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I tried the second one! I love it. I am not after more challenging poses yet.. I am looking for something to calm me down, and help me too get limber, and kind of a reward for the hard wo all week. But maybe once i can twist my body up easier i may want more.. Well see. Rightt now im gonna do one of these once or twice a week and see if i want more. Im afraid if i get the others, it will be,to hard..
I am enjoying the ones iim doing... Oh i also really really love how he makes the corpse pose longer then any other yoga i have done. On others i always feel its to short.
25% off? Wow..... I just did the third one in foundations and it is good. Id love to order uy but i kbow i wouldnt have time to do them as it is now i only do yoga once or twice a week. Id love to do it more but i am looking at cardio and weights to lose. Once i get to my goal i will incorperatemore yoga. I would really love to get uy then for sure! Anyone who likes yoga will love this instructor his voice is soothing and he cues so nice and the moves flow so nice and the corpse pose is nice and longer then other dvds ive tried.
While I didn't want to take a total break from my Cathe workouts, I do want to utilize my Ultimate Yogi set more than once a week and challenge my body in a different way. I put together my own yoga-inspired rotation for February:

Week 1
Monday UY Crosstraining
Tuesday UY Cardio
Wednesday Ride premix 1, 100 rep challenge 1
Thursday UY Strength
Friday UY Detox
Saturday Ride premix 2, 100 rep challenge 2
Sunday Rest or UY Gentle Yoga

Week 2
Monday UY Balance
Tuesday UY Flexibility
Wednesday Ride premix 3, 100 rep challenge 1
Thursday UY Strength
Friday UY Vitality
Saturday Ride premix 4, 100 rep challenge 2
Sunday Rest or UY Yin Yoga

Week 3
Monday UY Crosstraining
Tuesday UY Balance
Wednesday Ride premix 1, 100 rep challenge 1
Thursday UY Cardio
Friday UY Detox
Saturday Ride premix 2, 100 rep challenge 2
Sunday Rest or UY Gentle Yoga

Week 4
Monday UY Vitality
Tuesday UY Strength
Wednesday Ride premix 3, 100 rep challenge 1
Thursday UY Cardio
Friday UY Flexibility
Saturday Ride premix 4, 100 rep challenge 2
Sunday Rest or UY Yin Yoga

100 Rep Challenge 1: Biceps, Triceps, Hip Thrusts, Core 1
100 Rep Challenge 2: Lateral Raises, Scarecrows, Hip Thrusts, Core 2

my review travis elliot ultimate yogi

I bought the whole set (not short and sweet or other individual videos)
I bought it from collage at $113 then the following week it went to $100 (WTF) I had no idea they were shifting prices so much. kinda sucks because I also paid $27 in duties and I don't have any nice acronym for how I feel on that.:D
I like Cathe yoga for at bed time because it doesn't rev me up and was worried this would but the only time I can fit it in is at bedtime and surprisingly I have slept the best in a couple of years after these videos. my main reason for buying them is grasping at straws with insomnia (I have tried litterally EVERYTHING)
so my review:
music is very good, travis is a great instructor although not as many form tips as I was hoping ( it is not iyengar after all), it is mostly flow yoga which I haven't done much of and now really enjoy. it is challenging but very doable. The cardio video has a lot of build up and I was a little worried but the work part was short and very doable, especially if you work out with Cathe normally.
Travis drags out the word dog in downword doooooooooog a very many annoying times.
the are some seriously cheesey product plugs "put your right hand on your ultimate yogi block if you need"
major cheeseball video in the beginning that is very easy to ignore.

this next one might get me hexed, I do not like tattoos and body modification and there are a LOT of tattooes and at least one guy has mods in the form of deliberate scarring which bugs me a little. yes I am conservative.
THE CASE!! is a piece of crap, if you buy it don't slide the discs out, just rip the case open and put your discs in something else. I am extrememly careful with my stuff and my discs were scratched before I used them. the case is just a box with sleeves.
to get any online bonus stuff, you have to be a part of facebook, I am not.

I do not feel this addresses all aspects of fitness sufficiently which actually makes me very happy because it is a great addition to my regular workouts and I don't have to miss anything else.

the hardcore is a mix of yoga poses with regular ab work. challenging but not very exciting.

I am not following the rotation because after 3 days of flow yoga I felt my shoulders were a little overused and out of balance (I need my xtrain rear delts work)

to end on a positive note, the classes are different and refreshing in a lot of ways and it is a very well rounded program. :)
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Thanks Macbeanur! I'm still on the fence a little bit. Horsing Around, I love the rotation you posted combing Ride with UY. I was thinking of doing something similar because I'm nervous I'd lose some fitness doing exclusively yoga. Amazon has it for $91, just in case anyone needed some enabling uh um I mean encouragement :eek: Jen
I experienced similar problems with my UY set. I had at least 3 discs that were scratched beyond use. Their customer service replaced every one of them without question.

I also replaced the original packaging with a multi-disc holder. The DVDs I bought separately (Short & Sweet) were properly packaged.

I did a month of UY and love how I feel after doing them. However, my body responds better when I do more weight & circuit work in my workouts. I still like these workouts and will do them on my rest days.

I've finally been able to find to do some of these workouts and like another poster wrote, I am finding my sleep is much deeper and I wake up fewer times. I can actually document this because I have a fitbit which tracks sleep and how many times you wake up during the night.

