Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for November 2022

Today I did CDorner Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing tabata style, 47 minutes, heart rate 136/174, 251 calories, 2,155 steps. I followed up with some foam roller work for mid to upper back and then did Raw Athletic Stretch #2, 37 minutes, heart rate 79/102, 59 calories. Total time was 84 minutes, 310 calories, 2, 279 steps. I have pretty much followed Chris workouts this week except a lower body that she did the day after I did the first lower body workout. Tomorrow I will either do the total body or the lower I missed depending on how my neck and shoulders feel. Saturday is the advanced step of the 3 she did this week. She is taking the same workout and each phase she adds more difficult moves to the original. I was a bit apprehensive about the kickboxing today though, there is jacks or modifiers and down to the floor thrusters in it. She gives options. I did alter some of it. No weights are used till the last tabata ab segment. The music was good for this one which kept me going.

Belinda, Sadie looks so cute in her pink snow suit and boots. I bet she draws attention from everyone. Nice that you got a walk in. It is a bit warmer this morning here.

Jolie, I hope that you feel better. Good idea to take a rest. My traps are giving me fits right now too. Particularly the left side. I try to listen to my body when choosing workouts and resting. I don't seem to have all the energy I had when I was younger and was going 100% all of the time. and long workouts. Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds wonderful. I sometimes try to change a dish up from the traditional dishes.

Debbie, awesome job on the workout. I am glad that your Acedemic challenge went well and the kids enjoyed it. That step workout was fun yesterday and I picked up on it fast. No real complicated moves and I am used to most of her moves so no breaks.
This morning I did CDorner's 100% Low Impact Cardio workout that I did about a month ago. It was pretty fun but there was another one i did that I liked better.

Do any of you know how to search someone's Youtube channel? I was in Chris's channel and was looking under her Playlist and couldn't find any that said Low Impact. So I went to the top of the screen and clicked on the Search but it brought up workouts from other Youtubers. Is there a way to just seach a certain channel?

Anyways, the workout was 40 minutes, burned 355 calories, did 4244 steps and HR was 137/154. I also did my PT moves for my knee. Knee is better but still doesn't feel right. I'm hoping to get an MRI soon.

Doreen - Good job with you cycle bootcamp workout, sounds like fun!

Diane - I was thinking about doing that kickboxing workout but was worried about the high impact and my knee, plus I just did boxing yesterday. She just does way too many high intensive moves on her normal workouts like that. Wish I could do them, though. Thanks about my Academic Challenge, it was fun. That one takes months of planning but it's worth it. I love watching the kids compete against each other.

Jolie - Enjoy your rest!!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!
Debbie, on CDorner she does a video I think on how to use the new Youtube format. Click on playlists then scroll to either low impact cardio or low impact as there are two different playlists. Under the list is a down arrow you click to see all of them in that category. Hope that makes sense.
Today I did CDorner Total Body Workout 55 minutes, 135 calories, heart rate 95/135. That is it today. We went out to run some errands and lunch today. Edited to say this workout was done with the guy she calls MJ (initials for Micheal Juda or something like that) He helps with things and I think does some of her technology stuff. It was a bit distracting as he chatted quite a bit and she was trying to show him how to do moves correctly. Music was good and as the moves were not difficult I was able to keep going. They had sound issues at the start. Chris used heavier weights. I wanted to stay say and not set something off.

Workout format 60 seconds each
wall sits
mountain climbers with gliding disc
leg drops alternating
chest fly 8# dbs
pullover 8# dbs
wall sit heel lifts alternating
bear feet alternating push back gliding discs
leg drop both
on hands and knees opposite leg extended dumbbell row 10# db right
10# db left 60 sec each side
wall sit up and down
plank gliders legs in and out
leg drops
wide squat with bicep curls 12# dbs
hips elevated skull crusher 12# dumbbell
wall sit one leg lifted off floor 30 sec right 30 sec left
gliders plank on forearms pull forward and push back (blade)
leg drops option actual move was leg drops alternating with shoulders off the floor"hollow")
squat pulse option I used 12# dumbbells, or burpees for 1 minute
wall sit 30 sec, heels lifted 30 sec 30 sec knees in and out putting pressure with hands, 30 seconds with both heels raised "wall of death"
Biceps hammer curls 30 seconds 12# dumbells, biceps half curl pulses 30 sec 12#, curl with twist 30 sec 12# dbs, curl 30 sec 12# dbs
Triceps overhead extensions 12# db 30 sec, right arm overhead extensions 12# db, triceps overhead extension 12# db 30 sec, 1 arm tricep extension left 30 sec
front raise alternating with 1 arm iso hold 5# dbs 60 sec

Belinda, nice work with PT and Rumble modified today.

