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    DVD Format..did it change for Ice?

    Bootcamp wouldn't play in my SONY DVD player. Metabolic total body played, but froze when it got to the stretch. My Dvd player is quite old and I googled the error code I was getting (C13:00) and ran a diagnostic on it...I tested both bootcamp and metabolic TB and both played...hopefully the...
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    Sept 10, 2015

    Fun workout! Loved your shorts...brand?
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    Daily Check In Saturday and Sunday December 3/4, 2011

    hi! This morning was STS Disc 4 (chest, shoulders, bis) and this afternoon was Disc 6 (legs). We have to travel downstate tomorrow to help my son move into his apartment, so I doubled on my workouts today. S ~ Thanks for getting us started this morning. This is my 2nd round of STS, did it...
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    Daily Check In Friday December 2, 2011

    Cardio for me today...Low Impact Challenge Express Premix #2...great 30 min workout.
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    Daily Check-In Thursday 12/1

    Happy Friday Eve! Today I have to do the triceps in Disc 2...also want to get a quick cardio workout in. Have a good day!
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    Daily Check-In Thursday 12/1

    getting us started...
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    Daily Check-In Wednesday 11/30

    Cardio for me today, think I will do HiiT 30/30. Happy Humpday! Have a good day :)
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    Daily Check-In Tuesday, November 29

    STS Disc 2 back only for me this morning....if I have time I will do Slide&Glide cardio. Have a good day!
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    Daily Check In, Monday November 28

    I did Cardio Supersets this morning. Conni ~ What a workout this morning!!! I'm in awe! Siobhan ~ Slide & Glide has a great 20 min cardio starter....the rest of the workout for me was so/so.
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    Daily Check-In 11/26-27

    Today I did STS Disc 3 Legs...I'm already feeling it. Conni ~ Afterburn is a great workout! I had DOMS for at least two days after I did it for the first time! You must have a very nice xmas fairy! My plan is to continue with STS doing a full UB workout on Saturdays and a full LB workout...
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    Daily Check-In 11/26-27

    Hello? Is anyone out there? This morning I did STS Disc One...OMG...I really struggled through this :confused: I think I may try another STS rotation...judging how I struggled this morning I may try the 6 1/2 month STS rotation. Didn't get a chance to check in yesterday as we had to go...
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    Daily Check in Thursday November 24, 2011

    Happy Thanksgiving! I'm going to do Athletic Training this morning, then we are off to visit DH's Mom before we go to my Mom's for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm almost done with Cathe's November LIS rotation...not sure what I'm going to do next month. Siobhan ~ Thanks for getting us...
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    Daily Check In Wednesday November 23, 2011

    Quick was Total Body TriSets LB. Who has a kick-*ss workout planned for tomorrow morning?
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    Daily Check In, Tuesday Nov. 22

    Hello Fitness Friends! This morning was LIC step. Finally got this one down pat, now just have to bump up the step to 8" :confused: Conni ~ Thanks for getting us started. Wow! you've got a tough 4 days planned! Carmen ~ Jealous your boss is away again ;) I love turkey day too :D...
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    Daily Check In Monday November 21, 2011

    Good Morning! Rest day for me today...usual Monday struggle to get out of bed on time :rolleyes::rolleyes::roll eyes: Siobhan ~ Thanks for getting us started... Have a good day all! Only three days of work this week :D:D:D