Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for October 2021


Today I did Heather's Glow No repeat Tabata. It was tough. I did substitute push up and tricep moves. I got enough with Flex Train yesterday. My tricep said no way. It started cramping up. I think I may do more of her workouts, though. She has some longer workouts that look appealing. I just wish her clothing and set were more vibrant.
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I took the dog for a long hike this morning and then I went for a bike ride this afternoon - about an hour.
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I am back to normal again and have been since Saturday. So whatever I had is gone and I'm glad. I'm 100% positive it was a sinus infection trying to break through, but with taking tons of Vitamin C and Zinc, I kicked it's ass. :)

This morning I did EPIC III Shoulders, Chest and Triceps, Day 8. I was supposed to do Day 7 which is a leg workout, but I feel like I'm working my legs a lot. I'll do that one on Wednesday.

This one was a superset workout and I really liked it a lot. 2 sets of each superset, 45 seconds each exercise in that superset, move on to the next exercise and then take a 30 second rest and do it again. Fun, I really loved it.

Alternate Chest Press
: 15's
Dumbbell Chest Press: 15's

Dead Stop Chest Press: 15's
Dead Stop Pushups: On toes

Dumbbell Flies: 15's/17.5's
Decline Pushups: Off step, did what I could, basically about 5 reps each time

Close to Open Press
: 10's/8's
Hammer Front Raise: 8's/10's (swapped the weights here, LOL!)

Alternate Shoulder Press: 8's/10's
Alternate Lateral Raise: 8's

Rear Delt Partials: 10's
Lateral Raise Partials: 8's (these burned like crazy)

Skull Crushers
: 8's/10's
Shoulder Crushers: 8's/10's (these were cool, triceps were burning)

Tate Press: 5's (I actually did these, but obviously, with really light weights)
Close Grip Dumbbell Press: 12.5's

Slow Dips w/Pause
Fast Dips
(did as much as I could)

Triceps Pushups - Skipped
Cobra Pushups - Skipped

Didn't want to do too much with tricpes, still having issues with the left one. This workout was 44 minutes.

These workouts are really trimming me down, my pants are all loose on my again and everyone is saying I look skinny - which I don't want to be "skinny". But I do see definition and muscle tone coming back so I'm happy about that. I eat all the time, too, I'm constantly hungry.

Belinda - I'm glad to hear you don't have fluid in your lungs. Maybe the sinuses are draining and that is why you are coughing. I hope you are feeling better each day. I lit a candle for you at church on Saturday. :)

Diane - That walking workout from Chris you did Sunday looks good for a day when you don't feel like flailing all over the place. LOL! I'll have to check that one out. Hope you had a great weekend!!

Jolie - I hope you are feeling better. They've been screwing with the Covid numbers since day one. If you have the flu, they mark it as Covid. If you have a sinus infection, they mark it as Covid. If you were hurt in a car accident, they mark it as Covid. It's ridiculous.

Cam - I really like Caroline's workouts, she uses some impressive weights and back in the day I could have matched her. But now I just use what I know my body can handle. I think you'd like her workouts.

Doreen - Nice job with your hike!

Have a great day everyone!!!
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This morning I did Meltdown - weights workout. Just gotta love these unfussy, good-old DVDs sometimes and this morning was one of those times. This is the one with the barbell moves - sometimes I forget what's in the DVDs.

Anyone ordering Kelly's new DVDs?
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Jolie Fit

Today is the first day that i am out of bed in 3 days, this flu has kicked my butt! My husband is still sick, it has been 7 days. I however am feeling better today, I am getting dressed for the first time and taking my dog out for a walk. I am so weak feeling, though I ate a lot yesterday, the first time in a few days. My husband has to work everyday so he never gets a chance to sleep a lot to over come this crap. The flu that is going around this year is much worse than getting Covid if you are a healthy person. My son has had Covid and now this flu and he says this is so much worse. Please take your vitamins, get good sleep, eat and drink a ton of water so you all dont get this flu. I have no idea when I will workout, I can barely walk around the block, I feel very weak. My legs and hips are so sore from lying in bed for so many days. Today I will get in some stretching I feel like a I have a pinched nerve in my hip leg area and I feel like I am dragging my left leg. I just looked at myself getting dressed and I look like I lost every bit of muscle that I had, I am thin and I look horrible. I cannot wait to start my workouts again but I am not going to rush it and regress back to being really sick again. I will not get a Covid test because my husband has had 5 so far and we have the same symptoms. If you get a Covid test, you loose your HIPA rights and they give your personal confidential medical history to the government. This is so against your rights.