Debbie, Chirs did do jacks and the floor moves. I modified a bit and she does offer up modifications. She can get a lot of energy out of a low impact workout though. I remember doing a low impact walk of hers and it was not the one I had hoped it was that was more fun. On the youtube, Chris sent out a message that youtube had changed their format so she posted something to help understand how to use it to find workouts. I have several I go back to that I keep in my watch later so I do not have to hunt them down.
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I had two great rest days and feel much better, except my youngest son is now sick! I am taking all of my vitamins, especially Olive Leaf and Elderberry so I hope I will not catch whatever he has. He did go snowboarding to Big Bear 2 times in the last couple of days so maybe he has altitude sickness with dehydration. I went to the Chiro yesterday and had the best overall adjustment, remember, no force adjusting. I had so many things out, especially my upper ribs. Now that I have been adjusted, the lump on my chest is almost gone. Maybe a rib was causing the problem? Also, I have not picked up a weight in two days either, that could be it too. Today and tomorrow, I will only be walking because my Chiro does not want me lifting anything for a few days. I might take off from lifting through Thanksgiving and then start after the holiday to give that SCI joint a rest. Today's workout was an uphill 5.0 incline TM walk, 60 minutes, traveled 3.3 miles and burned 571 calories. It felt good to get the blood moving in my body and I know I will sleep better.

Great job on the workouts the last few days everyone! It is supposed to be 75 degrees on Thanksgiving here at the beach, I am excited about those temps so I can take some beach walks if my schedule permits.

Have a wonderful day.
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Hi everyone,

I had PT yesterday. I also did STS D6 Legs.

Today I did CDornerFitness
. She showed modifications throughout. The music was very good.

Debbie - thanks for reminding me of CDorner LLC. I just googled CDornerFitness low impact cardio. An entire playlist popped up. Her music is amazing.

Julie - hope your son feels better soon. It's in the 30's here. Enjoy the warm weather.

Diane - great job with your weight workout. Chris does like to chat a lot during her workouts. The are free, can't complain too much. Wished Cathe would use some of Chris music during her workouts.

Roselyn - great job on Body beast shoulders.

That's it for me today. Have a wonderful day, workout and weekend, everyone.

I took a rest day today. I feel under the weather, my nose is stuffed. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow.

Have a great Sunday.
This morning I did RAW Box & Pump 2 and had a good workout. I really love this workout, it's my go to for boxing/upper body. Wish she'd do another one of these because I'm getting sort of tired of it. But still love it.

Boxing Drill
Squat Rows
: 15's - 16 reps
Run Rows: 8's - lots of reps

Boxing Drill - 1# hand weights
Overhead Press: 12's - 16 reps
Connected Front/Side Raise: 8's

Boxing Drill - 1# hand weights
Overhead Triceps Extension: 15#
Run Kickbacks: 5's

Boxing Drill - 1# hand weights
Chest Flies: 15's - 16 slow reps
Run Press: 8's - lots of reps
Ab work: 5's
Hammer Curls: 15's - 16 reps
Run Curls: 8's - lots of reps

Workout was 40 minutes, burned 363 calories, did 3194 steps and HR was 141/175.

Have a great day everyone!!
Saturday, I did CDorner Advanced Step Class #254, 59 minutes, heart rate 133/160, 317 calories, 4,676 steps. and CDorner 20-minute stretch and mobility, 23 minutes, 63 calories, heart rate 96/110, 45 steps. Total time was 82 minutes, 380 calories, 4, 721 steps.
Yesterday was a rest day and our Thanksgiving get together. Today I did CDorner Total Body first part which is the lower body, when she started 30# dumbbell bench press I decided to go do her Step and Strength. Total Body Lower portion was 31 minutes, heart rate 94/18, 82 calories. I was a bit worried about the method of attaching a weight to the foot so improvised.
Step and Strength was 45 minutes, heart rate 110/143, 168 calories. I finished with CDorner Back 20 minute lower back stretch,, 25 minutes, 52 calories. Total time today was 1 hr 41 minutes, 302 calories, 3,154 steps.

