Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for November 2022

Wow oh Wow, is it raining hard today!!!! We typically do not get rain like this, we are getting flash flood warnings on our phones, we live in the hills above the beach and the water is like a river going down the street. I went to the other Chiro yesterday and he seemed to make some headway on my collar bone issue. He did crack it a little and it actually felt amazing, I was so scared it would hurt but it really did not. I put anti-inflammatory cream on it last night and the swelling has really gone down a lot. I am going to rest it for the next few days along with resting my upper body and see what happens. The adjustment had to of done something because I slept so much better and on my side! Sometime two eyes on something are better than one. Today I got up early again and got in a great workout after I took my dog for a walk in this weather. We were so soaked by the time we got back and my umbrella broke in the wind. My workout started with a 75 minute walk uphill and traveled 4.2 miles. Next, I did two leg exercises, Leg ext. and stiff leg deadlifts. Total workout time was 88 minutes and I burned 721 calories. I had to do a big workout today because I have a plumber coming first thing in the morning tomorrow so that will be my rest day.

Leg Ext.- 40# x 22, x 18, x 16, x 12 reps

Stiff leg deadlifts BB- 30# x 12, x 12, x 12, x 12

Debbie, great job with the workout and voting before work today! I sure hope the Republicans take the House and Senate back so we can get rid of all this crime, boarder security and Big Government. I hope your knee is doing better today.

Doreen, thanks for the info on the app for my TM and or Rowing machine. Nice job on the workout.

Belinda, I hope you get some relief at PT today. I feel like I feel apart too, but I feel hopeful that I am on the mend.

Diane Sue, great job on the workout yesterday and enjoy your rest day. Turkey chili on the menu at our house today, I like to use 99% fat free turkey in it.

Roselyn, great job with the Beast workouts.

Make it a great day!
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I had 3 PT appointments, one was an assesment for my neck/shoulder/biceps. The first PT appointment was for my knees. She took measurements on my knees. My left knee is very swollen, the right knee is swollen but isn't as bad. She wants me to do some exercises to keep the blood flow going. Nothing to crazy. I will call tomorrow to set up an appointment with the orthopedics for my knees. When I saw the physical therapist for my assessment for my shoulder/neck/biceps he wants me to see the orthopedics for my shoulder/bic/neck to find out what's causing it. I probably need another MRI. He also wants me to go to PT twice a week. My range of motion is very limit again. I am going to see if I can see the orthopedics for my knees and UB at the same time. Starting next week I have PT on Tuesday for my knees and biceps and Fridays for my neck. I did ask the physical therapist if I could lift weights, he said as long as I am not hurting myself I am fine. I do modify a lot of some exercise with STS.

I did STS D2 today.

Julie - I hope I will be on the meds soon. Glad your Chiro is helping.

Diane - maybe Cathe will sell individual dvd's after the pre-sale? Who knows? I am still on the fence about the set. The price is good.

Great job everyone.
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This morning I did RAW Box & Pump 2 and had a good workout. This is my go to workout when I want to do cardio and upper body. I did boxing yesterday, though, so I was a little hesitant on doing it. But I did it anyways and didn't use handweights for the boxing parts.

Boxing Drill
Squat Rows
: 15's - 16 reps
Run Rows: 8's - lots of reps

Boxing Drill
Overhead Press
: 12's - 16 reps
Connected Front/Side Raise: 8's

Boxing Drill (I did this)
Overhead Triceps Extension
: 15#
Run Kickbacks: 5's

Boxing Drill
Chest Flies
: 15's - 16 slow reps
Run Press: 8's - lots of reps
Ab work: 5's
Hammer Curls: 15's - 16 reps
Run Curls: 8's - lots of reps

Workout was 41 minutes, burned 364 calories, did 3339 steps and HR was 139/173. Love this workout.

