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    Cathe Live Subscribers Please Read

    Sending Love and Healing vibes to you Cathe for a full recovery, can't imagine all you have been through. Rest and take care of yourself, all Cathletes are thinking of you and wishing you well!!! Love you Cathe ❤️
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    Workouts For Everybody • That Go Anywhere!

    Nice pic love Jai's smile! Does look like fun, looking forward to these new workouts!
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    Pre-mix question

    Hello Cathe, I was wondering and hoping if a pre-mix option of "floor work and abs" would be on the Boss Bands Glutes and Core, like on the Butts and Guts DVD ? I really love that pre-mix and having another one like it to choose with the new bands and exercises would be awesome!!! Thank you and...
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    Our International Ordering Page Is Now Working Again

    Thank you, getting ready to put in my pre-order! These look amazing Cathe you are the Best!!!
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    Boss Bands & Loops Video Set

    Banff National Park !!! Thank you for such a beautiful background and a place I know and Love too! I have been horse trail riding there, hiking, etc. ❤️
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    Announcing Cathe's New Workouts & Boss Bands & Loops

    This is so exciting new band workouts and bands!!! I have a couple of the fabric loops too and have played with them a bit as well, so this is fantastic to have Cathe workouts that use them I am really excited for the new bands too, with Cathe these are going to Burn and be so much fun!!!
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    Anyone hoping Cathe announces new workouts soon?

    I've been hoping and checking for announcements too
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    Land mine workout

    Hi Doreen Have you tried anymore workouts with your landmine attachment? The tennis ball with the bar inserted in the corner works good but I might invest in the attachment too.
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    POW3R UP - Total Body Conditioning series

    Nice ideas Jenn K Like the power Step and power Yoga parts especially and the time if I could add my two cents could even be 15 - 20 mins so you could have a choice of 15, 20, 30, 40, 45, or 60 min work out opportunities (: hope you don't mind me adding on to your cool ideas (: Brigitte
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    Love the calendar!!!

    The calendar is awesome I love it already have a couple of photos I would just love you to sign one day Lol! When we can all get together in person again <3
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    Land mine workout

    Hi Cathe, I have watched a few workouts with a bar called land mine exercises, I experimented in my room by putting a tennis ball with a cut in it in the corner and inserted the weight bar with some weight on just a small plate to try and it was effective and fun! The angles and range of motion...
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    More Indoor Cycling, Please!

    Another like Ride please I just love the format of that workout it is excellent and one of my favourites and the time counter is nice!
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    Double Wave Pyramid with Step

    HIIT with the step if fun and lots variety! I'm in !!!
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    Upper body + Upper body bonus + Extended Stretch

    Did this one the other day loved it and it was great that the bonus was added in with the select muscle groups! Loved the new exercises and yes my triceps were talking to me at the end too Lol!
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    PERFECT 30 Series Music

    Great work Jesse ! Appreciate it very much thanks :)