Strength in Numbers

Did 30 min. of stair climber while watching TV.

Pam, Love to see you are getting a mini trampoline. You might as well get a small stair climber too, it works just as well.LOL:D They are not that expensive either, about the same as a trampoline I think. Tomorrow I will try really hard to do my challenges until I collapse!:rolleyes: Great job on passing the minimum. You are so strong. I never thought in a million years that I could do that many push ups on toes. Amazing! Love how this is going. WOW! Great job on LBB and cardio premix. I bet your legs were fried!

Julie, YeaH! You are doing the push ups and the pull up challenges! Great job on 86 push ups on toes and Kick Max. It is truly insane how far you can push yourself. Thanks so much for you and Pam and all the others that inspired me so.:D I'm sure you will be far ahead of me on the pull-ups. Good luck tonight. Can't wait to hear about your progresses.

Didn't get a workout in yesterday. I was soooo tired when I got home from work I went to bed at 7:00 and pretty much slept all the way through until my alarm went off. I think part of the problem was getting back to Pacific time and our office is so hot I felt really tired at work. Today I had them turn down the heat a bit and turn the deflectors so the heat wasn't blowing down on me. Hopefully that will help. Today I was supposed to do the cardio from 4DS Kick box and Lower Body Blast. I was tired again when I got home from work but not as bad as yesterday so I did a Timesaver premix for Lower Body Blast.

Pam I am not quite back into my routine but I am hoping it will be soon. Time changes always do me in and it can take me days to get back to normal. It is really cold back east. Yesterday Ottawa was -38 celsius with the wind chill. It was bad enough when it was -20. Jimmy Buffet would be a fun concert to go to, glad you got the tickets. Enjoy your trip to Cancun. It would be nice to be somewhere hot right now. Good job on your pushups, that is a lot of pushups that you did.

Julie Low Impact Circut is a fun one to do. Not quite in the right time zone yet but I am getting close :D.

Have a great Wednesday.

Janie Great job on the stair climbing. You are so funny! I am not getting a mini trampoline yet, just putting it on the wish list. I'm NOT adding the stair climber at least not at the moment ;) ) I was susprised to see how inexpensive the trampolines are though.
My legs were fried yesterday, but once again, no DOMS after doing LBB :confused: it is the strangest thing!

Julie Great job on the push up challenge! Wow 25 on your max set is awesome! it sounds like you will blast right through week 3! Great job on kick max too. That i sone of the few Cathe workouts that I don't have.
I often wonder if Cathe is trying to kill us! :p

Cheryl Sorry you weren't able to get your workout in. It sounds like it was a good thing that you went to bed so early - you needed it! I can't stand it when it is so hot in the office like that. It just makes me so tired. It seems like our building is either way too hot or way too cold. Lately it has been too cold and people are walking around with jackets on! :rolleyes: I haven't tried any of the premixes on the new workouts yet, how was the timesaver LBB one?
My DH went to Boston yesterday so he is up there in all that cold. And to make matters worse, the customer that was supposed to be meeting him there missed his plane! He came in last night and now they are trying to high tail it out of there because there are supposed to be getting another snowstorm! What a mess this winter has been!

This morning was Imax 2 for me. Love it, except for those one-legged hops that go on forever! :rolleyes: Then I did my push ups: 14/19/14/14/20. It was all I could do to get the 20th one in, but I was determined to get at least one more than the minimum :rolleyes: We'll see how day 3 goes. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Last night I did my first pull-ups: 3 Assisted; 4 Assisted; 3 Assisted; 1 Negative (<:05); 1 Negative w/Max Hang of about :05. I have got a lot of work to do!!! Those babies are tough. This morning I did Hardcore Extreme Interval Circuit. Tonight will be week 3, day 2 of the pushup challenge.

Janie Great job on stair climbing! What do you use for your stair climber? I have thought about getting one but would need a small one that doesn’t take up too much space or can be easily moved and stored when not being used. Those pull-ups are doozies! Even with being assisted. I did the first set of 3 and thought how in the world am I going to get through the next two sets?! I am really not good at the negatives. Oh well, it is all a work in progress! We will get there together!

