50 and over February check in

Cathy I hope the storm didn't last long for ya.

Back to basics for me -- Body fusion. I burned 315 calories!!! I added a step and did everything higher impact before she was showing us "how to" -- happy!!
Hi ladies. Who is excited about the new up coming workouts. I AM! I'm not sure why I can't even do step anymore. There will be a new kickboxing one too.

My menu and calorie count has been good thanks to the zone and Atkins protein bars. I know they are not considered clean but they come in handy

My next month rotation will be like this
Day 1 yoga
Day2 pump and short hiit cardio
Day 3 cardio taebo
Day 4 pump and tabatas
Day5 cardio power walk or ellipical
Day 6 circuit like kbells or one of Cathe circuits

So how do you like it. I really want to drop some more #s before summer
I'm likely going to get the new workouts, but I'm going to wait till the end of the pre-sale to order. I've got a conference in April and I don't want to put more on my credit card for now. I was rather hoping she'd wait a bit longer, but I know that I'm not going to be able to pass. I am glad to see there's going to be new step workouts. I was actually wondering recently if she'd even make any more step ones because they seem to be passé.

Yesterday I ended up doing shovel max with about 5" of heavy snow. The kind that's wet and wouldn't blow around in 100 mph wind. So glad the boys are now old enough to help shovel as the driveway isn't exactly short.

Today, I'd planned to workout but got on a roll with some volunteer work that I'd been putting off and then I did our taxes. Such exciting stuff.
Robin, what do you mean by pump? I just read you signature line -- I have been saying that for years. :D

The next couple of days I'll be traveling -- so I'll be checking in via my cellphone app. So who knows what it will look like. :p Lots and lots of walking -- philly garden show!
Cathy we were posting at the same time. SNOW you poor thing. I liked it too when my boys could help... then the left me. We bought a snow blower - man you would have thought I punished my boys. :p:p Now you get a snow blower blah blah blah!! :D

I will order, always do. I am really liking circuit workouts again. I really do go through phases - :rolleyes:
I did Push Pull today. I've always liked that one. Short, but I always feel it the next day!

Derek's team went 2-1 at the tournament today. Ran out of steam the last game and into a couple of large players that they had no hope of out rebounding or scoring over. One more tournament next week and baseball practice starts Tuesday.
Step Blast today just the combos. This is actually one of my favorite series. I've always felt that Cathe was having a great deal of fun with that one and it really comes through.

Now for some fun cleaning and then shopping.
Hi all!! I am back from the philly flower show. Too many people!! :confused:

I'll start a March thread.

See ya there!

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