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    Music suggestion in next series

    Hi Cathe, I LOVE the music you used in the BM2, LIC, Drill Max, Butts and Guts dvd's and just wanted to suggest similar music in your next series. The music really makes it so fun and motivating. I realize everyone has their favorite music selection, so thanks for letting me put my two cents in:)
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    A complete Low Impact series please please please

    LOW IMPACT, PLEASE!!! I too would love to see a low impact series from you! I hope you are listening to your fans and consider it!! Thanks for the high quality, awesome workouts you produce.
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    Workout Cast for new dvd's?

    Hi Cathe or SNM, Just wondered if you know the cast yet for your new dvd's? I am keeping my fingers crossed that Jai, Brenda, Lorraine, and Cedie will be in these, they are certainly my favorite group! So excited for your new workouts. Thanks for everything you do:)
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    Cathe, My vote for sequels to my favs: BM3 LIC2 LowMax2 Kicboxing (similar to the 4DS one) LOVE the music you used in all of these too. Can't wait to see what you come out with next!
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    A complete Low Impact series please please please

    I'm in! I agree Cathe, PLEASE consider a low impact series!!!
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    4DS ROCKS!!!!

    About a month ago I came on the forums asking for feedback on 4DS. Based on all the great advice, I bought the series and I am LOVING it. Awesome music, great production quality. I am having no trouble picking up the choreography on the step routines which was my big fear purchasing this. After...
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    LIS/HIS Double Cardio revisited...

    Complexity? Hi, I am really considering purchasing the 4DS series, and am curious if you both think the step workouts were complicated to learn? Would you say it is about the same complexity as BM2, LIC? I don't mind a small learning curve with step routines but don't want it to be too...
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    Shock Cardio vs. 4DS Cardio?

    Thank you all You gals are the best, thanks for responding to my question. I think what I have to decide is whether I want just cardio, or cardio + weights. I have for some time been thinking about investing in a barbell, so am leaning toward the 4DS. I have 2 from her new series, Athletic Step...
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    Shock Cardio vs. 4DS Cardio?

    Hi, For those of you have done the cardio from 4 Day Split and some of the cardio from Shock cardio, how do the workouts compare? I have been previewing the cardio workouts from 4DS, and they sure look great! I am especially liking the preview of the 4DS kickboxing. I am on a budget, tight on...
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    Reviews of Circuit Blast and MMA Kickbox?

    Thank you all for the great feedback. As I am more of an intermediate to low advanced exerciser and need shorter length workouts, I think both of these dvd's will fit the bill for me. I am so glad Cathe produces such great quality and variety in her workouts!
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    Reviews of Circuit Blast and MMA Kickbox?

    Hi, I have been reading reviews of Circuit Blast and MMA Kickbox on Collage and have been bummed about some of the mixed reviews. It made me wonder what the true Cathe fans think of these two workouts? If you have tried either Circuit Blast or MMA Kickbox, I would love to hear what you think of...
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    Drill Max VS. Circuit Blast?

    Thanks for all the great feeback! I think I will go ahead and get it, as it's nice to have some variety and I can definitely use some shorter length workouts.
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    Drill Max VS. Circuit Blast?

    Hi, For those who have done both Drill Max and the new Circuit Blast, how do these compare? Are they about the same intensity? I love Drill Max, and am considering getting Circuit Blast. Thanks!
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    Pilates category?

    Hi SNM, Just curious if there are any plans to add a pilates category to the type of workout in the drop down box? I select yoga since there is no pilates option. Thanks!
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    Hi Susan, I've updated my calendar!

    Hi Susan, I've updated my calendar!