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    STEP BOSS Intermediate Step Workout

    Cathe and Jai looking Strong and beautiful as always, and I Love the leggings !
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    Hi Djc767, Cathe's MMA Kickboxing is not too complex and has some really fun combo's. It has 3 little blasts between the 3 combo's that are higher impact, you can modify them by not jumping. Brigitte :)
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    Stacking Crunches in STEP BOSS Bonus Abs

    Wow, this ab exercise looks awesome and fun ! So exciting to have another prop to use to work abs, and another fun thing to use the risers for ! Aqua girl, I will be trying this out this afternoon, will let you know where my risers end up Lol !!
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    Jenn A., Cathe and Jenn D. was taken during the filming of STEP BOSS IMAX 4

    Looks like they are really having fun in this one ! :D These are going to be great !!!
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    Cathe and Jai

    I love the outfits, and Cathe and Jai look fabulous ! Can't wait to have fun learning the new step combos !
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    STEP BOSS PHA 3 Rear Slide Lunges

    Any one else running to their work out room to try this move out Lol ??!!! :D:p
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    STEP BOSS – IMAX 4 Low Impact

    Really looking forward to IMAX4, love the format as well ! The first IMAX was my introduction to interval training and I remember thinking this format is gold ! Cathe as always the best and ahead of all the rest !!!
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    Lisa, Cathe & Jai in STEP BOSS- PHA 3 Step

    Great picture, I love the leggings too !
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    STEP BOSS - The Story Begins

    Filming is done :D:p Wow !!! I love the set video backdrop, beautiful :) Cathe thank you for spoiling us with 60 minutes of bonus routines, along with the new work outs, you are the Best Step Boss !!!
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    First Pic From the STEP BOSS - STEP SYNC Workout

    Love the new backdrop, it will for sure be a pleasure too have in my down stairs workout room. It reminds me of BC too :) Love the green tee's too ! Thanks for the pic and update, looking forward to being a Step Boss !!!
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    Updates on the new step dvds?

    Hi FireLight , Just turned page on my calendar and found the pics Lol ! Awesome to see them again and have them on the calendar !!!
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    Brand name of weighted gloves in STS

    I think you can find them on Amazon, look up Altus athletic Altus 4 pound weight training glove or Altus athletic Altus women's micro loaded weighted gloves Hope this helps :) Brigitte :)
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    Updates on the new step dvds?

    Yes it is nice just to hear what is happening and rehearsals are going on even without pictures, thank you for this update, very exciting !!! Does anyone remember the picture of Cathe sitting on the floor with note papers all around her working on, I think it was 4 day split, that was a fun...
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    Meet my new Angel

    Hello firemedic, Your new little Angel is so adorable and so is Toni ! I love the term fur babies :):p