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I'm late posting, I had my ortho appointment today. They made me wait an hour before calling me in, I was getting really pissed. The doctor told me it could be a little arthritis (even though the x-rays didn't show any sort of arthritis so wtf?) or strain on the inside part of my knee, can't remember what it's called. He said the only way to know for sure is with an MRI but he wanted me to try something first and then if it didn't get better, he'd request an MRI. So I have to take Prednisone for 5 days plus a high amount of Ibuprofin which sort of worries me but it's only for 5 days. He said that should get rid of the swelling. Then he wants me to ice it for an hour a night and start going back to PT. I'm going to do the exercises my PT originally gave me but he seems to think I need the PT on my outer hip. Nothing makes any sense to me. I guess he gave me a few exercises in the packet he gave me so I will do some of those. If I feel like I need to go back to see my PT, I will. I go back to see this doctor in December.

This morning I did RAW Shadow Boxing 1 (I wish she'd do a 2) and had a great workout. This is a good, slow moving workout. I used my 2# hand weights.

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 373 calories, did 3517 steps and HR was 138/177.

Jolie - Hope your collar bone issue gets better, sounds like it is. I don't blame you for cancelling your appointment, these doctors are quacks. Mine wouldn't even list to the history of my knee that led me to go there. I had dates and details all written out and he didn't want to hear it. Whatever. I'm just hopeing it gets better, I don't want to go back to that place.

Belinda - I didn't know the airplanes allowed people to keep pets with them, that is great you were able to do that.

Diane - Wow about all that at your house. Ridiculous. I don't even understand why they did all that. Why didn't they put the box in some central location so they could just tap into it whenever they need to. Yikes. Good job with your workouts! I hope your neck and shoulders and back feel better today.

Have a great weekend everyone! So glad it's Friday!
Today I did Raw Box and Sculpt 28 minutes, 156 calories, heart rate 130/154. I used 8 and 10# dumbbells.
I then did Boss Bands Timesaver back, biceps, and core, 29 minutes, 84 calories, heart rate 97/127. I thought I had the Box and Sculpt format typed out, but guess I need to do it. I also did CDorner stretch on the beach. Total time was 68 minutes, 250 calories, 1,668 steps

Boss Bands
warm up with light orange band
seated double arm row/rear delt row with rotations first side Blue heavy band first side
seated double arm row/rear delt row with rotations second side Blue heavy band
biceps curls -I used the heavy blue band and light orange held together (I don't know how Cathe and crew does the medium and heavy fabric bands together for all of that)
forearm curls#1-just the heavy band
hammer grip curls- heavy blue and light orange
forearm curls #2- just the heavy blue band
straight arm butterfly sit ups light orange band
side plank hip drops light orange band
core superman orange band
stretch with light band

Debbie, I had an mri done on my shoulder two different times. The second showed the tear. After the first I had the steroid injection which got me through over a year. Second did not work and that is when I agreed to the 2nd mri. I hope what he has given you and PT helps so you don't need to do something else. I had some really strong ibuprofen post-surgery. I hated that stuff, but it did help. It made my mouth dry and upset my stomach. I tried to save it for bedtime. I am sorry that you have to wait though. It would have been nice to know for sure you were doing the right thing for your knee.
My left knee is the one that swells on me if I aggravate the arthritis too much. I can control it though.
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Belinda, I hope the doctor appointment went well. I am glad you are a little better today. Give Sadie a birthday hug for me. I get on getting down and up off the floor. I was thinking about 4 Day Split and the lower body the other day and the thought of leaning forward and pushing up off the floor with heavy weights is not inviting. I have been having low back issues and I am sure my knee would not like it either. Maybe some things could be modified. I do not get out my dvds much anymore either. It is easier to just turn on the tv and find a workout. Even though Kelly has her dvds on her raw channel, I still get out the disc sometimes for a particular premix.

Doreen, nice work on the ride and getting in a short back workout.

Today I did Chest & Triceps from YT. Had a great workout. I also walked.