Debbie, great job on the workout today and I am so happy that you are feeling better. I thought I was going to get a sinus infection too but I have overcome that issue myself. I know that i am on the mend now, so I am excited.

Doreen, way to go on the Meltdown workout this morning!

Stay healthy my friends.


Hi everyone,

I had an appointment with my doctor. My lungs are clear. I have to make an appointment with a pulmonologist.

Debbie - thank you so much for lighting a candle! my noise is clear, I don't think it's my sinus. My sinus isn't bordering me like when I get a sinus infection.I just saw the ENT she ruled out a sinus infection. it's that cough that doesn't want to go away. I relapsed a few weeks ago I still have symptoms from when I relapsed weeks ago when I lowered my meds too low. I think my meds haven't caught up with RP. RP can also be respiratory problems like coughing. I hope they can find out soon what's going on.

I went for a short walk today.

Great job everyone on your workouts.
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Today I took a rest day. My shoulder, arm and neck hurt when I got up. I got it loosened up and took some curcumin and headed to Walmart to get my grocery shopping done. Grocery shopping is torture. I avoided heavy things though. I don't know why I didn't pick up the oranges and apples on my list. I got raspberries. I may go to the dollar store that carries some fresh fruit and vegetables or just wait till I order from Whole Foods again. I will do something tomorrow.

Cam, glad that you liked the workout you did today even though the set is and clothing is dull.

Doreen, I bet the pup enjoyed getting exercise with you this morning. That is a nice way to get a workout in. I have most of Kelly's workout content typed up in a folder. I forget what is on them when I do not do them for awhile. I just saw Kelly's presale workouts a couple of days ago. I need to look at it better. I kind of miss the facebook group where Kelly talked about what those workouts would contain.

Debbie, I am glad that the C and Zinc stopped an impending sinus infection. Great job with the weight work. That is always encouraging when you get compliments on the changes you have made. I don't know why people use the term skinny when they are offering a compliment that means you have made positive changes to your body. I don't think they actually are meaning too skinny though and it would be mean to say that to someone that actually was having problems gaining.
You should try that CDorner workout. It is fun and not too long. Leaves some time for something else along with it. My tricep and elbow have been hurting along with the front of the shoulder. My daughter says it sounds like a nerve thing since it also affects my wrist and hand. Typing sets it all off which is annoying.

Jolie, I had heard that the flu this year would be a bad one. I do want to get the flu. I am glad that you are starting to feel better. The flu can sure weaken a person for awhile. I think that the government has access to everything about us. I went to get a flu shot a couple of years ago at a small pharmacy I liked to use and they asked for my drivers license. I asked if they wanted my medicare card and they said no they had it all with my drivers license. So, I am pretty sure they have access to it all no mater what. It just depends on if they want to check you out. One of the women in my group I get together with had covid earlier on when it started and they sent a worker out to her house to ask her questions. That would make me mad. They sent me a paper with how to handle covid and to call them. Why??! I never did. They never came out and bothered me though. I get the lying around and stiffness and pain. I have to get up and move. Everything was stiff and hurt this morning. No real reason for my legs and hips to be as sore and stiff as they were this morning other than lack of movement. Get plenty or rest and healthy food down. I got a big tub of Green Vibrance from Vibrant Health for my husband and he hates it so I have added that to my mornings mixed with Ancient Nutrition orange collagen peptides immune and a little orange juice.

Belinda, I am so glad that your lungs are all clear. I hope they can help you with the cough. Maybe the pulmonologist can figure it out.
This morning I did RAW Step #2 and had a pretty good cardio workout. This one is just so so. It's 40 minutes and I like the standing waist work at the end.

