Strength in Numbers

Julie Scary about Layla's eye hopefully the eye drops will help. Tango has allergies too and his eye can get all red and sore. We have drops for him and I also give him a reactine every morning. It seems to be working. Good for you in getting up and doing yoga this morning after getting to bed so late.

Pam Thanks, yes we did feel great about doing so well. Good job on your 23 mile bike ride. I am sure it felt quick after your ride on Saturday. Great work on X52 and the abs from ME.

Julie Great job on BB Hip Thrust with being so tired. I am sure you late night caught up with you. Glad to hear that Layla's eye is back to normal, hopefully the drops will help.

Yes I know I am weird in thinking that 6:45 is a later workout :p but I am usually up by 6am anyway so I am just getting up a bit earlier to get there in time. So yesterday I did XTrain Bis and Tris and then I went to the SPCA to volunteer. After that DH picked me up and we went out to my parents to mow the lawn and look after my dad. My mom was going to see the play Mama Mia with her sisters and she didn't want to leave my dad alone in case he fell. He is really going downhill and doesn't have any energy though I don't think this hot weather is helping any. This morning I went to Twist for another workout at the later time :D. It was a really good workout and I was glad that I got it done early because it is in the upper 90s. This is a little too hot for me and it will be a scorcher for dragon boating tonight. I really hope that there is a breeze on the water.

Have a great day.

So I subscribed to Peloton about a month ago but haven’t done any. Did my first ride this morning. Loved the music!! They can play the actual songs so that makes it so much fun. It was a Classic Rock theme endurance ride. The instructor had a bit of a gravely voice and I had a hard time understanding what she was expecting us to do but I think I did ok just doing my best to match the songs. Surprisingly I got 21.5 miles in according to my bike computer. I average 17 with Cathe. Weird thing is that it said I only burned 191 calories in the hour. Really?

Cheryl Great job on XTrain Bis & Tris! I can imagine the heat is not helping anyone with their energy level especially when it is already compromised from cancer. Great job on TC! I hope you stayed cool on the water for dragon boating!

Have a great day!
Julie Great job getting up and getting through BB hip thrust when you were so tired. I'm glad to hear that Layla's eye is back to normal. I've been hearing great things about Peloton. Wow, 21.5 miles in an hour is a fast pace! I do not believe you only burned 191 calories though, there is definitely something wrong there!

Cheryl Great job on XTrain Bis & Tris! I am sure that the heat is making things worse for your dads energy level. Nice that your mom was able to get out and enjoy a show. Great job on TC and getting it done before you melted!

Yesterday morning my friend and I did a 21 mile bike ride. It wasn't too hot, but it was really humid, so we were dripping afterwards. Since I rode yesterday I did ME today, so of course I went ahead and did the abs too. Tonight we are having some friends over for dinner so I'll be preparing for that today. Have a great day!

Julie Great job on your Peloton ride this morning. 21.5 miles is a lot in one hour and 191 calories seems quite low.

Pam Good work on your 21 mile bike ride. Yuck I really hate the humidity. Good work on ME and the abs again. Enjoy your dinner with your friends.

Last night we did get a nice breeze off the water, which was good since we were out there for 1 1/2 hours. I was exhausted when I got home. This morning for some reason I decided to do RWH Lower Body Circuit. It was really hot and I struggled with the workout. I was dripping sweat by the time I was done.

Have a great weekend.

Saturday I did BB Deadlift. The bar is getting really heavy now that I am doing less reps. I had to break out the versa grips because my forearms were limiting the weight I could hold. After that, DH and I ran errands, took the dogs to the park to run, and did some grilling in the evening. We had beautiful weather this weekend. Hoping that is the new norm for a while. Sunday was my lazy day. This morning I did BB Squat day. This is my last week of Barbell Badass. I can definitely tell I am spent. This is the first time I have lifted more than 6 weeks in a row without taking a deload week and I think that was not smart on my part. I could barely lift the same amount as the previous week for half the reps. I am going to finish out this week and then take a few weeks of doing lighter workouts. Then I might start up another heavy rotation but this time take a deload week around weeks 6-8.

Pam Great job on your 21 mile drippy ride and ME plus abs! I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist doing the abs again!

Cheryl Wow 1 ½ hours is a long time but at least there was a breeze to help make it feel better. Great job on RWH CLB! That one is so tough!

