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    Daily Check in Thursday January 24th, 2019

    5 miles in books. My workouts are pretty routine now. Thx for holding me accountable. I’ve gained about 5 lbs, in between nutrition cycles. Now that I know I’m gluten sensitive (added to already known dairy) I’ll be playing around with paleo type eating & intermittent fasting. You cannot our...
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    Daily Check in Monday January 21, 2019

    3 mile run today. Been crazy busy...
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    Daily Check in Fri Jan 18th

    We are in Milwaukee suburb— 2 hours from Chicago. I currently get up at 6am— but will revamp to 5:30. No nanny— but kids go to school!!
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    Daily Check in Fri Jan 18th

    Hello Ladies. Yesterday was a rest day, got just 5 hours of sleep because of our late night in Chicago watching Hamilton. It was worth it! Loved it! Today 3 mile run. Need to revamp my sleep schedule so I get up earlier. I'm feeling so rushed in the mornings.
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    DAILY check in Tuesday JANUARY 15

    Hello. 3 mile run today. Taking 15 year old to Hamilton today in Chicago. Super excited!
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    @DAILY check in Friday JANUARY [email protected]

    Good morning. Took unplanned 4 days off— officially half marathon training. Will try to mix things up here & there but want to cross the finish line strong and trained for event. Blood work cake back gluten sensitive — I join a bunch of others in gluten free diet. I don’t do well with dairy...
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    Daily Check-in Jan 10th

    Missed check-in yesterday. I had an appt with functional medicine doctor to help with IBS-Constipation issues. She will be my primary dr. They did food allergy panel & some other things. Also recommended some supplements to try/ nutrition elimination type things to continue to work on. 5 mile...
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    Check in Jan 7, 2019

    Good morning, peeps. Hope everyone had a great weekend. This morning was 40 minutes on elliptical. Have lots of work meetings this week-- will do my best to stay on top of workouts, giving myself grace as needed.
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    Check-in Jan 5th

    Good morning, it's going to be unseasonably warm today-- so will be running 3 miles outside today. We are having our ducts cleaned today-- we just bought this house in July and I don't think the ductwork has ever been cleaned. Ewe. Currently on my podcast playlist: Ben Greenfield Fitness Dave...
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    Daily Check in Friday Jan 4th, 2019

    Top of the morning ladies! 45 minute elliptical today. I don't have a treadmill at home--but I do have a Lifefitness elliptical that I love & have found that it works as a suitable exchange for running indoors when I'm unable to go outside. I'll need to bundle up & venture outside for my long...
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    Daily Check in Thursday Jan. 3, 2019

    Ohhh. I love Amy Bento. I have her DVDs too. And I like to rearrange and clean when DH is away. Lol Today heavybag combos and 20 min elliptical. Working a little base for HM training.
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    Daily Check in Weds January 2 2019

    Rythmic Step today— oh it’s so fun! Kelly Coffey! I think I have a couple of here DVDs! Did you subscribe to beach body on demand?
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    Daily Check In Monday December 31

    Late posting. Did 20 minutes heavy bag & 20 minutes ellipitcal. Just got home. Pharmacy was insane today-- put in a 12 hour shift-- no time for potty breaks or to eat. I'm exhausted. Kids are hopeful that I will stay awake until midnight. We will see!
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    Weekend Check in Saturday December 29th and Sunday December 30th, 2018

    Sorry MIA— had two days off. Yesterday was Fit Split High Intensity Step. I'm really enjoying most of these workouts-- just NO floor leg workouts. lol In 2 weeks I will begin my training schedule for Half Marathon in beginning of April, so will need to incorporate a few runs her & there so...
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    12-16-18 Check in

    Where is everyone? Fit Split Boxing Bootcamp today. I am in 7 day trial of Cathe on-demand/live. Unable to get the live portion to work yet-- and on demand glitches a little bit. Taking kids to 6 Flags Great America in a little bit... then back to work tomorrow. :)