Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for November 2022

Hi everyone,

STS Week D10 Shoulder/Chest & Biceps are done.

Debbie - I ate vegan and turkey, lol. I am with you on not eating meat for awhile. SB means Suzanne Bowen Fitness (barre workout). Great job on your workout today.

Julie - SB is Suzanne Bowen Fitness (barre workouts) Lighter weights, high reps. I like doing them when I injured. Great job on Caroline's shoulder and core workout today. I love her workouts.

Doreen - great job!

I am done for today.
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Today I did Caroline Fuel 30 min. Leg Complexes. I liked it. Challenging but not overly fatiguing. I have lightened my weights for leg work. My knees were getting a little achey, so I decided to not lift as heavy or do more than 2 sets. My knees are happy. I have also revisited compound workouts and my body is liking that more. Good calorie burn.

Doreen, I think I read that you posted you were in Wisconsin. You had nice weather for this time of year. Not sure where you were, but I think you lucked out.

Time to take the dog for a walk.

Good workouts everyone!
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It was a busy day today. I did get in a quick workout though. I did Kelly Coffey Cardio Fit workout #1 boxing and lower body, followed by her Raw boxing finisher, 49 minutes, heart rate 131/159, 270 calories, 2,882 steps. I used 1# dumbbells for the boxing and 15's for the lower body moves. I had to call a plumber out and I also had some people coming out to spray our yard for pre-emergent weeds. Also trying to get some Christmas shopping done since we are doing the family one early. Hopefully tomorrow will be more relaxed and can get a decent workout in. I also feel like I keep trying to get the cold that my husband had last week. I don't want to do all of the wedding stuff feeling bad. I did not sleep well last night as I decided to sleep in the recliner in one of the one workout room because I did not want to have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom on the other side of the house. Hopefully tonight is better. I typed responses to all of your posts and somehow lost them all. Sorry!!I need to get to bed.
My biceps are sore, not real sore, but I can tell I worked them!!

This morning I did another Caroline Girvan workout and I chose At Home Chest & Triceps. Great workout, it went fast. She used approximately 17# dumbbells. This is an older workout, I think from 2 years ago. It looked like she was working out in a hallway. LOL!

60 seconds on/30 seconds rest

Chest Press: 15's
Chest Press/Close Grip Press/Chest Press: 15's (each 20 seconds - killer)
DB Flies: 15's
Close Grip Press: 12's
Tricep Pushups
Chest Press
: 15's
Chest Press/Close Grip Press/Chest Press: 15's
DB Flies: 15's
Close Grip Press: 15's
Triceps Pushups (I did Lying Extensions - 8's) I'm having issues with my wrists, so decided to do ext.
Chest Press: 15's

Wow, great workout. She did fairly quick reps for the most part, I listened to my body and did slower reps. I do not want any injurires or set backs doing these workouts. They are good ones, though. No music in this one.

Workout was 23 minutes, burned 158 calories and HR was 116/152.

Then I did RAW Boxing Finisher usiing 2# dumbbells. This was 14 minutes, burned 128 calories, did 1180 steps and HR was 137/156.

Doreen - Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!! Weird about your calf, I've been having similar issues but they went away. Use heat, that helped me a lot.

Jolie - Great workout! Damn, killed it!! I'm shocked your biceps aren't sore, they might be today. I might do the workout you did yesterday tomorrow, looks like a good one. When you post them, can you post the exact name so I can just search for it. I will do the same in case you want to do the ones I've done. Sometimes she has several for each body part and it's confusing. Nice job!!

Belinda - I guess we have to splurge every now and then. Glad you had turkey as well!! LOL! Did you see that $50 digital Plant Based Bundle? I'm not sure if it is still being offered but go to https://transactions.sendowl.com/store and maybe you can still get the deal. There is over 285 cookbooks and other fitness books in this bundle. If you purchase them all separately its over $8000!!! They had a 99% discount on them all. I don't even know now I will look over all of them, but the ones I've previewed were awesome. Wish I would have mentioned this to you earlier. I think it might be over.

Roselyn - Great job with your workout!

Cam - Good job with your leg workout, glad you didn't irritate your knees!

Diane - You always have so much going on at your house, I would go crazy if that was me!! Yikes!! Good job with your workout and I hope you slept better last night!

Have a great day everyone!!
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OMG, am I tired today, and my muscles are sore! Today will be a rest day since I am not doing any cardio till this weekend. I did not have a sore throat when I woke up today and I want to keep it that way. Since Friday is my Ortho appointment in the morning, that will be a rest day as well. My shoulders are so sore today, I love it!

