Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for November 2022



It was too cold outside to walk. I did some flexibility and my PT exercises. That's all.

Diane - great job on your step and stretch workout.

Jolie - nice walk on the TM today.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.
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Good morning,

STS D4 CSB is done. I will go for a walk this afternoon. Watching DD's dog Cooper. He has lots of energy.

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Today I did Kelly's RAW Ascending Pyramid Upper Body. I had a really good workout. This is one of Kelly's longer lifting workouts but I was ready to workout at 5:20 o I had enough time. She does this one with Sammie and they take turns doing each exercise. I sometimes went a little faster than waiting a long time to do the next set. Still took me over an hour to do.

All reps were 16/12/10/8

Chest Press: 12's/15's/20's/25's
Chest Flies: 10's/12's/15's/20's
I added Pushups: 10/8 reps

Upright Rows: 8's/10's/12's/15's
Lateral Raise: 5's/8's/10's/12's

Seated Overhead Extensions: 10#/12#/15#/20#
Skull Crushers: 5's/8's/10's/12's

Seated Rows: 10's/12's/15's/20's
One Arm Row: 10#/12#/15#/20# (did Pullovers)

Biceps Curl: 8's/10's/12's/15's
Double Arm Pledges: 8's/10's/12's/15's

Workout was 60 minutes, burned 475 calories!!! HR was 128/155. It's so cold here I didn't even break a sweat.

No time for personals, great workouts this weekend!! Have a great day!!
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Jolie Fit

Today I am starting something new, I will be doing Caroline Girvan workouts along with walking uphill on the TM. I will walk and do one body part per day or two depending on what I can find for her workouts. Today's workout is as follows. I started with an uphill walk on the TM, 40 minutes and traveled 2.2 miles and burned 432 calories. Next, I did Caroline's Shoulder workout 16 minutes 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. I repeat each exercise 3 times before moving onto the next exercise. Total workout time was 1 hour 7 minutes and I burned 539 calories.

Alternating Shoulder Press- 12's

Clean and Press- 10's

Alternating 90-degree lateral raise- 10's

Front Raise- 12#

Rear Flys- 8's

Burn out- 60 seconds each exercise

Seated Overhead Press- 10's

Alternating Overhead Press- 10's

Upright Rows- 10's

Great workout and my collar bone did not hurt at all while lifting. The Aleve cream is working wonders on the inflammation, I wish I would have tried this months ago. The lump is still there, and it hurts to lay on my side on the shoulder, but I have come a very long way since this issue started.

Debbie, great job on the lifting workout today and wow on the calorie burn!!! This workout looks a lot like Cathe's Pyramid Upper Body workout, I love that type of workout.

I hope you all have great workouts today and happy Monday.
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I did a bike ride yesterday, 75 minutes, 7.8 miles and 1000 ft of elevation gain!

This morning I did a 30 minute total body with KB and bands.


Today I did CDorner Solid Arms and Shoulders, 30 minutes, 77 calories, heart rate 90/113. I then did CDorner Basic Step(128bpm) #252, 32 minutes, heart rate 127/155, 2,974 steps, 168 calories. I finished with CDorner Stretch after Step, 11 minutes 26 calories. Total time was 73 minutes,217 calories, 3,526 steps. I liked the strength work out and it had some rotator work in it. The step workout was pretty basic and no fancy steps. I liked it though and did not have to spend time learning moves. She did this one explaining each move and is doing the same workout later in the week, but as an intermediate workout.
Hit my toe on a piece of furniture Saturday and my middle toe is black and was puffy. Feeling better, but I avoided a workout that had jumping and lots of bending at the toes. Hopefully I can do a lower body tomorrow. Chris did an upper, a lower, and the cardio, each around 30 minutes today.

