Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for November 2022

Today I did CDorner Thighs Booty and Abs skipping some of the abs, 47 minutes, 113 calories, heart rate 90/129, 698 steps. I then did Raw Box and Pump 7, 27 minutes, 106 calories, heart rate 108/143, 1,370 steps. I finished with Raw Athletic Stretch #2, 28 minutes, heart rate 74/97, 37 calories, 45 steps. TOtal time was 1 hour 42 minutes, 264 calories, 2,113 steps.
Thighs Booty and Abs
45 sec each move
squat with heavy fabric loop and 25# dumbbell
squat side step band and 20# dumbbell
hands behind head reverse lunge staying in a low position
bridge with heavy loop band and 20# dumbbell/25# dumbbell second time through
knee in /straight leg lift
scissor leg obliques
obligue crunch alternating sides
repeat lower and abs which I modified second time

ankle weights for thighs I used 3# ankle weights
adductor leg lift
knee pull leg lift
leg push out pulsing
leg lift point and flex toes
repeat other side

wide stance side to side lunge 20# dumbbell
abs are repeated and I skipped
heavy band loop
jump squat or up onto toes
kneeling leg lift back
bridge press out
superman no band
abs (skipped)

Box and Pump #7
warm up
boxing 1# dumbbells
snatch 8# dumbbell
reverse lunge 12# dbs
boxing 1# dumbbells
power curls 10# dbs
squat up down side to side 15# dumbbell
boxing 1# dbs
lunge row switch sides 15# dumbbell
curl press alternating 10# dbs
boxing 1# dbs
squat/curl twist set

Belinda, nice work with STS back and biceps.

Debbie, great job on heavy bag/shadow boxing. That is a fun one to do. I am so sorry that your knee is such a problem. I am careful too and am quick to change something that does not feel right.

I will do a workout tomorrow. I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 80 degrees here today in the OC! What a beautiful day to have a meal overlooking the ocean. Today I started with an uphill walk on the TM, traveled 2.2 miles, 40 minutes and burned 351 calories. Next, I did a super short Chest and Back workout and that is it. Total workout time was 1 hour and I burned 442 calories.

Chest Press Warm Up-
12's x 16
15's x 12
Chest Press-
20's x 12. x 10, x 8

Chest Flys-
12's x 12, x 10, x 8

Wide Grip Cable Pull Downs Back-
50# x 16, x 14, x 12

Narrow Grip Palms Facing Inward Pull Downs-
50# x 16, x 14, x 12

My son and I are back to normal so hopefully tomorrow I can get in a really good workout and get back on track. I did not have the flu like my son, I had more of a head cold, but it wiped me out because I coughed at night. I took cold medicine last night and got in a great night's sleep. Stay healthy everyone, the flu that is going around is terrible. My hands are so dry from washing my them about 50 times per day lately.

I hope you all have a wonderful day with your family and friends, and I am thankful for each one of you! I can honestly say, that keeping in touch with you each day is uplifting, and I look forward to it!

Gobble Gobble...
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Happy Thanksgiving,

I did SBF cardio and UB. We will go for a walk after lunch.

Diane - great job on your workout yesterday.

Jolie - nicely done today. Wished I would have ocean view. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful day with your family . I am also thankful for each one of you. I agree, with everything Julie said.
Today I did CDorner Fat Burning Low Impact Cardio 70's/80's, 42 minutes, heart rate 143/160, 258 calories, 3,812 steps. I also did CDorner Full Body Mobility and Flexibility Stretch, 33 minutes, heart rate 76/97, 50 calories. I like this one, but she talks a lot and is doing it with someone else and I get tired of the same story told.
Total Time was 75 minutes, 308 calories.

Jolie, great workout today. I am glad that you are feeling better and it is not the flu. I always look forward to reading everyone's posts. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner looking out at the ocean :)

Belinda, Happy Thanksgiving. Nice work with SBF cardio and upper body today.
This morning I did RAW Box & Pump 4. I love this one, it has legs in it but the leg work I couldn't do I subbed out for ab work, it went really well. This workout has good music in it and Jane is with Kelly. I like her.

