Strength in Numbers

Julie, Janie, Pam: Great job on all those pushups. I think I might try to do a set to failure every day...starting tomorrow :p...I'm spent after today's C,S,T workout! Whew! :eek:

Pam: We don't order Chinese food often. Maybe once every 3 or 4 months. And EVERY time we do, I say, "Never again" because of the way my body reacts to it. I said it again this time, too, and am hoping I remember it the next time someone wants to order it. I'll make our own stir-fry instead.

Cheryl: I have a love/hate relationship with yoga. I don't think I've found the right yoga routine for me. I have 2 bad shoulders and the yoga dvd's I have have too many vinyasas. They put too much stress on my shoulders. Any yoga dvd suggestions?

Okay, my workout was really good. I used 23 lbs. on my incline flys, which is the heaviest I've been able to go. My shoulders felt good, too, which was a definite plus. I have trouble with overhead dumbbell presses and had to do fewer reps than called for, but went to failure on each set, so I'll call going to failure a success. :p

Snow is on the way for us tonight and tomorrow. School will be closed if we get the 3" - 6" they're calling for. My youngest (Kelley) and I have already planned to do some sledding in our yard if we get good snow. That's after my HiiT workout I've got scheduled for tomorrow. I'm going to try for a 6:00 a.m. workout tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day! :D Helen
Getting ready for my mammogram today. Hope I get my workout in when I get back. Will be back for personals.

Oh ICK, a mammogram! Sorry to hear that. I know a man had to have created that test! ;) Anyway, just a quick visit to post the picture of the snowman we made when it snowed over Christmas. Thinking about it because we are supposed to get snow AGAIN! Of course they closed school 2 1/2 hours early today and we have still only had a few flakes but they have already scheduled a 2 hour delay for tomorrow too :rolleyes:. Anyway, here is our masterpiece. I included some of the silly ones we took once he started melting also. TTY all tomorrow!



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Mammogram went well, as far as mammograms goes. Will know results in about two week, not worried. Did 5 pushups on toes. At some point I will have to do them every other day, but so far I'll do one extra one per day. It was Just as hard as yesterday. No workouts today, Joey wants to watch football tonight. We will do weight workouts two days in a roll to make up for tonight.

Julie, Great job on HSC and 25 pushups on toes. Wow, I forgot about the tricep and decline pushups. Yeah! You are only 20 ahead of me. LOL:D I agree, I think my body needed a rest away.

Pam, I didn't think those pushup would get easier, darn. Such as life, but am excited to maybe at least do 10. I'm not touching my nose to the ground, so does it still count as a pushup? The neighbor dogs did come over, unforunatley while Adrian was here. Had to persuade them to go home while the kids were trying to get in the house.:mad: That's one thing I don't like, it scare family, and the dogs don't mind. Have to make lemonaid, have to make lemonaid, have to make lemon aid. Since the kids left, there is no sign of them. Go figure. My plan is to pet them, no treats. Love your dream about a mini trampoline. It's really cool doing that and watching TV. Great job on BM2 and 26 pushups on toes. Yeah! We had a dusting of snow this morning and suppose to have a storm Tues. night most likely with snow. We'll see, their predictions are not the best. Stay safe in that awful ice out there.

Helen, What is C,S,T? It sounds like you had a great workout! Good for you. Oh how fun! Sledding is so much funnnnnnnn!

Pam, LOL, I think a man created the mammogram too.:D I love your pictures of everyone and the snowman. If we get snow soon, I plan on building one too. It's fun, I guess it's the kid in me.

Have a nice evening everyone,

Helen That was one tough workout on Saturday but it did feel good after it was done. My butt is still sore from it :D. I used to love Chinese takeout but it doesn't agree with me either. I am fine if I go to a traditional Chinese restaurant because the food doesn't seem to have the same amount of MSG as the North American takeout does. It seems you converted your daughter. Hopefully she will keep up with the workouts in school. Maybe she will convert some of her friends. Glad your son got back to school safely. I really don't have any yoga suggestions. I have some Brian Kest ones but they would put a lot of stress on your shoulders. I have one by Rodney Yee but I don't really like it too much. I am trying to find some good ones myself.