Again, I don't have time for personals. I'm sorry, work is crazy busy right now. Have a great day everyone!!
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Yesterday was a rest day. I had a nice time with my ladies group.
Today I got up early and did CDorner Cardio Barre and Boxing, 48 minutes, heart rate 121/156, 219 calories, 4,275 steps. I had to get done so I could go pick up my new glasses. They are doing road work and I wanted to get there when it was low traffic in the area. So, it is only noon, and I am done :) Tomorrow it won't be so quick as I have an appointment that will probably use up at least two hours in the morning, so probably no workout again. I am a bit annoyed as I had typed out responses and somehow, I pushed a button and the computer started reading me my responses and when I tried to make it stop it erased it. Control Z wouldn't give it back either.

Debbie, nice work with Boxsit yesterday and Box and Pump #2 today.

Jolie, nice work on the walk yesterday and strength work that you got in. The Turkey chili sounds yummy. I like recipes with ground white meat turkey but am not a fan of turkey by itself for some reason. I would rather eat chicken. I hope you are on the road to recovery now. Rest will probably do you some good, I am going to eat some more taco soup tonight. Yesterday I made cassava taco's with some non dairy Primal Kitchen queso and a big salad on the side.

Belinda, I hope the PT exercises help you. That pulley looks good. I could have used one during PT. I sat on the floor which was uncomfortable and put either my yoga strap or heavy Boss Band over the top of the Fit Tower to get the range of motion. It was right height with me sitting on the floor to extend my arm up for the mobility. The Bowflex would be prefect for that.
Why aren't all the votes in AZ counted yet? Geez. Same with Georgia and Nevada. This should not be happening. I swear Ohio has the best voting system in America. We never have issues here.

This morning I did RAW Upper Body Blast and had a great workout. This one flyes by, it's only 30 minutes but I took longer breaks because Kelly goes from one exercise to another and I just need time to regroup between exercises. She does one exercise for 4 sets, 30 seconds on 10 off and then moves to the next exercise. It's tough by the time you get to the 3rd and 4th sets.

A couple of exercises used a barbell.

4 sets - 30 seconds on/10 seconds off

Barbell Bench Press: 25#
Shoulder Press: 10's
Dumbbell Flies: 12's
Lateral Raise: 8's
Skate & Curl: 8's
Squat/Hammer Curl/Jump: 8's (I only did bicep work, no jumping)
Barbell Row: 25#
Dips: I did seaded Overhead Extensions: 12#
Seated Reverse Flies: 12's
Skull Crushers: 8's

Workout was 45 minutes, burned 384 calories and HR was 135/167.

Belinda - That band thing looks cool, I might get one. I might ask for it for Christmas. Sorry you have to go to so many PT appointments. At least they can try and keep them on the same day for you. Hope you feel better soon.

Diane - Good workout yesterday! You are doing a lot of CDorner lately. I should go back to her, I just get tired of her chatting and laughing so much. I wish she'd just do the workout and stop all that interaction with people, it's so annoying. Hope your appointment goes well.

Roselyn - Nice job with Beast arms!

Jolie - Glad you guys are getting rain, we need some as well. We actually had two forest fires here in Ohio yesterday which NEVER happens. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow. Great job with your workout as well.

Doreen - Great job with your workouts lately. Hope you can workout while you are at your conference.

Cam - Where are you girl?

Have a great workout everyobe!!
Good morning,

STS D3 Legs is done. I also did my PT exercises.

Debbie - I started using those bands at PT. I find them better than using a cane/long stick. Great job this morning.

Diane - the therapist had me use those pulley. I find them better than anything else I used in the past. I probably end up getting them so I can do them upstairs instead of in my basement. Glad you had fun at the ladies group.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.
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Today I had a great workout, lots of energy and I am feeling good. Today I walked uphill on the TM, traveled 3.4 miles and burned 512 calories. Next, I did Cathe's AB Circuits Medicine Ball segment and did pretty good, but wow are my ABS weak again from laying off them for the last several weeks. I have to make a point of doing them a few times per week. Afterwards I finished with a nice stretch, boy are my hamstrings tight!!! Total workout was 1 hour 15 minutes and I burned 572 calories. Tomorrow I am going to start lifting again, a higher rep, lower weight workout and hopefully all goes well with this shoulder. Every Chiro is telling me not to rest it, but to move it as much as possible and to ice it when finished so that is what I will try. It is very cool here now, my gym is like freezer in the mornings. I bought a big heater for it and warm it up prior to working out and it feels a lot better.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. I like those types of workouts, they are short and to the point! I think we got close to 2 inches of rain or more, the plants are loving it! The elections are now a shit show!!! My son said that in Nevada it was barely snowing and the Governer closed the voting several hours early because she said it was unsafe to drive. The roads had NO snow on them, and she was starting to lose so she closed the polls. How is that ethical?