Debbie - it depends on the airline and the size of your pet. Some require the dog in a kennel under the seat. Sadie is only 5 pounds and she doesn't move. She sleeps during the flights.I had the flight attendant came up to me saying how well behaved Sadie is. When flight attendant see Sadie they like to play with her, lol. She is so tiny. They even ask me if I needed anything for her. Which is very nice. I hope all the meds help with your swelling. The prednisone should help quickly. I was on high amounts of ibuprofen. Make sure you eat before taking it. It will upset your stomach. Feel better soon.

Diane - I had my annual hearing testing for RP. Thanks about the bday hug for Sadie. I feel the same way. Going down/up of the floor is a no for me. I hope you can modify those workouts and Cathe shows modifications. I haven't jumped on the pre-sale yet for the same reason you mention. I love YT for variety.

That's it for me today.
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Today I had a fantastic workout, taking a day off really gives me energy for my next workout. Today I walked uphill on the TM for 45 minutes and traveled 2.5 miles. Next, I got on the elliptical and ran on Interval Mode for 11 minutes and traveled 1.3 miles. Total miles were 3.8 and I burned 517 calories. Next, I did Cathe's 4 Day Split, Biceps and Triceps and had a good workout. I actually picked up 20# DB's, it was tough, but I did it!
Total calories burned for the entire workout was 734. I will probably be dead tomorrow but that is the way that it goes.

Warm Up with Cable Triceps Pull Downs- 30# x 16

Seated Overhead Ext.-
8's x 16
10's x 12
12's x 10
15's x 8

Standing DB Curls with a twist-
10's x 16
12's x 12
15's x 10
20's x 7

Lying Triceps Ext.-
12's x 16
8's (1.5's) x 12

BB Crazy 8's-
30# BB x 24

Reverse Curls- 10's x 12

No Dips, Cable Pull Downs- 30# x 16

No Pushups, Close Grip Chest Press- 15's x 16

Incline Hammer Curls- 12's x 12

Hammer Curls Standing- 12's x 12

Kickbacks- 10's x 12, x 12

Conc. Curls- 15# x 12, x 12

No wrist curls

Great job on the workouts yesterday everyone! It was so nice to get my hair done, it had been a long time.

Debbie, I think it is irresponsible of the doctor not to listen to you about the history of your knee. You are a better person than I, I would have given him a piece of my mind and walked out. That is why I did not go, they just want to give meds or injections, not get to the bottom of what is causing the pain, they just mask the symptoms. PT is the way to go, they will help you. My collar bone is swollen again today but really no pain so I am just working through it.

Have a wonderful Saturday.
I did LITE Metabolic today, using slightly heavier weights than Cathe. Then I did a 15 minute recovery ride from the Novebmer Time Crunch challenge on Ifit. We rode in Rose Valley in Turkey - looks like a beautiful place with lots of fun trails.
Today I did CDorner Step to the Beat #249(135-140bpm)
This was 63 minutes, my heart rate 119/144, 272 calories, 4,948 steps. I finished with CDorner Mindful Mobility, 33 minutes, 57 calories, heart rate 81/100. I wish she did not put together so many moves that she forgets when they all are put together and keeps needing to start over. At one point I was on track, went over the step and around and back on and she has forgot what to do. I nearly tripped over the step. This one did have a lot of changes and foot movement as well as around and over the step. I guess it keeps the brain working:p Total time was 96 minutes, 329 calories, 4,948 steps. I think the mobility only had a bout 13 steps in it.
I will be taking tomorrow off and two days during this week. I have ladies game day and an ultrasound coming up.
Getting some stuff tomorrow to make some taco soup that I really like. I ordered grassfed lean ground beef and bone broth along with fresh tomatoes. I need something nourishing to pull out and eat instead of protein bars, and easy things.

Belinda, nice work getting chest and triceps in today. I have to determine if there is enough workouts that I will use out of the set before I make the decision to purchase.

Jolie, great job on 4 Day Split Biceps and Triceps and the cardio work you did. It looks like you really crushed it today.