Debbie, great job on the Caroline workout today. I think I might try that one tomorrow. Yes, I will list the name and when it was published so we can find each other's workouts. You have to try that standing ab workout I did yesterday using a 5# DB, it really burned the shoulders! The two workouts I did yesterday I listed the name as it was stated on her channel, so hopefully you can find them.

Diane Sue, I sure hope you slept better last night! I did not do any shopping on Cyber Monday, I bet I will regret it. I just did not feel like looking and looking on websites for gifts, for whatever reason. We are keeping to a low roar this year on gifts so I am not too worried except for what I can get my husband.

Cam, nice job on the leg workout and keeping the knees safe.

Belinda, nice job on STS! Did you pre order the new series?

Doreen, I hope you get in a good workout today.

Roselyn, nice job with the leg workout!

Make it a great day.
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Today I had 2 PT sessions. Tomorrow I have an ENT and Orthopedics appointments.

I walked today and did SBF (Suzanne Bowen Fitness) Lower Body Twist and Stretch.

Debbie - yes, I have seen the bundle deal. I don't need it. I got the last one, still haven't downloaded them all. I am glad you enjoy Caroline's workouts. I miss working out to her.

Julie - glad you like Caroline's workouts. I love all there workouts even her ab. I haven't preordered. I am on the fence. I love Caroline's workouts. She is working on a new series. Have you reordered?

Diane - tell me about it. I always have so much to do around the house. It never ends. Great job yesterday.

Great job everyone.
Today I did CDorner Cardio Step Kickboxing, 45 minutes, heartrate 133/165, 240 calories, 4,855 steps. I finished with her Core Mobility Stretch from today, 32 minutes, heart rate 79/95, 51 calories, 108 steps. Total time 77 minutes, 291 calories, 4,963 steps. I liked the core mobility workout. I was a bit worried that it would be lots of standing balances and tough plank work. There is plank work and stuff, but it flowed well and she offers variations on moves.

Belinda, nice work with STS Shoulder, chest and biceps yesterday and today's walk and SBF. It sounds like you had a busy day with PT and appointments. I used to think when I was not working that I would have lots of time on my hands to do fun projects. They never get done. I guess I did not think about still having to take care of things around the house and as getting older there would be more appointments and things. There is always something to take care of. Have you done any of Caroline Girvin no body weight workouts? I was wondering how those are.

Cam, nice work on the Fuel leg complexes. I just went through some of her work outs, and they do look good.

Debbie, great job today. I watched some of one of Caroline's cardio workouts that said low intensity and thought if that is low intensity, I hate to see the intense ones. I used to keep a chart of kg to lbs for my different kettlebells since some are not the GO FIT brand and are in KG. I have a pair that are in KG and would be around 31#. It gets confusing. But we are supposed to lift what is right for us.

Jolie, after yesterday's workout I am sure your body could use a rest day or two. Awesome job! I would have been surprised if there was not at least some soreness. Most of the time those Cyber sales seem like they are things the businesses want to get rid of. I looked at a lot and did not get reduced prices on most of what I bought. I did pick up the large bottle of Kenra shampoos since it was discounted. I hate it when I see something I recently purchased at a much lower cost. I usually like standing abs, but not sure if I would like it if it made my shoulder burn.

Roselyn, nice work with Heather Robertson back and biceps.
Today I did Penny 3-2-1 Hiit Circuit Super Sweaty Cardio & Strength. That was tough, but I powered through and it felt great. 3 circuits of 5 exercises 2x. 50 sec /10 sec rest. 2 strength, 2 cardio and 1 ab. Well designed. No walk tonight. Its pouring out.

Diane, I don't like Caroline's cardio. She's crazy fast and too much for me. Those days are gone. I did like her leg workout that I did yesterday. The cardio portion or what she calls a staple, was low impact. I am going to check out more of her stuff this winter. The last video she put out was a 20 min. Full body no repeat. Tough and fun.

My mom is not doing well. She has congestive heart failure and I am pretty certain she's entering the final stage. It is getting bad and I am having hospice take over next week. Her facility has been helpful with this. I hope she passes soon. She has no quality of life and her short term memory isn't good. Its been a stressful couple months.

Good workouts everyone!
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This morning I did CDorner's 30 Minute Low Impact Cardio Walking Workout - I did this a while ago and remember loving it. I wrote next to it in my cardio log that it was really fun. It is! I loved it and the music. Separate Ways, a country song I never heard of but was really fun, Beverly Hills and Word Up. Great tunes and so fun!!

Workout was 33 minutes, burned 299 calories, did 3977 steps and HR was 140/170.

I also did CDorner's Neck and Shoulder Stretch - this is the one I do often but haven't in a while. Great one for the neck.

