Strength in Numbers

Cheryl Great job on PRS 2 and yoga. That would be weird seeing someone that you used to work with in a uniform with a gun and bullet proof vest. Great job on cardio supersets too. That is so terrible about all of the smoke, that would make it very hard to be outside.

Julie Great job on X41, that is such a tough one even when you aren't feeling tired!

This morning was RWH Plyo hiit2 and core 2. I hadn't done that one in awhile so I enjoyed it and it went quickly. Captain Hook gets his stitches out today. I am so amazed at how well he is doing. My DH wants to rename him daredevil because he can't believe the way he runs around despite being blind. He's just as cute as he can be. Have a great day!

Julie That sucks that he was there later than expected but at least it is done now. Good for you in getting up and doing X10 X41.

Pam I bet having people screaming would be stressful. Maybe William thought they were yelling at him. Good job on XTrain bis and tris. Sorry the adoptions didn't go well but hopefully the shelters were cleared out. Glad to hear that Foxxy is doing better. Great work on RWH Plyo Hiit 2 and core 2. That is great that Captain Hook is doing so well.

So dragon boating was cancelled last night. The air quality is so bad here that it does make it hard to breath. This morning I went to Twist and had a very sweaty workout. Then we went to my mom's to mow the lawn and doing some weeding. The smoke is still really bad and we can't even see the mountains. When we drove out to my mom's you could see the smoke hanging down to the ground. They say one more day of this and then the wind will shift and should blow it away.

Have a great day.

This morning I did yoga! It felt good again after two tougher days and getting to bed late the last two nights.

Pam Great job on XTrain Bis/Tris! Four adoptions total is at least something. So glad Foxxy is doing better! Great job on XTrain CLB plus core 2! That sounds like a horrible situation for poor William to be living where they yelled a lot. Good that he back with you with no incidents. I am sure even with all the cats it is still more peaceful there than at his other home. I could never imagine giving up on one of my animals. They steal my heart before I even get them home.

Have a great day!
Julie Great job on yoga with not getting much sleep these past several days.

This morning I did Hiit 30/30 and Core Max segment 1. Wow it sure has been a while since I had done core max and it sure did show. After that I went to the SPCA. We only had 1 kitten, 1 cat, 1 rat and 2 rabbits. Most of the cats and kittens had been adopted yesterday. Because of all of the wildfires some of the shelters had to be evacuated so we got a lot of the cats and kittens. Adult cats were half price so that got a lot of people in to adopt them. I had to take our rat Gus to the vet for a short checkup. Part of the tail had to be amputated because the skin at the tip of his tail wasn't there and there was only bone showing. They were really busy so I had to wait a while for the vet to see him but I was talking to someone who works at an exotic animal rescue who had brought in a boa constrictor to be looked at. He told me that if I was ever in the area to come in and he would give me a tour. When I got bck I looked after the rabbits and then my shift was over. It really did go by fast. It was another smokey day and you still can't see the mountains, I hope they are right when they say it will start to clear up by tomorrow.

Have a great day.

I got pretty decent sleep last night compared to the previous nights. I still didn’t want to get up but I did and got through UP Bench Press. Some of the heavier exercises were quite the struggle this morning.

Cheryl Great job on 30/30 plus Core Max 1! Cathe’s longer ab segments are certainly tough, probably why I don’t do them. Poor Gus had to get part of his tail amputated. I am sure he will bounce back quick though. Animals can be so resilient. That would be neat to see the exotic animal rescue. I hope it clears up for you too really soon.

Have a great day!
Cheryl Great job on TC. I'm glad to hear that your air will be clearing up soon. I hope your mom is doing ok.

Julie Great job on yoga! It turns out we ended up with 6 adoptions for the weekend because a young couple that was there on Sunday came back Monday for the two kittens that they met.

Cheryl Great job on 30/30 and Core max. I hardly ever do those core max workouts because they are so long and so hard! That's great that you had a lot of adoptions. Poor Gus, I hope his tail heals quickly That would be fun to tour the exotic animal rescue. We have a tiger rescue here and it's a fun place to visit.

Julie Great job UP Bench press and getting a better sleep.

Yesterday morning was my crochet group, so I did my workout later in the day. That always throws me off. I did Body Max 2 step and power circuits. Last night we had a little get together to celebrate my friends retirement. We had a chef come over and do a little private cooking class, it was really fun and I really didn't want to get up this morning! I did do Crossfire plus core and I was so glad I did because I felt a lot better after. Have a great day!

Julie Glad that you got a better nights sleep. Good job on UP Bench Press. Gus is doing great. Not a lot of his tail had to be amputated.