Diane - I am so sorry to hear you are in such pain again. Did you say you were getting an MRI on your shoulder? It does sound like nerve issues, that is what I was dealing with as well, numbness in my fingers and pain traveling all the way down my arm. Truth be told, I still have issues with my triceps and when I type it really gets bad still. I'm not sure what I'm going to do after my PT appointments end which is tomorrow. She told me to roll my armpit and tricep where it connects out and I've been doing that. It does help but I'm wondering if it will ever go away? Is your pain all on one side? I should have done that workout by Chris this a.m., I totally forgot. Maybe Thursday. I was hoping Kelly would have a couple new cardio workouts on her RAW channel but I didn't see any.

Jolie - Wow, you got it bad. I hope you are on the mend now. I think the flu will be bad this year because we supressed it last year. It probably got stronger so it can really get us this year. Covid will probably do the same thing each year. We are doomed. Hope you can workout soon.

Belinda - Glad to hear your lungs are clearn, that is great news!! Sounds to me like you are beating Covid. Usually with immune issues, it really gets you. I'm glad you are doing so well so far. Fingers crossed. I get the coughing, though, that sucks. I hate couging.

Doreen - I am not order the new Kelly workouts, they will be posted on her RAW channel eventually.

Roselyn - Great workout yesterday!!

Have a great day everyone!


THis morning I did Body Design - the cardio and kickbox sections then the arms section. I couldn't remember what was on the premixes so I just did mix and match from the main menu.

I did order the new DVDs. I think there is a different quality in a workout that is designed and rehearsed before filming - they flow smoother I think... less misc chatter too.
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Today I did CDorner Step # 157 which played for me this time without freezing, 59 minutes, heart rate 132/162. 289 calories, 4,926 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Stretch plus a few minutes of CDorner latest mobility stretch which started out okay , but went into inchworm and stuff that would not work for me. Raw Stretch I did a different stretch for my hips when she did the plow and shoulder stand(I forgot about those), This was 33 minutes, 54 calories, heart rate 80/101, 69 steps . This was 92 minutes, 343 calories, and 4,995 steps. I know if I could swing my arms around I would have got more calories from the step workout, but it still was good.
I could not sleep last night. I kept trying to get comfortable and had taken some Curcumin extract and collagen before bed, but I still hurt. Finally got up at 2 am and took a melatonin sleep mix tablet, and still was a long time before I fell asleep. I almost gave in and got up to get Advil. I feel much better this evening after the stretching and movement. Even my hips and legs hurt this morning. Not sure why.

Roselyn, nice work on Xtrain chest, back and shoulders.

Debbie, I did Raw Step 2 a lot when it first came out and really liked it. The last time I was not enjoying it so much. I don't know why. I check the Raw channel often for something new that I can do. I have not previewed the slim sculpting. For some reason I thought that was the name of her Kettlebell dvd, but I may not be thinking right. I don't know if it is different or not. She was working on two new dvds which she has something up about a presale. Maybe that is why no new Raw workouts right now.
The arm pain is pretty much all on the right, but my left has started bothering me some. It started with the wrist. Now I can feel something in the front of the shoulder and triceps a bit in that arm as well. I read certain types of rheumatoid arthritis can hit two sides. I cannot imagine if I didn't have at least one arm that I can use for everything. I have to see what the doctor says on Monday. The last visit he mentioned ordering an MRI. I doubt he would be able to do it on Monday though. I have had him arrange x rays and labs on the same visit, but I am pretty sure they have to schedule the mri. I wish they were not so far away. They do all of that in there clinic though which is good. They have an infusion room there as well for patients that come for that and the pharmacy. I am hoping at least he can do something to help this pain. I have Thanksgiving and Christmas to shop for and prepare meals. We are doing both early this year. I tried some stretches for carpal tunnel that I thought might help, but I really felt like it irritated the other wrist afterward. That foam roller upper back and hips from CDorner does some rolling up under the arm pit area and into the lats. I quit doing the sliding my arms across the floor while lying lengthwise on the roller as it is hurting that shoulder. I tried again today, but too uncomfortable so I just stuck with the pushing the arms up in front and pulling shoulders back down. I got out my therapy balls and boy do I have to put light pressure on those in that area around the lats and close to the underarm area. It is really tender. Also I seem to roll of some knots that hurt. I remember my PT really putting hard pressure on that area.