Belinda, great job with STS.

Diane Sue, I am making Chicken Divan, an oldie but a goodie today for dinner. I use low calorie and low fat ingredients and it is really good. Anything I can make to up my protein is going to be made but it has to be low calorie, not fattening. Good job with the workouts. Oh, I am also drinking two whey protein drinks per day and eating deviled eggs throughout the day for snacks.

Roselyn, way to go with Beast Arms!

Make it a great day.
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This morning I felt like I didn't sleep at all even though I never woke up once last night. I don't get it. I didn't feel like working out at all so I just walked on my treadmill. I'm getting a bit down about this knee, I'm finished with the steroids and although the fluid feels less, it's not gone. It pops a lot, too. I know I have to give it 4 weeks before I see the stupid doctor again, but I'm just so sick of it. I miss doing my Bowflex Max Trainer, I miss doing leg workouts. I guess I should have had it looked at by an ortho way before now.

Anyways, sorry about the complaining. I'm trying to keep a good vibe going. So I walked on my treadmill and for 40 minutes, burned 381 calories, went 1.75 miles, did 4481 steps and HR was 142/178. I don't think my HR was that high, but whatever. I'm reading a really good book and the time flew. If anyone is interested, its called "The Last House on the Street" by Diane Chamberlain. She is my favorite author. This is sort of a mystery type book, not quite a psycholigical thriller but close. Love her stuff.

Belinda - I may get those, I think they could help me as well. Great job with you leg workout. How on earth do you do leg workouts with your knee being swollen? You are a true warrior!!

Jolie - My PT told me that too, she said when it comes to shoulders and knees, you should NOT stop working them. If you do, they freeze up. How is the lump on your chest? Hopefully it's almost gone. Nice job with your workout! These elections are ridiculous. It never used to be this way, what the hell has changed?

Roselyn - Nice job on your back work!

Hope you all have a great weekend! So glad it's Friday!
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Today I lifted upper body for the first time in a while and did pretty good with the workout except I cannot do Back Flys. This causes pain at the collar bond so I just did lateral raises instead and had no problem. I finally think I have figured out the issue, there is a muscle that runs on the side of the neck that is connected to the collar bone where my lump is. This pulls the collar bone and all the way up the neck to the back of the head. I found a Youtube video on how to work the muscle to try to get it to release. I use my Theragun on it and it feels so good. Also, I just think the collar bone is jammed, it doesn't seem to rotate as well as the other side, but it could be the inflammation causing it to be restricted. I will not give up, I will persevere!!!! Other than that, I killed it but used lite weights just to start out again. I did Cathe Live All In Upper Body, I bought it a few years ago, it is one of my favorite upper body workouts. This is high reps' low weights, so it was perfect for today's workout. Workout was 1 hour and I burned 411 calories.

Overhead Press- 12's
Bicep Curls- 12's
1 Arm Overhead Press- 12#
Bicep Curls- 12's
Upright Rows- 12's
W Curls- 10's
Front Raise- 12#
Hammer Curls- 12's
Lateral Raises- 5's
Sweeper Curls- 15's
No Dips, Triceps Cable Pull Downs- 30#
Chest Press- 15's
Triceps Overhead Ext.- 10's
Close Grip Chest Press no pushups- 15's
Chest Press to Close Grip- 12's
Kickbacks- 8's
Chest Flys- 10's these can be a problem so I just lifted super lite
Triceps Lying Ext.- 12's
Pullovers using Cable machine- 30#
No Rear Delt Flys, Lateral Raise- 5's
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50#
1 Arm Rows- 15#
Straight Arm Press Backs- 5's
Narrow Grip Pull Downs- 50#
1 Arm Horz. Rows- 15#
Narrow Grip Palms Facing Inward Pull Downs- 50#
1 Arm Back Flys NO! Upright Rows- 12's
Cable Pullovers- 30#
Squats with 8# KB's x 50

Not bad right! Anyway, I will see what happens after this workout, I doubt it will be any worse.