Janie Glad you had fun with Adrian. Sometimes I wish I knew what animals were thinking. Especially when they give you the look. Lululemon is a store that sells workout clothes but with an emphasis on yoga. It started here in Vancouver years ago and now they have expanded throughout North America. Here in Vancouver it is "The workout clothes" that people wear. After Christmas they were the only store with a line up waiting to get in and they never have sales :confused:. All of the stores offer yoga on Sunday mornings too. My parents are looking forward to going to Yuma. This time my dad doesn't have to haul the trailer down there. Friends of theirs have left a trailer down there for them to use for the two months they are there. I hate mammograms I had mine done in November. I agree they were invented by a man.

Julie Good job on High Step Challenge. That is a tough workout. I find tricep pushups really hard to do on my toes at the best of times. Working from home would be wonderful. Just think of all the extra time we would have. Yeah only 10 more weeks of winter. We are still waiting for snow. They keep threating that we will get some.......still waiting.

Pam Their brains are the size of a pea???? No animals are very smart I think if they could talk we would be very surprised at what they would say. I can still feel my butt from Saturday's workout. That was really tough. I was really hungry after that workout as well. I just wanted to eat all day long. Lasagne sounds soooo good. You know when you said you did Body Max 2 I thought isn't that Friday's workout. Oops I got them mixed up and I did the original today instead. Love the pictures of your snowman. You have more snow than we do here.

I did the original Body Max tonight. Because it is so long I had a hard time talking myself into doing it but I did and was glad. I had a really hard time keeping up with the reps though. She goes really fast.

Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Helen I love the picture, it's great to finally see you! Glad to hear that your son got back to school ok. It's great when they are driving themselves, but also can cause an awful lot of stress!
Great job on the workout! We hardly ever get chinese takeout because we don't have any good retaurants near us. We have tried the couple that are close and the food is just not good, so we make our own too.
Great job using 23 pounds on the incline flies! I have trouble with the overhead dumbbell presses too. I almost always have to go lighter than Cathe on them.

Janie Congratulations on getting the mammogram out of the way early in the year. I need to do that too. Great job on the pushups! You are jamming! I'm not touching my nose to the ground either, but I'm still counting them! They were really talking up the big storm we were going to get last night/this morning, but we hardly got anything. Just a dusting a snow and I guess a little freezing rain, but it just looks wet out there right now. The schools are closed though.
It was DH and I who built the snowman, the kids just came out for the pictures :rolleyes:

Cheryl Oh boy, I know what you mean about the sore butt after Saturday's workouts! Mine was still sore from STS TB on Wednesday too! :rolleyes:
Unfotunatley I don't think our cats are vey smart. DH tried to teach one of them to use a cat door one time. He put it on a box and would push the cat through it to show him how it worked. He would just sit in the box until someone took him out. Of course they like to be in boxes, but he really just never got it.
I don't think it matters which Body Max workout you do on which day, they are pretty interchangeable.
The pictures are form the day after Christmas and it is all gone now. The huge storm they were predicting for us last night ended up being just a dusting so we don't have any snow now. I'm ready for spring - we've had too much snow already!

This morning's workout was Imax 3 and 28 pushups on my toes. I think I am stuck in the mid-20's on the pushups so I need to figure out how to get past it...any ideas? Have a great Tuesday everyone!

This morning I did KPC and 26 pushups. Then I had a wonderful drive in through snow-packed roads. Can’t wait to go home tonight when it is blustery and blowing the freshly laid snow all over the roads!

Well, yesterday I bit the bullet and bought STS! I am so excited. I was going to wait until the March Cathlete Appreciation sales but I couldn’t pass up getting STS for only $140!!! I doubt I would get as good of a deal in March. I probably won’t start STS until May because I already have rotations scheduled through the end of April and this way I will have plenty of time to do the 1RM tests.

Pam Wow BodyMax 2 and 26 pushups! That is awesome! What cute pictures of your family and the snowman. I haven’t made a snowman in years but I bet you had a blast and burned mucho calories in the process. Great job on Imax 3 and 28 pushups. The only times I have got 30 pushups was when I did lower body only workouts like Leaner Legs or Pyramid Lower. Maybe try doing a few pushups when you get home from work in addition to in the morning to help build up the strength? I don’t know if that will work or if I would be able to talk myself into doing them again but thought I throw it out there.

