So, what's your new name?

My new name is ElaineP01 not to different from my other one, ElaineP.
I don't mind the new name I just want my email address to be correct. I had to use my son's email address.:(
I was originally Michele S. Then when we changed from Verizon to Comcast, I had to change to rgi. I'm now ms71069 - my initials and birthday.
I couldn't get my password email for my old user name Carola and wanted to play in the sandbox with everyone else.

Changed it to hiitdogs - doing Cardio Coach / HIIT training together with my doggies - hence the new screen name :D:p

I am getting used to the new one and probably won't change it. It kind of sucks that my post count will be gone and I have to start all over again. On the other hand, who cares about post count, it's just a number.

High-Intensity Training Dogs? I LOVE it! Love your dog, too.
Massaging Mom aka 6Swans4me. I'm still fond of my previous user name. But, this one may grow on me.... It will have to if I can't get a password emailed to me.:(
Glad you are back, Michele. I really missed you!!!

Got my Cardio Coach downloads 2 weeks ago and have been addicted ever since :D Thanks for the invite, I just registered on the Cardio Coach forum. Just waiting for my account to be activated. See you there

I'm looking for the Cardio Coach forum... where is it? Thanks.
I couldn't take it any longer. One more email to support, or request for password, and I think my computer and patience would have flown out the window! I used to be meowracer, now am meowracers (first name is Shana so the s makes sense I guess!)
My old name was bayerngirl(I am from Bavaria), now my new name is belindazg (which is my email address! You girls are so lucky at least you picked your own new username! The new forum admi. just gave me belindazg!:mad: Not sure why the mew forum admis. gave my my email address as my username!
I just added a 1 after my old name. I'm just annoyed I had to re-register and lose my Charter Member status after all these years!:mad:

Anyway, glad to be back on board!
Well, I used to be just Calico and now I am Calico2... and I had to use my dh's email address since mine is still in use under my original user name.
Here I am reading through these posts. I feel so sad:( for you all. I'm sorry that you couldn't get your old user names. And losing your counts, I would be so upset with that. We work so hard getting there. That's such a shame. Maybe down the road, you'll be able to. Don't give up yet, it's still early in the game.

I had a change but mine is very minor:

From Sunshine 1528 to Sunshine1528 (no space between).

And the good part - now I'm not a senior:D Guess I got younger and am now a Junior. That will give me permission to act like a little kid, huh?:p

Just a bummer that I tried probably 25 times - yes I was quite desperate to come play with all ya who got right in - but at least I already have a few email addresses so just had to use a different one.

Seems like most that changed names are close to the same - just a few that are quite different to memorize.
I was Tracey M, now Beechmil. I hope they figure out a way to get passwords to us so we can log in under our old account!

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