So, what's your new name?


Like mf545, aka, Michelle, aka, Miss Lee:p, I couldn't wait any longer so I created a new user name and am starting all over. So, what's your new/old name?
I couldn't get my password email for my old user name Carola and wanted to play in the sandbox with everyone else.

Changed it to hiitdogs - doing Cardio Coach / HIIT training together with my doggies - hence the new screen name :D:p

I am getting used to the new one and probably won't change it. It kind of sucks that my post count will be gone and I have to start all over again. On the other hand, who cares about post count, it's just a number.
I went with the first letter of my first name and my complete last name, really put alot of thought into this!;)
I was successful in getting in with my old name. I'm signing with my first name though. I'm not 44 anymore. I was when I joined Cathe. I'll be 46 in a few weeks:)

Carola, I'm so glad you're for doggies. At a glance, I thought you hit dogs:-( Your fur kids are goreous!
Old name - Lekamori
New Name - fitover40

Carola, love your new name.

Another thing that is just a number is age ;)
I'm TX Gin now. I really wanted to remain just Gin, but oh well.:(
I just wanted to come and play with everyone else!:)

(formerly known as just "Gin")
I couldn't get in either with my old name.

Old name:Jharris35
New name: Jharris.

I too put deep thought into this.

Hi Terri! so what's the story behind your new user name? :D

Carola, I love your new name! And I'm so excited about your new-found passion for Cardio Coach. You should join our check-in group on the CC forum. We'd love to have you. ;)

I know what you mean about losing your post count. Mine was 11,037! :eek:
I actually don't mind the new user name -- it's the post count I don't want to lose. :(

It sure is glad to be back on Cathe's forums. I really missed everyone!
Tiffany is my "real" name, Tneah is my nickname, I had to change it, they still haven't sent my old info, but now who cares right? I have to get used to all these new names and stuff. I just hope Shelley and Beavs still use their infamous wouldn't be the same if they didn't.
Hey, Michelle!
The story behind my name is the initials of my 3 kids, plus, the year I was born...:eek: Yes, it's the big 4-0 this year!
I hope you are all happy with your new names. It's going to take me some time to get used to them and to "know" who you really are! I was lucky and did not have to make any changes.

I never could get the password email so I re-registered. The new name is Kimenem2. I was Kimenem. Imagine that.

I still use the [email protected] email so hopefully when this gets fixed we can go back. I used my work email to re-register and I'm afraid they will filter everything.
Glad you are back, Michele. I really missed you!!!

Got my Cardio Coach downloads 2 weeks ago and have been addicted ever since :D Thanks for the invite, I just registered on the Cardio Coach forum. Just waiting for my account to be activated. See you there
Mine was Fitnessfreak366, now it's Fitnessfreakk366. Not a huge change but still. Kind of frustrating that we can't just login as we use too.

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