Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for October 2021


Today I did CDorner Step Aerobics 80's Sweatfest cardio, 51 minutes, heart rate 123/161, 249 calories, 3,868 steps. I did not do much with arm moves so heart rate was down a bit, but I still got in a good workout and enjoyed the footwork. I then did some foam rolling for upper back and shoulders and some moves for shoulder pain with Youtube Dr Joe.

Belinda, since I knew one of the ladies got covid tested and positive 4 days before I started feeling bad and running a fever, I went and got tested. Also I had grandchildren that would be coming back from the weekend for virtual school so I needed to for sure get tested. The quick test was negative and I told them to do the other test to be sure. It came back a few days later saying I was positive. But, I was sure I had it before it came back positive. I called my daughter and her ex and they made arrangements for the children. My children all stay away if they even begin to think that they may have been exposed. My older daughter in the medical field got her vaccines and so did her husband. They bought things over when I was sick for me and left it on the door step and waved at me through the storm door. Yes, toothpaste was off too for me. With you having the RP I fully understand your children and husband getting fully vaccinated. It is terrible that you got it anyway when you are so cautious. I was tempted to do something for a workout when I had covid, but I waited a full 10 days except for some stretching and loosening up. They didn't seem to know a lot about covid yet and since I have RA, and other issues, I was afraid to set anything off. I slept a lot and after a few days I went back to some tasks around the house that were not strenuous. We did Christmas with the family in January since I had the covid in December. Maybe all of the coughing is making your back hurt.

Cam, I won't turn on the heat for awhile. Usually when it starts to get chilly in the mornings I just wear a zip front hoodie that I can slip off when I get warmed up. You are in Wisconsin? It really gets pretty cold there.
I find clothing, backgrounds, and music all affect workouts when I do them.


This morning was Tracy Steen 40 min. No Repeat Low Impact HIIT Max Sweat. It's one of my faves of hers. Quite a sweaty workout!

I tried to do Heather's Cardio from her Glow Series, but not what I wanted today.

Beautiful day here. I thought it was going to be cold and rainy this weekend but it was the opposite. It's hard to be indoors.

Hope everyone feels better soon.
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I have to post really quick because I am so busy today at work. Had a 2 hour meeting this moring and I have a bunch of things due today.

I did EPIC III Day 3 - Abs and Glutes. I wasn't going to do it because it's mostly all floor work and Ihate floor work, but I wanted to get some abs in so I figured I'd do it. I don't have time to jot down the exercises but it was broken down in 3 sections: Abs with 3 exercises done 3x's through; Glute and Hamstring work on the floor with the band; and standing work doing plie squats until your legs burned off. It was a great workout and tough. Caroline uses a 55# dumbbell. WTF? She is crazy. I used a 30# dumbell and that was good enough for me.

If I have time later I'll jot the exercises down and do personals. Hope you are all having a great day!!!
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Jolie Fit

Good morning! I am back from my short vacation and had a great time. We went for 4 mile walks and hikes each day so I got a lot of exercise in each day except for the two days of driving. We were at 8,000 feet above sea level so it was very hard to hike in that altitude. Today I did P90X Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and had a great workout. Each workout was basically to failure so I got a good burn in for sure. The workout with the warm up and stretch was 1 hour.

Debbie, great job on the AB and Glute workout today. I know what you mean with the weights that Caroline picks up!!! She is young, shoot, you used to lift some very impressive weights yourself 15 years ago.

I have to go back and read your posts from the last couple days to catch up with you all. I hope you each have a great workout today. Off to do a pile of laundry.


Yesterday I did not work out. Family came over and we ate and played games. Afterward, my husband and I figured out a way for me to be able to open our storm shelter. Then I cleaned out the dead bugs and cobwebs and added our storm goodie back pack with survival items in it. There was a portable pot with disposable bags never opened down there and a light mounted on the wall which we changed the batteries on. Also moved my car so it was easier to get down in it. Hopefully I never feel the need to go in it though. Today I did not do anything till noon and just did Jessica Smith Walk Strong Burn Fat and Have Fun Step and Stride using one riser under my high step as she uses no risers. I did not use my left arm through this. It was 30 minutes, heart rate 154/185, 201 calories, 3,388 steps. Tomorrow I will not have time to get a workout it as I am going to ladies game day in the morning. Fortunately it is not a long drive from me. I am trying to avoid irritating the shoulder and still keep mobility. So, rest is good I guess.

