Nice to meet you!

My name is Mary. I have been married for 13 years to a super man and father, have two beautiful daughters, 7 and 5, and two cats, 16 and 12! :) I live in a small town in Oregon and am a SAHM and homeschool my girls.

I have been working out to Cathe for about 7 years and think she is the cat's pajamas :p

Because of this forum I have also been introduced and fallen in love with Cardio Coach!!! Thanks ;)

I am a home body who enjoys cooking, cleaning, gardening, working out and being with my friends and family :D

Nice to meet you all!!!!
Hi! My name isn't Stebby, but in these days of google searches I don't like to throw my real name around. ;)

I am 47 years old, married for 20 1/2 years, mom to a 6-year-old daughter. I work as a project manager at a marketing research company, where I've been for 23 years. I have been active most of my life, starting with swimming and running (if you want to call what I do running - if you saw me you might say it's actually plodding) through my teens. I started taking aerobics classes and working out with heavy weights at 18. I became an aerobics instructor at 23, and taught all kinds of group-ex (hi/lo, step, yoga, stretch) part-time until I was 46. (But I'm keeping my certifications up because I intend to return to teaching in a few years, when my daughter is a bit older.) I discovered exercise videos in the mid-90s with The Firm. I found Cathe in 1999 and have been hooked since then. I do Cathe videos, various yoga videos, the odd non-Cathe video (Jari Love, Patrick Goudeau, Mindy Mylrea), and I take a Spinning class at the gym 2-3 times per week.

I was always somewhat (10-20 lb) overweight. Then in the late 90s my weight started creeping up more. I joined Weight Watchers and lost 33 lbs, getting down to a weight I never thought I could reach. Then I had my daughter and never got the extra weight off! This past July I decided to get my act in gear - since then I've lost 10 lb and I want to lose around 20 more. So, yep, I am another one of those "fit but fat" people.

Although I don't have many posts, I have been a forum member here for something like 8 or 9 years. I think this is a really great community. My hat is off to Cathe and all her people for keeping it going and encouraging the very respectful tone that is usually in evidence here!

Great thread, Jodi!

Hi everyone,

My name is Kelly but go by Kel on here... for some reason. I'm 40 & will be celebrating 20 years of marriage later this month. My DH & I reside in Northeast TN. We don't have any children but we do have a spoiled dog named Skippy. Unfortunately, I was downsized from my job of over 14 years at the end of July & still haven't found any work in my field. My DH is a contractor who specializes in restoration & remediation.

I honestly don't remember how long I've been working with Cathe but my first DVD was LM & I was hooked from there. My current fave is 4DS & I'm looking forward to STS too!

It's nice to meet y'all!

My name is Becky. I'm a SAHM in South Carolina.... of 5....boys,almost 20, 19, girls 18,17,almost 16, just celebrated birthday #37 and wedding anniversary #20!
I have 2 in college, one on the way to college, and am considering going back myself for a vet tech program. Also looking into personal training certification even though I'm currently fat but fit. Good motivation to lose these 35 pounds!
I learned about Cath in 1999 through the FIRM forum. She is the best out there IMO. Although I've recently been doing more gym workouts, *apprenticing* with our trainer to see if I want to pursue certification.
I've discovered kettlebell, zumba, and spin this summer. I've also started running and am on week 4 of a half-marathon training plan.
I don't usually visit OD, but I'm glad I was given a heads up about this thread so I could learn more about y'all!
Great idea Jodi!

Hello to everyone! My name is Carrie. I am 35 and married with two children, DD (10) and DS (8). I work as an Executive Assistant in the administrative offices of a local hospital. I can't remember what happened first - I discovered Cathe on FitTV and also bought a step that came with Cathe dvd's. I have been working out with Cathe now for almost two years. I have all of her dvd's except one...Cardio Hits. I keep telling myself I don't NEED it but... My favorite Cathe dvd is LIC. I have also rediscovered KPC. I didn't like it the first couple times I did it but I like it now. As for other instructors, I like Amy Bento and Tracey Staehle. I have tried other advanced instructors but just didn't "jive" with the workouts. I have been doing more Cardio Coach and iTrain for my cardio lately though.

Let's see, what else is there to know about me? I am definitely "fit fat" as I have about 50 pounds to lose. I am working the Core program from Weight Watchers and am actually enjoying eating healthy (darn, pesky Halloween candy derailed me this weekend:mad:!). My favorite color is purple. My avatar is a picture of Kimi Raikkonen, a Formula One driver (no NASCAR for me!!) winning the driver's championship last year. I have been to two live Formula One events in Indiannapolis. My life-long ambition is to travel to other countries and attend races.

Anyhoo, I think that is long enough! Take care everyone. It is great reading about everyone!