Have a great day!
Cheryl That's great that you had a nice breeze for dragon boating, it makes it so much more enjoyable to be out there. Get job on dragon boating and RWH LBC. That is a tough one, especially the morning after another tough workout!

Julie Great job on BB Deadlift. Those versa grips are lifesavers with the heavy weight. Great job on BB squat day too. That is a long time to go without a deload week, it sounds like you definitely need some lighter workouts for awhile.

Saturday I took as my rest day and just had a lazy morning until it was time for the adoption event. The adoption event on Saturday was supposed to be 11-3. It was really slow almost the whole time, but then it got really busy right before 3 and we ended up staying until almost 4:30. We only had 3 adoptions though, but one of them was Daphne. Sunday I did Circuit Blast. Since that one is so short I repeated the first two rounds. It was still under an hour, but I decided that was good enough. Sundays adoption event was 12-3 and was a lot busier. We had 6 adoptions, one of them was Scooby. There are some people who might also be interested in Sophia and Audrey. They put in an application, but they said they need to make sure dad/husband is ok with 2 cats instead of one. The rescue I work with won't adopt out a single kitten unless you already have another cat since the little ones need a playmate. Of course since I had some adoptions they have 3 more kittens for me :rolleyes: I think I am getting them today. This morning I did PRS2 and the abs from lean legs and abs. Have a great day!

Julie Great job on BB Deadlift. Versa grips are great when you are lifting heavy weight. Good work on BB Squat day too. Six weeks is a long time without a break, good idea to do lighter workouts.

Pam Nice that you had some adoptions. Awww 3 more kittens, you sure do have your hands full. Great job on PRS2 and the abs from Lean Legs and Abs.

So Saturday I was so hot and tired that I didn't workout. I had a chance to go dragon boating that morning but I didn't want to be out in the heat. In the afternoon I went to a dog wellness workshop with the SPCA. It was a really interesting session and I learned a lot. Sunday it was still so stinking hot that I didn't workout again. I managed to quickly go to the farmers market to pick up a few things but that was about it for the whole day. Monday morning I did ICE Bootcamp Circuit but it wasn't pretty and it was another day in the high 90s. I went dragon boating last night and I only did because I knew there would be a breeze off the water. Still we were all dripping sweat when we were done. This morning I went to Twist for my workout. It was so hard because I hardly slept again but I managed to get through it. After that we went to visit my dad who is now in the hospital. He fell again yesterday and my mom couldn't get him up. He is now in palliative care and is waiting for a hospice bed to open up for him. I found out that my cousin died this morning from cancer too. We just found out last week that she didn't have long to live but this was really quick. Anyway it is much cooler tonight so I hope that I sleep better tonight so I can get my energy back.

Have a great day.

Cheryl Wow,sounds like you are getting the heat that we were getting earlier this summer. It is a lot cooler here now, but it is supposed to go back up, Are you going to start taking care of the dogs at the SPCA now too? That would be a lot of fun I bet. Great job ICE circuit, even if it wasn't pretty :rolleyes: and on your Twist workout. So sorry to hear that your dad is not doing well. That has to be very hard on your mom too. :(. Sorry to hear about your cousin too, so sad.

Yesterday my friends and I did a 21 mile bike ride. It was cooler and not as humid as normal, so that was nice! This morning was ICE chiseled lower body blast and icy core 2. Monday night I took the kittens to cats on mats yoga and it looks like one of the people who was there might be adopting Velma. Tonight someone is coming to meet Audrey and Sophia. It will be great if I get 3 more adopted this week! I am getting the 3 little ones today. They are all having problems with their eyes and at least one of them has an eye that will need to be removed when he's bigger. She wanted to have the vet look at them again before she brings the to me. Have a great day.

Pam Yep we are getting your heat though it was a lot cooler today and tomorrow it will only be around 70 which is just fine with me. It was about 1 1/2 weeks with temperatures in the high 90s and when you don't have air conditioning that is a bit much. Well at our SPCA we don't have dogs but they are talking about having people foster puppies so we are contemplating doing that but it wouldn't be until September. Thanks Pam, yes it has been hard on my mom but now that he is in the hospital she doesn't have to look after him now which will make things easier. My cousin was a bit of a shock but at least she didn't have long to suffer. Good work on your 21 mile bike ride and ICE Chiseled Lower Body Blast and icy core 2. Cats on mats yoga would be fun, great that someone wants to adopt Velma. Hopefully the other person will adopt Audrey and Sophia. Oh that is so sad that one of the cats will need to have their eye removed.