Belinda, I hope that you are on the mend. Sending prayers out for you daily.

Cam, great job with Tracey Steen Low Impact. I have only tried her one time and that was recently. I quit because she picked up light dumbbells and was swinging them overhead and that ended the workout for me. Maybe someday I can try again. It has been beautiful all weekend here as well.

Debbie, nice work today. 50# dumbbell is crazy. I remember when we used to go way heavier though. I used throw a 70-75 # barbell up on my shoulders for squats and plies with not problem. Now I am sure I would hurt something. Although I think we get a bit more cautious and wiser as we get older and have had a few injuries. I kind of miss the heavier weight days though.

Jolie, it sounds like a fun and pleasant vacation. I bet it felt good and you were ready to do the weights today.


Hi everyone,

I called my doctor today about my cough. My cough hasn't gotten any better. My lungs are still filled up with crap. I still feel like I have a sinus infections, lots of pressure. I had more energy on Saturday and Sunday. Today I am tired again. I am resting a lot. Doctors orders!! Tomorrow is my last day in quarantine.

Diane - thank you! I appreciate your prayers! Glad you had such great help from your DD. My DD offered to cook and bring food. I don't want to be an burden on her. DH and I have plenty of food in the house. We just make quick healthy foods that don't require standing in the kitchen for too long. DD did sent some food, cookies and chocolate to the house. I take very high doses of MTX since I relapsed a few weeks ago, which cancels out my immune system plus I took another round of steroids. My immune system is shot. I wanted to get off MTX trust me. My husband was on a round of steroids too. I think that is why he was a breakthrough. Since I got the antibody infusion, I have to wait 3 month to get vaccinated. Did you ever get an antibody testing? I wonder if and how many antibodies I have? I was told for the next few month I still could test positive for covid. I wished covid would go away. It's disrupting everyone's lives. Great job!
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I did Heather Robertson Glow Upper Body. I realized I did this one awhile ago and it is good, but a lot of shoulder work. I finished with her 12 min Hiit Cardio Finisher. Then I went for 1.5 mile walk. Gorgeous weather today and I had to enjoy a little of it.

I still don't have feeling in my left index and middle fingers, so tricep work is difficult and so is shoulder and chest work. I can't do a full pushup. I am getting frustrated. My doctor said he was confident the feeling will come back and that the nerve was in pretty good shape but it could take a year. Every morning I get up hoping this will be the day the numbness will be gone, but nope. So I just do what I can do with my left arm. I can only do 2lbs for tricep presses. I have 8 lbs in the other. It seems though that every month I can do one more rep. Ha! Oh well.
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Belinda, my daughter just came over with stuff on her own. My son in law came by and dropped off some things as well. My daughter kept telling me to not use cough suppressants because I needed to cough up anything that was there. At first I was going to take an all in one cold and flu medicine. Your daughter does not live that close though. I was about 20 minutes from my daughter's work at the time. I have heard it takes quite awhile to not test positive after having covid. No I have not went and had tests for antibodies. I go in for my yearly check up the first week in December. I feel fine now other than this crazy shoulder and arm thing going on. Makes me tired as I spend so much time at night trying to get comfortable and not feel it hurting. I understand the want to get off MTX, but you really need it. My daughter was suggesting Humira for me to check on. When I looked up cost and deductibles and copays and realizing it is an immunosuppressant I think I will pass. She thinks it would get rid of my pain and says they have had really good results with it for RA. They will be able to put out a generic in 2023. It has to pass the 20 year patent or something like that. I really am not wanting to do it anyway. Also she suggested an orthopedic surgeon and I am thinking I don't want to get started with another doctor added to my list. I guess I am pretty stubborn even with all of the pain.