Doreen, that is true on the chatter and stuff. I like premixes which are easier to use than trying to remember stopping points on the streaming which is much like forward and backward with a VHS tape. I was thinking about the Body By Design workouts wondering if I could find something there I can use. Probably not though.

Belinda, I hope things are going well and you feel better and get some help.

Jolie, I hope you are getting over the flu and getting energy back.


I did a later in the evening workout last night. I did Tracy Steen 50 min. Ultimate Compound Weight workout. Today I finally embarked on a step workout. I did a CDoerner 50 min. Intermediate Step. It felt good to do step. My neck felt good and there wasn't a lot of impact. I had no trouble with the choreography. Loved it!

Doreen, My library has most of her workouts and I was thinking of taking that one out. Do you like it? Not sure if I will order her new ones. Not a big kickboxing fan. I love her weight work though.

Diane & Debbie, your symptoms are similar to what I went through. Numbness is not good. Physical therapy helped, but it was really just a band-aid. It helped me get through to surgery. Not trying to give medical advice, but I would see an orthopedic. PT's want to keep you coming. They won't recommend surgery. Not dissing therapy, I really got some relief, but it was only a temporary fix. Mine finally said I need to get back into the ortho. She made the call to him. She also told me he was one of the best or she wouldn't be working for him. I needed to hear that and that got the ball rolling. I was so disappointed at first when he told me I needed surgery to correct the problem otherwise it would get worse. But, I am so glad I did it. My arm got to the point that I couldnt lift it to put shampoo on my head.

Jolie and Belinda, hope you feel better soon!

I have a work conference the next couple days. Maybe I will get a fusion workout in.

Good workouts everyone!
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This morning I did EPIC III Day 7, Resilient Leg Day and wow was it intense. I could not do most of it for the entire 3 minutes but Caroline rested quite a bit too so I didn't feel too much like a wimp. This was a puke status workout and my legs were literally shaking when I was finished.

This workout does two complex movements for 3 mintues with no rest. You either do 10 or 20 reps of the exercise. 30 seconds rest and you move onto the next set of complexes.

Elevated Squats x10: 20's
1.5 Deads x10: 20's

Elevated Dead stop Lunges x10: 20's/15's (my right knee did not like this with the first rep so I didn't do it elevated, too much stress on the knee)
BW Lunges x20
Switch to the other side and do for another 3 minutes after 30 seconds rest

Calf Raises x20: 20's
Squat on Toes x10: 15's (these were weird and made my knees hurt so I did regular squats)

Static Lunges x20: 12's (notice the drop in weight here! LOL)
BW Calf Raise Lunges x20
Switch to the other side

BSS: 15#
BSS Deads: 15# (killer!) never did this before with the leg back, it burned
Switch to the other side

Curtsey Lunge to Back Lunge x10
Switch sides and keep going for the 3 minutes

1.5 Elevated Squats x10: 15#
1/2 rep BW Elevated Squats x20

BW BSS x15
: 1 set each side for me, couldn't do more

Ran out of thime for these thank God:
BW Calf Raise Squats
Squat Rocks


Workout was 47 minutes. REally tough,I will feel it later I'm sure.

Today is my last PT appointment and I almost want to cancel it. Not because I'm 100% again, but because I realize that what Cam said is true, this is not a fix, it's a band air. Sort of like Chiropractors. They fix you but only until the next time something goes out. I really wish I knew what was causing the tightness and knots on my left side. At least the pinched nerve problem is gone but I still have issues with knots and my tricep. I will go just to have her work on that a bit but then I'm done. Lots of money has been spent and I am not 100%. I really expected to be.