Doreen, nice work going heavier than Cathe on Lite metabolic work out and doing a short ride.
I did a 20 minute rowing workout. I found an app that's like a metronome for rowing so you can know how many stokes per minute you are doing. The computer on my rower is pretty worthless for stats like like. I was looking for one that counts stokes for you via the camera on the phone but haven't found one yet.

The it was such a nice morning I went for a bike ride that took about an hour and half. Not may people out so I pretty much had the entire park to myself.
Hi dmerz, sorry to jump in on your thread, but I read your comment about a rowing workout,
I was looking for one that counts stokes for you via the camera on the phone but haven't found one yet.
You might want to check out BitGym on IOS, they may have android app too, not sure
but they have rowing scenic workouts, one is free to use, Tyrol Lakes I think, no instructor, etc, but if you choose camera detection, it will give you your strokes per minute, faster you go, video speeds, or slow down, it slows and if you stop, workout
stops. I use the app, and quite honestly, my SPM on my rower console and the SPM on
Bitgym is usually right on par, or if different, only 1stroke different. It amazes me…
they have other machine workouts too, treadmill, bike, elliptical. just thought I would
tell you about it.

Tomorrow I have 3 doctors appointments. I decided to do my workout today instead of trying to squeeze one in between appointments tomorrow.

I started STS today. I couldn't figure out what to do. I did STS D1 CSB. Had a great workout. I had to lower my weights, my shoulder is still bordering me. I also walked this morning.

Diane - I read on FB that Cathe isn't selling individual STS 2 dvd's. This is what Cathe said on FB... a total of 24 workouts on 15 DVD’s. At this time we are only offering the bundle. 

Great job on your workouts everyone.

Have a great Sunday.
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My knee is better, the fluid in it seems to be going away, although it's not totally gone yet. There is a bit of pain on the inner side of my knee but I think it's because the doctor and his assistant moved my knee around so much. Hopefully that goes away soon.

Today I did Build & Burn Upper Body Supersets. Had a good workout. Wanted something a bit short so I could do my knee exercises.

SS #1
Reverse Grip Shoulder Press: 10's
Lateral Raise & Extend: 5's
3 sets/8 reps no rest

SS #2
Pulse Curls: 10's
Pledges: 10's
3 sets/8 reps no rest

SS #3
Seated Overhead Triceps Ext: 15#
Tate Press: 10's - (did two sets of Tate Press and one of lying extensions)
3 sets/8 reps

SS #4
Reverse Grip Bench Press: 15's (I did normal bench press)
Connected Dumbbell Press: 15's
3 sets/8 reps

SS #5
Seated Rows: 15's
Standing Cross Row: 15#
3 sets/8 reps

Alternate Upright Rows: 10's - 30 seconds
Double Arm Kickbacks: 5's - 30 seconds
Alternate Hammer Curl Runs - 10's - 30 seconds
Run Rows but only 1 weight: 10# - 30 seconds

Workout was 30 minutes, burned 238 calories, HR was 125/157 and did 719 steps.

Jolie - I agree, I am not happy with that doctor. I'm supposed to go back in 4 weeks and I really don't want to. The fluid in my knee is already dissipating since taking the steroids. I just hope it stays away. I'm going to try and do the exercises on my own and if I feel they aren't helping, I'll go see my PT person. Great job on your workout Saturday!

Belinda - That is cool that you were able to have you dog on the plane with you. I'm sure everyone loved her!!

Diane - I remember when you had two MRI's done on that shoulder. That was sure a road you had to travel. Are you glad you had the surgery? I know you still have issues with your neck and shoulder, so do you think the surgery was worth it? I'm just curious.

Hope you all have great workouts today!!
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Happy post daylight savings time!! I hate this transitioning - everyone was up in our house regular time which was like 4:30 in the morning. So tired I just did a 30 Minute glute focused pilates stretch workout. And then remembered why I don't typically do them - the dog jumps on me when I am on the floor.
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I woke up at the butt crack of dawn this morning due to the time change and loved it! I got going an hour earlier than normal and am finished with my workout much earlier than usual. Today I started with a TM walk uphill, 40 minutes, traveled 2.2 miles and burned 360 calories. Next, I did Cathe's 4 Day Split Chest and Back and did really well with it. The Chest Flys irritated my collar bone so I went really lite with the weights. Total workout time was 1 hour 4 minutes and I burned 521 calories.