Cam, nice work today. It takes awhile and lots of patience when coming back off of surgery. You will get there. It is promising even if it is one rep.

Jolie Fit

I forgot that I have a Chiro appointment this morning, so today will be my rest day for the week. I tweaked my knee a little while hiking on vacation so I want to have it adjusted so I can get a ton of walking in this week. Also, my neck is out so I might as well go and get it all taken care of today. I am sore from yesterday's workout and I love this feeling, don't you!

Belinda, I just went back and read all of the posts from last week that I missed while on vacation, wow on the Covid. If you have chest congestion I would take MSM and N-Acetyl Cysteine. The benefits are Free radical protection, maintains cellular health and it used to helps with cough and lung conditions. I take both of these supplements everyday. Stay safe and I know you are doing all you can to kick this thing out of your body.

Roselyn, great job with the body beast workout yesterday.

BBL to read the posts for the day.

Cam, have you ever gone to a chiro to get your nerve issue addressed. You might have a pinched nerve that a simple adjustment might be able to release it and get rid of the numbness. Nice job on the workout!

Diane Sue, have fun at game day with your lady friends!!! Sounds like a great time. I am happy you do not have to drive so far this time.

Debbie, I hope you have a great workout today.
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Busy again at work, it's crazy right now. This morning I did EPIC III Full Body Complex Workout and had a great one. It was tough. It consists of 3 minute segments where you do two exercises until the 3 minutes is up, no rest. You do 10 reps each and then switch. I had to stop with a lot of them because the burn was crazy and I didn't want to injure myself. I also went light with this because of was worried of injury.

Chest Press: 15's
Diamond Press: 15's

RDL: 20's
Squats: 15's

Renegade Rows: 20's then dropped to 15's but I did regular rows

Rear Lunges
: 15#
Switch Sides

Shoulder Press: 10's
W Lat Raise: 8's
This was killer, I had to stop and only did two sets each

Staggered RDL: 15#
Staggered Squat: 15# (all right side)

Repeat Staggered with Left side

: 15's then dropped to 10's
Skull Crushers: 10's

Curtsy Lunges: 15#
Switch Sides

Supine Rows: 12's
Hammer Curls: 12's

Squat to Press: 10's
Close Squats: 10's

Killer. Workout was 46 minutes. Feeling good lately, just a little tightness in my upper back and neck, but nothing like it was.

Jolie - Yep, we all lifted heavy like Caroline back in the day. That is what has gotten me to where I am today with all the aches and pains. I keep wanting to tell her "STOP"!!! LOL! She looks so awesome, though. I used to do 30# shoulder presses. Insane. Love it, though, and I still do. If I could lift that heavy again, I would - no questions asked. Hope you feel better after your chiro appointment!! Glad you had a great few days off in the mountains!

Diane - I remember using those weights, too. I used to bench press 125#. I never had 55# dumbbells, however. The highest mine were was 45# and I got rid of them. The highest I have now are 30# dumbbells but I still have my barbell and plates. I'm not planning on going real heavy anymore but it was fun when we were able to. I miss lifting that heavy. I wish we had a storm shelter, I told my DH we need to dig one in our backyard. LOL!!!

Belinda - I sort of wonder if you actually do have Covid? Maybe it is just a bad sinus infection. I know you don't have taste, but that happens to me when I have a cold. I've lost my sense of taste many times during my life so Covid isn't the only thing that does that. Those test aren't very accurate, I don't care what they say. Anyways, I hope you are feeling better.

Roselyn - Great job with Body Beast. Back to those workouts, huh? They are great ones!

Cam - Sorry you still have numbness in your arm, that must be very frustrating. You are doing great with your workouts, though! Good job!

Where's Doreen?

Have a great day everyone!!!


Today I went to ladies game day and had a nice time. It only took 10 minutes to get to the game day today. No workout. I will do something tomorrow hopefully. This shoulder and arm is driving me nuts and hurt all night last night.

