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    LBB - Lovin' It!

    OUCH! I tried LBB for the first time yesterday. I'm on the road back from a LONG layoff :(. All I have to say is EEK! I didn't even use any weights and my legs are FRIED this morning. Sitting, walking, sleeping...all tough right now - but it feels GOOD!
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    New Workouts- On the Fence Help Me Decide

    You do have the option to purchase individual dvds. I ordered all of them myself - even tho I'm on the fence about HIIT - I figure I'll give it a try!
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    Question on new dvds

    Thank you, Cathe! I'll be ordering today. Something to look forward to as i recover from yet ANOTHER shoulder surgery! By delivery date, I'll be ready for some modified workouts.
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    Question on new dvds

    How much space is needed for the cardio (Intensity) workot? My workout space is about 8' x 8'.
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    The NEVERending shoulder saga

    Thanks, ladies, for your input (and encouragement). I am currently seeing the chiro for other issues - 3x a week. Have been going to him for about 8 weeks now. Gina - this is a complete tear of the supraspinatus tendon - Not only did it not completely reattach after the last surgery, the...
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    The NEVERending shoulder saga

    Hi everyone. Looking for input here. I've been lurking for months since my last shoulder surgery... too filled with self-pity to really participate in the forums like I started to when I first joined. Here's the scoop in a nutshell...Had A/C joint surgery 11/6/09 where they found the rotator...
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    Please welcome "Bettie" to the forum >^..^<

    What a gift to help you through the healing... She is adorable! Congratulations.
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    Request to feature Supersets/Push Pull as DVD of the week

    I am in love with these workouts - they are perfect as I get back in the groove after my surgery... off to do Push/Pull right now!
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    Help me name my kitties

    They are so adorable and I love the names you picked! May they bring you lots of joy and laughter.
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    Anybody use the iFit cards?

    So far, I'm loving my NordicTrack T9ci. It has everything I need/want! And it was on sale at Sears cuz it was last years model. I paid $799 and it originally sold for $1399!! Good luck withyour shopping.
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    Anybody use the iFit cards?

    Like Kath G said - you get one or the other. Although on some of the newer treadmills you can still get the iFit card option, which I did. My treadmill was last year's model (the new models came out I think at the end of 2009). I didn't see much sense in paying that much more money (a few...
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    Anybody use the iFit cards?

    Tricia - Aren't you SWEET! Thanks for that offer and I may reach out to you/your hubby for help. I'm not sure what happened - I did inadvertently downloan Internet Explorer 8 - and once that happened, I had trouble getting into my Outlook emails, lost all my contacts, and ALL my favorites...
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    Anybody use the iFit cards?

    Maybe I WILL try Cardio Coach once I get iTunes back on my computer. Everything crashed yesterday and I everything..and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get iTunes back. Thanks for the tip!
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    Anybody use the iFit cards?

    Thanks so much for your input. My treadmill has 12 pre-programmed workouts - but I thought it might be fun to try the ifit workouts - and I love Jillian so I guess I'm off to spend more money!
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    Came home, found my sweet baby kitty, dead

    GovtGirl - I'm sooo sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you that you find peace.