Though I slept much better last night I still didn't have much energy this morning so I only did FS Low Impact Cardio. Then I went to the SPCA to volunteer. There were two kittens there that I really wanted to take home with me. When I held them they would start purring and would put their head on my chest and just lay there. I held each of them for quite a while. Another volunteer and I were joking that maybe we should sneak them out under our t-shirts when we left :). Sometimes it is so hard to walk out and leave them there.

Have a great day.

Sorry I have been MIA! The last couple days of the month are always super busy because of end of month performance evaluations. I decided to not finish out my last week of BB. I think the stress of 8 straight weeks plus my end of the month work stress just caused me to feel exhausted. I ended up doing nothing Tuesday and Wednesday but this morning I did yoga and now I wish I had done yoga Tuesday or Wednesday because I feel so much better. I have tomorrow off work and I am not sure what I am going to do work out wise for the rest of this week and next but I know I am going to try to take it light and then maybe pick up a different heavy lifting program the next week.

Pam So glad you got one adoption last Saturday. Great job on Circuit Blast with your added bonus! Wow 6 adoptions on Sunday! Great job on PRS 2 + LLA abs! Great job on your 21 mile bike ride and ICE CLB + icy core 2! OMG! How adorable cats on the mats yoga. Oh the poor little guy having to get his eye removed.

Cheryl Sorry it has been so hot for you! Great job on ICE BCC plus dragon boating and TC with all the heat and lack of good sleep! Oh wow I am so sorry about your dad and cousin. That is really quick to have just gotten the news too. That would be so cool if you fostered a dog. Great job on FS LIC! I am sure it might take a few days to get your energy back up with all the heat and so much going on with your family. You are a saint for volunteering at the SPCA. I would be just like you and wanting to take home every animal there because I would hate leaving them. But they need people like you and Pam doing what needs to be done.

Have a great weekend!
Cheryl Oh yes, high 90s is way too hot for no ac. We have to have ac or we would never make it through the summer here. If your spca starts having puppies, do you think you will foster? Great job on FS LIC and your SPCA day. It definitely can be hard to give up the kittens, they are so sweet. It has started getting easier for me, especially when I meet the adopters and see what a good life they are going to have.

JulieNo worries about being MIA. Do you have to do performance evaluations every month?! Thsay would be so stressful! We used to do them twice a year and I always dreaded it. Great job on yoga and I'm glad it made you feel so much better. Maybe you can do some of your greatest hits workouts for your lighter week.

I got the 3 new kittens yesterday. They are so little and cute and playful, but bad news from the vet all the way around. Two of them will have to have both eyes removed and the other will lose one :(. All because they had eye infections that didn't get treated. Velma, Sophia, and Audrey were all adopted yesterday! Velma will be here until Monday because the girl who adopted her is going out of town for the weekend, and Sophia and Audrey will be picked up today or tomorrow. It's going to seem so quiet around here! I'm sure the rescue will be trying to give me more, but I want to see how things go with these 3 special needs guys first. This morning I did STS total body, but I did the premix with no bonus burns. I liked that premix much better than the regular workout. Have a great day!

Julie No problem being MIA, it happens to all of us. Wow you do performance evaluations every month? We only did them once a year and that was plenty. They are no fun to do. Good job on yoga and whatever you decide to do for the rest of the week.

Pam We are thinking that we will foster puppies but it will all depend on Tango. We don't want him to become stressed out with it. We will probably try it and see how it goes. Oh that is so sad about the kittens having to lose their eyes. Too bad that something wasn't done about it before it got to this stage. Good work on STS Total Body.

So this morning I went to Twist for my workout. It was so much nicer since it has cooled down a lot. After I got home I contacted my brother about our cousins funeral since my other cousin messaged me to let us know that it will be tomorrow. So it was really busy looking for flights to Calgary, getting hotel rooms and renting a car. So we are leaving tonight and coming back tomorrow night. I don't think I have ever moved that fast in going somewhere in my life. I am only bringing a backpack so I don't have to worry about checking luggage. I leave for the airport in an hour so I had better just double check to make sure that I have everything I need.

