So, what's your new name?


Just got my password...I would be changing my name but I don't want to lose the post count and I'm not clever enough to come up with anything else right now (I know...700+ posts is nothing, but I can't visit during work anymore...seriously cuts into my posting time!)

wait...what the heck happened to my old avatar!?!?! I need to go find my picturetrail account now!!!!!
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I'm still here as Beavs although Beavis did get a bit of an avatar makeover ;)

ROFLMAO at Tamster's avatar!

Miss Lee

OMG! I just saw Tammy's avatar!!

Beavs, what happened to your original avatar? was YOU, I mean...all these changes! It's more than I can bear.


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my old name was Lusignan (my last name)
my ne name is Stronger

When I saw that I had to change things up I thought, this could be good, change is good and since this is all new why not. Then I thought, well golly gee what could my name be, well I am stronger now than I was when I first created an account with Cathe, and Cathe is about to make me stronger yet with STS, so Stronger it was.


Beavs, my DH does a great Beavis impersonation and every time he walks by and sees your avatar he starts doing his Beavis laugh. Too funny.


so what's your new name

I am Smg2 I was Smg1 after a few days of not being able to log in here I am

Susan G


It's me -- Ally1966. I chose my new name because it's what my daughters call me. I only had about 170 posts in the old forums, but they took me years to I'm guessing it will take me a while to top 100 again! But I'm here reading often, and I always love seeing what people have to say!



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my username used to be awseay now its after my cat josiespcah6ojsh
right now i am someone elses computer. i dont no how those last 6 digits got in my new username.


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