Debbie, I get how you are feeling with the knee issue. What does your PT person say about the issue? Maybe you should get your knee looked at by someone else? Hang in there and never worry about venting, that is what we are here for, we are your friends!!! Good job on the TM walk, steps are still very important for use and that gets the blood circulating to help with the healing process.

Roselyn, great job on the Beast workout yesterday.

TGIF! Make it a great day and an even better weekend. I will be working out at least one of the days if not both.
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Yesterday was my husbands birthday. We went out for dinner.

Today I did Flexibility workout from YT. Need to do them regular.

Debbie - sorry about your knees. I am wondering why your doctor didn't give you injections instead? What was your does of steroids? Maybe it was too low? Sorry you having so much problems. If you have problems with your range of motion, the pulley will help. I use it PT. My physical therapist is showing me modifications instead of doing full squats a.s.o. You still need to strengthen your knees what's what they are telling me. I modify the heck out of these workouts. I hope you get some release soon.

Jolie - good job!

I will be back tomorrow.
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I'm back. I did get a chance to take a nice walk on the river trail in Austin. It was hot (80's). Then we did tours of apartment properties and I did a lot of walking in dress shoes. So. Many. Blisters! I am going to find some comfortable dresss shoes if it is the last thing I do!!

This morning I did a 50 minute ride - one ride through Grand Teton NP and one through Pinnacle NP.
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Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Shoulder Limitations workout(arms, legs, scapular). This was 36 minutes, heart rate 97/120, 104 calories. I then did CDorner 30 minute Hiit Step workout, 31 minutes, heart rate 128/155, 159 calories. I liked this one and the music was rock. I did the modifiers for most of the plank work. I finished with Raw Athletic Stretch #@, 30 minutes, 57 calories, heart rate 84/102. Total time was 97 minutes, 320 calories, 2018 steps. I wanted to get in weights, but careful because neck and traps are hurting the last two days. I have missed out on my stretching and mobility with having to run out the door a lot and interruptions. I had a good night sleep last night. My ultrasound went well and no changes. They told me they would see me in 6 months when I come back for my mammogram.
I was heaving anxiety over this. When I was driving to the appointment, I saw the most beautiful rainbow in the sky, and it reminded me of God's promises.

Coffey Fit Raw Shoulder/Neck Limitations 35:47 minutes
2 pair dumbbells Kelly uses 12's and 15's Workout targets arms with restricted form, and lower body along with some upper back.
6 moves done for 45 seconds repeated as 3 rounds
squats 15's holding dumbbells down to sides option use 1 dumbbell and do goblet squats
biceps curls 1 arm anchored by the other arm so no shoulder movement 12 # dumbbell
reverse lunge alternating 15# dumbbells
triceps kickbacks 1 arm anchored by the other arm 12# dumbbell
no weight 1 leg balance knee up and circle Kelly uses a bar for balance
anchored scapular squeeze leg kickback alternating sides 12# dumbbells
repeat 2 more times

Debbie, I swear they need to go back to the paper ballots and how they did it when votes were counted, and we knew the day after voting. It is ridiculous. If people care about who is making decisions for their country, they will go to the polling places and vote. There was problems in those areas last time and you would have thought they would be ready for it. It really irritates me. It just leads to more distrust in our voting system. I am sorry about the knee. When I had the torn miniscus surgery my knee was still hurting and swollen2 months out and they gave me a steroid injection and it did not do a lot for it. It just took a long time to heal. He had said it would feel so good I would be able to do anything and that was not true. Offered another one, but I did not think doing that would be good as it would disguise a problem and I might do too much. Hopefully you can get the mri and know what you are dealing with. I miss the treadmill and reading books while walking on it. I just do not like reading on the tread climber and it is not convenient for me when I work out since my husband is sleeping and it is in the bedroom. I still have a Janet Evanovich book that has been sitting in my workout room for years. My reading lately has been more on American History. I do like mystery books, but not so much graphic murder stories and that sort of thing. Wish I could read and use the spin bike.
I agree, you have to keep moving the joint.