I am having issues with my chair at work again. A new chair! It was so comfortable at the beginning of the school year and I've had no issues at all. Now all of a sudden my upper back is hurting again and my traps are tight. I don't get it. I'm sick of it. I'm wondering if I should switch to my old chair again (I still have it in my office) but really don't want to do that. Man I'll tell you, it's always something.

Jolie - I was going to do the shoulder workout you did but not sure which one it is. I found one I want to do tomorrow, looking forward to it. The shoulder one you did it only says "shoulders" so I wasn't sure which one it was. Her titles aren't very helpful sometimes. LOL! Doesn't matter, there are so many to choose from, I'm sure the one I do will be good. I will try to find the ab workout you did, sounds great!!

Belinda - I agree, way too many books, but for $50 I couldn't pass it up. I was really hoping that a Well Your World cookbook would be out there, I love that channel, but no dice. Oh well.

Roselyn - Great job on your workout!

Diane - I agree, Caroline's cardio workouts are just crazy. I guess that's why she looks like she does. I remember being that toned and defined back in the day. I did some crazy cardio back then but I can't anymore. Sad that all the stuff we've been able to do is undoable now. Makes me sad and angry. Such is life, I guess. I also get confused with the KG weights. On her new workouts she posts both KG and LBS which is helpful. I ask Alexa to convert them sometimes. LOL!

Cam - So sorry about your mom. I understand what you mean, when there is no quality of life it's so hard to deal. I pray she passes comfortably and God Bless her.

Have a great day everyone!
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Today I did Caroline Givan's at Home Chest and Triceps DB workout from 2 years ago, it is the same workout that Debbie did on Monday. It was short, 23 minutes but holy moly I will be feeling it tomorrow. I did not go heavy on Triceps because I already killed them on Sunday! I will not write down the exercises since Debbie already did so, but the weights that I used were 15's for Chest Press, 12's for Chest Flys and that darn near killed me. Going nonstop for 1 minute seems too easy at the beginning but by the end of the minute I was fighting for it. Next, I did her minutes weighted ABS- Dumbbell AB workout from 1 year ago and it was a goodie. No rests at all for 10 minutes, alternating between lower abs and upper abs. Upper abs are 40 seconds, lower abs are 20 seconds. My total workout time was 38 minutes with the warm up and I burned 193 calories. My watch is not working so well all of a sudden, I think I have to do a shut down on it today.

Debbie, great job on the walk workout today. Wow on the calorie burn too! Sorry to hear about the chair issue, my husband is going through the same thing at work.

Cam, I sure hope you are ok with all of this stuff with your poor mother. Hang in there, I am sure hospice will help a lot. I am sorry that you are going through this, Hugs to you! I dread this when the time comes with my parents, my dad is turning 90 in May and my mom is turning 86 in December. However, they are both doing well and are in good health.

Belinda, good luck with all of the doctors' appointments today. I decided not to order STS, I am enjoying Caroline's workouts too much right now and they are free!

Roselyn, great job on the workout.

Doreen, I hope you get in a good workout today.

Diane Sue, Nice workout yesterday. This weekend I get to start doing some cardio workouts so I may start doing some easy step workouts from instructors that you have posted about in the past. Or I just may walk, who knows lol! How are you sleeping? I sure hope you do not have to sleep in the recliner much, that cannot be comfortable.
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I did a 30 minute ride on IFIT - Near Lake Tahoe this morning. I added on another 10 minutes after that workout finished because the dog was sleeping and I figured- why not!?
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Today I did CDorner Vertical Step Aerobices, 30 minutes, heart rate 121/141, 144 calories. I then did Carolyn Girvan 24 Days to Christmas shoulders and arms, 24 minutes, 69 calories, heart rate 99/123.
I could really feel this even though I did not go heavy on the weights. A little worried and decided to do some stretching. I did 6 min of upper body foam rolling from one of CDorner workouts. I also did her Full Body Deep Stretch that is an older one 23 minutes, heart rate 83/125, 49 calories.
Total time spent 83 minutes, 262 calories, 2,770 steps for cardio and weights.
24 Days to Christmas Arms and Shoulders 45 sec work each exercise
overhead press 8# dbs
lateral raise 8# dbs
partial laterals 8# dbs
lateral raise 8# dbs
shoulder press 8# dbs
rear delt fly 10# dbs
partials 10# dbs
rear delt fly 10#dbs
shoulder press 9# dbs
skull crushers 8# dbs
shoulder crushers 8# dbs
skull crushers 8# dbs
shoulder press 8# dbs
hammer curls 12# dbs
partial palm up curls 12# dbs
hammer curls 12# dbs
shoulder press 5# dbs (I was starting to really feel this here)
cobra push ups
triceps push up (I did kickbacks with 10# dbs)

Roselyn, nice work with Heather Roberson full body workout.