Pam My mom is doing OK thanks for asking. She got my dad's ashes and death certificate yesterday so now she can go and get things cancelled. Her sister was going with her today to get that done and then they were going to meet a cousin at the casino for some gambling and dinner. How is your mom doing in her new home? If I can't do my workout in the morning it throws me right off. Great job on Body Max 2 step and power circuits and today's Crossfire and core. What a fun way to celebrate a retirement with a private cooking class.

This morning I went to Twist, it was another sweat fest. Today is a lot cooler and it was sprinkling a little bit but nothing major. It is still smokey though so hopefully tomorrow it will be mostly cleared up. Since there is smoke and it is close to the ground I am not sure if dragon boating will be cancelled or will go ahead. I will find out later this afternoon.

Have a great day.

This morning I did Pedal Power scrambled. Started off sluggish but started to gain energy about halfway through. I am so glad it is the weekend though. It has been a tough week with getting so little sleep the first few nights.

Pam Great job on BM2 step and power circuits! That is tough having to workout at a different time than usual. Oh that sounds fun to have a private cooking class. Great job on Crossfire plus core! Almost always works like a charm that exercise will make you feel better. I also love the saying about the only workout I regret is the one I didn’t do. That is great that the adoption count was higher.

Cheryl Great job on TC! Oh I hope that they do not have to cancel dragon boating but it would make sense if it is dangerous to do it in the smoke. This has to clear up some time right? So glad to hear Gus is doing great. Also that your mom is doing good. It is nice that she has so much family so close.

Have a great weekend!
Cheryl Oh that is so nice that your mom has so much family close by to help her. I know you guys do a lot for her too. I guess my mom likes her new home. My sister said that she is getting paranoid about leaving, but then she gets mad when she takes her back :confused:. Great job on your TC sweatfest. I hope dragon boating isn't cancelled, but it sounds like it would be for the best of there is still a lot of smoke near the ground.

Julie Great job on PP and gaining energy once you got going. I love that saying that the only workout you regret is the one you didn't do!

This morning I did X54 which includes step, LI, and fat burning circuit. We have had beautiful clear cool mornings these past couple of days, I should have been bike riding. My GF who always gets us organized has been out of town, so the other 2 of us haven't bothered :rolleyes:. I might go on one on my own this afternoon though because there is a trail that I have been wanting to check out. Have a great weekend!

Julie Good work on Pedal Power and getting your energy halfway through. Enjoy your weekend.

Pam I hope everything works out for your mom in her new home. I guess it is hard to know if she likes it there or not. Good work on X54. Nice that you have clear and cool mornings. Enjoy your bike ride if you go out this afternoon.

So we did go out dragon boating last night. It wasn't too bad out there on the water the smoke has mostly cleared away here but it is still nasty in other parts of the province. This morning I did Fit Tower Bootcamp. Then I got some housework done and then we returned our pop cans and other recyclables. It wasn't fun since the wasps all decided that they liked being where all the sweet smelling things were so you had to be careful where you put your hands. I was very glad to get out of there. I have a dragon boat regatta tomorrow so I got my food and everything else ready to go.

Have a great weekend.

Wow this weekend flew by. So thankful this is a short week for me because I had absolutely no energy this morning. Saturday I did UP Deadlift and then errands and chores around the house. Sunday was my lazy day. This morning I eeked out UP Squat day. Now I am sitting at work wishing I could nap.

Pam Great job on X54! I would probably do the same thing. If the person who usually organizes something is gone, I wouldn’t organize the activity. So glad you are having beautiful weather though. We are supposed to get into the low 90s this week.

Cheryl So glad you got to go dragon boating and that the smoke had mostly cleared for you. Great job on FT BC plus housework. Glad you didn’t get stung by any wasps. Hope the regatta went well!

Have a great day!
Cheryl I'm glad you were able to dragon boat and the smoke wasn't too bad for you. Hopefully it will stay away. Great job on FT Bootcamp and your housework. I hate it when there are wasps around, they give me the creeps. I saw your dragon boat regatta pictures on facebook, it sounds like your team did awesome, congratulations!

JulieGreat job UP Deadlifts and UP Squat days. I hope that your work day goes by quickly. Our dcool weather is over, it's supposed to be hot all week. It did get into the 90s yesterday but it started out cool at least.

I didn't workout Saturday OR Sunday! I did try to get that bike ride in on Friday afternoon, but that was a bust. I have been trying to find this trail that I've read about but once again was not successful. Google maps was directing me to the where the trail started and I ended up walking my bike through the woods on this windy trail that was covered in roots. After about a mile, google maps said I had arrived, but nothing looked different! It's supposed to be a paved trail. So then I had to turn around and walk my bike all the way back out again. I may be done trying to find this trail. I helped at the adoption events on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was so slow and boring and we didn't have a single adoption. I almost didn't bring Kate with me on Sunday since Saturday was so slow, and then she ended up getting adopted so I was glad I took her. The family wasn't even there looking for a cat, but the little girl just fell in love with her. I think she was there petting her and playing with her for about an hour. They were really nice people and had just lost a cat a couple of months ago and have an 18 year old cat at home, so I was happy even though I'm sad to lose her too. I This morning my GF and I went on a 23 mile bike ride. It was humid, but not too hot yet so we had a nice ride. Have a great day!

