Nice to meet you!

Nice idea. I'm Stacey. I'm an Aries (I know this isn't a personal ad!), I'm 47, I'm just now getting back into drawing and painting and am producing some pretty good stuff (but nothing I want to put Out There, yet). I'm very excited about making art again after about 18 years of not doing so and I devote a lot of time to thinking about it when I'm not actually doing it. Anyone who's been here a while knows I've had real issues settling with a workout style and, for a long time, I had issues finding TIME to work out. Right now, due to my frustrations settling with a system and frustrated with my (lack of) results I'm totally freestyling-it now. Every other day I do a Cardio Coach mp3 workout ( but, in between, it could be any type of workout, with dvd's from all manner of sources. On Monday it could be a Cathe circuit workout; on Wednesday, The Firm; on Friday BOSU trainer; Sunday, Pilates... and so on. Suddenly, I'm finding myself a lot more interested in working out and, thanks to Cardio Coach, my legs and heart always get the extra attention they need. I work for the US Postal Service, I love travel and being outside. I have no kids (unless pets count!) and am not married. The people here are awesome and helpful, no matter what you need help with. Glad to meet you :)
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Penguin, I love your sig line!

And Stacey, I also considered putting "my sign" in my post, LOL! (Aquarius, btw.):D
Penguin, I love your sig line!
Thanks Jodi, its a take-off of the 'on the internet know one knows your a dog' cartoon.

Hubby iikes to give me 'penguin' attributes, such as calling my cold hands my 'frozen flippers', which leads to 'penguin puns', and pretty soon the whole conversation revolves around penguins. He thinks it funny when I say things like "I waddled over to the mailbox..."

well this seems as good a place as any to introduce myself :p

My name is Jessica, I'm 34 and I live in Raleigh, NC. I enjoy horse riding and travelling. I've been happily married to Mark for almost 7 years. With travelling a lot I like to try and look as good as I can in my bathing suit :) Thats what got me into Cathe and brought me here today :p
I love the step workouts most of all, they really hurt, oh and I also love cycling

I have a 4 year old son, Thomas, who enjoys working out with me :)

Looking forward to chatting and getting to know everyone here!

Well hey everyone! My name is, well, Alana (sounds like "elena" NOT ALAAANA) teehee. I'm 5'3" and I am married to a WONDERFUL, makes me so proud Husband who's name is Jelani.

My husband is in the army currently serving in Afghanistan right now, should be home in october!:eek::eek::eek:

I'm a cashier at the moment and I'm going to go back to school to study forensics! I love animals and yard sales!
Looks like a really great old thread has been renewed.

Since I wasn't around when this started. I'm Dawn. I just recently turned 40. I've been married almost 20 years, no kids, currently no pets. We live in SE WI, I'm an electrical engineer and my hobbies include cooking, camping, hiking, snowmobiling, and reading.

I've been working out to Cathe (and others) for about 12 years. I guess that's about it.
Nice idea Jodi!

I'm 53 and have 2 children -- my DH and my kitty :p . I'm an RN but suffered from severe burnout so I gave up my career a few years ago. I've been able to maintain my skills by caring for elderly and declining family. :(

I started working out with Cathe about 3 years ago and I LOVE her weight training workouts the most!!! Her cardio routines would kill me so I stick with my elliptical trainer and Cardio Coach. :p

My hobbies include cooking and reading, and I have a passion for 18th century English and American antiques (I can't afford many but I sure like to look). I could spend an eternity perusing antique malls and shows. :D

ETA DH and I will celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary next week!

Hi Michele!

Congratulations on your anniversary!

Hello to all! I'm Tricia, 47 yo, married only a measely 8 years with 2 beagles and a cat for children! :) I've been working out with Cathe only since this past February, but am loving it! I adore step and weights (tho' I don't get enough weight work) and have recently become addicted to running and CC!! (Thanks to a certain someone I won't name . . . Aw heck, MICHELE!)