Helen Sorry you didn’t sleep well waiting for your son to get to college safely but great job on getting your workout in especially increasing your weight used! I am horrible with overhead shoulder presses and almost always go lighter. I start out trying the heavier weight but I just don’t have the shoulder strength. I think that is also one of my problems with pushups because it is not my chest that gives out towards the end, it is my shoulders.

Janie Great job on 5 pushups!! You will get to 10 in no time. I don’t touch my nose to the ground either and I count them as pushups. I am sure I don’t have the best form or get as close to the ground as I am supposed to but at least I am doing something.

Cheryl Great job on Body Max! I bet Lululemon has cute workout clothes. I am always looking for cute clothes especially ones sold for shorties under 5 foot! I wonder if they sell anything online? I’ll have to look them up. I doubt they would have stores close to me (maybe Chicago but that is 3 hours away).

Happy Tuesday!
Good morning, everyone. I slept in this morning...waaaaay in! I didn't get out of bed until 8:30! :confused: It was another toss and turn kind of night for me and then the phone rang at 4:00 a.m. with the automated message from our daughter's school telling us that school was closed due to the snow. I should have just gotten up then and started my workout because it took me a good 45 minutes to fall back to sleep. Oh, well...

Janie: C,S,T is Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps. Just my abbreviation I used all the time when doing P90X. Good for you getting your mammogram. I always put that off until the last possible minute. When my daughter was little, she used to ask me if I was getting my mams grammed. Cute. Yay for 5 pushups! You are on your way!

Cheryl: My daughter does work out while at school. She did a round of P90X and has some beachbody dvd's that she uses on a regular basis. I loaned her a few of my Meso 1 workouts, but she's lacking some of the equipment and has to modify the exercises to suit what she has. I think she may go back to P90X and just turn the sound down (Tony Horton can be very annoying). So far, her roommates think she's nuts, so no converts yet.

Pam: 28 pushups! Good for you! I thought it was about time I put up an avatar.

Julie: I think you will really like STS. And to get it for such a bargain, too! I even considered buying a second set! :p My shoulders are the problem with pushups, too. I use pushup bars which seem to help with the shoulder stress.

I had a small victory last night. We were watching the BCS championship football game last night, and at about 8:00 I wanted popcorn. I sat in the chair and had a mental battle with myself about popping popcorn! The little devil on my left shoulder kept whispering "Go's just popcorn." Then the angel on my right shoulder said, "It's 8:00...too late to eat anything." Back and forth I had this battle in my own head FOR AN HOUR!!:( Then, finally, at 9:00, still wanting popcorn, I went to bed.

I have Intervals X+ (from P90X+) scheduled for today's workout and I'd better get to it!

Have a wonderful day, everyone! :D Helen
One more thing I forgot to mention..

Has anyone spent any time with the new Workout Manager? It is very cool and seems to have everything you need in one place. I need to spend a little more time figuring a few things out, but it seems to be very thorough.

Joey and I did The firm Vol. 1 (Susan Harris) and I did 6 pushups on my toes. You have to remember to breath, don't you?:D

I started another Lurkers thread, wish me luck.

Cheryl, Lululemon, sounds like a wonderful place to shop! I don't see any where I live, but will keep an eye open for one. Being a snowbird can be a lot of fun. Everyone is so interesting and full of stories. Great job on BM. Well done.

Pam, I'm so glad we don't have to touch our nose to the ground. If we did, I wouldn't be able to do it. Whew! They are talking about 3-6 inches of snow tonight and rain tomorrow. If that comes true, what a mess that will be for the commuters!:confused: Great job on Imax 3 and 28 pushups on your toes. Wow, the number of pushups are growing. Good for you! Do you think to do more pushups, that every other day might do it? That way your muscles can repair themselves for the next time around. I think when I get to 15 or so, that's what I'll do. Will see first if I can get there! LOL:eek:

Julie, Great job on KPC and 26 pushups. A job well done. When we were out and about yesterday, we got groceries and other things to hold us up from the storm tonight, that they are predicting. Then we can sit back and watch and or play in it. Fun! Congratulations on purchasing STS, you won't be sorry at all. You are going to see strength gains that you will be proud of. Looks like everyone does the pushups without touching the nose. Wonder why I thought that had to be done? Oh well.