Cam nice work on Penny 3-2-1 circuit. I will probably check out some more of Caroline workouts, but I really like it more when there is some instructions and reminders of shoulders back etc.. Since she doesn't talk through the workouts you don't get that. Also, I kept missing her on screen tips. She does appear to have really good form. My heart goes out to you. It is hard watching our loved ones suffer and losing them.

Debbie, nice work today. That is the CDorner Walking workout that I remember having fun with. I think I have it in my save for later. She has several workouts that have some good neck and upper back stretching in them. I sometimes just do the upper part if I am in a hurry and want to get that stretch in. I thought I have finally got past the neck and shoulder issue, but it has started coming back on me. Maybe because I am trying to get back into more shoulders and back strength work. I hope you can figure out what is affecting your upper back and traps again.

Jolie, nice work on Caroline Girvan Chest and Triceps. I forgot that I did some of one of her abs workouts that appeared to be all lower abs today. My watch did a update this morning. It woke me up wanting to do one, so I just clicked and let it do it and went back to sleep. I always worry a bit that something will not work well, but it seemed fine today. I do not have many problems with my Garmin watch.
Today I wanted a lighter workout so I did LITE Body Weight & Bands. That sure works the arms. My arms were shaking a little during the workout. I added the calorie crush and extended stretch.

My mom was assessed by Hospice today. They are starting her immediately. I am relieved. I think she will get good care. She is really failing quick so this will be less stressful. Medicare covers everything. Amazing.

Diane, I agree with the no instruction. Sometimes you need form reminders, especially lifting heavy. She does a lot of talking before beginning the workout, but it's kinda annoying. I warm up while she talks. It would be better if she did a voice over and piped in form pointers.

Jolie, glad your parents are doing well. If they are moving and able to still live in their house, that is great. I blame the year long lockdown at her facility during covid for her decline. That was so wrong. Cruel to do to the elderly. But, she has also survived a lot of illnesses in the last 10 years.

Debbie, you haven't been doing much of Kelly lately. It's fun trying different instructors.

Good workouts everyone!
Thank you for the prayers for my coworker. I hope she is ok. Haven't heard anything since yesterday.

This morning I did Caroline Girvan's 20 Minute Dumbbell Back & Biceps, I think this was the same one Jolie did. Good workout, I went fairly light because every time I work my back I end up with knots.

I warmed up using one of Kelly's wamup from Power Splits.

This workout was 30 seconds on/30 seconds off for 3 sets. When alternating to the other side, no rest until the 3 sets were done.

One Arm Row: 15#/20#/20#
Renegade Row: (I did Palms back horizontal Row) - 15#
Pullover: 15#
Supine Row: 12#/15#/15# (this was palms forward horizontal row)
Preacher Curls: 15's (I did one arm Pledges)

Then I did her 10 Minutes Weights Abs workout. It was ok, alternating upper and lower abs. I only used 5# weights here and there, I could concentrate more on the moves without holding the weights.

Total workout time was 39 minutes, burned 246 calories and HR was 113/143.

Then I had time to do about 10 mintues of CDorner's Neck & Shoulder Stretch - this is a good one but it's 30 minutes. I need to do the whole thing one of these days. I just did the neck part.

Doreen - Bummer about your internet going out, I hate that! Good job with your workout, good thing we still have our DVD's!!

Jolie - I did the same workout you did yesterday. It was pretty good but working my back isn't my favorite. The exercises tend to be boring for me. I should mute her workouts and just play my own but the I don't hear the timer go off. I concentrate on what I'm doing and not what Caroline is doing most of the time, so I'm not looking at the screen. Oh well, I turn it down and it's usually tolerable. I think we all overtrained back in the day. Like Diane, I literally would work out for 2 hours a day. Crazy! No wonder I'm in such pain all the time. I probably tore every muscle on my body at one time or another! I want to tell Caroline to be careful, some of the things she does is just dangerous. But she will learn, I guess. Plus who am I? She'll never even read my post. LOL!

Belinda - Hope they figure it out soon for you!! My knee has been pretty good lately. Babying it until after the New Year, then I might try some leg workouts again. We'll see.

Diane - Thanks for sending that stretch workout to me, I did part of it this morning. I just don't have time to do full 30 minutes mobility workouts (even though I should do them!) so that is why I tend to not even try them. But the neck part of this workout was excellent. Great job on your workouts yesterday! Hope your neck and shoulders don't hurt today either!

Roselyn - OMG about your daughter! Hope she is ok!! I will pray for her for sure!!

We are going to see the Zoo Lights tonight, can't wait!! Have a great weekend!!

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