Total Body (warm up and lower)
heavy fabric loop band with 12# dumbbell forward and back walks in squat position 10
chair (I used high step) 1 leg sit and stand wearing loop band and holding 12# dumbbells10 each leg
glute bridge with feet on chair or step 20# dumbbell 10
seated leg extensions (Chris does this with a dumbbell and rubber loop band that is wrapped with the band and over toe of foot) I used two 5# ankle weights one wrapped around ankle and one foot
leg extensions lying on floor with db between feet. I used ankle weights and put a 5# between feet
repeat all moves

Step and Weights
5 min cardio alternated with 5 minutes of weights
lunge/curl/press 10# dumbbell 10 right then 10 left
1 leg balance on step or floor leg extended back dumbbell row 10 right and then 10 left
repeat the weight moves above again (I changed the rows to 15# tow times
not much time left so only one round of moves
pushups 10 reps
holding 2 dumbbells front side to side squats 12# dbs 10 reps
plank with a knee cross 10 reps
triceps kickback or dip option 10# dbs 10 reps

Jolie, I hope you do not get sick too. I try to up my supplements that help the immunity this time of year. I am glad that you are doing better. I think that a break from weights till after Thanksgiving sounds like a good idea. It is chilly here. We have our fireplace on.

Belinda, nice work with STS legs, PT and CDorner Low Impact Cardio. That one is a fun one. Chris does have good music in her work outs, and I like that she shows modification suggestions. The chatting usually does not bother me too much. Sometimes when she has guests with her I find it more distracting unless it is someone that does the workout without lots of chit chat. Her workouts are usually fun. I did not care so much for Saturday's step though. Her guest bugs me and too much interaction chat. I had a hard time focusing on the advanced step moves.
Nice work on Day 7 chest, shoulders and back today. I hope that you are feeling better.

Debbie, I love the Box and Pump workouts, but I keep having neck and shoulder issues again and so have kind of cut back on boxing workouts to see if it gets better. Nice work!

Roselyn, nice work with Beast Legs today and Iron Day 2 Upper.
This morning I did RAW Burnout: Upper Body. I had a great workout and really like this workout. I changed the triceps and chest work a bit. I don't care for the exercises she does. This was tough, I really concentrated on all the moves and my form. What a difference that makes.

45 seconds on/15 seconds off

Superset #1
Supination Curls
: 15's
Half Curls: 12's
3 sets alternating each exercise

Superset #2
One Arm Rows:
25# (did 2 sets)
Added: Shrugs: 15's (did 2 sets)
3 sets

Superset #3
Seated Overhead Press
: 12's
Seated Lateral Raise: 10's
3 sets

Superset #4
Close Grip
Bench Press: 20's (I did regular bench press)
Pullovers: (I did Flies) - 15's
3 sets

Superset #5
Skull Crushers
: 10's
Dips: (I did Close Grip Presses - 15's)
3 sets

I also did the first circuit of RAW Abs Circuit. Love this one, she does 8 moves 3 times through. I only had time to do one cycle of it. Great ab workout.

Total workout was 54 minutes, burned 435 calories, did 755 steps and HR was 13/172.

My knee is still bothering me. I'm sure I'll have to get an MRI. The fluid is almost gone but not 100% but the inside of my left knee hurts when you press it. I hope it's not the meniscus.

Diane - The Box & Pump workouts are my favorite. I think I'm going to do one of the total body ones and where she does legs I'm going to insert a different exercise, maybe an ab exercise. I want to do them but I can't do leg exercises yet. Good job with all your workouts! You are really getting some good ones in.

Belinda & Roselyn - Nice workouts!!

Hope everyone is doing good, I'm doing my best not to catch anything. Seems a lot of people are sick here.

Have a great day everyone!!
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I was under the weather the last two days, so I took it easy and feel much better today. However, my son has been very sick with the flu for the past four days but is up and out of bed today and is doing much better. Hopefully, I just got a head cold, but I did have a temperature two days ago, but it did not last long. Since we have been sick here at our house, my parents are not coming for Thanksgiving, they cannot afford to get this sickness at their age. We will be going out to an early dinner with my husband's brother that is flying in from New York. I sure hope he doesn't bring any bug from the plane! He will be staying at a hotel so that makes me feel better. It is supposed to be 78 degrees on Thanksgiving, so we all plan to go for a long beach walk before we eat.