I love the Yin workout - I have really tight hips and this workout really helps. I did the Strength workout yesterday and man was this a good one. I was a bit worried about the Cardio workout, but it wasn't a problem. I really like how the moves flow - my rib cage felt it the next day, I felt like there was more space between all of my ribs after this workout.

I am really enjoying these workouts. What I am doing is doubling up my workouts, I do my regular workouts - mostly Cathe strength training these days, and my hour long HIIT classes, and I try to fit these in as well. I agree, these are workouts that I can do in the evening and it doesn't prevent or delay my sleep. Rather I think they speed along the whole falling to sleep process.

We will see if I will be able to keep up the double workouts after spring break ends and I am back to my heavy teaching load.
This will be my next purchase after Cathe's XTrain. I want to have my home library and "gym" complete before I retire!
It sounds like the program has the potential to be life changing. I have high stress and anxiety and am wondering if 108 days of Yoga may be revolutionary for me. It would be so very hard for me to completely stop my Cathe workouts though. I would be afraid I would lose a lot of my muscle. If I bought the program, i would want to see it through as written. Sigh, what to do...Why did I even open this enabling thread?? :D
Shannon- Do it. You will not regret it. I just finished the first week and I am hooked. To give you a little background here goes.I always thought yoga was not really a workout. I'd describe myself as a Type A with a tendency to over exercise, tracking calories consumed, calories burned etc. Always striving to do more, improve fitness always with a goal in mind. I have exercised with injuries and really not given myself a break because I always worried about losing fitness. I decided to try this program to work on my flexibility and give my self a break from the pounding. So I've made the yoga my priority and I fit in some other things as I can. So far i feel great, I feel free of worrying about the fitness aspect. Give it a try. If its not enough you can always switch it up.I only say this because I would've described myself as the last person to do this and here I am loving it.
I too, have completed my first week and have found it to be life changing already. I am able to sleep over 7 hours consistently and I have had a pain in my upper right thigh when I lie in a certain position for over 20 years - and I just realized last night that I didn't have that pain any more!! My hip flexors are incredibly tight and this program is doing wonders for them.

I have a HIIT class that I go to that I absolutely adore so I am wondering how I will be able to continue my daily yoga along with my HIIT class and make it to work once spring break is over - but what I have decided is that some of the yoga workouts are actually okay to do in the evening - without it hindering my falling asleep. So I am hoping I will be able to do double workouts. I really want to keep up these UY workouts!
I love UY. I like to alternate UY like this:

Monday: circuit workout
Tuesday: UY
Wednesday: cardio
Thursday: Leg workout
Friday: cardio
Saturday: UY
Sunday: off

This way I have all bases covered.
I think at certain times of the year it may be beneficial to have more yoga in the week. I'm a little reluctant to commit that much time to yogi, but this set is really interesting, does anyone combine this with running?
112 - just curious what you mean by having more yoga during certain times of year? Are you thinking along the lines of more yoga during more stressful times of year? (ie: holidays, tax season, back to school)?
112 - just curious what you mean by having more yoga during certain times of year? Are you thinking along the lines of more yoga during more stressful times of year? (ie: holidays, tax season, back to school)?

Yoga - is a low intensity exercise - during base building, i.e. running, I prefer to use low intensity cross training as well. There are routines, strength training, cardio that are not metabolic-like that can maintain strength gains you've made during other parts of the year when you are doing more moderate & high intensity work.

I wondered if any runners here think the yoga (which can be interesting & challenging too) is enough. While alternating high intensity & low intensity worked well for me for fitness gains in the past, I'm finding that it may not be the best way to build an ability, like running. In other words, given proper recovery - higher intensities with moderate to higher intensities, lower intensities with lower intensities. (running vs. strength & cross training)

Hope that makes sense.

I just ordered these. When will I find the time? I have no clue. But the reviews are good and the previews look pretty good as well. How does it compare to Bryan Kest's Power Yoga? ( the set with 3 workouts that had really good production )

I am looking forward to the Yin workout. Does this set have instructions on the poses or was that the Foundations?
Cupcake, you will not be sorry! I like Travis Eliot better than Bryan Kest. I have Bryan's power Yoga and I did like it,( never able to do the 3rd workout), but the quality of UY is a lot better. Travis' cueing IMO is a lot better, so you don't need
instructions other than his cue. Apparently, Travis trained with Bryan, so they are similar.Detox is my absolute favorite so far, although every workout I've done has be awesome. I was surprised by Yin. I loved it but found it slightly painful( but not in a bad way) to hold some of the poses for 3-5 min. When I was done I felt well stretched.
I LOVE the Yin workout! I agree, holding the poses for 3-5 minutes is challenging for me for some of the poses, but man can I tell a difference afterwards. My right hip has been bothering me for awhile and it feels soooo much better. It isn't just from the Yin workout, I think, but rather from doing the workouts daily. And the Strength workout...another goodie, but I don't look forward to it the way I do Yin. I agree, Detox is also a great one. I even like the Mtn Poses dvd, it is nice that it is shorter and it does a good job limbering up my shoulders.
Just popping in to let you know that the website had a coupon for 25% off using code "Spring". That brought the price down enough that I also jumped in!!

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