Diane - I plan on doing some mobility or a stretch workout tomorrow, I really need it. I'll do a short cardio and then do some stretching. I'm so sorry you are in such pain, that is so terrible. I'm glad my pain eased up and I know I have to be very careful with these EPIC workouts. I'm scared to death something will happen again. However, even with the pain I experienced, I never had issues sleeping. That has to be the worse, not being able to sleep. Your body can't heal if you can't sleep. Maybe it would be worth taking a night time Tylenol or something. Those usually knock me on my butt. Hope the doctor can shine some light on this situation, it's been going on forever now and seems to be getting worse. Hugs to you.

Cam - I agree with what you said about PT's. I love my PT but I think it is just a bandaid. I'm happy I am feeling so good again, but just waiting for something to trigger the pain again. Sucks.

Doreen - Great job on your workout!

Jolie - Hope you are doing ok, you didn't post so I'm assuming you are still under the weather. :(

Belinda - Hope you are doing ok, too. You didn't post yesterday either. I worry about my friends when they don't post. :)

Roselyn - Hope all is going well with you, how is your mom doing? I hope she is getting back to normal.

Take care everyone, have a great day!!


Cam - If your library has it check it out - I would call it a "easy day" option just because each section is short.

This morning I did Athletic Training 2. (I don't remember if I even have Althletic training 1 - I'll have to look for it.) Another sneaky workout - those bear row to crab push are HARD! And then my puppy attacked me on the abs section so I just stopped there!
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Good morning,

I went for a short walk yesterday and today. Nothing else to report. My MRI is online, I haven't talked to my doctor. I just talked to my Rheumatologist he wants me to come in on Friday morning since I still have lingering problems since I relapsed. Friday I also have a pulmonary appointment. The RT is starting Friday, I hope I make it back.

I will be back to catch up on personals.
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Jolie Fit

Sorry I have been MIA! I have not gotten in a workout but I have walked my dog 2 times per day and I am up and cleaning the house and doing all of the laundry, trying to sanitize the house from all of the germs. I feel better today, I just have very low energy. I might sit in a chair and do some upper body weights today, very lite weights, just to get the blood moving in my body. All of us are improving daily but the it is the low energy that is kicking out butts. My husband is begging me not to push it so I wont. What is another couple of days anyway right? I woke up with a spasm in my left hip again so I have to put the infrared light on it again. I have to start moving before my whole body spasms. It was 55 degrees and pour rain the other day and it will be 85 degrees tomorrow! The sun should help me get better, I sat outside and read for an hour yesterday, I wanted natural Vitamin D.

Debbie, wow on your workouts lately, those weights make me look like a wimp!!!!!!! The only time I pick up a 20# DB is to do 1 arm rows. You are my hero :)

Diane Sue, I hope your pain goes away soon. I feel for you, there is nothing worse than being in pain. At least you got in a step workout!

Belinda, you are really going through it lately, I pray for your body to start feeling better. How is Sadie?

Doreen, Athletic Training is a great workout, either 1 or 2!

Cam, nice workouts the last couple that I read, you are doing great!

Roselyn, Is your mom home yet and is she doing well?

I will try to do something today but I will NOT push it. Hopefully, this will be the only sickness I get this year, I havent been sick for almost 3 years since the last time I had the flu besides a small cold here and there.