Helen, It's so nice to just lay there though and not get up all the time. I don't blame you. I should have guessed what c,s, t was. :rolleyes: Your daughter was cute saying those things about getting your mams grammed. How adorable! Does she remember saying that? Awe, the battle of food. I do the same thing, but I like your analogy of it the best. You won, good for you!;) I keep my workouts and calorie burn on the Workout Manager. It's a great tool for watching a variety of things.

Have a nice day everyone,

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Pam Funny we didn't have any problem teaching our cats how to use the cat door. Just a couple of times pushing them through and then they did it on their own no problem. But it is true that they love boxes and bags for that matter and they won't want to get out of them. You are right that it doesn't matter which Body Max we do they are very similar. However I won't be able to do Body Max 2 on Friday because I am going to be packing and doing some grocery shopping for DH so he doesn't starve while I am away. They are predicting a lot of snow for us tonight and then changing to rain. We have the same weather as Janie does. Sorry no ideas as to how to get to 30 pushups. However you are doing a lot better than I am.

Julie Congratulations on getting STS. You will really like the workouts. The 1RM tests do take a while, but for some of them you may already have an idea as to what your 1RM is. Lululemon has some really nice clothes. I don't know if they have sizes for people under 5 feet but you never know. Attached is a link to their website they do sell online.

Helen I am kinda jealous that you got to sleep in until 8:30. Did you get your workout in though? I can't stand Tony Horton, nice to look at but not to listen to. That is why I can't do P90X I tried but couldn't get through the first week. Her roommates may think she is nuts now but later on down the road they will be wishing that they worked out with her. Good for you in keeping your cravings at bay. It is not easy. Sometimes I will go to bed too just so I won't think about it anymore. I use Workout Manager every day. I just need to figure out how to see my results for the month and year. So far it is only for the day. I think something was posted on how to do that. I need to find it and change my page. It is a good tool to see what calories you have burned and it gives you a visual on the workouts you completed each month. I little incentive.

Janie Good luck on your Lurkers thread. Hopefully some more people will join up. Lululemon is a wonderful place to shop. I just love their clothes.

Today was Imax 3. I did it but struggled since my stomach was giving me some problems. I guess I ate something that didn`t quite agree with me. It made the jumping hard to do :mad:.

Anyway have a great Wednesday everyone. We are suppose to get a big dump of snow tonight and then it is suppose to rain tomorrow. Could be a big mess trying to get to work.

This morning I ran The Gauntlet! I tell you those Terminator/Squat Thrust Climbers will never get easier! I forgot to do pushups before I started the workout but I did do all the pushups in the workout on my toes! Yea me! I think I may start doing Janie’s idea of every other day pushups; that certainly sounds better than my thought of doubling up on pushups to increase reps!

Helen Sleepless nights are terrible! Great job on making it through your workout despite the restless night. Also, good for you on avoiding the popcorn. I have read several times that when a craving strikes you should wait at least 10 minutes and see if you still want to eat and also ask yourself why you want to eat. If you’re not hungry, don’t eat. Sounds simple but putting it to consistent practice is my biggest struggle. I love the new workout manager and hope they create the apps for phones soon.

Janie Great job on The firm and 6 pushups! Believe it or not but I am sure you will be passing Pam soon! I like your idea of doing pushups every other day. Maybe that will help me to not get burnt out on them as quickly. Good luck with your new Lurkers thread. I know I am very thankful I took the leap and posted on that thread so I could meet all of you wonderful gals!

