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  • Well, we will definitely make plans in the future and do a run together. I'm not an Idol fan either but I will tune in for Mr. Tyler!!

    I will let you know how the 1/2 goes. I'm so excited. you! Have a great week!
    Hey Travis!

    I'm so excited for my half. It's in a battlefield in North Georgia. This year has been really challenging though. My dad passed away in February and six weeks later my mom was diagnosed with cancer. So this year has been crazy but it will end on a positive note. Mom is done with her chemo treatments and will be coming with my sister and I when we do our 1/2. I'm so excited that she will be there. She has been an inspiration. I'm so proud of her. She is one tough chick.

    I wish we lived closer so we could do a run together!! Maybe someday we can find one in the middle of the country and meet halfway.

    Big hugs to you too! I'm glad all is going well with you.

    Are you going to being watching American Idol now that Mr. Tyler will be judging?

    Things are pretty good here. We laid off 2 engineers at my company last month but thankfully I wasn't on the cut list. We also have had some work come in within the last couple of weeks so hopefully we'll be ok for a while. Dad is ok. He is on some new meds which has helped a bit with his dementia but he has good days and bad. He is still at home and my sisters and I have been helping my mom out. I am blessed that we all get along otherwise it would make this ordeal more difficult. I've been working out regularly and am still running and playing with my kettlebells. I'm so glad to see you back here and that you are positive and strong.

    Thanks for checking on me and asking about dad.
    One kettlebell is fine to start out with. The majority of the dvds out there are for only 1 kettlebell. There are 2 armed moves that you can do but this will be something that you can work up to. I have 2-18# and 2-25# and I usually use them for push presses right now. I have a dvd Firepower that uses two kettlebells but I haven't done it yet.

    HTH. Have fun with the kettlebells.
    Congratulations on your new job!! What a great Christmas present!

    Congrats on that new kettlebell as well! There are a number of really good workouts out there. If you are interested in instructional dvds then Lisa Shaffer at has a really good one that is only around $30. The Art of Strength has an instructional dvd that has 2 dvds but is a bit more pricey at around $70.

    For workout dvds I would suggest Kettlebell Way to Your Perfect Body - Volume 1. This is a remake of the Providence dvd by Art of Strength. The Kettlebell Way has a tutorial portion so I would suggest that over the Providence workout. You can get the Kettlebell Way at The other one that is really good is The Ultimate Body Scuplt and Conditioning w/Kb by Lauren Brooks. This one also has a tutorial. You can find it at

    You will really love kettlebells. I'm starting a 200 a day swing challenge in January. I'm doing 200 swings a day for the month of January.

    Hey...I was reading Rolling Stone Magazine (old issue from September) and they mentioned that our man, Mr. Tyler will be releasing his memoirs in August of 2009. That should be an interesting read.

    Best of luck with the new job! If you have any questions about kettlebells let me know.

    Happy New Year!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your job. My sister's friend just got laid off last week. No warning...nothing! I've been worried about my company because we are not the best financially and we are very slow now. We rely on the bank for funding so if they ever decide to say no, then we'll go down the drain. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure you'll find something better down the road. You could always be a personal trainer! I'm glad you're working out. I would be insane if I didn't have my workouts. Keep your chin up and stay positive.

    And thank you for the Steven video!!! That is one of my favorite Steven video's because as you say, he looks so HOTTTT!!!! I needed to see that today. As for Pink...I love her. I have her new CD and So What as my ringtone!!

    Hang in there!!!
    Hi Travis,

    I haven't seen your around here lately so I'm just checking in to see how you're doing. I hope you are ok and back on track.

    Take care and have a great weekend!

    Hey you,

    I saw your post about motivation and just wanted to send you {{hugs}} and let you know that I've been there. In fact I'm there right now but trying to stay focused. I just have some issues with my dad (he has dementia) and it's hard to see him in the condition he's in. I did a 5K today and barely made it through. I figure this is where the mental challenge comes in.

    Just take care of yourself, take a little break or find another workout to challenge you. Have you tried kettlebells?

    If all else fails, pull out some Aerosmith stuff and rock out. Maybe Steven can help.

    Take care,

    Thanks for sending me the clips on Steven!!! Loved seeing the beginning with all his great looks!! I watched it twice.

    The picture was cool too!

    Thanks again! It made my weekend extra special!
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