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    Plateau Busters

    Love this idea ❤️ I'm in !!!
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    Love Step Works !!! And I love how you found a post from 1998 ! So cool ! :cool:
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    Nice lats!!!

    Hi Repo What live clip is it?
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    April 2020

    Thank you Cathe ! Lots of variety and fun there to keep us focused and busy ❤️ Stay safe and home too
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    The Underdiscovered Benefits of Deep Water Training

    Thank you for posting your knowledge and personal experience as an aqua fitness instructor and avid advanced exerciser. I have a pool now too and found all of your information valuable and exciting, I will be trying the exercises and drills and hope to get some of the equipment you mentioned...
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    My Birthday March 19

    Thanks Jen Den , Yes face time was great, she was happy ! I Should have put " daughter's Birthday " sorry, forgot the apostrophe Lol ! Normally first day of spring is 20th, thought that was odd too. Goodbye winter Happy Spring to you :) Your family sure has a busy Birthday month in March !
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Total Body Blast Live Workout

    " We're going to do 16, I just decided" Lol ! Love you too Cathe !!! Stay safe !
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    My Birthday March 19

    Happy Birthday Jen Den !!! My daughters Birthday today too ! Can't be with her today but we did face time ❤️
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    Cathe Gratitude 2020

    Nice to see you A-Jock I agree we are so very fortunate to have Cathe !!! Just can't say enough about that ❤️
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    I put together Cathe's complete DVD Library

    Thanks for the list and sharing bayerngirl :) Only thing I noticed missing was MMA Fusion from the Shock Cardio series.
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    Timeline of new all series

    The Cathe calendar has them listed at the front, I'm not sure where else I have see them listed.
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    Any plans to make a BOSU ball workout?

    Using the Bosu would be fun and challenging ! Would love a workout or exercises sprinkled in one using the Bosu :)
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    Just ordered Perfect30!

    Just ordered :):D Was waiting to see what I could bundle for free shipping ( don't do downloads yet) Decided on the yoga gloves in large, they look great for my outdoor biking too :D Thanks Cathe for these new workouts to look forward to !!! Brigitte :)
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    February 2020 Rotation

    Just found my Favorite Rotation :D Thank you Cathe !!!
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    Xtrain series user guide

    I agree with vivbc , There is I think a wealth of information in the guide, and I like looking through it, it is very organized and detailed. I love seeing all the disk chapters, the weight Cathe uses and the detailed Premixes which there is a lot of !! There is info all about the program...