Cheryl Great job on Imax 3 even with stomach issues. I have worked out with stomach issues before and it really makes it hard to give the workout the energy it deserves. Thanks for the link. I will have to look into their clothing. I am such a sucker for cute workout clothes. I saw the post on how to change the Workout Manager from one day to the whole week, month, year, or a custom date range but I don’t know if you can set that as a default so it always shows up that way. If you figure that out, let us know how you did it.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
Julie Great job on KPC and 26 pushups, that is awesome. Sorry you had to drive to work on the snowy roads. I am lucky to have the option of being able to work at home if the weather is bad, so that is what I did for the last two days. Luckily we didn't get the snow/ice they were predicting, but it's best around here to not deal with it if we don't have to. People pretty much freak out here if we get any precipitation at all. I hope your drive home wasn't too bad.
Congratulations on getting STS! That price is incredible - I think that is even less than the pre-sale price was :confused: I kept stalling on starting it because of the 1 RM tests. When I finally did them I did 5/day and it still took me awhile!

Helen Well I am envious of you having the option of sleeping in! I think the worst thing about workdays is the alarm clock. I hate it! They called at 4:00 am to let you know that school was closed?! I would think they couldn't waited until a more reasonable hour! I just hate it when I wake up and then can't get back to sleep.
Congratulations on not giving in to that popcorn craving! You definitely won!! Great job!
I love the workout manager. I haven't really played around with the new version to see all of the differences, but what I really love is having a calendar of all of my workouts planned out so that I don't have to think about it. It's also really motivating seeing how many workouts you've done and how many caloreis you've burned for the year. I don't use the nutrition stuff though.

Janie Great job on the Firm and your pushups! You're right, you have to remember to breath! I am also so surprised at how out of breath I am from doing my pushups.
That is very exciting about your new Lurker's thread, I may lurk there :)
Have fun playing in your snow! Your recommendation on doing pushups every other day I think may be a good one, I was wondering about that too since you usually want to take a day off between working the same muscle group.

Cheryl I've had cats in the past that have had no problem using a cat door but the 2 that we have right now just can't figure it out. They are very sweet, but a little slow :rolleyes:
You are very nice to get your DH all set up so that he doesn't starve while you're gone. My husband is like that too, if there isn't something that he can just grab quickly he'll just eat junk. I hope you didn't get too much snow!

Julie Great job on the Gauntlet! That is a goodie! I forgot to do my pushups before my workout this morning too. I was mad about that when we got to the chest work in muscle max. I did all of the regular pushups in the workout on my toes (24), but then she did the crazy 4 counts down, 2 up 2 down 8 times! I only did the first on of those on my toes. Oh well.
HEY What do you mean selling me short on my pushups! I'm not going to let Janie pass me! :p

This morning was muscle max for me. I'm also supposed to do a 30 minute steady state run, but of course I won't be running but will try to do some 30 minute cardio after work. We'll see what that will be. As I said, I did the 24 regular pushups on my toes during the workout and then I did another 23 after. It was a push (no pun intended) to get that many after doing the upper body work in muscle max. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Cheryl: Oh, yes. I got my workout in yesterday. I did P90X+ Intervals X+. It's about 45 minutes long and got me sweating pretty good, although I kept thinking that it was not nearly as intense as Cathe's HiiT workouts. But my heart rate got up into the 160's a time or two and averaged in the high 140's, so it was good. The market is saturated with Tony Horton right now with his new book. I just found out recently that he holds no certifications in fitness or nutrition whatsoever.:eek: Excellent self promotion skills, though. :p

Janie: 6 pushups. Wow! :) My daughter does remember the funny things she used to say. (I think she even remembers being in the womb!) :p Good luck with the new lurkers thread. I know I browsed for a good long time before ever posting.

Julie: I've been getting better about my snacky cravings. It's usually about an hour and a half or so after dinner when I want something salty and crunchy. Two nights in a row Orville Redenbacher was trying to seduce me and I turned him down both times.:D:D Maybe he won't even attempt this evening!

Pam: I love Muscle Max. It (along with the Slow & Heavy series) was my first introduction to Cathe workouts. At the time, I'd done P90X several times through and thought it would be a piece of cake. I was so wrong and was so hooked.

I drove my daughter and some of her classmates on a field trip today. We left at 9:00 a.m. and returned to school at 12:30. That gave me just enough time to get home, get my Meso 2, #20 Legs workout done (sweat-fest) , shower, get dressed, throw some lunch down my throat, and go right back to school to pick her up for the day.

I'd better get dinner going. Turkey burgers tonight, I think. Have a good evening!

