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  • STS disc 14 Legs I did matwork w 4lb anklewts after 2 sets of squats, lunges & pliees + Body by Jake Abs w/o 2 +CIA1007 wu + CIA1006 pt1 Low Impact Charles Little & pt2 Brenda+CIA1005 stretch
    X-Train Tabatacise 1-5 after 1st Tabata I Treadmill(bc my knees) between 3.5 and 5.0 30-sec sprints. First time in my life I had drops of perspiration dripping from my body. + Body by Jake Abba Dabbas Abs w/o 1.
    Upper Body Energy Sprint K. Voight+Ab attack stabilization
    T.Muse+Best Hi-Lo Journey Andre Houle+Cathe stretch only X-Train CSB...great short stretch
    STS disc 13 Chest, Should, &Tri + Body Bar Hardcore Abs & Back Keli Roberts 30m + Creative Steps 2 Tim Culwell TM 38m 3.7
    Wu from Cathe STS disc 14 + squats&lunges 8m + 8 min Buns Jaime Brenkus, I rewind and do inner,outer legs & calves w 4lb ankle weights while watching them again+
    Lethal Abs Adv section led by Michael 10m This ab wo is just the kind I like(crunches, obliques etc.).
    Lean Body ST Gay Gasper Upper Body 31m + Abs +Step Jam Club Cardio Tim Culwell TM 40m 3.7 I used light weights 4 my back.
    Today I went to mom's house to dye and wash her hair.
    Even with all this time off, I never seem to have enough time for everything!
    X-Train Tabata #1 (jumping hurts my back)20m so I TM 4.0mph while watching CIA1005 Hi-Lo Lynn Brick 20m+Ab-Solution 27-33 & rpt 15-22+str. Ttl 1h6m
    Lean Body Strength Training (lower body part I rewind &mat)Gay Gasper 4lb ankle +wu 6m Energy Sprint K.Voight+CIA1004 Low Imp Greg intermittently w TM 4.5&4.0
    Yesterday was my rest day too = nothing.
    Today Cathe Step Blast (I low Impact it) TM intermittently, I did approx 45m + Ab-Solution Gotta Sweat Cori Everson 13m segs 15-26 I didn't do full situps bc of my back.
    Thurs last week I tripped during the warm up & fell on my back it's been getting better but.....
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    Sorry to hear about your back hope it heals quickly.
    Lucia A
    Lucia A
    Thanks, I did the Back care video by Rodney Yee the next day and it helped a's the best of my back tapes.
    Rodney Yee Yoga Back Care 25m + Dawei Adv Cardio Kickboxing TM 3.7 38m (interesting from beginning to end he does not say one word it's the music and his movements) I hadn't done this one since 2012.
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