This morning I did CDorner basic step that she did outside. This one does not do around the step moves and is easy to follow. You could see Kevin dragging out a hose and in and out of their storage building in the background. This workout was 30:56 minutes, heart rate 139/177, 181 calories, 3,020 steps. I then did Boss Loops Timesaver #2 no floorwork glutes and abs, 26 minutes, 145 calories, heart rate 138/166, 1,178 steps. I used my heavy fabric loop band. I also did some rolling and stretching.
Time was 57 minutes, 326 calories, 4,198 steps. I slept well last night. My arm and shoulder did not hurt as bad and I was able to sleep on my back which always helps my neck and traps. With the arm hurting I kept having to lay on my side with a bolster behind me to lean my right elbow on with it slightly behind me to alleviate pain. Anyway, I don't know why it feels so much better. Still cannot move it full circle and odd angles, but much better. I wondered if the new Ancient Nutrition collagen peptides was helping. I decided to try it because claims on the canister says results in as little as one day :rolleyes: So, day one I noticed nothing. Day two felt better and I went ahead and ordered the large canister in unflavored for my coffee as Amazon only had the orange flavored in stock in a small cannister which is only 12 servings. So, anyway, I am wondering if the fermented egg membrane collagen is helping that is in it along with bovine. I took 3 scoops yesterday which is 1 and a half servings. I guess they did studies on people for actual results to see how well it worked. That is where the 1 day came from. I don't really believe in miracle cures or something working that fast though. Add that to the 3 doses a day I am taking of the Curcumin Elite tumeric extract from Life Extension. I read that the extract absorbs best. Maybe I just feel better because I slept better.

Debbie, that looks like a great workouts. You are really killing it lately. I am glad you are able to do it again. I know how you feel. I really worked hard at doing all of the exercises and stretches that they gave me at PT and all of those weeks of visits and I still hurt in the end. I didn't feel better then till I got that first steroid injection. I did not rest my arm and shoulder as much that time though. I just limited overhead weights, but still lifted light which may have been the problem. This time, I don't think I am at all ready for biceps curls and that sort of thing. I hope that you can avoid it coming back. When I rolled today I did not find as much of sore spots as I have been. The knots seem better.

Cam, nice work with Tracey Steen compound workout and CDorner step. Today's CDorner step was easy and no impact. I find for the most part her step workouts are not a lot of impact and she often shows another option for those who do not want the jumping. I have fun with her choreographed workouts though and she makes them pretty easy to learn. I am having a hard time drying my hair and flat ironing it. Something about all of the overhead movement. I have a box of hair color sitting on the shelf waiting for me to decide I want to work on my roots and cause myself more pain. Maybe I just need to go grey. Not wanting to though. I am hoping the arthritis doctor helps. If I have to I will follow my daughter's suggestion for an orthopedic surgeon. She is a dermatologist and her best friends are a PA and Doctor. He is having surgery with the best surgeon around on his shoulder and she said they could refer me. It would be a long drive for me though. But then it takes me an hour to get to the arthritis doctor since we moved. I am not wanting more doctors as I have a heart doctor and pulmonolgist that I see. I am thinking maybe the next visit with the pulmonologist will be the last. They have been monitoring lung nodules and if no changes after several checks they will give an all clear. My pulmonologist retired and I got whoever he left in his place. Not particularly pleased. My Primary doctor moved on as well. I get it though. Right now it is probably not wonderful for them either. Yes, working through these things is only temporary and not a complete fix.

Belinda, I guess they need to go over the mri results with you? Hoping things go smoothly so you do not miss the road trip.

Jolie, yes, take your time getting back into things so you do not have a set back. I got pneumonia after pushing myself and probably not being fully recovered from the flu once. It felt like it took me forever to get my energy back and get well. Really, I used to never get sick and was the one who was taking care of the rest of the family while they were sick. Still do that a lot though and I think my supplements and eating healthy help and that is why even with covid it was not as bad as I would have thought with the RA and other things. Hoping to avoid that flu though. Generally I do get a flu shot though. At least after a couple of bad bouts of bad flu. Some sunshine would probably do you some good and promote healing. It poured rain here last night. Still cloudy out. I am hoping for some sunshine here.


Quick up date on my MRI. My doctor called me to discuss the MRI. There were 5 things they found, on concerned me (and my doctor) when I looked the the notes from the MRI. I wasn't gonna diagnose myself, wanted to wait until I talk to my doctor about. One concerned on the MRI report stated the cartilage in my shoulder joint is torn away (gone). He me to see a orthopedic surgeon. My doctor was afraid the cartilage in my shoulder joint is gone has something to do with RP. I see my Rheumatologist Friday and will discuss/get his opinion. My doctor wants me to take easy on my shoulder.


Belinda, I am sorry. I hope it is not the RP doing that damage. Yes, take it easy as you do not want to make it worse.

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