Have a great weekend.

It's been awhile. Time simply goes way to fast for me! Seriously! Been walking the beach, haven't done any strength training lately. Been busy getting ready to cruise on Disney boat and excursions in Alaska. Not sure if I can get WiFi, but will see. When I get home on the 14th will start strength training again. Joe has never been on a cruise and we (all his family) will be celebrating his 80th. It was July 2nd, but that's when everyone was available.

I see everyone is doing well and glad I'm not the only one MIA. LOL! Yes, it happens.

Talk with you all soon. Very proud of you all.

Cheryl That will be fun if you can foster puppies, but you definitely want to make sure Tango is ok with it. I am so sad these kitties will lose their eyes. I need to talk to the vet to understand why, because they all have some sight right now. They are so cute and so sweet though! Great job on Twist and so glad it has cooled down. That is some crazy fast planni for your cousins funeral and quite the quick trip. Safe travels!

Janie I agree that time goes by way too fast. I wish we could slow it down! So nice that you are getting your beach walks in. Your cruise sounds awesome, enjoy! I have never been on a cruise either.

This morning was Kickmax. Not really a favorite, but I’ve only done it a few times,so figured it would be ok for a change of pace. And of course, I got a new foster kitten, after saying I was going to see how things go with my special needs guys. I’m a little worried though because my DH loves her already. She is beautiful and just wants to be held or to sit on your lap! Velma’s adopter came to
Visit her today. She is out of town for the weekend so is picking her up on Monday, but wanted to see her ❤️. Have a great day!

Janie Being MIA happens sometimes. Good job on doing your walking on the beach. Enjoy your cruise to Alaska.

Pam Good job on Kickmax. That isn't one of my favorites either. So is this new foster going to become part of your family?

So Thursday night we left for Calgary and then we had to rent a car to get to Red Deer which was another hour and a half away. We finally got to the hotel after midnight and I didn't get to bed until 1am. The hotel was really nice too bad we were only there for 8 hours before we had to check out. Our cousin's Celebration of Life was at 10am, we were very glad for GPS on our phones so we could find where we needed to get to. We saw some cousins that we hadn't seen in years so we were both glad that we went. Then we took our time getting back to Calgary since our flight wasn't until 10pm that night. I finally got home after midnight and I was exhausted. Of course I had trouble trying to sleep in so I was up by 7am. In the afternoon we went out and visited with my mom at the hospice. Dad was finally admitted on Friday but he was totally out of it when we were there because of the strong pain meds that he was on. We are going to go out again tomorrow, hopefully he will be a bit more with it so we can visit a bit with him. This morning I did segment one of Stretch
Max and then got the vacuuming done. In the afternoon I went for a walk to get some kind of exercise. Hopefully I will be back to normal tomorrow.

Have a great day.

I did no workouts over the weekend. Friday DH and I got the pears picked from our tree and then spent the rest of the day cleaning, organizing, and throwing out some stuff. Saturday we spent the morning and afternoon running errands and then preparing to host a cookout for my family. We stayed up really late (for us) almost to midnight. I was exhausted Sunday morning. This morning I got up and did a mishmosh premix from Metabolic Total Body. It was some of the regular workout with some blizzard blast exercises mixed in (although they all seemed to come at the end). I was really struggling and not sure if it was because I am that out of shape from not doing Cathe for a while or still recovering from the weekend. I’m not as young as I used to be.

Pam Great job on STS TB no bonus burns premix! Oh so sad about the kittens losing their eyes. Great news about the three getting adopted though! This is the first year we are doing monthly evaluations. We used to them twice a year and they were dreadful then too. Great job on KM! That’s not one of my favorites either. That is so sweet that Velma’s adopter wanted to see her before she left town.

Cheryl Great job on your TC workout! That would have me stressed out having to plan all that last minute. Glad it all worked out well for you. You have had quite the stressful last few days. No wonder you had trouble sleeping in. Great job on fitting in a Stretch Max segment and a walk!

Janie Oh boy time does fly by! How fun to go on a cruise to Alaska. I have never been on a cruise or to Alaska but I have heard Alaska is beautiful. Great job on keeping up with your beach walks. Enjoy your vacation!