1 Arm Rows- 15# x 12 (warm up)
Chest Press no pushups- 15's x 12 (warm up)
1 Arm Rows- 20# x 12
Chest Press- 20's x 12
Wide Grip Pull Downs no BB Rows- 50# x 16
Incline DB Flys- 10's x 16
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 60# x 12
Incline DB Flys- 10's x 16
1 Arm Rows Horiz.- 20# x 12
Chest Press- 20's x 12
Pullovers on the Cable Machine- 30# x 16
Incline Chest Press- 15's x 16
Pullovers- 30# x 16
Incline Chest Press- 15's x 16

This week I am going to get more ABS into my workouts as well as legs. I am going to a different Chiro today; this guy helped me when my back was out last Feb., and he has a lot of good exercises to help get me through my issues. Also, he only costs $30 per visit, that is the same amount of money as my doctor's co pay and I will actually get some help with this shoulder and collar bone issue. I used the Thera gun on it all day yesterday and it was so much better today. This tells me it is Myofascial issues and quite possibly spasms too. I hope you all get out and vote tomorrow if you have not done so yet. Let's take our Country back and be normal again! Cross your fingers for a Red Wave!!!! God Bless America!

Debbie, great workout today. I am so happy that you are getting some relief with your knee, I hope this issue is gone for you soon. I am feeling hopeful about my issue, I slept so much better last night.

Doreen, your bike rides sound amazing and to see different countries is awesome. Are there any TM workouts like that with visuals?

Belinda, good luck with all of your doctor's appointments today. I love STS, I was thinking about starting that again soon myself.

Roselyn, great job on the workout over the weekend.

Diane Sue, great workouts over the weekend. Your soup sounds amazing, I love soup in the winter. I am making deviled eggs for snacks this week, I need to focus on upping my protein big time and these are easy and inexpensive to make. Food is so expensive now!!!

We have rain for the next few days, and I am so happy for California,
Jolie- Yes- Ifit has Bike, Elliptical, Treadmill, Rower, Strength and Yoga workouts. You can use the app on a smart phone or tablet or on one of their fancy integrated screens where it automatically adjusts the speed and incline to follow the trainer. I have the bike and its been very fun and makes you work harder sometimes because you're not controlling the speed and incline! (of course you can adjust if it is too hard!)

I took a walk in-between appointments.

I had an Orthodontist, Cardiologist and had one with my primary doctor appointment. My Ortho I got 16 new aligners. I should be done after that. Fingers crossed. Cardiologist (for RP) I will get the results tomorrow or the next day. My primary doctors is sending me to a Orthopedic for my knees. He also put in PT for my shoulder. Tomorrow I have a PT appointment for my knees and shoulder. I am falling apart.

Debbie - you pay to flight your dog. They only allow a few animals on the plane. I am glad Sadie flew with us. She is amazing. Glad the fluid in your knees are getting better. Mine are swollen for the last few weeks. The steroids didn't do anything this time.

Jolie - thank you. My appointments went well today. I am waiting for the report on the cardiologist. Do STS with me. I love STS.

Good night.
Today I wanted to get in some of everything since tomorrow will be a rest day. I did CDorner workouts today. I did today's Total Body workout 55 minutes, 156 calories, heart rate 98/131, 927 steps. I then did a Step Aerobics and Kickboxing that she did with another woman, I think Leslie?, who led the kickboxing segments. This was outdoors by a pool and alternated step with kickboxing for 4 segments, 30 minutes, 150 calories, heart rate 123/153,2,623 steps. I finished with her 15 minute lower body stretch heart rate 79/103, 28 calories. I also added some back foam rolling and stretches with Alyssa Khun PT stuff. She has this site on Youtube called Keep the Adventure Alive that deals with arthritis. I just went to her main site and scrolled to back issues. There is lots of info on her site. I did not count that though. She uses different devices. One of these days I will see if I can find a door to hook my trx to and do some of the stuff she has using one.
Total time was 1 hour 40 minutes, 334 calories, 3,550 steps.
CDorner Total Body uses dumbbells only she did not uses the bands mentioned on the site