Jolie, I think being ethical is not the thing in government. That is ridiculous, snow and closing polls early is not right. Great workout today. I love chicken divan. I have not made it in a long time though. I try to make sure I get collagen in the morning along with a little protein, lunch is usually a protein bar and/or tuna, and evening will be a meal with protein and vegetables involved, bedtime is a protein shake most of the time or something else with the protein powder in it. I got a pack of Vital Proteins & Jennifer Aniston collagen and protein bars. This is my second box. They are kind of expensive, but convenient and not a bunch of unhealthy junk in them. I hope you can work out the collar bone issue. I do hate trying to work around painful areas. My shoulder surgeon showed me exercises to do when I left the hospital. They wanted me to move that arm often. It is hard getting rid of inflammation which I think is the culprit of a lot of things that go wrong. When you look at all of the tendons and muscles that run across shoulders, back and chest to the neck it is easy to see how inflamed areas can cause so much pain.

Belinda, those pulleys worked well for me getting my arm up over my head. Nice work yesterday on STS day 3 legs and PT exercises. I am sure you had a nice time with your husband for his birthday.

Roselyn, nice work on Body Beast back and shoulders.

Doreen, welcome back. That is nice that you were able to get a walk on the river trail. Ouch on the dress shoes and all of that walking. I would think it would be hard to find comfortable walking shoes that are dress shoes. I have some flat Dansko that I wear a lot, but not as good as athletic shoes.
This morning I did John Peel's Level up series - day 2. Pretty good circuits but he just takes too much time explaining all the moves before starting the circuit. I made sure I went heavy. Then I did a Colorado mountaineering series where the guy is climbing one of the 14ers in winter!! It looks so cold. I had the incline on my TM cranked to 15!

We're leaving Friday for a week in WI. I was thinking of taking my bike but it looks like highs will only be in the 30's and I'm not sure I want to try to bike in that! Its so hard to stay active at my in-laws over T-Giving with the cold.
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I walked this morning and did my PT exercises.

Diane - those pulleys do help getting your arm up over your head. I should used it last year. Great job.

Great job everyone on your workouts.
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Today I did Some of CDorner Step that she did this morning and switched to I Max 4 skipping the warm up, this was 53 minutes, heart rate 117/159, 234 calories, 3,934 steps. Chris was doing moves that hurts my ankles and knees with the twists and turns so quick. I also did CDorner Back Stretch, 17 minutes, 32 calories, heart rate 81/101. Total time was 71 minutes, 267 calories.
Yesterday was rest day #2 for the week and I needed it after my workout on Friday. Today I woke up feeling amazing, I slept well and that makes all the difference in the world for my workout. I started with an uphill walk on the TM, 60 minutes, traveled 3.4 miles and burned 521 calories. Next, I did some leg exercises and it felt good to hit the legs again. Total workout time was 1 hour 17 minutes and I burned 621 calories. Walking was so fun this morning, Tampa Bay Bucs were playing in Germany early this morning so watching the game made the time go by really fast. Yes, they won, go Tom Brady!!!

Leg Ext.-
40# x 22, x 20, x 18, x 16, x 14 (I need to go up in weight next time, this weight is too easy now)

Stiff Leg Deadlifts-
30# BB x 12, x 12, x 12, x 12

Great job on the workouts over the weekend everyone! Today I am getting out all of my Christmas decorations and will start to get organized and ready to go. I have my trees up and fluffed but now I have to decide the color schemes for this year.

Make it a lovely day!
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