June 06 Rock Bottoms Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! Being that summer swimsuit season is right around the corner, I thought we would all enjoy a ROCK BOTTOMS rotation to really sculpt the derriere muscles. Keep in mind that getting rid of the "overhang" at the base of the glutes is not only hard work but requires a SUPER CLEAN DIET. This month's rotation will blast your butt, burn some fat, and keep you looking stellar in your new swim suit....read on!

The following "Bonus Butt Workout" is to be done whenever you see "BBW" listed on a given day:

Bonus Butt Workout: (approximate time including stability ball segment of Pyramid Lower Body is 32 minutes)
1) One minute of squats with a challenging barbell weight
2) One legged front lunge (back leg propped up on high step)...2 alternating sets of 15 reps with weights in hands for more challenge.
3) Plie squats for one minute with a challnging barbell weight
4) Leg Press....2 alternating sets of 15 reps
5) Barbell Deadlift...2 slow sets of 15 reps
6) Wall squat with one leg elevated slightly...one minute on each leg
7) Deep and controlled power scissors for 30 seconds (or substitute one minute of walking lunges with 8 pound hand weights)

***Conclude the Bonus Butt Workout with the stability ball segment of Pyramid Lower Body


Mon: IMAX plus 300 walking lunges and stretch
Tues: CTX Upper Body plus Bonus Butt Workout(BBW)
Wed: Cardio Kicks plus Coremax (seg 1)
Thurs: CTX Upper Body Plus BBW
Fri: Rhythmic Step plus Coremax (seg 3)
Sat Split: (pick what needs it most if only have time for one workout)
morning...45 minute well paced run and stretch
evening...Leaner Legs
Sun: OFF or Stretch Workout


Mon: IMAX 2 plus 300 walking lunges and stretch
Tues: Pyramid Upper Body plus BBW
Wed: KPC
Thurs: Pyramid Upper Body plus BBW
Fri: Step Blast
Sat Split: (pick what needs it most if only have time for one workout)
morning...45 minute well paced run and stretch
evening...Pyramid Lower Body in its entirety
Sun: Rest or stretch workout


Mon: Body Max (only last segment of upper body) plus BBW
Tues: Kick Max
Wed: Coremax seg 1 plus BBW
Thurs: Body Max in its entirety
Fri: Step Fit
Sat: Rest or stretch workout
Sun Split: (pick what needs it most if only have time for one workout)
evening...Legs and Glutes


Mon: PS Back/Bi's/Abs plus BBW
Tues: IMAX 3
Wed: PS Chest/Shoulder/Tri plus BBW
Thurs: CTX Kickbox portion only plus 300 walking lunges
Fri: Step Works plus 5 minutes of favorite ab exercises
Sat: Rest or stretch workout
Sun Split: (pick what needs it most if only have time for one workout)
morning...Boot Camp plus 10 minutes Ab Hits
evening...Gym Style Legs

Now let's kick some butt



That is just what the doctor ordered. Butt with me, I will have to modify a great deal. Butt, I'm willing to do it.

Thank you so much for this outrages workout. Looks like a lot of fun.


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This rotation looks butt-tacular. I'm in!

Butt should we post some pics when finished...ok, just kidding.:7

Thanks Cathe.:)


Awesome!! I'm trying to tone up after having a baby -- and it seems all fat is residing in my butt, thighs and hips. This looks great! Thanks, Cathe :)

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Dorothy!

Yes, you can just lunge forward and backward with the right leg and then immediately lunge forward and backward with the left leg (holding hand weights will make this more intense).

Alternate doing this (rt side front/back...left side front back counts as one) for about two minutes.


Hi Cathe,

This rotation looks great. The only question I have is how do you do a wall squat? Do you hold weights to do it? Thanks,


Cathe Friedrich

Hi Beth! A wall squat can be done with or without a stability ball. You simply press your back up against the wall (or against a stability ball that is against the wall ) and lower yourself down to the exact position you would be to sit in a chair. Once you have your balance, gently lift one leg up (only as high as you can while maintaining balance). Have Fun!


Hi Cathe,

Quick question, this workout really is focuses on the "butt" but does it also work on shaping the legs? I have a "pear shape" and my thighs tend to "bulk up" and I've decided not to "go heavy on the weights" for my legs...so tired of the bulk. I like the stability ball work in PLB, so I guess I'm asking would you also recommend this rotation for someone who is trying to "lean out" their legs? I got some many ideas for a rotation, and then you come up with this one;-) !




Thanks, Cathe! You're the best. I actually couldn't wait so I did the "BBW" a little bit ago. After I warmed up, I did the exercises and got a great workout in my legs. I tried both the ball and the wall one leg squat and decided I liked the wall itself best. Thanks so much for answering my question!

Take Care,




I second Katrina's question about shaping the legs. I too am a pear shape and my thighs also tend to "bulk up" when I use heavy weights, so I too am trying to "lean out" my legs. Would the June Rotation be a good workout for a pear?

Thanks, Leigh


Hi there Cathe!

Thanks for the great rotation. I don't have all these items, however I can usually modify to the DVDs I do have.

I do have another question, what is a deep controlled power scissors? Are these the standing or like the mountain climbing scissors?


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If I'm doing them at a quick pace it takes me 6 minutes. If I eliminate momentum and have a tiny pause between each one then it takes me 10 minutes. I put music on when I do them (2 to 3 songs). I'd recommend number of songs over a stopwatch.

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