Cheryl Great job on fitting in that Timesaver even though you were tired. It is always hard to get moving when all you want to do is rest. If I can at least get in my workout clothes, that is the biggest step for me. Once I am dressed, I figure I might as well do something. Now that I have been working out in the mornings for almost a year, it is pretty much automatic to get up and workout; but, on Saturdays if I don't work out first thing, I have to really talk to myself to get dressed into workout clothes. I have only ever dealt with a one hour time difference so I can’t imagine how you are feeling with a three hour difference.

Pam Great job on the genie hops (and all of Imax 2) and all of those pushups! I have to admit, according to the initial test, I probably should have started on week 4 but I thought better safe than sorry. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes. Kick Max is pretty good but starts off kind of slow. Unlike KPC, which starts out with Hi/Lo interval blasts and then goes into punch/kick combos, Kick Max begins with the combos and then goes into the blasts. You don’t really start to feel your heart rate pick up until the 2nd or 3rd combo but the blasts will really get you. And then of course, there are the leg conditioning drills (very different from LBB) that will have you feeling it for sure!

Have a wonderful Wednesday (is it Friday yet?). :confused:
Tonight was Imax 2, love that workout and the one legged hops too :D. I felt tired when I got home tonight and I thought well maybe I will only do half of the workout. However once I got going I felt good and did the whole thing.

Pam It is really draining when the office is hot. I would rather have it cold and put a sweater on. The timesaver in LBB is really the whole workout without the floor work. Again after I got started on that one I probably could have done the whole thing. Winter has been really bad out east. Here is it warm around 50 degrees. They keep saying that we are suppose to get a lot of snow. Ummmm still waiting :confused:. I hope your DH gets out of Boston before the snow falls.

Julie Good job on your pull-ups. They are hard but worth the effort. I need to get something so I can do them too. Funny I struggle to workout during the week days in the morning but weekends are no problem. A three hour time difference is tough, but I find the 1 hour time difference tough as well.

Today at work we had an earthquake drill. It had a lot of businesses and schools participating. At 10:00 this morning they started playing earthquake noises over the PA system and we all had to hide under our desks. Kinda hard in a skirt and heels :confused: but I did it. It was 300 years since the last big quake in the Pacific Northwest and they are telling us another one could hit at any time. I just hope I am home if it does.

Anyway have a great Thursday everyone. Sorry Julie not Friday yet :D.

Joey and I decided not to workout together until my challenges are completed, then we will get back to normal. Pull up was 3 assisted, 5 Australian, 3 assisted, 5 Australian, and 2 hang. For Push ups was 10, 12, 9, 9, and 15. For Squats was 13, 16, 13, 13, and 25. Sit ups was 15, 18, 14, 14, and 50 After tonight I realize sit ups were too easy, so decided to start with the last week of week 3 on Friday. Then start with week 4.

Cheryl, Jet lag is so awful. In a couple of days you should feel much better. Great job on the premix for LBB.

Pam, I know, with all the exercises I'm doing, I to am not feeling DOMS, wonder why? :rolleyes: I hope you get the trampoline soon, though. It's a lot of fun. LOL:D Hope your DH gets home safely. It's just awful traveling in snow. Great job on Imax 2 and on your push up challenge. You are doing so well.

Julie, Yeah! You are doing them! Pull Ups are tough, but I've found that I can feel myself getting stronger. Not that they are any easier though. I hope with all my heart I get one pull up in at the end of next month. Great job on Hardcore Extreme Interval Circuit. Can't wait to hear the results of your push up challenge. I have a very old but reliable Alpine Climber. It's small and combat and can be moved around if need be. It's all manual. You said it very well, it is work in progress and we will get there together. And we have each other to lean on.

Cheryl, Great job on Imax 2. Yeah, you did the whole thing. You are so inspiring to not want to do the workout and yet you did anyway. Now that is commitment. It's good to get those earthquake drills in. It's kinda scary isn't it? I'm right here with you.

Have a nice evening everyone,

Julie Great job on those pull ups!!! They are just soooo hard! Also hardcore extreme interval cirucuit, another real toughie!
It sounds like you would've been ready for week 4 of the pushup challenge, but I agree with going a little safer. I think I've done the kick max blasts, aren't they included in one of the compilation dvds?
It's ALMOST Friday, hang in there!