Jolie, I hope the Chiropractor gets the things fixed and you can have some of those awesome walks in that you take. I have started using Glutathione with ALA and Milk Thistle along with a vitamin C packet first thing in the morning. It has to be taken on an empty stomach. They say it helps with the joint linings. I have used ALC, but I keep altering what I am taking depending on the problem and I swear I take a lot of supplements each day, splitting up what I take throughout the day rather than all at once. I think Belinda would have to run anything she takes by her doctors. When on strong immune suppressing drugs some supplements either boost the immunity too much and negate the meds working or cause other problems. That is one of the reason I am trying to avoid them in if I can at all possibly do. Even without all of the meds auto immune disease requires that care be taken when choosing immunity supporting supplements. I read this all of the time and wonder if I am helping myself or making things worse. I read the specifics on each supplement and interactions with RA. I am not Belinda, but just wanted to put this out there. I never understood so much about auto immune diseases till I was faced with them myself. Game day was fun and we had a guess who likes this game where the ones who guessed which had answered a certain answer got play money. Then during Halloween Bingo we got money for each bingo and at the end we got to bid and purchase some items that were there with the play money. Just for fun.

Debbie, I still have 40's sitting in my workout room. I sat them there and they are staying right in that spot as I am not moving them again. I still have the Bowflex weights that go up to 52# each. I doubt I will ever pick up that much again though. Great workout today. We put in a shelter at two of our houses. We did not have one in our last house. These houses all are built with one in the garage floor. Not a big one. At least it is some security.


Debbie - thank you. I wished I didn't tested positive for covid. DH and I got tested on base. I had those same test done maybe 8 times while I had serious sinus infections. I never tested positive before. For the last few weeks/month never got a break from sinus infections to relapsing a few weeks ago. My doctor increased MTX a few weeks ago, it probably shut down my immune system. These symptoms are different then anything I ever experienced with RP/sinus infections. If you have covid you get flu like symptoms.

Diane - I wished DD lived closer. I guess, I can't complain. My Rheumatologist mention Humira and other medication for RP. I hate taking MTX and what it does to my body/make me feel. I am sure they all immunosuppressant. I just can't get around those meds. Listen to your DD, lol.

Jolie - yes, what Diane said. I do appreciate all your help. I will run those supplements by my Rheumatologist. The autoimmune disease I have is very rare, there is no cure for it. I have to be careful what I take. I only allowed to take what my doctors give me/recommend. Thanks for your help!
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I did another Heather Glow workout. Today was Legs & Booty AMRAP. I liked it. It was something like Debbie's Epic workout. It consists of a set of 2 lower body and a cardio for 8 reps repeating for 5 min. It actually went quick and I got a good workout. I think I will do her Tabata one on Thursday.

Diane, sounds like a nice day. Maybe a few days off would be good to rest your shoulder and arm. I remember that pain. No fun!

Jolie, yeah, no chiropractor for me. I had a fusion that got rid of my pain. I just have to wait for my nerve to heal. At least there is no pain. I really feel pretty good.

Debbie, i am sure your workout was a lot tougher than mine.

Good workouts everyone!


I'm back. We took a camping/4 wheeling trip this weekend up in the mountains. Some snow had fallen earlier in the week but we had good weather. We did a loop with 3 mountain passes and about 60 miles with 2 nights camping.

This morning I did a CDoerner step - Loved it! I got a new treat toy for my puppy so I can put some of his morning food in and he plays with it to get it to fall out. That kept him pretty entertained for the first 30 minutes.

I broke my fitbit. The plastic part that the band clips onto snapped off. So now I can't attach a band to the watch. What a pain. I really don't want to buy another one but having it in my pocket all day is annoying and it doesn't give the right readings on workouts without the HR monitors.
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This morning I did RAW Kickboxing Outside and OMG, that was so fun. And I'm wondering if it's new but I don't see it in the most recent posts? I know I haven't done it before. This isn't the one where they are in the park with a bunch of people, this one is in a driveway like one of their other cardio workouts were. It was really fun, I used my 1# sand weights and worked up a good sweat. Workout was 40 minutes. I am really sore today, my upper back has knots on both sides. I'm going to my PT today, I have two more appointments.

