Shout out for my peeps

Now Robin, GF, see what'cha done? You went and got Allison all weepy again! Oh man! Love you sweetness. And Catherine -- yes darlin', prayers up for BIL -- hope it turns out well.

Hey gals!

Hope it's OK, Robin, if I pop in to say "hi," too!

Catherine, I am so, so sorry to hear about your BIL! I'll be sending prayers his way!! Keep us all posted, OK?
Greetings, Robin!

I have to admit I have been sort of sporadic around here lately, but like Beavs I'll pop in for you. :D
I've been kind of out of the loop lately too. I'm wondering what's up?? Why have so many OALers gone missing?? Did I miss something??

ETA: I cannot believe I used the phrase "gone missing." I hate that phrase.
I haven't been around much lately either but I wouldn't miss an opportunity to pop in for Miss Robin.

Hi to everyone else too!

Hi Evily and Kel!!!

Evily--two more days. Thursday is the BIG day!

So, I'll be MIA for awhile. I'm sure the boards could use a break from my political posts. But I expect EACH ONE OF YOU to be here when I get back, so you can ooh and ahh over pictures and help me get back on the fitness bandwagon. PROMISE???? That means you too, Miss Robin. I miss you guys!
I'm home from work now and soooo relieved to see so many of you still alive and posting. Now, (insert hand-on-hips, toe-tapping smilie here) where the heck have all you guys been. I'm missing you all like crazy. (Yes, Allie, you too)

Kel, how's it going? Are you working?

Stephanie, yea for baby-whose-name-is-still-a-secret-too-us! Good luck and God bless.

BG, you're certainly welcome in my posse anyday.

Tammy, lots of hugs to you. How is your mom?

Lainie, I love seeing you in Catheland again.

Beavs, I soooo miss your twisted sense of humor. Whatever happened to the Robin and Beavs show? Did you want top billing?

Leanne, what are you doing here, young lady? Get thee back to work!

Liann, thanks for the seranade! How are the piggies and snakies?

Evily, love you back!

Lorrie, can you hand Allie a hanky please?

Hee hee hee! Look, I started a Robineller check in. Still waiting for Shelley, TeTe, Carola, Nancy, Tneah, my PYGFOer pals, friends from the 2007 RT and 2008 pre-RT to stop by. Gosh, I miss all of you so much.
Hi Robin!

Can I be one of your peeps??:D Look how many peepy friends you have!! Where is your old avatar, Miss Robin? You just don't look the same with that generic avatar.
I miss so much when I am gone away at school all day and can't be on a computer.
I am here, Robin. Didn't know I was one of the peeps :eek:

I am so excited to see Beavs, Lainie, Lorie, TeTe and Kel again. Don't leave again, ya'hear!!!!
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Hi Robin!

Me, too!!! I want to be one of your peeps!!!! Can Finley be one of your peeps, too? We are sitting here together reading your Robineller check-in. I miss seeing everyone as much lately. I guess a new baby will do that to you:).
Hi Robin! And everyone else too!!

So nice to see so many friends here!

Catherine, sending healing prayers for your BIL!!(((hugs)))

edit: Lara, say hi to Finley for us too!! And give her a big kiss!

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