Julie Good job on the Gauntlet. Those squat thrust climbers have never gotten easier for me. You are doing really well with your pushups too.
It was hard with the stomach issues to do a lot of the jumping. Next time I hope it will be better. I need to find that email again to see how to change workout manager. I liked being able to look at the whole year.

Pam My DH will probably still eat junk but at least I will have food for him that is somewhat healthy. We got a little bit of snow here but by the time I had got up it had turned to rain and it was just a mess. Other parts really got dumped on though. You are doing really good with your pushups too.

Helen I don't think anyone is as tough as Cathe but if you enjoy your workouts and it gets the heart rate up go for it. I saw Tony Horton's book when I stopped into a bookstore on my lunch break. It is not something that I would buy but maybe I will flip through it next time I see it. I am surprised that he doesn't have any certification at least in fitness. You are right he does have excellent self promotion skills. Yum turkey burgers sounds good.

Muscel Max was on tap today but I was so exhausted when I got home from work. I did however get a power walk in today. I am falling asleep here typing so I think I should go to bed even if it isn't even 8 p.m. yet :confused:.

Have a great Thursday everyone.

Joey and I did The Firm Vol. 3, Sandahl Bergman. We had sweat on that headband, enough to wring. LOL:D Also did 7 pushups on toes. I think it might be time soon, to add one pushup every other day. Will start, if or when I reach 10.

Cheryl, Seems that I may not have another Lurkers group. I'll try again in a month or two. Great job on Imax 3. I find that after a workout, cardio especially, that if I don't wait 2 1/2 - 3 hours after I eat, then I have problems with my tummy too. Better to do workouts with an empty stomach. You did it, a job well done.

Julie, Good for you! The Gauntlet is a very tough workout. Great job on those pushups during the workout on your toes. Doesn't seem like any Lurkers are interested this time. Maybe next time in a month or so, I'll try again. LOL:eek:, I may pass you and Pam.:confused: Wouldn't that be a hoot?:rolleyes:

Pam, No interest this time around for a Lurkers group. I'll try again in a month or so. Great job on MM. Wow! Are you kidding me? 47 pushups on your toes is fantastic! How am I suppose to catch up with you? I think you are not going to let me. LOL:D Well done. You have gained strength way beyond what you thought you could, I'm sure. Congratulations!

Helen, No interest yet for new Lurkers. Will try again in a month or so. LOL:eek:, your daughter remembers the womb? She must be very sharp. Great job on Meso 2, legs. I know that one was difficult for me. Sounds like a very busy and rushed day. Yummy nummy :p. I wanted turkey burgers tonight, but Joey asked for pizza. OOPS! I didn't eat very much pizza. Had a really good breakfast and ate a healthy lunch.

Helen Great job on Intervals X+. I don't have the P90x workouts and don't know if they are anything like Insanity, but I wasn't too crazy about the insanity workouts so won't get the P90x workouts. I have plenty of oter dvds to keep me busy though! That is surprising that Tony Horton doesn' t have any fitness certifications :confused:
Good for you for resisting Orville again. He can be a very persuasive guy! ;)
I'm not too sure any of Cathe's workouts are a piece of cake!
Great job on your meso 2 leg workout too! Those leg workouts in STS always gave me serious DOMS! Cathe REALLY knows how to work the legs and glutes!
Cheryl The note that I saw on the Workout manager is that where it says use a custom date range on the home page you just fill in the dates that you want to see. They said that in a few weeks the year to date and some other options will be included by default. I was upset when I saw that the year to date stats weren't there anymore! Well, upset may be a little strong, but I really liked that feature!
Glad to hear that you didn't get too much snow, hopefully your commute wasns't too bad with all of that rain.
Sorry you weren't able to get muscle max in, but at least you got in a workout with your power walk. I was supposed to do 30 minutes of cardio after work, but that after work thing isn't working too well for me either. Last week I was too tired and last night my sister stopped by after work and then I had to get dinner made so no 30 minute cardio. Oh well....