ETA: How could I forget info on my fur babies! I have three cats - Boots is 13 and is a BIG BOY. We rescued two kittens from our local animal shelter when we were there doing a "United Way Day of Caring" stint in June. The babies are Ginger (boy) and Rascal (girl). If I knew the house wouldn't stink, I would be one of those "cat ladies" with 50 cats! I love kitties.
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I'm Kirsten, I grew up in Phoenix, but I've lived in Portland, OR for the past 4 years. I'm a stay at home mom with an 8 year old daughter and a 4 year old son(I don't like abbreviating) and I like to think of myself as a future screenwriter. When my son starts kindergarten next year, I may have some time to start writing one. In the meantime, two stories are rattling around inside my head. I'm 35 and feel like an eternal kid mentally. My body, unfortunately, feels older as I have degenerative discs and joints in my spine. I've been working out with Cathe for a little over a year and a half and have been doing other forms of workouts off and on (mostly off) for about 20 years. I'm currently addicted to this forum and my Nintendo DS. I don't post often, as I'm shy, but I love, love, love reading the posts.
Nice to meet you all.
Hi my name is Barbara and I am 42 years old. I am a SAHM and live in central NJ about 1 1/2 away from Cathe's gym. My 2 boys are 13 and 20. I have been married for 21 years. I also have a lab name Cinder who is 7 years old.

I found out about Cathe in 2002 when I brought my first step that came with her All Step video. Then in 2003 I got to meet Cathe in her old gym and take a class. I also met Cathe again in 2005 or 2006 in her new gym. I am thinking of meeting up with the tri-state soon.
This is awesome! What a great idea!!

I am Jess, 31, married 12 years to a wonderful guy, Greg. We have 3 girls ages 9, 7, & 5. They are my joy and I love them to pieces! I've been a SAHM since our oldest was born. I've really gotten into fitness/ healthy living since I had our 3rd child and have lost 70# (and kept it off!). I love learning more about nutrition/ fitness. I'm considering a career in PT. I'm also a Team Beachbody coach and love it! I absolutely love helping others and still being at home w/ my kiddos! :D

I love music, and play the flute and piano. I run and have done a full marathon, 2 half marathons, 2 triathlons, and lots of other shorter races!

I also love to chat, so I could go on & on but I'll shut up now. :p
Great idea!

Hey there! Online I go by Brighton, I'm 30 years old and a SAHM of two terrific toddlers (ages 3 & 2). I grew up in Chicago, but now I live the semi-country life in Utah. I'm a former competitive swim coach (club & high school) and spent 10 years as a competitive swimmer myself. I found Cathe oh... about 3 1/2 years ago? About the same time DS was born. Cathe helped me get the baby weight off and reignited my passion for health & fitness.

I'm a triathlete and currently training for my first marathon in April. (Ack!) ;) I love music, gardening, cooking, reading, yoga, hiking, & spending time with my family. I'm fairly new to the boards, posting-wise... I'm looking forward to getting to know more of you fabulous Cathletes better! :D
Hi - I am a 46 yr. old SAHM. I have four children, oldest is turning 21 this Friday (YIKES) and youngest is 3 with a 15 yr old girl and 4 yr old boy in between.

I live in Delaware - only an hour away from Cathe's gym and would love to join the "Tri-Staters" one day and work out. I grew up in Wisconsin (would love to go back some day!), lived in Texas for a few years and settled out here on the east coast about 20 years ago.

My fitness journey started 25 years ago but have had many injuries in the last year (I hate getting old!) which have kept me from giving 100% to my fitness goals. My first love is running but my joints just aren't keeping up any more. I started like many with the Firm workouts, then ventured on to TaeBo and just starting doing Cathe in the Summer of 2006 when my sister (a workout fanatic) introduced me to Cathe.

I love my children immensely and they give me much happiness. But the one thing missing from my life is living around my family. I am very close to my 2 sisters, both in the midwest, and when we are together I feel alive.

Goals for my future would be to lose 15 pounds and start singing in church again.

It has been wonderful reading all of your posts and I am so pleased to meet all of you!!!!!!
What a great thread! I didn't have time to read everyone's post but looking forward to having time later in the week.

I'm 39 yrs old. I am an occupational therapist and work parttime. I've been married almost 18 yrs. We have 3 children, 11 ds and 8 yr dd. We lost our second son to Trisomy 18 as an infant. Our 11 ds has some chronic medical issues.

I've been working out with Cathe since 2000 and have all her dvds. I've also run one full marathon, 3 half marathons and completed one round of P90X. I used to be a lifeguard/swim teach and enjoy swimming occasionally especially with dd.

I was born as a part of identical triplets and am very close with both sisters, and mom. We often travel to together to our family cottage and to Disney World. We are gong on our first Disney cruise in 5 weeks!

I'm a little late, not sure if anyone will read this or not!

I'm Katie, 26 years old, mom to my DS Collin, 3 1/2 and hoping for more children one day. I am recently married (May 25, 2008) to my wonderful DH, Chris. I am a case manager/probation officer for a court referred alcohol/drug program. And since I work for the courts, I am off tomorrow for election day! YIPPEE!!

I started working out with Cathe in March 2007, and was never really into fitness before that. However, I was still fat from my pregnancy, knew I needed to workout at home, and always wanted to try step.... And the rest is history!!

When I am not working out, chasing after a toddler, or at work, I am most likely to be found doing something LAZY -- surfing the net, watching tv, or napping.:D
Wow, there is alot of information on this thread! You folks are amazing people!

