes warm up and the 3 tabatas which cause my heart rate to go up and I was sweaty. Funny because it was all upper body. I only wish I had something to hit.
Yay Robin! Good luck! If you want a stronger tea with great taste there are many off the shelf oolongs -- Choice makes a yummy one! AND oolong teas are known as metabolism-boosting teas.

I did pyramids upper body today -- I ♥♥♥ this workout. It is my most favorite workout of Cathe's! I just love it when she says "out body experience" I am always right there with her. My shoulders,chest and biceps are feeling great today!

I have went back to steel cut oats in the morning with fruit. I can really tell a difference in my energy! Could it be that simple? :confused:
Yesterday I did Bi's and Tri's and then attempted the 100 rep challenge for bi's. 1) bad planning to do it the same day as bi's and 2) I obviously was using to heavy a barbell. And the weird thing is that it wasn't really my bi's that gave out it was my shoulders. :confused: go figure! Made it to 60.

Today was Tabatacise and I did just the first group because of time and my planks. Going to go downstairs in a few minutes and do the 100 rep challenge for tri's.

No redo on the retreat as they still had it. I would have been able to get there, but with everything else I had to do and the fact that I was feeling tired anyway, I was ok with it. I've been sleeping better the last couple nights and that's helped a lot. I can tell my hormones have made another shift recently so my body is readjusting again.
Yesterday I did Bi's and Tri's and then attempted the 100 rep challenge for bi's. 1) bad planning to do it the same day as bi's and 2) I obviously was using to heavy a barbell. And the weird thing is that it wasn't really my bi's that gave out it was my shoulders. :confused: go figure! Made it to 60.
60!! After Bi's and Tri's workout --
Nice Job!
Cathy how are your arms today? The 100 rep challenge at 30-50% of one rep max , so it should be very light. 60 reps is a lot

Jann I am going to visit the Heath food store to see if they have that tea.

Today's workout is cross fire.
Well suffice it to say I had another really unfun night, :( and I'm running on about 4 hours sleep. Tried to come home from taking Derek to school and nap, but between the dog, cats and a phone call I didn't even want waking me up just as I finally fell asleep, I gave up and just stumbled on through my day. Even went to a meeting at the school tonight. As soon as the boys go to bed at 9, I am headed there myself.

Last night I did the 100 rep tri challenge and I used 5 lbs and I was feeling it but it was doable. Next time I do bi's I'm backing off to 15 lbs and see how it goes. I was using 20 lbs the other day.

Boys and I got invited by friends to go to Traverse City this weekend! Her Mom is renting a condo and taking everyone out to dinner Sat. and Sun. night, and the condo has a kitchen, so it won't cost us more than gas money and some odds and ends like ice skate rentals (boys not me-haven't been on skates in 40 years and back then it wasn't pretty!) Boys have Monday off, so we'll come home then. We're staying at Grand Traverse Resort which is way above the type of place we can afford to stay, and there's a small water park in the hotel and they have their own ice rink, cross country trails, sledding etc. and it's a festival weekend with lots of free events. Should be fun.

Jann I don't think I can ever hear that song again without thinking of LIC!
Cathy you weekend sounds like so much fun!! Enjoy your family

I'm working this weekend so no special plans for me. Today's workout will be xtr bi tri plus 100rep tri. I was thinking of how I can make a week long rotation just using the 100 rep challenges. It would have to be every other day for upper body. Lower body can be kbell swings:D and squats.

Day 2 of no coffee. No headaches so far but my energy level is low. I am taking vitamin B complex to help with that.

Happy Valentines Day <3
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I increased my weight load for both bi and tri
My arms are fried so no rep challenge for me. I'll save it for next week.
Robin YAY on increasing your weights. I had to change things up today and did the 100 rep challenges for lats, scarecrows and hip thrusts. Thinking my shoulders will be talking to me tomorrow. Used the 3's they used for the first two and 25 lbs for the hip thrusts. This time on the latter I used only two risers and I kept one hand on the bar and one behind my head for support and it was far more comfortable. I think the third riser really just didn't work with my lack of height. Also did my planks.

Slept much better last night and was really sorry when the alarm went off. Tomorrow will be busy with shopping and packing, so no workout then.
Cathy enjoy your weekend!

Robin great no headache! And increasing your weights! :D

I have been sticking to my rotation! yay!! I took an unplanned rest day yesterday. :( Jumping back today!
I am doing a week of xtrain! choochoo! :p

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