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    The weighted vest

    Does anyone know of a great place to buy inexpensive vests? I nearly passed out when I saw some of the prices for these! I don't have a squat rack in my home and the dumbbells can be difficult at heavier weights. The best choice is a vest for me, if I can find one that won't hurt my wallet.
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    extended stretch in STS

    My wife and I have done the extended stretch many times, but not after every workout. Sometimes we don't have the time to complete it, so we'll do quick stretches. The stretches really do help and are recommended. If you can't stretch like a gumby character, that is OK. At least your preventing...
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    Tell us about your STS results!

    I'm going to be 42 this June and my wife is 36. The wifey and I noticed huge results! We both fit in our clothes better. We both feel so much stronger. It's not subtle either. After using the STS program, the Bowflex is no longer a challenge. My muscles are really toned and more prominent than...
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    STS completed and FRS

    I buy it at Whole Foods too. I love the vanilla and chocolate. As for the FRS, I've tried everything and thought it all tasted very good. I know they use sucralose in some of the drinks and organic cane juice in others. I emailed them and mentioned that it would make sense if all of it was...
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    Should I start Mesocycle One again?

    Hmmm, that's a good question. Personally, I would start from the beginning. I believe Cathe mentioned there is a scientific reason why they are all in that order and there is only one week of rest in between each mesocycle. Taking that much time off is a big gap, compared to a week or two.
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    STS completed and FRS

    Hello everyone, One last workout left and the wife and I will be done with STS! Woo hoo! Our plan next, I think we'll do two days of mixed STS workouts, one day of Bowflex and one day of jogging. That should work really well. Then after the very hot summer, we'll do the full program all over...
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    What has STS taught you so far?

    1. I've learned that I have a not-so-great relationship with paper plates. 2. Whey protein and banana or apple have made a HUGE difference before I workout. 3. I've learned that yes, it is possible to improve my leg strength with good training. 4. The very noticable strength gains are...
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    Need 3 STS questions answered please

    Lori, thank you for your insightful post. It is so helpful. I appreciate it very much. It makes perfect sense. Again, I can't wait to try the raised heel technique. I also realize I may be too stiff in my movement and that can keep the muscles from guessing. Perhaps I should stay loose and...
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    Need 3 STS questions answered please

    Hey Regina. No, it's not any particular leg exercise. It is all of them. My legs will feel very weak after the workout, but the soreness ends up in the caboose. If I add more weight, it still goes there. I will try the idea of putting something under the heels while I'm doing the squats to see...
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    Need 3 STS questions answered please

    I would be surprised if men DIDN'T try STS. I've tried a few things in the past from other programs unrelated to Cathe. I'm not putting Cathe up on a pedestal, but her workouts are by far the most effective I have ever experienced. They are not easy and they do work. If a guy is reluctant to try...
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    Need 3 STS questions answered please

    These are fantastic answers and very helpful! Lori, I will certainly try elevating my heels. I am pushing through my heels. Cathe has said many times, "Feel it in the glute." I find that I feel it in the glute too much, so maybe this heal elevation will give me that feeling in my quad. Yes...
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    Is this smart or not so smart?

    That's great advice. Show the training system to your physical therapist. Do you wear any knee supports? Those can really help if you buy high quality supports.
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    Need 3 STS questions answered please

    Thank you for your reply marnold! I always have a good sense of humor. It's good for the soul. That is what I'm trying to figure out for legs. It could be my form or balance. Maybe my glutes should be going back more, instead of down. I'm not sure. Hopefully we'll receive a few more posts...
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    Need 3 STS questions answered please

    So far, my wife and I are into Meso 2, week 3. The workouts have been great. Some sets are a bit rushed. Having to use the pause button at times to either catch my breath or get my weights, set up the step. Question 1: I'm a bit perplexed about the leg exercises. I am constantly feeling...
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    burst resistance stability balls

    I'm not being sarcastic, but shouldn't ALL of these stability balls be burst resistant?