Julie Good work on UP Deadlift and Squat Day and enjoying your lazy Sunday. I hope the week flys by for you.

Pam It is so annoying when Google Maps is wrong. Oh well at least you got a good walk in :p. Too bad about the adoptions on Saturday but that is great that Kate got adopted. Great job on your 23 mile bike ride.

So Saturday was the regatta and of course it rained, the first time a a very long time. Our first two races were 200 meters and we did really well with times of 53.7 and 53.8 seconds. Our next two races were 500 meters and we really don't do well with them. We came in 3rd in our semi final which meant we were in the Women's A division final against teams that compete and win internationally. Well we came in 5th out of 6 boats so at least we weren't last. We did do really well but it sure would be nice to win a medal one day. Sunday I was so tired that I just lazed around. I had no energy to do anything. This morning I did FS Shred Cardio and Push Day.

Have a great day.
Cheryl What a bummer that it rained for the regatta. Even qualifying to compete in the A division finals seems like a big deal, but I guess I understand about the feeling of getting a medal. I'm sure you were completely exhausted Sunday from your big day on Saturday. Great job on FS Shred cardio and push day on Monday.

This morning I did Pyramid upper body. I feel like I have really been neglecting my weight work lately and I could tell. My biceps especially were screaming at me by the end. Have a great day!

Pam Great work on Pyramid Upper Body. Even if you have been doing weight work the biceps part always makes mine scream.

This morning I went to Twist and then we had some running around to do in the afternoon.

Have a great day.

I got caught up at work and didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. I did do RWH Low Impact HiiT 1 plus Stretch Max 3. This morning I did UP Bench Press day. I am taking the rest of the week off work and taking a long weekend since Monday is a holiday. Probably won’t post until next Tuesday.

Pam Oh boy, that sounds like a frustrating Friday trying to find that trail. Bummer you couldn’t find it. How exciting that Katie got adopted. Good thing you ended up bringing her on Sunday. It’s like it was meant to be! Great job on your 23 mile bike ride. Glad the weather was nice for you. Great job on PUB! Hopefully your biceps have stopped screaming!

Cheryl Wow! I think your team did amazing to make it to a division that included international competitors and to not come in last against them is awesome but I completely understand about wanting to win a medal. I am sure Saturday was exhausting and you needed the rest on Sunday. Great job on FS Shred Cardio and Push Day! Great job on TC too!

Have a great week and weekend!
Cheryl Great job on Twist and getting your errands done.

Julie Great job on LI Hiit, SM, and UP bench press. I hope you enjoy your nice long weekend and get some time to relax. Mu biceps have stopped screaming and aren't even sore today o_O

This morning I did Tabatacise after dropping Foxxy and Peter Pan at the vet for their spay/neuter surgeries. Hopefully everything goes smoothly this time. Have a great day!

Julie Great work on RWH Low Impact HiiT 1 and Stretch Max 3 and today's UP Bench Press Day. Enjoy your nice long weekend.

Pam Good job on Tabatacise. I hope Foxxy and Peter Pan's surgeries go well.

This morning I did FS Boxing Bootcamp and Legs and Glutes. Then I went to the SPCA. We didn't have any cats or kittens today since they all got adopted over the weekend but we did have 2 rats 2 rabbits and 2 degus. The degus come from Chile and are little rodents. It took us over an hour to get their cage cleaned out since we had to take it apart and clean everything. It sure made the time fly by. After that I went and got the grocery shopping done.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Great job on FS boxing bootcamp and legs and glutes. Wow, no cats or kittens! That is amazing. We still have so many. I have never heard of a degus, I had to google to see a picture. They kind've look like squirrels. Are they nice?

This morning was PLB and Icy core 1. I have only done that core workout a couple of times, I forgot that I like it. Surgery went fine for Foxxy and Peter Pan. Now I have to see if my DH is going to let Foxxy get adopted. :rolleyes:. Have a great day!

Pam Degus do look a bit like squirrels. It takes time for a degu to trust you so you have to be careful that they don't bite your finger. I think if you want one as a pet you will need to be very patient with them. Great job on PLB and Icy Core 1. Glad that the surgeries went well. So is Foxxy going to be a foster fail :D.

This morning I went to Twist and then got some laundry and housework done. In the afternoon I got some errands done. Dragon boating was cancelled as we didn't have many people. Now that the regattas are done people are going to be dropping off really fast :confused:.

Have a great day.


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