Cheryl Great job on Imas2, I WISH I loved those one-legged hops! :rolleyes:
DH did get home fine last night. I'm not sure where the storm hit, but I was seeing pictures on the news this morning of I-95 closed down and all kinds of traffic stuck on it. ICK.
Your eathquake drill reminds me of the tornado drills we used to do in school. I agree with you, I would want to be at home if one hit, but better yet, not get one at all! Very scary!

Janie You are continuing to do so well on your challenges!!! Great job! it sounds like you are doing the right thing skipping ahead with the sit ups too.
It is strange that you aren't getting any DOMS. I don't get it....:confused:

This morning I was supposed to do High Reps and a 30 minute steady state run. Since we are leaving tomorrow morning I'm about to mess up my rotation anyway so I decided to do the new Patrick Goudeau workout that I got - Lean, Hot Body. It's the first one of his workouts I've ever done and I loved it. It was tough and I'd say it was somewhere between a boot camp and a high step like workout (without the high step). Your heart rate stays high through the whole thing but he does sets of quick weight work and cardio blast intervals. My arms are a little shaky now. Anyway, our flight is tomorrow morning at 7 so not sure when I will be checking in again. We are back next Wednesday night so if I don't get a chance to post while we're gone, have a great few days and keep up all the good work!

I did pushups last night: 20, 25, 15, 15, and 25 with 90 second rest in between each set. The last set was at least 25 and it was all I could do to get that 25th in there. I was really struggling and I don’t know if it was because I was sore from my morning workout or if it was because my dogs would not quit whining, pushing up against me, and licking me.

This morning I did Intensity and all I can say is :eek::eek::eek: “thank goodness I am done!” The step portion was crazy intense (I know that’s the name of the game but still!). I did enjoy the HiiT sections.

Cheryl Great job on Imax 2! I know Pam doesn’t like the one-legged hops but I am with you and kind of enjoy them. It is a great feeling when you start out saying you will only do half and then do the entire thing. I remember doing earthquake drills in middle school a couple times. Being in the mid-west that seems weird but we do sit close to the New Madrid fault line. In my 10 years at my current job, we have only done tornado and fire drills. The tornado drills are horrible when they are trying to pack 5000 people into a tiny basement space!

Janie Great job on your challenges! I sometimes wonder if I took on too much by doing both the pushup and pull up challenge. I think I am going to push through the next week and hopefully my body will begin to adjust (just in time for Cathe’s January rotation I will start in February!). If I am still struggling, I may have to drop one of the challenges. (let’s hope not!).

Pam That new workout sounds like a good one! I have seen another thread on here raving about it. Sounds like DH got home in time for Mexico. I hope you have a safe, fun trip! Bring home some of that warmth and sunshine with you!!

Have a great day!
Wow to all of you. First a push up challenge, and now a pull up challenge. Good for you! :) You'll all be doing unassisted pull ups before you know it.

I am plugging away. Going on 30 consecutive days without missing a workout (other than resting on Sundays) and 14 days of eating clean. I did my HiiT workout this morning on my bike trainer. My, oh, my, I need to toughen up my backside!:eek: When the weather breaks, I want to get out and ride as much as possible.

Janie: I have been following the Body for Life way of eating. I did this program 8 or 9 years ago when I had virtually no equipment or workout dvd's (and no gym membership) and had pretty good success. The STS and HiiT workouts fit the profile of what they want you to do in this program (for the most part), and the eating is sensible. So far, so good.

Gotta run! Keep up the good work everyone! :DHelen
So tired tonight. I couldn't force myself to workout :(.

Janie You are doing really well on your challenges. I know you will be able to do a pull up unassisted by the end of next month. I don't know if it is jet lag or the dreary weather we are having that makes me feel so tired. I would like to have some energy instead of wanting to go to bed. They have been threatening that the BIG ONE (earthquake) could come at any time. Of course I am now one of the people responsible for our Business Continuity Plan if something happens.

Pam Glad to hear that DH got home safe. You really have had a lot of snow back east. I guess I shouldn't complain about all of the rain we have had. Enjoy your trip to Mexico. Fill us in on everything when you get back.

Julie Wow 100 pushups. You rock!!!! Too funny about your dogs. I agree with your caption of Intensity. I say the same thing :eek::eek::eek:.
I don't mind the one legged hops in Imax 2. I know Pam thinks I am crazy ;). We usually only have fire drills in our office. 5000 people in a tiny basement!!!!! Good thing it was only a drill.