CDorner Solid Arms and Shoulders each move is done for 45 seconds uses dumbbells and loop bands
I went lighter than Chris on most moves.
overhead press 8# dbs
biceps curl alternating all the way up halfway down 12# dbs
skull crusher 12# dumbbells

loop band
loop around wrists press out medium band
loop over hands and between thumbs robot arms alternating curls medium band
loop triceps press down heavy band

arms at sides bent at waist rotating in and out, works (biceps and rotators) 10# dbs
skull crushers alternating slowly 10# dbs
dront raise pulses 10# dbs
hammer curls alternating 12# dbs
1 arm triceps kickback with a turn up 10# db
lateral raise 8# dbs
side curls 12# dbs
overhead extension 1 1/2 15# db

Belinda, nice work with PT and flexibility yesterday and STS D4 CSB today. It is cold here too and it has been raining all day. Maybe snow tonight as it gets into the 20's. Enjoy the energetic pup.

Debbie, great job on the Ascending Pyramid Upper Body. Great calorie burn on that one. It was really cold here this morning and I started my workout with a jacket on. Chris was wearing a jacket through the warmup on the arm and shoulder workout this morning.

Jolie, great workout plan. I am glad that your collar bone did not bother you during the workout.
Today I did RAW Shadow Boxing 1 and really love the workout, however, the music is horrible. OMG, I didn't notice it last time, but today some of it was really getting on my nerves. I wish she'd do a shadow boxing workout with 80's music. I might email her and request it. I'm also wondering why she hasn't released the leg workout from the 1 body part series (not that I can do legs, but why isn't it out there) and the abs one she told me she was doing. Weird. I don't care, whatever she puts out there is all good to me!!

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 390 calories, did 3625 steps and HR was 143/177.

Jolie - Have fun with Caroline's workouts. I wonder if she's doing a new series yet? I haven't checked and Belinda hasn't said anything. I wonder what's going on with her? Weird that she's not releasing workouts.

Diane - Ouch on the toe! I hate when that happens. Great job with your workouts, though, you kicked butt yesterday!! It's cold everywhere right now it seems. I'm not looking forward to winter.

Belinda - Good job with STS. Are you ordering the new one? I don't think I will, I was thinking about it but now I don't really want to.

Cam - Where are you? I hope nothing major happened to your mom again. Check in and let us know.

Roxie - You too, where are you? Hope you are doing well.

Getting ready for Academic Challenge tomorrow. I have to go setup the venue this afternoon. :) Have a great day everyone!!
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I had PT for my knees and neck today. It's raining/snowing outside. No walk. It's too cold. I need up doing a indoor walk.

Debbie - your weight workout looks amazing. Great job! I know I will regret it if I don't get STS 2 for the presale price. Do I need the set? No!!! I also love Caroline G. workouts. I am still on the fence. Some of the moves I see from the pictures look like they would be too much for my knees. Music is very important in a workout. I like Chris C. and Caroline music in their workout.

Diane - fantastic job on your CDorner Solid Arms and Shoulders and Basic step/stretch. The rain isn't helping with DD's dog.

Jolie - great job on Caroline's workout. Which program are you doing?

Great job, ladies.

Good night.
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Today I did CDorner 30 minute at home booty workout, 36 minutes, 107 calories, 101/134 heart rate, 610 steps. I then did CDorner Cardio Barre at Home 30 minutes, heart rate 111/142 heart rate using 2# dumbbells, 159 calories, 2,573 steps. Total time 76 minutes, 266 calories, 3,400 steps. The Barre workout was ballet type movement alternated with barre moves using light dumbbells for upper body moves and doing some balance work.

30 Minute at home Booty Workout
walking lunge 15# dbs 1 minute (option if not enough space squats) I walked up the hall and back
single leg deadlift 20# dbs 1 minute right, 1 min left
repeat 2 more times
Heavy Fabric Loop Band 45 sec each
squat pulses
squat/tap out right/stand 45 sec. repeat on left
on hands and knees leg raise /donkey kick repeat other side
bridge with band on and 20# db
bridge knees press out and in (band abduction)
band on glute bridge pulses

Debbie, nice work with Shadow Boxing 1. Music can sure make a workout more fun. I check before I work out to see if Kelly has put up the legs. I wonder if she intended to do legs? I suppose it takes some work hunting down the perfect music for each work out. I love it when when pulls out some 80's music. I am thinking maybe some of these instructors get their own injuries or need some recovery time themselves. I notice even after Chris vacation that she took, she is putting up some of her older recorded workouts. I gather she had some low back issues for a while and after a couple of weeks had it checked out. This is when she did the back stretch workout. She was pointing someone to that stretch on another work out. Said she did it several times a day.