Have a great day!
This morning I did a new yoga. It is called Blissology by Eion Finn. It is actually 6 different yoga practices and this morning I did the one focused on side and twisting stretches. It was definitely different but I kind of enjoyed it. I am so inflexible and really need to work on my balance so I guess that shows me I need to do it more often. He is kind of New Agey but not annoyingly so and he kind of made me laugh with some of his comments.

Have a great day!
Cheryl I hope the new foster doesn't become part of the family! She is adorable, but we have enough already with our 2 +fosters! My husband is trying to get our daughter to take her. She would like to, but she already has a dog and a cat. Wow, you had quite the whirlwind and exhausting trip. It was great that you got to go though. The one good thing about those events is seeing people that you haven't seen in so long. Oh so sorry that your dad was so out of it. Is your om staying there with him? I hope you were able to get a better visit with him. Great job on Stretch max and your walk. I hope you have gotten caught up on rest.

Julie You have a pear tree? Yum! I hope they are pears that you can eat. It sounds like you had a really busy weekend too. Great job on your MTB premix. I bet it was a combination of being so exhausted from the weekend and doing a type of workout that you haven't done in awhile that made you struggle. Great job on yoga. I keep thinking I might be inspired by you, but I'm still not feeling it anytime I think about doing y9ga. I am really really inflexible too, and getting worse all the time.

I didn't realize that I haven't posted since Friday. Oops! Saturday morning my friends and I did a 30 mile bike ride. Later that evening we were getting ready to go out and I went to check on the kittens and Captain Hooks eye was all bloody! I sent pictures to the rescue and they sent them to the vet, but they said there wasn't anything I could do right then. Sunday morning he was playful as normal and the blood was gone, but the eye was all bulgy, so they had me take him to the vet on Monday. Monday morning I did a 21 mile bike ride with my friends, then took him to the vet. The vet ended up keeping him to go ahead and do the surgery to remove his eyes :( I don't have him home yet, but they said that the surgery went well. This morning I did circuit max and then drove to meet someone to pick up another kitten. I got him home and let him out and now I can't find him :rolleyes: Hopefully he will show up soon. Have a great day!

Julie Sometimes it is nice to take a break from working out though you didn't rest a lot from all that you did. I am exhausted too if I stay up later than normal. Good job on the mishmosh premix from Metabolic Total Body. You probably struggled due to lack of sleep and not doing Cathe for a while. Good job on your yoga. I need to do more of it.

Pam It was great to see people that I hadn't seen in a while. My mom goes there during the day and then comes home in the late afternoon. Their house is only about 5 minutes away from the hospice. Good job on your 30 mile bike ride. Oh poor Captain Hooks, I hope he is doing OK. Great job on your 21 mile bike ride too. Ummm a missing kitten, they can get into the most unlikely spots.

Monday morning I did Supercuts and then we went out to visit my dad. He was more with it but you still can't carry on a conversation with him. In the evening I went dragon boating. It is really hot out again so it felt good when we got onto the water. This morning I went to Twist and then went to get groceries in the afternoon.

Have a great day.

This morning I did Fit Tower Advanced Boot Camp. Not a super intense circuit but it worked for me being out of the Cathe loop for so long. I always have to pause every time she adjusts the bar because I am slower then she is. I also broke my firewalker loop right at the end of the first exercise, plie jacks. Had to pause and go get another one out.

Pam Oh yes the pears are really sweet. My husband who does not eat pears ate 3 in one day. I probably need to do more than just a week of Cathe workouts but I love my heavy lifting rotations. I just need to try to find some type of balance between the two. I don’t know what shifted for me that I am actually enjoying yoga more now. Not enough to do it every day but maybe once or twice a week now. Great job on your 30 and 21 mile bike rides! Oh poor Captain Hook! Hopefully he heals up quickly. Great job on Circuit Max! Hope you found your new kitty! Sneaky little fella!

Cheryl Yes I definitely need to find more of a balance between my heavy lifting rotations and Cathe circuits and metabolic workouts. Great job on Supercuts! I am sorry your dad isn’t doing well. It is nice that your mom doesn’t live far in case something happens and she needs to get there quickly. Glad dragon boating felt nice in the hot weather. Great job on TC!

Have a great day!

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