Helen Way to go without missing a workout. I wish I could say the same thing. I have heard of a few people who have had success following Body for Life. Is Body for Life easy to follow?

Julie.....It is finally Friday!!!!!!

Happy Friday everyone.

Was ravishing today. Eight 2 bananas and a serving of nachos that were extra from my meals. Not good.:( Did 20 min. on stair climber. Jeesh:eek: Better get some rest tonight, big time. I had DOMS today. I only had a banana for lunch today. I bet I should have eaten protein with that. Would have solved my problem. Darn.

Pam, I'm now going to have to get Patrick Goudeau new DVD. It is the talk around here.:) Have a wonderful flight and a fantastic time. See ya on Wednesday.

Julie, Probably struggling from all the above. Great job on the challenge of 86 push ups on toes. Amazing! Well done. Intensity is just that! Great job. You have to listen to your body. Absolutely do what you have to do in order to prevent injury.:) Thank you for your support.

Helen, Congratulations for not missing a workout in 30 days. Wow! Are you taking any rest time at all from them? Great job on hiit this morning on the bike trainer. Ooooo, I want to ride my bike as well. Hope Spring comes early this year. I looked up Body For Life, and it does sound good. Will be very interested in your progress.

Cheryl, I'm having a problem about doing the correct time on my workout. Oh well, must be my body telling me to take it easy. I'm sure people know you were the best person for the job, just in case. I'm hoping we are in a safe place and our Manufactured home will withstand it. or maybe it will happen when we are out of the area. You never know.

Have a nice evening everyone,

Last night I did my second day of week 1 pull-ups: Assisted sets of 3, 5, and 4 with 60 seconds rest in between; 2 Negatives with 30 second rest in between. This morning I did Legs & Glutes and segment 2 of Core Max. I actually pulled out 6 pretty decent full pikes on the ball which is the most I have ever been able to do!!

Helen Great job on sticking with your program! I bet you feel great too! I was just looking at the Body for Life book the other day. I was hoping maybe it would be a good book to motivate my DH to start working out. Of course, I would have to read the book and then give him a breakdown of it.

Cheryl I’m sorry you are so tired lately and it is hindering your working out. In the Winter time it is so hard to be motivated to do anything because all I wish for is to be bear and hibernate! If it helps, we only have 53 more days until the 1st day of Spring!!

Janie That’s the pits when you have one of those days were you could eat your fist because you are so hungry but you did get a workout in there. I am wondering if you were so hungry because of the challenges working and building your muscles?

Happy, Happy Friday everyone!!! :eek:
Cheryl: Body for Life is easy to follow. At least I think it is. Like anything else, it's a question of how bad do you want it? It calls for 6 meals a day each consisting of a serving of protein and a serving of carbohydrates. Add vegetables to at least 2 meals a day and you're done. You work out 6 days a week for 45 minutes (or so) on resistance days and do a 20 minute HiiT workout on cardio days. You also have one day a week as your "free day". No workouts and eat whatever you want. Pretty simple.

Janie: I hope your DOMS are better. I take every Sunday as a rest day from workouts. I also relax my diet a little bit and have a treat meal if I want it.

Julie: I hope your husband finds the far mine still hasn't, but I think there's hope......

We had our annual meeting with our financial adviser yesterday. Just a meeting to see how our investments are doing and to see if we will actually be able to retire one day.:p This annual meeting always makes my husband talk about all the things he wants us to do once the kids are off our payroll. He wants us to travel and have fun. I told him that's why I work out every day and eat right. It's also why I harp on him so much to start exercising and stay healthy...because I want to grow old with him, but I don't want to grow OLD! I told him I want to go scuba diving and skiing and white water rafting and boogie boarding when we're in our 60's, 70's and 80's. I don't even want us to own any rocking chairs! He looked at me and I think he maybe...just maybe...might have started thinking...dare I say it?.....that I'm RIGHT!! :eek::eek: Only time will tell, but I made my point...again.

I'm off for the night. Keep up the pull ups and push ups ladies! You're doing spectac-u-lac-ularly!

:D Helen
Janie I have had days when I could eat everything in sight. I think when that happens you aren't eating enough. You have been increasing the intensity of your workouts so you should maybe increase your protein and carbs a bit at each meal. I am hoping that I am at home too if an earthquake hits. You never know it may be another 100 years before the big one.