Diane - I forgot, I also have my Bowflex weights that go up to 52#. Those are hard to use with most exercisese, though, because they are so wide. I favor my steal weights more but do use the Bowflex ones sometimes. We only get bad weather in the spring and we haven't seen a tornado in years. I worry more about fallout from a nuclear bomb. LOL!! So sad that we have to worry about this crap.

Belinda - Hope you are feeling better and better. Sorry you are going through yet one more terrible thing. I am praying for you and will light a candle for you when my mom and I go to church on Saturday.

Roselyn - How is your mom doing?

Cam - I'm sure that workout you did was hard, those nonstop ones are killer. I'll need to check out Heather's workouts. Good job!!

Doreen - Bummer on your Fitbit but I have to say, it is nice not being a slave to that thing. I took mine off to see if my tricep would heal, my holistic doctor told me the signals that thing shoots in your arm might be what is causing my problems. It wasn't. However, I don't think I want to go back to wearing it. I just find myself so obsessed with making sure I'm walking all the time. I may go back to it in time, but I really do enjoy not worrying about walking 10,000 steps daily.

Jolie - Hope your appointment went well yesterday and you feel great today!!

Have a great workout everyone!!!

Jolie Fit

I do not feel great after my appointment, every single disc was out in my spin but my vertebra were all in line. weird! My neck is hurting today, I must have slept in a strange position. I swear, it is always something!!! I still had a great walk today, 1 hour 40 minute walk outside, traveled 5 miles through the hills and burned 1,005 calories. Even though it is cool outside I am dripping wet. Those hills are killer, I am huffing and puffing like crazy when I get to the top. My husband is sick with a bad head cold so I am laying low and trying to stay away from him so I do not catch it.

Debbie, way to go on the kickboxing workout today, it sounds like fun! I hope your knots go away after your PT today. My neck is now bothering me, I think I may need to get a new pillow, mine are getting really flat and I am a side sleeper, I bet that is the problem.

Roselyn, great job on the Body Beast workout!

Belinda, I hope you are feeling better today. Take care of yourself, this too shall pass.

Cam, great workout today. I love Tabata workouts, they really so a body good.

Diane Sue, game day sounds like fun! I hope you have a nice workout today.

Doreen, wow, your trip sounds like so much fun!

Make it a great day!


Today I did CDorner Intermediate Advanced Step workout from a week ago. This was 65 minutes, heart rate 130/178, 322 calories, 5,243 steps. I did left out overhead and and lateral movements with the arms. I then did some of CDorner Flow and Go Mobility workout with the chair stopping at the triceps stretch and where she goes into shoulder chest opening stuff like lying to the side with the arm behind you. Could not do that. I went from there with a few safe stretches and then stopped. This was 20 minutes, heart rate 82/96, 36 calories, 50 steps. Total time was 85 minutes, 358 calories, 5,290 steps. I may do some band work for the lower body tomorrow. I will see how I feel.

Belinda, funny that you would say listen to my daughter. One of my friends at game day said the same thing. For some reason my daughter does not like MTX, but thinks that Humira is a better drug. Yes all of them are pretty much immune suppressant.

Debbie, I did that outdoor workout with Kelly awhile back. I kept looking at it, not remembering it. It is a fun one that I missed her posting. She has some new stuff I would love to try, but just cannot do them yet. I saw on her website that she has a presale for two new dvds which sound good and are similar compilations to her Raw workouts. I am sure after they are done they will eventually be put up on the Raw channel as she has put all of her dvds there so far. It takes awhile for the latest though.
Our tornados are usually in spring. I remember one in July that came through the city area and took out some homes. These latest storms were a surprise. I do not worry much about them anymore. Yes, nuclear attacks are more worrisome right now. Why was that crazy statement made by our vp that we liked competition when China is becoming a threat. They are giving away our arms and we are threatened for crying out loud. You would think it was some meaningless game or something. Between that and terrorists let in our country, we have a lot more to fear than tornados.
Those select tech weights are uncomfortable for moves like curls with a rotation and things where they hold the weights at the shoulders. I used them a lot doing Body Beast though and P90X2 and 3. And not at 52 lb LOL.