Debbie, where in DE are you(Dela-where?) I live in Pennsville, NJ and work in NewCastle,DE. I love getting together with the tristaters for Cathe's classes. I only wish I could do it more often!

My family is my life. DH and I have been married for 22 years. We have 3 loving children. DS is 19, DD#1 is 17 and DD#2 is 15.Our home is also shared by 1 dog, 3 cats and an aquarium full of fish.:D We live a happy albeit cluttered life.

I am a medical laboratory technologist for a reference lab and have been with the same company for 22 years-amazing!

I love Cathe's workouts and seldom deviate. I have dabbled in many but most aren't keepers. I have to admit though - the kettlebells are calling me...
This has been fun reading through all the replies.
My name is Leslie and I live in WI. I am 52 and feel GREAT, thanks for the most part to Cathe. I´ve been doing her workouts for a looonngg time! I´ve worked out for even longer, but she really got me into serious weight work.
My DH and I celebrated out 25th this past summer. We have 3 kids: DS 22, DD 20, and DD16.

I teach Spanish at the high school level and have a MA in Spanish and continue to take classes. I guess that would be a hobby:confused:. Kind of a nerd, I guess! I love to read and cook when I have the time and do just about anything outdoors.

We recently adopted a greyhound and Tank is a great dog.

BTW, Evily...I think I must be the slowest runner out there, seriously :eek:. I just started getting back into it after, uumm like 30 years not running!
OMG I am so out of touch! Debbie! When did you move out there!?!?! :confused:

Hey girl! No worries ;) If you blink these days, you miss something, and that's in your OWN house :p

We came out here June 9. We wanted to get out of NY for a loooong time. No family there & the cost of living was KILLING us. No place for a young family to start out (unless you are a part of old money or, AHEM, know some famous people).

Hubby went to Northwestern and always loved the Chicago area. Can I just say I love midwesterners? They are SO nice. Never lived off the east coast before.

Congrats on all your running accomplishments! You ROCK!!
Phyllis - I live in "Pike Creek" - have you heard of that area? Where in New Castle do you work? Have you done a Tri-Stater workout at Cathe's gym yet?
Hi everyone:

I'm Dani, 41 years old, and sometimes feel every day of it! I have been working out with Cathe for a little more than 2-3 months now and have completely LOVE her! I have been truly inspired to get back into fitness after losing about 35 #'s just before meeting DH. he's a former chef and fed me very well! I'm a sucker for anything strachy or sweat (pasta, breads, and dare I say chocolate!)

I have been moving around the past few years from Alaska to Washington state to Las Vegas, for my job and I think we are going to stick around here awhile... So much to do, so little interest... We stay as far away from the "Strip" as humanly possible, but the option is always there if we ever get the itch! We have our few favorite restaurants (mostly steakhouses) and are constantly in search of the best breakfast joint in town... haven't found it yet but keep trying!

I just got married to my best friend in May of this year, but have been with now DH for almost 6 years... I don't have any kids of my own (never wanted them), but I now have 2 step-daughters (One I have never met -18 and the other is almost 21 and she is pretty cool). We have one fur-baby, Zoe (aka Missy Lou) pictured in my Avatar and we just love her to pieces!

Other interests: quilting, knitting, napping (is that a hobby?) playing ball with Zoe and any kind of craft thing I can get my hands on...

anyway, not sure how I'm going to remember all this info, but was certainly an nice way to meet some new folks and find out new info about some of the "more experienced" members :)
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Hi Everyone,
I'm Elle and i'm 33. I live just outside of Toronto, Ontario with my amazing husband (married 7 years), 2 dogs, and bird. I work full-time in accounting and teach yoga part-time. I've been a vegetarian for about 7 years.

I heard about Cathe years ago on video fitness but did not buy any of her workouts until last December when i got myself a new step with her basic step/body fusion DVD plus a few other Cathe workouts. Then my wonderful husband bought me the calendar, a bunch of other Cathe workouts and a new barbell for Christmas. Sadly, i ended up slacking off after a few months and just got back on track in September.

My hobbies are reading, yoga, cooking, and my husband and i are working towards getting our motorcycle licenses. Here in Ontario we have graduated licensing so you have to go through two stages before getting your full licence.

It's nice to meet you all!

What a great idea, Jodi!

It's been so fun and eye-opening to read more about all of the amazing people on the forum. :)

I'm Leanne (not a very clever username!), I'm 37, and live in San Diego, CA, where I've lived my whole life, except for a year in France and three years in Indiana. I've been married to my DH Mike for 14 years, and it's just the two of us. We both teach; I'm an English professor and Mike is a math and computer science high school teacher. (Yes, we are both super geeky!)

Although I've never been athletic and have never played any sports, I've enjoyed working out since I was 15, when I first started attending Jazzercise classes (legwarmers, anyone? :p) . I discovered Cathe not even two years ago, but I've been hooked on her workouts -- and this forum -- ever since.

Besides working out and trying to learn as much as I can about health and fitness, my other hobbies are beading/jewelry making, reading, and spending time with family and friends. :)

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