All moves are done for 1 minute
right side squat/reverse lunge 15# dbs
right side 1 dumbbell reverse lunge /1 leg squat 15# db
right side 15# dbs static reverse lunge/hammer curl
repeat on left side

squat pulse 2 dumbbell pick up 30# db
push up/row or sub flys, I did a 1 arm row instead right side
dead rows 15# dbs
squat to deadlift 20# dbs
bear hold

kickbacks 10# dbs
alternating curls 12# dbs
shoulder rotation with bent arms out and in 10# dbs
light weight lateral raise 5# dbs

reach across for leg sit up
oblique knee in
plank knee in and extend leg
repeat on other side

bonus squat press with 5# dbs

Belinda, it sounds like you are really busy with doctors. I bet you will be glad to be finished with the orthodontist and alignments. I am glad that you were able to use some of the time between appointments for a walk. That is too bad that Cathe will not sell the workouts individual. Maybe she will way down the line after they have been out. I guess the other option is to sign up to her app again. I suppose that is how she will make more money off of them. It is not like I really have to have them. I have plenty of workout options.

Debbie, nice workout today. I am glad the fluid seems to be going down on your knee. I think it is hard to find a doctor that totally understands what we need at times. Yes, I am glad I got the shoulder surgery. I tried everything I could to not have to go that far, but maybe if I let the doctor do the mri sooner I may have had less damage done before surgery. He did offer earlier on, but my first mri experience was actually painful and I was not wanting to. My shoulder still hurts off and on, but so does the other one. The surgeon did say it won't get rid of the arthritis pain. After surgery recovery was sure painful and I wanted to cry at PT when he had to push that shoulder down hard to get the range back, but I was hurting pretty badly when I decided to go through with it. Even the PT guy said it was rough for him too. Every time he would get the range a bit further, he would point out the progress we were making. I would imagine not everyone would be as driven as I was to be able to get things back to normal. My daughter said that she knew someone that just gave up on working on her shoulder and settled for less than full range of motion.

I did not get to finish my post earlier.

Roselyn, nice work with the Caroline Girvin Pyramid workout.

Doreen, it is always hard to get it all together with time changes.

Jolie, great job with 4 Day Split Chest and Back today. I like it when I wake up early with plenty of energy. I slept till my usual time this morning. I am surprised that the chiro treatment is that low cost. I am glad you got some sleep and are feeling better. I started focusing a lot on protein when I had the surgery. We need that so our bodies can repair themselves. Besides, when people do not eat meat they can become B vitamin deficient. I also have a protein shake or something with whey in it before I go to bed at night. I ended up making my soup today because my husband decided to go out to dinner yesterday and I got salmon and broccoli. I have not made soup in quite a long time. Usually, I make a full batch and freeze serving size bowls, so I have them on hand. I got my vote in and added my voting sticker to my collection on my tabletop desk.
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Today I did a quick workout because I wanted to leave early to go vote - which I did. :D The line was around the building but it went quick. I did RAW BoxSIT and had a great workout. For such a short workout, this one is really good. My HR really gets up there with this one. Kind of mind boggling since you're sitting the whole tiime.

Workout was 29 minutes, burned 284 calories, did 2115 steps and HR was 148/175.

I don't have time for personals today, I have a training at 10 and have a ton to do before then. Great workouts yesterday everyone!! Have a great day!
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I did the last 2 bike rides from the November challenge - both in Costa Rica each 20 minutes. Then I took the dog for a walk. I will be out the next couple days - I leave for a meeting in Austin early tomorrow morning. Don't know if I will try to take workout clothes or not. The hotel has Peleton bikes though which might be fun to try.
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