Cam, nice sounding workout yesterday. I have been carefully trying not to use my arm much. I did 30 minute super light cardio Saturday, Sunday and yesterday I took off. Nothing seems to make a lot of difference, but I am sure if I was really working that arm it could be much worse. I hate pain and I do not like surgeries. I have had enough of those. I went through pain of a torn miniscus for months before I had all of the insurance authorizations and testing protocol done just to get to the surgery. It sure takes a long time to heal. But, now I can jump and stuff some. I do not do a lot though as an all out hiit with high impact can still make my knee hurt for awhile. Recoveries are so slow.

Doreen, what a fun sounding weekend. I am sorry that your Fitbit broke. I never would have thought the plastic part that the band attaches to would break. I looked at my Garmin to see if it is plastic. I cannot tell as if it is it is painted white, so maybe plastic. I have had the rubber watch bands break though.

Jolie, sorry you do not feel great after the Chiro treatment. I hate headaches. My neck and head hurt this morning along with the arm and shoulder thing. Sleeping wrong sure can make a difference in how you feel when you crawl out of bed. I got my My Pillow 2 inch bed topper today and am hoping it helps a bit in my sleeping. If I end up on the opposite side the injured shoulder is I wake up with my good side hurting. But, it relieves the injured shoulder. I cannot win. I am counting the days and have a week and a half before I see my arthritis doctor and I hope he can at least help with the pain, but then afraid of what he will offer to help it. I hope that your husband gets well and you do not get what he has.
This morning I did EPIC III Back, Biceps and Core, Day 6 and had a great workout. It was tough and I went light with the back exercises because I have knots again. My PT worked on them for an hour. Geez, WTH? I have one more appointment and then I'm on my own for a while.

Not feeling very good this morning. I woke up and had really bad vertigo last night and I can feel a sinus infection coming on. I hope not. My right ear feels weird. I hope it isn't anything more than sinuses. Been jamming down Zinc.

Anyways, the workout was 50 seconds on/10 off for back work and 40 seconds on/20 seconds off for biceps. I only did some of the core work because my head was spinning.

4 sets for most except where I have 3 sets

Back - 50/10
1 Arm Row: 20# (2 sets each side)
Renegade Rows: 12#/20# (I did this on my knees and not in plank position)
1 Arm Supine Row: 12#/15# (2 sets each side)
Pullovers: 15# (3 sets)
Momemtum 1 Arm Row: 20# (I liked these, fast up/slow down)
Landmine Row: 30# (3 sets)

Core - 50/10
Plank Hold
Plank Up & Down (sort of like Cathe's inverted planks)
Plank Twist - skipped
Plank Saw - skipped
Alternate Dead Bug
Double Dead Bug
Flat to Hollow - skipped (not sure what these were)
Single Arm Plank - skipped
Hover Shoulder Tap - skipped

Biceps - 40/20
Hammer Curl Hold to Curl: 15's (she held this half up for 20 seconds then did regular curls)
Hammer Curl Pulse to Curl: 15's (same but did pulses for the first 20 seconds)
Wide Curl Hold to Curl: 10's
Wide Curl Pulse to Curl: 10's
Palms Up Hold to Curl: 10's
Palms Up Pulse to Curl: 12's
1 Minute Alternate Curl w/Twist: 12's

Workout was 44 minutes. I really liked it.

Jolie - Hope you are feeling better today. I had several knots the PT worked on. I think this is just going to be an ongoing thing, I can't keep going there for her to press on knots, although it helps.

Diane - I haven't done a CDorner workout in a while. It's almost overwhelming all the workouts she puts out in one day. Geez. At least Caroline only does one a day. LOL!! I will need to do one of her step workouts soon.

Belinda - I hope you are ok, I'm worried since you didn't check in yesterday. Praying for you.

Have a great day everyone!

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