Box & Pump 4 - 1 minute intervals:

Hammer Curl Pulse/Supination:
Deadlifts: 15's
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Dumbbell Curl Pulses/Pledges: 12's
Squat//Fold/Deadlift Up: 12's
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Overhead Press: 10's
Lunges: (I did Dead Bug w/5's)
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Lateral Raise/Alt. Front Raise: 8's
Lunge Sequence: (I did Russian Twist w/8# med ball)
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Overhead Triceps Extension: 12#
Plie Squats: (I did alternating Dead Bug)
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Kickbacks: 5's
Glute Pulses: (I did regular and twisting crunches)
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Workout was 48 minutes, burned 420 calories, did 3432 steps and HR was 138/168.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, mine was really great. I'm off today and have a lot to get done so I don't have time for personals, but great workouts to all of you who worked out yesterday! I was going to but just didn't feel like it.

Have a wonderful weekend!!
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Today I am so tired, went to bed late and slept not so well. I went for an easy 3 mile walk outside and that is it. Tomorrow, my son and I are meeting my parents for breakfast in the morning so there will be no workout. Sunday I am hoping to get back in the groove and hit it hard again. Why do we eat so much or the wrong things each holiday? I know I will feel like crap and still do it!!!

Debbie, way to go on the workout today!

Make it a great day.
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We been walking the last few day's too. I forgot to mention. We also took a walk today.
I am done with all my Christas shopping. Yeah!

Debbie - fantastic job on your workout today. Glad you enjoyed your TG yesterday. DD is visiting. We made a lot of vegan meals.

Diane - SBF is offering a life time membership. I too advantage of her offer today, although I was grandfathered into her cheaper membership. Great job on all your workouts.

Jolie - enjoy your breakfast with your parents. One day eating bad isn't or shouldn't make a difference. You will feel better in a few day. Great job on your walk.

Good night.
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Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Step and Pump ( with a little of CDOrner Step Hiit with weights approx. 8 minutes), 49 minutes, heart rate 113/138, 200 calories, 2,046 steps. The CDorner workout started out with squat/ thrust/ curls with 12's right after first step, then went to some step and either triceps dips or squat overhead triceps ext. and was too much on my shoulders and low back so I switched workouts.
I finished with CDorner Relaxing stretch and mobility and added the first 15 minutes f neck and back stretch for 45 minutes, 61 calories, heart rate 74/101. Total time was 94 minutes 261 calories, 2,166 steps.
Raw Step and Pump alternates 60 sec of cardio and 60 seconds of weights for a body part, then does all step moves together I think four times and ends with all of the weight moves together at the end. This is upper body based with step working the legs some.
Raw Step and Pump weights (this may be out of order as I am going by memory of the moves.
biceps curls 12# dbs
biceps W curls 10# dbs second round of weights 12# dbs doing hammer curls
overhead triceps extensions 8# dbs
kickbacks 8# dbs 2nd
1 arm rows 12# db right
1 arm rows 12# db left
front raise 8# dbs rnd 2 did overhead press
lateral raise 8# dbs
bench press 10# dbs
flys 8# dbs
all step moves several times
all weight moves for a second round changed slightly.

Debbie, nice work with Box and Pump 4 and the subs. I think that was one of the first that I really loved and did a lot. Great music in it as well.

Jolie, I don't know why we do it. It always makes me feel sort of lethargic the next day and I never sleep well after eating a lot of heavy food. If I went back for more turkey, it would be okay, but I go back for some pie, stuffing, and things I normally would not be eating. It tastes so good, and I usually enjoy the food as a treat. At least it does not happen often. Christmas is not at my house as my daughter hosts it so I should be safe. A walk today was probably perfect to get you going. Have fun at breakfast with your parents.

Belinda, nice work on getting the walks in every day. I wish my Christmas shopping was done. So far we have purchased one gift. Our family drew names Sunday for gift exchange, then we have the three younger grandchildren we buy for. I need to hunt down a gift for my lady's group as we do a gift exchange where you can steal the others gift. For me everything is before actual Christmas, so I need to get busy. We have a December Wedding in the family as well. Is SB putting up new workouts again? That is great that you have a lifetime membership now.

Today I did STS D9 Legs and walked outside.

Diane - I like the idea of a xmas exchange. We used to do the gift exchange where you can steal the others gift in the military wives group. I always ended up with crappy gifts, lol. You have a lot going on in December. My son and DIL are in DC for a few day's for a xmas dinner that my DD does for her employees each year. DS will stay a few extra day's. Him and his wife will came back for xmas. Yes, SB is putting up new workouts. Not as many as Cathe or other streaming sites do. I still like her workouts. I hope I don't regret paying $399 for lifetime membership. I was paying $79 yearly ( I was grandfathered into that price).

