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  • Hey Jann.....Thanks for posting a comment in my photo album. The RT was so much fun! Had a Blast......and meeting Cathe was very cool.....can't wait to do it again!! Did Butts and Guts today for the very first time! all I can say is.....OMG...are you kidding me!?
    yes, I got the calendar to print. Thanks. I'd like to find a remnant as well. Where did you buy your Tiffin mat from?
    Thank you so much for the info. I will look into Tiffin mats. Hopefully it's not to much $$
    Great workout room. If my husband and I ever move, the space for a workout room will be the deciding factor!
    I've never left a message before, but I thought I'd try. I love your gym and would like to know what type of flooring you use under the blue rug, and what kind of rug is that. It looks super sturdy. Are you able to jump around on it and not trip? Thanks in advance for your answer. - autumn
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