Julie Good job on your pull ups and 6 full pikes is really good. They are not easy to do. Yeah only 53 more days until Spring. That still seems like a lot :confused:. Every year January and February get harder to deal with. I think I may have Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is just really fustrating because I do get 7 to 8 hours sleep a night.

Helen It does sound simple. I should get the book and try it out. It sounds like what I am trying to do now. I hope your husband finally realized that being fit will help you doing things when you get older. You don't want to be in your rocking chair complaining about your aches and pains. Maybe you could have both your daughter and husband working out with you.

Today I did High Reps the upper body premix. I got up early today to do it before work. It was hard but I did it though the pushups nearly did me in.

Have a great Saturday.

Today's challenges: Pull Ups: 4 assisted, 5 Australian, 6 assisted, 5 Australian, (1 max hang) I was doing Australian, with one knee in, nope, so I did 4 real Australian push ups. Man O Man. It's so hard! I'm hanging in there. Push Ups: 12, 13, 10, 10, 20. Squats: 16, 18, 13, 13, 25. Sit Ups: 24, 32, 23, 23, 50. I also did the rest of a full body workout with heavy weight 3 sets ea. of 8. Whew!

Julie, I am so ready for Spring! You are getting so strong! Fantastic work on those pull-ups preps. Amazing job on the pikes, and a great job on L&G. Aren't you proud of yourself? I am.:) I think you might be right about me gaining muscle and needing the extra calories. I did however gain 2 pounds.:confused: Muscle, fat? Most likely both.:rolleyes: I'm Ok with that, something is happening.

Helen, I take every Sat. and Sun. off for a rest. Usually do a cardio on Sat. and do nothing on Sun. I try for that, don't always happen though. You certainly did make your point across to your hubby. Hope he thinks about that. Good for you.

Cheryl, I think you are right about not eating enough now that I'm so active. I'll eat a little more, or have another small meal, which will make it 4 meals a day. Good idea. Yeah, earthquake will always be hanging over our heads I'm afraid. Oh well, that is life, and there is nothing we can do about it if we want to live in this area of the country. And I certainly do. It's so beautiful! Great job on HR upper body prem. You did good.

Have a good one everyone,

Wow everyone has been quite this weekend. This morning I did yoga and yesterday was Low Max.

Janie Good job on your challenges. You are doing really well.

Tomorrow morning I have to take one of our cats into the vet to have his teeth cleaned and one removed. I am not looking forward to the bill. I am hoping that it won't be too scary :eek:. I need to drive into work too. I haven't drove to work in a lot of years. I have no idea what the traffic will be like. I hope it won't be too bad, the weather is suppose to be good.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Pam I hope you are enjoying Cancun.

Well, to sum up since Friday morning, I did the pushup challenge Friday night: 22, 30, 20, 20, and 25 with 2 min. rest in between sets. That last set was supposed to be at least 28 so it looks like I will be repeating week 3. :( Saturday I did Supersets Upper Body Blast Premix and the pull-up challenge: Assisted sets of 4, 5, and 5 with 60 sec. rests in between sets and then 2 negatives. This morning I did Step, Jump, Pump; always a fun one!

Right now they are calling for 12-20 inches of snow between Tuesday and Wednesday nights. :confused:

Helen That’s funny (well not funny but ironic) that you mentioned to your husband about wanting to be active in your retirement. I said almost the same thing to mine the other day. I told him that I didn’t want to be pushing him around in a wheel chair. :mad: I think that got his attention a little. That and the fact that I truly believe that in the next couple years, the cost of health insurance through my company is going to be based on each individual’s health instead of a flat fee. I basically told him he had a few years to quit smoking and get healthy.