Janie Great job on the firm. You seem to like the same ones that I do. Volume 1 and 3 are both toughies! Great job on the pushups too! I am going to start a new plan with mine. I found out about this hundred push up program from one of the Cathletes on facebook and I am going to follow it. I showed it to DH and he is going to do it too, and he challenged his oldest son who is going to do it too!. The website is I'm going to do my initial test tonight.
I'm surprised you aren't finding any lurkers for your grup. Sorry to hear about that, but maybe you will find some folks on your next try. I didn't really count it as 47 pushups on my toes yesterday since I did the 2 sets about 30 minutes apart :confused:

Julie I'll look for your post later!

This morning was intensity. It was tough - my legs were really tight after MM yesterday! As I said, tonight I will do my initial test of for the 100 pushups program and then start the program next week. We'll see how it goes. I can't believe it is already Thursday! Happy Thursday everyone!

This morning was Imax 2 and 30 pushups (after the warmup). Right now I am liking the every other day pushups strategy!

Pam Great job on MM and all those pushups! You are just amazing! Slow count pushups are tough. I usually start out on my toes but then move to my knees pretty quickly. My original plan was to do 10 1RM tests a day and hopefully kick it out in a week but maybe I should take it slower at 5/day over two weeks. I am very excited about doing the program though and cannot wait to see the results.

Helen Great job on your workouts. I can’t wait until I am on Disc 20 of STS and can know what you are doing; however, if I can guess from past experience, any Cathe leg workout is a goodie and doozie all at the same time. I am glad you are getting better at staving off the cravings. I am more of a sweets person myself so salty popcorn has never been my thing (I do like plain air popped popcorn though).

Cheryl Great job on getting that power walk in! There is no shame in going to bed at or before 8pm. I was shutting all my lights off last night at 7:15 and not feeling bad about it at all. I was just looking at the workout manager again on the Calorie Deficit tab. I was really hoping it would sum up the week but it doesn’t. Might have to ask SNM about that.

Janie Great job on The Firm and 7 pushups! I am proud of you for doing them they are certainly tough (and sorry to say never get much easier-unless you are Cathe). I prefer to workout on an empty stomach too. No matter if I am doing cardio or weights (not sure if STS will change that though). I know a lot of people say that weight workouts should not be done on an empty stomach but if I have anything other than water in my stomach, it tends to cramp up on me and I get heartburn.

Pam Great job on Intensity! Good luck on the 100 pushups program. I may have to look into that one sometime especially once I see you doing 100+ pushups a day! That’s great that SNM is going to fix the year-to-date totals missing. Although what I am most interested in is being able to see my weekly calorie deficit. I think right now I would have to add up the daily deficit amounts manually since it doesn’t sum it for you.

Have a wonderful Thursday!
I did 8 pushups on my toes today. That alone brought up my heartbeat. Looking forward to be able to do 10 so I can start every other day.;)

Also did the whole Power Max. Whew! That was a double headband wringer. LOL:eek: Loved it.

Will take Rolly in shortly to have his nails clipped. He won't allow me but only once to do that to him, even though, I've never hurt him. Oh well. His squealling hurts the ears, when he is having it done. Wow, you literally can't hear for awhile, it is so loud and high pitched. Poor little guy.:(

Pam, I'm excited about the hundred pushups! I'm going to do that. Right now I rank at 2. It's better than I hoped for. I did my initial test this morning and could really only do 8 pushups with good form. I'm so excited! Thank you for telling me about this.:eek: I'll start this challenge on Monday, I'll do 9 pushups on toes tomorrow and 10 pushups on toes Saturday. I'll be ready then for Monday. Great job on Intensity.

Julie, Great job on Imax 2, wow 30 pushups. That's incredible! I also like the every other day strategy. I'm going to start the hundred pushups challenge on Monday. Can't wait! They also have a rest day in-between.

Hello, everyone. Short and to the point today. Lots to do.

Did legs Wednesday, MMA Boxing yesterday and have Back & Biceps on tap this morning. Kelley gets out of school at noon today, so I'd better get moving.

Weighed myself today. I've gained 2 pounds while eating clean, not missing a workout, drinking plenty of water, and getting 7 - 8 hours of sleep each night for the last 3 weeks. I'm frustrated, but will stay the course.

Have a good day, all and a good weekend if I can't get back in here.


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