Good night.
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Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!

My grandson is about a month (or less)!!

Today I did Cathe Perfect pump hiit I don't know if i ever did this!!! It was fun
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Well, I am back. I needed to clear my history and my password got wiped out. Of course I couldn't remember it. The only one I didn't have of my gazillion passwords. It took me awhile to get back on. I had to contact support. My mom is doing ok and that took up some of my time. I have kept with my workouts.

Workouts for the week:
. CDorner Step & Strength Cardio & Arms
Mon. Michelle Briehler Cardio/Yoga/PiYo No Equip. Fun & Sweaty
Tues. DCFitt 60 min. No Repeat Full Body Strength
Wed. Rest
Thurs. Penny 60 min. Super Sweaty Strength & Cardio Supersets. (loved this! What a workout) First time in 10 years it was just our family for Thanksgiving. Nice and relaxing.
Fri. Cathe ICE Low Impact Sweat (Mish mosh w/ Blizzard Blast) Forgot how much I like this workout. Quite challenging!
Sat. Caroline Epic III Upper Body Powerful Push Pull. My arms will probably be a little sore tomorrow. A 1.5 mile dog walk this evening.

Belinda, What is SBF that you subscribed to? Probably a common acronym that I don't know.

Diane, You are coming up on a year since your surgery. Aren't you glad you did it? You seem like you are doing well. I know for me, it was a year after my surgery where I was pain free and able to build up my upper body strength.

Debbie, how is your knee doing?

Keep moving everyone!
Cam - sorry about the passwords. Great job on all your workouts. Suzanne Bowen Fitness (SBF) she is a barre instructor. Glad to hear your mom is doing well.
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I still have some cold symptoms and a sore throat, but I worked out anyway, I am sick of doing nothing. I have a lot of energy so I will just lift weights and do no cardio till I feel great again. Today I did Caroline Girvan's Arm workout, it was supposed to be 20 minutes, but it went for 51 minutes!!! Holy crap, my arms are fried!!! 45 exercises of just Bicep and Triceps, wow!!! I burned 351 calories. I will be doing this one again for sure. 40 seconds on and 20 seconds' rest. If I can blow dry my hair later, it will be a miracle!

Hammer Curls- 12's
Alt. Hammer Curls with a hold- 12's
Hammer Curls- 12's
Lying Triceps ext.- 12's
Slow Lying Triceps Ext.- 10's
Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's
Bicep Curls rotate down- 12's
Bicep Curls rotate Holds- 12's
Alt. Hammer Curls- 15's
1 Arm Kickbacks- 10#
Other arm
Seated Overhead Triceps Ext.-12's
Traditional Bicep Curls- 15's
Palms Up Alt. Bicep Holds- 12's
Alt. Palms up Curls- 12's
Shoulder Triceps Crushers- 12's
Slow " 12's
Alt. " 10's
Alt. W Curls with a hold- 12's
Alt. Wide Curls- 12's
Skull Crushers- 12's
Slow Skull Crushers- 10's
Fast Pace " 10's
Cross Body Lying Ext.- 10#
Alt. Cross Body Bicep Curls- 12's
Alt Cross Body Curls with a hold- 12's
Diamond Press- 15's
Slow " - 15's
1.5 Diamond Press- 12's
Conc. Curls- 15's
Bicep Curls with a twist- 15's
Kickbacks- 8's
Narrow Grip Chest Press- 15's
Lying Triceps Ext. to a Triceps Press- 12's
Standing Bicep Curls- 15's
Bicep Pulses- 10's
Alt. Sweeper Curls- 15's
Kickbacks- 8's no pushups
Cross Body Triceps Ext.- 10#
Close Grip Press burn out- 12's
Triceps cable pull downs- 30#
Hammer Bicep Curls Burnout- 12's
Traditional Curls- 12's
Full Range Cross Body Bicep Curls- 12's

Cam, welcome back!!! Great job on the all of the workouts last week.

Roselyn, I bet you are so excited about your grandson.

Belinda, I love to walk, it is certainly better than nothing and it firms the legs!