Roselyn, nice work with Body Beast Arms

Belinda, I hope you get in your indoor walk. I hope the PT is helping your neck and knees. Hopefully the rain lets up. Having an active pup cooped up inside is difficult.

Doreen, good job getting in the New Zealand bike ride.


Good morning,

STS D5 Back & Triceps is done. I will do my PT exercises soon.

Diane - great job yesterday. Today looks like a nice day for a walk today. Are you getting Cathe's new workouts?

Doreen - nice job yesterday.

Roselyn - great job with BB yesterday. I am wondering what Caroline is coming up next?

Debbie and Jolie - have a great workout today.

Happy Hump Day.
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Jolie Fit

Yesterday was a rest day. Today I did a 50 minute uphill walk on the TM, traveled 2.75 miles and burned 424 calories. Next, I did Caroline's Bicep Blow up,17 minutes long, 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off. I loved the workout, it went by fast, and you do not need to lift heavy to feel this workout. Total calories burned was 557. I am not doing a rotation per say with Caroline, I am just going to hit every body part per week, and I am picking random workouts. I want to walk each day and still lift one to two body parts per day. I will be doing my own leg workouts, my knees and low back cannot handle a whole workout targeting all the muscles of the legs.

Bicep Curls- 12's
Bicep Curls 21's- 10's
Full Range Bicep Curls- 12's
W Curls to Regular Curls- 10's
Wide Curls with a hold- 10's
Alt. Cross Body Curls- 12's
Alt. Sweeper Curls- 15's
Palms up Curls to Hammer Curls- 12's
Hammer Curl Hold Opposite to Full Range- 12's
21's- 10's
Alt. Hammer Curls- 12's
Curls with a twist- 15's
Cross Body Curls- 12's
Hammer Curls Slow- 12's

I really liked this workout, I will be doing it again, but I will go heavier on some exercises.

Debbie, great job on the workouts the last two days! I too, love 80's music. It is all that I listen too when walking on the TM.

Diane Sue, great workout yesterday! Are you hosting Thanksgiving? I am now, all of our plans changed a couple of days ago and once again I have to do the whole thing. I wish someone in my family would invite me to their house for once!

Belinda, what did the doctors say about your knees? I am randomly picking a Caroling workout each day in no particular order. I have too much on my plate right now to sit down and map out a rotation. However, at the first of the year I will get better at planning my workouts.

Doreen, Burr on the weather! I would find it hard to motivate myself to get going when it is that cold.

Roselyn, I think I will do the Caroline workouts for a while, I love how short in time that they are, even the total body workouts.

Great job on all of the workouts, I hope I do not gain too much weight during the holidays. All of the fudge and cookies!!! Make it a great day.
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This morning I did CDorner 40 minute Step Intermediate 133 bpm, 49 minutes,( I am not sure of the actual time as it was live and I started near the end when she upped the pace and then went back to near the start skipping the warm up) 265 calories, heart rate 131/157, 5050 steps.. I finished with CDorner 30 minute at home stretch full body, 31 minutes, 49 calories, 151 steps. Total time was 80 minutes, 314 calories 5,201 steps. I have delt with my neck and traps all weekend. Today I pulled out the massage gun, but the left side still has the knot and stings. I was hoping it would stay gone as I was doing pretty well with that area.
I had to stop and put groceries in as I did a Walmart delivery trying to get the rest of the things I need for Sunday's family Thanksgiving.

Debbie, I hope that the academic challenge went well today.

Belinda, nice work with STS Day 5 biceps and triceps. I hope PT exercises are helping you. I kind of want Cathe's workouts, but I will wait a bit. I have other things to take care of and will wait till later. Still thinking about it. It is nice and sunny here today. Still kind of cold though.

