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    CrossFire breakdown of time, CB (Calories burned), MV (Met Value) and Equipment

    Premix Breakdown! Dear Nora, Just wanted to THANK YOU so much for this super handy breakdown you did for both of Cathe's latest workouts. I know it's tedious and time consuming, so thanks for doing this for all of us!! This is very helpful, and MUCH APPRECIATED!! Marcia
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    NOV 2011 Low Impact Series Rotation

    I know you are super busy, but a LIS & STS Rotation would be very appreciated!! So I agree...please don't forget it! And thanks for such LIS! My knees love it :) and I adore it!
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    New "Challenges" not correct on WM.

    Nan, my icon is still where your's first was, smushed on the bottom left underneath the other icons. It never fixed itself. But it I move my curser around, and click a few times, it eventually does bring up the "Challenges" section. So I guess I'll just wait and see if it fixes itself, as was...
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    New "Challenges" not correct on WM.

    Thank you Tracy for that info. Here's a dumb question, though... how do I download the new Workout Manager? I thought it was updated automatically for you, since I've never really updated mine before, and I thought I was current. Hold on... just checked, and it seems I am running WM 3.5. But...
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    New "Challenges" not correct on WM.

    I was looking for the new "Challenges" section on the latest Workout Manager, and it wasn't where it was supposed to be based on Cathe's newsletter. Instead of being on the upper right hand corner, it appeared underneath the the top line (below the Calendar tab, or around there). When I...
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    Odd weight amount...

    I do the best I can with the weights I have to come closest to what is called for. So if the Workout Card calls for a 19# weight, I'll try using a 20# db instead. Sometimes it gets tricky, so I'll use a very unconventional method of ankle weights around my wrists (I know... crazy), and very...
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    heart rate monitors??

    I agree with Alana... I'm sure they serve as a good reference, but I don't think the precise calorie burn calculation is that reliable. And knowing me, if I think I burned 300 more calories than I actually did, I'd treat myself to a big ol' bowl of ice cream! Not good. Marcia
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    Novice runners NEW CHECKIN!!!! (sorry for yelling.)

    Alisha, Thanks for the welcome! I will periodically check in, let you know if there's been any progress. And Katie, Thank you for the breathing advice. I'll try that the next time. I guess I sounded like I was gasping for air. I wasn't really... just that sometimes I feel it's not in...
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    Novice runners NEW CHECKIN!!!! (sorry for yelling.)

    Any advice appreciated! Hello everyone. I hope it's not too late to join in... I always wanted to run. Always admired those who can run hard, and long distances (or even jog for any extended period of time). I try to, on occasion. Today, for example, I ran/walked (best I can do right...
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    Would anyone share their 1RM testing plan with me?

    I did them according to the workout for each disk. That is, for disk 1, I did all the 1RM's that were needed based on what the Work Book called for. Then for disk 2, I did the same, and so on. Not sure that was the best way, but it worked for me. However, I did find that there were lots of...
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    Meso 2 Legs - OUCHIE!

    After reading the comments from the Meso 2 legs master file, I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one with the elevated heart rate during this workout. Using the heavier weights specified with the trisets, I also had to pause the DVD a few times to get through it. Holy cow... I was...
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    Greetings From NYC

    Sorry I missed it! Hello Cathe! I SO wished to have gone to see you in NYC!! I live only across the river (NJ) and always wanted to meet you. (HUGE FAN!!) But I promised my sister I'd watch her kids this summer, and of course, today was the first day of summer. Figures. Hopefully...
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    Printing the workout cards

    Sorry! You are right, Lori. I forgot to mention that you have to first click on "Show Details" before clicking on "Edit Workout". Thanks for correcting me! Marcia
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    Printing the workout cards

    Hi Jennifer In case you haven't gotten your answer yet.... After you click on the STS icon on your calender, there should be a selection to the right towards the bottom that says "edit workout" (or something like that). Click on that, then your weight selections should appear. From there...
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    Can't login under Workout Manager?

    The only way I know to get to the Workout Manager is to go to Cathe Nation first and then clicking on WM. However, that's where I have the problem. Trying to login from there always ends up with the "invalid userid/password" message. Is there another way to go directly to WM and bypassing...