I hope I start feeling better soon. I feel good, I just have cold symptoms lingering. Make it a great Sunday.
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Yesterday I did CDorner Fast Cardio Step Aerobics easy to follow with abs, 54 minutes, heart rate 119/162, 3,643 steps 240 calories. She did this with two of her friends. It was easy to keep moving and did not have moving around and over the front of the step. One did go over and back, but it was an option. I liked it. I followed this with Cathe Perfect Flow timesaver strength and flexibility stretch, 21 minutes, 82/99 heart rate, 39 calories,164 steps. 75 minutes total time, 279 calories, 3,807 steps. The abs on this were mostly lower ab moves. I opted out of holding head up off floor as it makes my neck hurt even if I support it. I wish Cathe held some stretches a little longer than she does. Although these are more of a flow she could still hold the stretches that are sprinkled towards the end long enough to do something. Todays was not a favorite premix. I like the combined on #2 that she does. Rest day today.

Belinda, the Christmas games where you can take a gift from another is fun. I usually do not get the better gifts. I think it is because when I see someone really happy with what they got, I would feel guilty taking it away from them. It is fun, and you get joy and laughter out of it and that is the best gift.

Cam, it is good to see you back. It is so much work getting computers and devices info back up and running. My husband got a Z Fold Samsung phone 11 months ago and they have a built-in screen protector that cannot be replaced. It started bubbling and cracking on the fold. They replaced it and he did not get all of his stuff back. So far knock I am pretty good with my own passwords. I recently bought a new journal book specifically for passwords and am updating from my two old ones as I am sure I have the right stuff since they are always making you change something. I have two passwords for Cathe so one is for shopping and I think when I sign up for live workouts and the other is my old one. Somehow I ended up like that and am not sure how it happened.
I am really glad I had the surgery. Strength is coming back gradually. I somehow do not think I will ever push as hard as before.
Great job on the workouts this last week.

Belinda, that is a lot for SB streaming. Hopefully she keeps it up for a long time so that you will get your money's worth out of it. You have used her stuff a lot over the years. I wish I still had her stretch dvd I loaned out. I miss it. It sounds like you will be enjoying family too and busy. I am trying to get some online Christmas shopping done. If family would give me more ideas, it would help.

Jolie, I hope you feel better soon. I keep hearing people say they had a cold, and it is hanging on for a long time. My daughter had one and she said she felt okay, but the still having the sniffles and stuff. That is one killer long workout that you did. I am sure you will be feeling it tomorrow. I generally have doms 2 to three days later. It is weird as I go back to look at what I did that is causing the soreness in a certain area and it is doms.

Roselyn, I bet you are excited and looking forward to holding your new grandson.

I did SBF UB and LB today.

Diane -SBF yearly membership is $149.99. Monthly, $14,99. It's not a bad price for lifetime membership for $399, IMO. Some other streaming sites would charge you over $200 yearly. I am already a member for over 7 years. In 6 years it would pay off, hopefully I get my money worth. I am glad you getting your strength back. That's another reason why I am keeping my membership with SBF. I will never push my body so hard anymore. Great job on your workouts.

Julie - I love walking. Great job on your weight workout today. Looks great.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Hello everyone! I was so ready to workout this morning. I did fairly well with eating on Thanksgiving and through the weekend but still had some things I should not have had. I made a killer vegan pizza with white cheese sauce and OMG was it good!!

I followed what Jolie did but used a different workout. I did Caroline Girvan's Burning Biceps workout but this was only 20 minutes, not 51!! This was a killer nonetheless. I want to do more of her workouts this week but not sure she does just one body part. I will check and see and hopefully find just a chest workout for tomorrow.

I started out walking on my treadmill for 23 minutes, burned 200 calories, went 1.08 miles, did 2681 steps and HR was 135/165.

Then I did the bicep workout which was trisets - same exercises for 2 rounds then moved on to three other exercises for 2 rounds, etc. Great workout. Caroline used 17.5 pounds, not sure how she did that. Of course back in the day, I probably would have used 20's! Good music in this one.

Triset 1
Hammer Curls: 12's
Hammer Pulse: 12's
Hammer Curls: 12's

Triset 2
Alternating Cross Body Curls: 10's/12's
Double Arm Cross Body Curls: 10's/12's
Alternating Cross Body Curls: 10's/12's

Triset 3
Palms Up Curls: 10's
Palms Up Pulses: 10's
Palms Up Curls: 10's

Triset 4
Alternate Twist Curls: 12's
Holds: 12's
Alternate Twist Curls: 12's

Triset 5
"W" Curls: 10's
"W" Hold: 10's
"W" Curls: 10's

Hammer Curls - 12's - 20 sec with 10 sec rest
Cross Body Curls: 12's - 20 sec with 10 sec rest
Palms Up Curls: 12's - 10 sec with 10 sec rest
Alternate Cross Body curls: 12's - 10 sec then do
Alternate Curls: 12's - 10 sec with 10 sec rest
"W" Curls: 10's - 20 seconds

Killer!! Workout was 20 minutes, burned 189 calories, HR was 142/167.