I live in New England and love to try anything at least once! I'm a daredevil to some degree, love to read, want to skydive again, am an astronomy buff and, well, etc., etc.! I'm looking for my next thrill! :eek:

Nice to meet all of you!
I'm Kathryn (and as you can see, I have a very imaginative user name ;)), 52, French professor, vegan, cat lover (I currently have 4, and volunteer at my local shelter).

Favorite hobbies: health and fitness (insatiable appetite for learning more and reading about it), gardening (more of a 'plant it and let nature take care of it from then on' type), reading, movies (I like thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, pretty much anything but talky boring films). I currently enjoy experimenting with raw-food prep techniques and recipes.

For workouts, I prefer weight training, kickboxing, and--in the summers--power walking.

I've been working out with Cathe since 1992 (Step 'n Motion III was my first Cathe video), and a member of the forums since around 1993.
Hi, I'm Natalie (Ruth is my middle name and my bf always calls me "Ruthie"). I'm one of the newest Cathe fans (did my first Cathe DVD July 1st) I've been addicted to step ever since. I now own 9 Cathe DVDs (7 of which I just rec'd this week so haven't even tried them all yet) I know I will be a Cathe fan forever!!!
I'm 36, 5'4" not married, no kids. I live with my bf of almost 6 years (just moved in together in May) He has 2 boys that he has 50% custody of so they live with us every other week.
I work 2 jobs, full time for a transportation company and part time at a lingerie store.
I'm a member of Weight Watchers and a big fan of Tosca Reno. I currently have about 27 more pounds to lose to get to my goal weight of 135.
I work out at home with DVD's, a treadmill & an eliptical. I want to get into more weights this year but focusing on cardio mainly right now to shake off this excess poundage!!
I was born & raised on Prince Edward Island, Canada and now live in Barrie, Ontario. Been living in Ontario since '95.
I love dogs (we have an 11 year old yellow lab named Jazzie) and really all animals in general. I play softball regularly and have since as long as I can remember.
I'm a Vegas junkie!! Normally go about twice a year!! Would live there if I could!

That's about it in a nutshell!!! It's great getting to know everybody!!!
Hello all. Great idea. I've been working out with Cathe since 2001. Imax 2 was my first DVD that I purchased. I love working out with Cathe, . .she's changed my life and the way I look at fitness, . .no more girlie pink 2lb dumbells for me. I have a wonderful husband, . . married for almost 10 years, . .2 fabulous kids 8 year old son (who was diagnoised aspergers at the age of 2) and a daughter age 6. I love trail running, mountain biking, kickboxing, . . . .and I HATE, HATE, HATE eating clean but I do it anyway because it is good for me. Who knows maybe my veiw on eating clean will change the longer I do it. My newest obsession is Charlaine Harris's books and True Blood on HBO but I like so many different things, . . .independent foreign films, sci-fi, horror, drama. I love to read and I love to design things since I was 2 and picked up my first crayon. I'm a bit on the anti social, shy side, . . I always feel nervous that I'm going to say something embarrassing, but I love doing unexpected nice things for people who are nice to me. I was a dare devil in college and I'm extremely competitive. Oh and my favorite dessert is creme brulee.
So nice to see this thread to learn a little more about the members!

My name is Erin, I'm 35 and live in the Philadelphia suburbs. I have a super cool 13 year old daughter and my husband is the closest thing I'll ever have to a soul-mate. My husband is active-duty Air Force, my daughter is an artist, and I'm going back to school to be a radiographic technologist, and I'd eventually like to become a RRA, Registered Radiologist Assistant (like a physician's assistant, but specializing in radiology). Personality-wise, I'm an empathetic and kind-hearted snarky smartass. I love to read, cook, participate in improvisational comedy theatre, and hang out with my family.

I've always worked out, and was able to maintain a healthy weight until I turned 30. Now, I struggle with healthy eating, and I discovered Cathe as a great way to amp up my workouts. I'm currently recovering from knee surgery so my workouts are on hiatus (booh :().

I love how this forum has such a huge variety of personalities.

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