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  • You are welcome. I was able to buy a remnant.(they knocked a few $ off for me) You can always ask, they happen to have just the right size I needed.
    2nd -- I read your other note here. Did you get the calendar to print?
    Autumn I just read my comments. My workout space is in my basement. So it's a cement floor with berber carept over it, then I put the Tiffin mat on top of that. Under my weight rack I have that puzzle mat, which I use to use to workout on but that did not give me the shock abortion I needed for my knees. It really does help. Hope I answered your question! :0)
    Thank you so much. I didn't know I had this message until now, don't check my inbox much. thanks again!
    I had trouble printing it, too. It is embarrassingly simple to do though. I just went to file, print preview - and I had to shrink it to fit, and then hit print. I kept trying to do a right click and a save as and that didn't work at all. But this does! Yea. Hope my instructions are easy enough to understand, but if you need more help just let me know.
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