Today's workout was an uphill walk on the TM, 40 minutes, traveled 2.2 miles and burned 358 calories. Next, I just did a total body workout, nothing big because I want to see how I feel tomorrow before hitting it hard again. Total workout time was 1 hour 5 minutes and I burned 505 calories.

Chest Press- 15's x 20
Chest Flys- 10's x 20
Wide Grip Cable Pull Downs- 50# x 20
Narrow Grip palms facing inward pull downs- 50# x 20
Seated Overhead Press- 12's x 20
Lateral Raise- 5's x 50
Bicep Curls- 12's x 20
Hammer Curls- 12's x 20
Lying Triceps Ext.- 10's x 20
Lying Cross Body Ext.- 10# x 2
Leg Ext.- 50# x 20
ABS- 2 exercises to failure

Great job on the workouts the past few days everyone! I hope everyone stays healthy for the holiday, there is a bad flu going around. Make it a great day.
Today I did CDorner Super Fun Cardio, 40 minutes, heart rate 136/172, 228 calories, 4,087 steps. I then did Coffe Fit Raw Ab Circuits 17 minutes( I accidentally stopped the workout so had to restart so added the two segments together) 45 calories, heart rate 90/110. I finished with CDorner Mobility from today , 29 minutes, 43 calories, heart rate 76/92. Total time today was 86 minutes, 316 calories, 4,319 steps. All of the planks and the mobility moves today were rough on my toes. One joint is inflamed and the toe I bruised hurt. I kept having to adjust my feet or take breaks. I don't know why I am having issues in that area.

Raw Ab Circuits
Low plank
dead bug with 2# dumbbells
frog leg crunch
plank walk
kneeling lean back arms extended
repeat two more times

Debbie, nice work today. I am getting stronger with the shoulder and was able to do the plank work on Ab Circuits today without a problem. I am a bit worried about the rib cage pain coming back though. I really forgot about it till well into the workout. Really paying attention to form does make a difference.
I was reading some stuff last night on opening the space in the spine up and wonder about some twists and turns in workouts. The suggestion is to make sure the legs turn first rather than just twisting. They say to strengthen the abs to support the spine. I watched a video from the Arthritis Foundation workout that had you doing abs sitting in a chair. It looks like we both chose the same ab workout. I think the other time I did that one, I did two rounds and subbed a lot because of the shoulder. I like it and it went by quick since it is not long.

Roselyn, nice workout.

Jolie, great job on the workout today. I hope you are okay after doing it. I am sorry that you have sickness in your house. My husband is home today from work and not feeling well. I messed up and picked up his bottle of water and drank out of it. Hoping I don't catch whatever it is. I took some extra stuff and had two cups of my immune coffee blend this morning. I am hoping it is something that goes away quickly. The beach walk sounds nice with the warm temperatures.

I had PT this morning. I will have PT tomorrow. I did a short SBF workout.

Good job everyone.

Good night.
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This morning I did RAW Heavy Bag/Shadow Boxing with Kelly and her son, Zach. Love this workout. Used my 2# dumbbells (I'm hoping to get Egg Weights for Christmas) and have a great workout. I like this one because it includes a short ab section as well.

Workout was 40 minutes, burned 344 calories, did 2170 steps and HR was 136/179.

I have actually been muscle sore from my lifting, I haven't felt that kind of good sorness in ages. Love it!!

Jolie - Sorry you are under the weather, I was hoping with all the supplements you take that you wouldn't get it. Sometimes I wonder if taking all these supplements is even worth the money. Hope you are feeling better now. Good job on your workout yesterday, you did well for not feeling good.

Diane - I love Ab Circuits. I can't do the kneeling lean back thing due to my knee so I did Russian Twists with an 8# med ball and for the walking planks I just held the plank. That hurts my knee too. But that is really a great ab workout. I want to do it all the way through next week or maybe Friday since I'm off from work. Interesting on the twist and turns, but I agree, you can really hurt yourself turning wrong. We just need to be careful, I stop anything that doesn't feel right anymore, it's not worth it. Great job with your workouts!!

Belinda - Great job on your workout!! Hope you are feeling ok and not having any issues.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if I will be working out tomorrow or not. I may at least get on my treadmill and walk a mile or so. Have a wonderfuly day with your families! This is the first big holiday without my brother in law. It will be sad I think. :(
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