Doreen, I am glad you got in a row workout.

Jolie, great biceps workout. I like the looks of that one. I am not really good at following a rotation. I just work what I can to avoid over doing it on a problem area. I started having more low back issues since I am trying to build on the hip area. The doctor says I need to. I always do Thanksgiving. The family brings some of the food. Two volunteered for pies, and they will bring side dishes. I have the turkey, potato salad, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs and a lemon pie to do. Oh, and I also make sure there is a salad, and I am doing rolls. This is when my husband gets his favorite lemon pie. The only thing is I prefer a fruit pie and sometimes we end up with all kinds of cream pies and chocolate pies. I am sure someone will bring pumpkin.


We took a walk outside. Here is Sadie in her snow suit ❤️


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Jolie Fit

I have decided to take the next couple of days off from working out, I am feeling run down and a little under the weather. Last night my hips were sore, so I did not sleep well. My Traps are tight and this is causing my collar bone to bother me again. I think I might have to go and have the fascia broken up with a therapist or this will continue to be a problem. Oh well, at least I can get to the bottom of the issue and get back to normal. Of course, insurance will not cover this type of therapy.

Belinda, Sadie looks so cute in her snow suit!

Diane Sue, I make a Razzle berry pie for Thanksgiving, it is my favorite. We are having Turkey Breast, Shrimp Scampi, smoked meat and for the side we are having roasted garlic mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and rolls. My appetizer will be hot crab dip and hummus with veggies. I make some great spiced nuts too with rosemary and cayenne pepper. My mom is making stuffing with wild rice and cranberries. Good job on the workout yesterday.

I hope you all have a good workout today. Keep up the fight!
Today I did Kelly's Muscle Up Workout 1. I had an excellent workout! I like this one, I can go heavier with it since it's only 8 reps.

This is what I did:

Workout 1

Super Set #1
- 20's
Dumbbell Press - 20's
Total of 3 sets/8 reps, no rest

Super Set #2
- 25# - 8 reps per side
Dumbbell Flyes - 17.5's
Total of 3 sets/8 reps, no rest

Super Set #3
- 20#
Push ups - 8 reps (both on toes)
Total of 2 sets/8 reps, no rest

Super Set #4
Alternate Arnold Press
- 12's
Crunches - (I did Hammer Curls): 15's 8 reps
Total of 2 sets/8 reps no rest

Super Set #5
Lateral Raise
- 10's
Boxer Toe Touches - 16 reps
Total of 2 sets/8 reps no rest

Super Set #6
Bent Over Lateral Raise -
Supermans (I did dumbbell curls): - 12's - 8 reps
Total of 2 sets/8 reps, no rest

Workout was 32 minutes, burned 212 calories and HR was 115/153.

I also did RAW Egg Weights Finisher. This was 14 minutes, burned 139 calories, did 1324 steps and HR was149/177. I used 1# hand weights.

I didn't workout yesterday because of the Academic Challenge event I had. It went very well, I think all the kids enjoyed it. There were a total of 121 students who participated. It was fun!

Belinda - That's what worries about me with any Cathe workout - the legs. Even her upper body is sometimes too much for me anymore. Sad to say, I used to love doing her killer workouts. Great job with your workouts. Sadie is so cute!

Diane - I guess your right, I'm sure these trainers on Youtube or anywhere else needs a break. I hope she comes back soon, I like to see what workouts she has out there (talking about Caroline). I might do some of hers again just to break up the monotony. Wow on your 5050 steps yesterday with CDorner's step workout, that is amazing!! I used to get that when I ran on my treadmill for 4 miles. Good job with your other workouts as well!

Jolie - I might check out that Caroline workout you did. She has so many out there, though, it will be hard to find. Nice job!

Roselyn - Nice workout with the trampoline HiiT!!

Have a great day everyone!


I did a cycle bootcamp this morning for about 40 minutes. cycle intervals and then lower body work off the bike.

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