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    Direct Link to Our Road Trip Signup Page

    Hi everyone! I got in too! My first road trip too, Stephanie! I have been on this forum for ages (haven't posted lately though) and a Cathe video exerciser for 20 years.
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    Am I a Neanderthal for Liking to Count Calories?

    I'm a natural list-maker and task-oriented person. I have counted my calories since 1989!! It's my security blanket. I actually feel more free when I do it, than when I don't - makes me feel organized and on top of life. I use an app now so it's really no work at all anymore. It used to be...
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    Times per week to spin

    I spin twice per week. Several years ago I used to do more (4-5X per week) but I was losing muscle mass and didn't have enough "zip" for productive weight workouts. My other workouts right now are weights (3X per week), Karate (4X per week) and yoga/foam rolling/stretch recovery sessions when...
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    Toe Nail Fungus? - Sorry...

    I had it about 30 years ago - actually it started when I was in my late teens and when I was in my early twenties I decided I needed to do something about it. I took Griseofulvin, and later Lamisil, which completely got rid of it. When you take those drugs, you do need to have frequent blood...
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    Cathe looks like she has lost weight!

    What does zero drop mean? Thanks! Stebby
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    Easily fatigued feet/calves

    The stretches are a great idea and will probably help a lot. I would suggest strengthening your calves also, if you aren't already doing that. Sometimes when body parts fatigue easily, it means that something isn't as strong as it should be, and weaker muscles are trying to compensate. Maybe...
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    Anyone use Beachbody on demand?

    Interesting, MomInVT - my video quality is great (hi def). Very strange that we've had such different experiences with the streaming! I hope my quality stays good! Stebby
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    Spring Cleanse with The Nourishing Gurus

    Hi Ally - I agree with Justina - best to email Jane and Stephanie about doing the cleanse on different timing. For the April cleanse there was at least one person who started a few days early. They do keep the Facebook page up for a bit of time after the cleanse but not that long - maybe a...
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    Spring Cleanse with The Nourishing Gurus

    Hi jrichards111 - yes, there was a good variety of foods on the program. There are different levels from less extreme to more extreme (I did level 3 which was the most restrictive level; level 1 is less restrictive). The foods I ate were somewhat different from what I would normally have...
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    Anyone use Beachbody on demand?

    I signed up for the free trial and now that my month is up, I'm going to keep going. I am going through the Chalean Extreme program, which I absolutely love. I've had no problems with the streaming. I did have trouble signing up (the system blanked out my address every time I tried to enter...
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    Spring Cleanse with The Nourishing Gurus

    Hi - I also did the April cleanse. I (completely unexpectedly) lost 6.5 lbs, which have stayed off, and I am sleeping better. I have also lost the belly bloat that I had been developing. 7 days is actually not that long and I felt it went by quickly. It was a bit of an adjustment to change...
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    I have an old FitBit Zip, which I've had for almost 3 years now. It doesn't measure sleep but it does count steps and it syncs to the FitBit site. It has a clip which I attach to my bra. I wear it from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. I love it and I have lots of fun competing with...
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    The calories in Shakeology are very low, so it's not surprising you are hungry, Nancy. I try to aim for 400 calories for my breakfast, which means that for me, Shakeology can't be the only thing I have. Even if I have a "meatier" shake that has twice the calories I still also eat something...
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    Rear Delts bonus in Xtrain Legs DVD

    I didn't even notice that was there! I must do that bonus. :) Stebby
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    Has anyone here struggled with very limited quadriceps flexibility?

    I would recommend yoga as well. Often there is tightness in other muscles besides the ones where you feel the tightness, and yoga will help you stretch everything in a disciplined way (not just the body parts that are easier to stretch). When I am faithful with my yoga, my flexibility...