Cheryl Great job on the High Reps upper body premix! Have you tried getting a light for SAD? I have heard that helps but haven’t looked into it much. I agree that the winters seem to be getting harder and harder. I was going to post over the weekend but was too exhausted to type. Great job on Low Max and yoga. I so wanted to stretch yesterday but again was happy just to be laying down most of the day. :eek:

Janie Great job on your challenges! You are moving right along and the fact that they are hard and you are hanging in there is great! These challenges really are tough but I know they are going to make us both stronger. Every time I think about skipping out on the challenge, I remind myself that pushups build chest muscles and pull-ups build back muscles and that both chest and back muscles are large, fat burning muscles and that is what I need to build up. :D

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!
This morning I did STS Disk 1. I want to do the three month rotation again. It was nice because I didn't have to get up until 5 am instead 4 am. I had to take Tigger to the vet to get his teeth cleaned and two extracted. I now know why I take transit to work, the traffic was ugly and it was a nice day out. I would hate to see what it would have been like if it was pouring rain out. It is so fustrating being stuck in traffic with a cat that won't stop crying :(. He is resting now but his eyes are glazed over. He should be fine tomorrow. Now I get to give him antibiotics and pain killers, not fun.

Julie Step Jump and Pump is a fun workout. You are doing well with your pushup challenge. I know I struggled with the push ups in STS Disk 1 :confused:. Yuck, enjoy your snow :D, I am so glad it rarely snows here. I do have a light for SAD but during the work week I can't seem to get the time to use it. I use it on the weekends but I know you need to use it ever day for it to work.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Challenges: Pull-Ups are being too much of a challenge for me, will have to redo last week. I couldn't do the Australian Pull ups very well. It's OK, don't want injuries, so will do it until I'm strong enough to move forward. For the Push Up: Ok, but harder as time goes on. Still doing well with them. 12, 17, 13, 13, and 21 with 60 sec between sets. Squats: did 15, 22, 17 and 17. Realized my left knee was hurting, so I decided to take this challenge out. I don't want my knee injured any more than it is. Seems it's to much for it. Will put ice on tonight. I feel my age might be getting in the way of this one. Sit ups are good. 27, 33, 24, 24, and 60. Yeah! Also did 3 sets each of 8 for hamstrings, inner thighs, outer thighs, biceps, triceps and shoulders. Used as heavy weight as I could before my muscles failed me. In this case failure was a good thing. My legs are fried! I'm already feeling DOMS

Cheryl, Great job on LM and yoga. Fingers crossed for a healthy visit to the vet, and prayers for your kitty. Thank you for the support on my challenges. It's suppose to be really cold here the next 2-3 days, especially at night. Great job on STS disc 1. I see your cat did good at the vet. It's over and now you don't have to worry about it any longer, and your darling kitty can rest and continue his easy life with you. He's a lucky kitty to have you.

Julie, Fantastic job on the push ups, Won't hurt to redo a week before, you are listening to your body and that is important to do to prevent injury. You are doing great. Also a great job on Supersets UB and the Pull-up challenge (way to go!), this mornings Step Jump and Pump. I love that one too. I'm listening to the weather and man o man, the storm that is coming sounds so bad. Ice, power outages, be careful, warm and safe. I don't envy you at all. I agree all that you said about our challenges. They are getting challenging now, for sure. I'll hang in there as long as I can, if I can't do them, then I'll do another week until I get there. But, as I said above, I'm going to have to excuse the squats, hurt my knee. It's been sore, but thought I could get away with it. No way I can do that. Thanks for your support on them.

Have a good evening everyone,

Last night I did day 1, week 3 of the pushup challenge and struggled: sets of 14, 18, 14, 14, and 22 with 60 second rests in between. I am hoping to get my strength back but really do not know what is going on. Today I woke up extra early (thank you Winter Max) and did MMA Kickbox for the first time. It was fun but didn’t really burn many calories. I think next time I might have to jack up the intensity and add jumping jacks during the shuffling parts. I did enjoy the core conditioning at the end.

Cheryl What a way to start out the new month (1/31 is close enough) with a STS rotation! Sounds like fun to me. I will be starting mine May 1. Poor Tigger! I hope he is doing much better today and doesn’t give you too much trouble with the meds.

Janie Great job on your DOMS and in failing with your heavy weights!!! Also, that is very smart of you to listen to your body and leave the squats out if they bother you. There are plenty of other exercises to do that will work the same muscles. No shame in that.

Well, the roads were clear this morning but we are being told it will start to coming down heavy around noon and not let up until noon tomorrow. When all is said and done we are supposed to get 16-20 inches. All of the snow will be coming down and the winds will be picking up to around 25-35 mph with gusts upwards of 40 mph. Welcome the Blizzard of 2011!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

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