Jolie - Glad you are feeling somewhat better. Excellent job on that biceps workout, I cannot believe you worked your bi's for 50 minutes!! Holy smokes. Of course it included Triceps, but still... I loved the one I did. I'm hoping to find the rest of upper body single parts to do this week.

Belinda - No vegan meals for me. I ate turkey and enjoyed it. It will be a while before I eat meat again. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! Who is SB?

Diane - Great job with all the workouts you've done, you are really getting some good ones in. I didn't really eat too bad on Thanksgiving. Had one plate of food and that was it. I ate one piece of cherry pie. The weekend could have been better, but it wasn't horrible either.

Rosleyn - I bet you had fun with your grandson on Thanksgiving! {{HEART}}

Cam - So glad you are back! Wow on what happened with your account. I had that happen once and had to change my login name and everything. Great job keeping up with your workouts!! My knee is still bothering me. Some days it's good, other days it sucks.

Where's Doreen?

Hope you all have a great day and workouts!!
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I'm back - we went to my husband's family for Thanksgiving week and their internet is about as fast as dial up so I try to stay off it. I got this weird cramp in my calf (assuming on the drive out) and woke up the first morning there unable to flex my toe toward my shin and spent the rest of the week limping around. I only attempted 2 workouts - Boss Bands and Loops since I had downloaded them to my phone and brought the bands along - but my calf hurt too bad to do anything so I just sat around all week. We got back last night and I was able to take the dog for a short walk. My dad said it sounded like a bloot clot but since its getting better on its own I'm thinking it may have just been a cramp or strain.

I did a 30 minute bike ride this morning (that doesn't seem to bother my calf at all) and an upper body circuit.

I'm trying to decide what to renew for next year with the shopping discounts. Ifit again? Cathe Live? Beachbody or BODI?
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I cannot believe that my Biceps are not sore today, but my Triceps are "talking to me"! I still have a slight sore throat and sniffles but other than that, I feel good. I am not doing any cardio till I am better; I do not want to get really sick and there is so much sickness going around right now. Today I did 2 Caroline Girvan Workouts, first was Shoulders, 15 minutes, 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. Then, I did her 15 minute Standing AB workout, Arms and Core with DB's and loved it. It really focused on Shoulders and Obliques, there were so many alternating punches using 5# DB's, I know I will feel this workout tomorrow. 20 seconds on/20 seconds of punches. Total workout time was 49 minutes and I burned 311 calories. I added Upright Rows at the end of the workout because I feel I needed to.

Seated Shoulder Press- 15's x 3 rounds- 40 seconds on/20 seconds off

Rear Flys- 8's x 2 rounds

Rear Delt Fly Partials- 8's x 2 rounds

Lateral Raises- 8's x 2 rounds

Lateral Raise Partials- 8's x 2 rounds

Arc Raises- 8's x 2 rounds

Face Pulls- Cannot do these due to my low back, I did 1 Arm Horz. Rows- 15# x 2 rounds

Diagonal Lateral Raise- 8's x 2 rounds

Partial Shoulder Press- 12's x 2 rounds

1 Minute of Around the World- 5's (these hurt my collar bone a little)

Upright Rows- 12's x 2 rounds

AB and Core Workout using 5# DB's

Debbie, welcome back and great job with the workout today. Caroline's older workouts not included in the Epic, Iron and so on series have some single body part workouts I find from 2 years ago or longer. Check those out, you might find what you are looking for. You have to try that Arm workout I did yesterday, it was killer! If I do not get ripped from these workouts, there is no hope for me LOL!

Diane Sue, great workout yesterday. Are you signing up for any memberships on Cyber Monday. I have Les Mills which I am going to start again but nothing else. Are you getting Cathe's STS 2.0?

Doreen, welcome back and great job on the bike ride workout this morning.

Belinda, who is SB? I am sure you have said before, but I cannot remember.

Roselyn, I hope you have a great workout today.

I have my Orthopedic appointment on Friday, I am anxious to see what they say about this knot that will not go away. Maybe they can do something to it to make it release. I will not get my hopes up, I may try acupuncture. Make it a great day.
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