Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for March 2019

Jolie Fit

I think I will just die after my workout today! I did Yevette Bachman All out Step aerobics and Leg work/high calorie burn! Wow! Workout was 1 hour and 8 minutes and I burned 689 calories including the stretch. This was so hard for me to finish, a lot of HIIT on the step, leg exercise on the floor and the step, 45 seconds cardio to 45 seconds leg drills. This was defiantly the hardest workout I have done in a long time but I loved it. Average heart rate was 135 and max was 176. I am drench but keep in mind we have high winds today and it is 84 degrees already. Hot, hot, hot! We should have everything sorted out with our house today, we got all the paper workout between both parties finished really late last night. Keep your fingers crossed.

Debbie, great workout today! When I use the step it irritates my right knee a bit but it is no big deal. You should try these workouts that I am doing for cardio days, they will kick your rear end! :)

Belinda, wow that looks like a great workout, I am so glad you are enjoying this workout series. I will have to check it out.

Diane Sue, great job on Lite Cardio Party today, that sounds fun just by the title!

Roselyn, I am glad you got a great workout in.

Roxie, glad to hear the doctors appointment went well and that you even got a workout in as well.

Have a nice day, I am in shorts, tank top and thongs today :)
Once again I've been extremely busy today so didn't have time to post this morning. Today I did Cathe Live Total Body Barbell Challenge from 12/13/18 again. I really like this one, it is very high with reps but for some reason I like it a lot. I did really well with it and didn't have to stop with any of the leg exercises this time. Fun stuff!!!

Section 1:
- 15's
Pushups off the Step - 16 reps
Bench Press: 25#
Pushups off the step - 12 reps
Bench Press: 25#

Section 2: Used 25# for all lifting moves
Plie Squats
- I used a 25# DB here
Barbell Row
Plie Squats

Section 3: Used 20# for all lifting moves
Close Grip Press
- 8 reps
- 32 reps
Dips - 24 reps
Close Grip Press - 24 reps
Lying Extensions - 14 reps
Close Grip/Lying Extensions together - 6 reps

Section 4: Used 20# for all lifting moves
Clean & Press
- 4 reps
Shrugs - 4 reps
Push/Press - 4 reps
Clean & Press - 4 reps
Shrugs - 8 reps
Push/Press - 4 reps
(these killed me)

Section 5: used 15#s
Static Lunges Right
Static Lunges Left
Biceps Curl
Drop Curls -
these were cool
Biceps Curl
Drop Curls
- 35# (2 sets)

Section 6: Used 5# Barbell & 2.5# weights in each hand for LR
Upright Row/Front Raise/Front swing Press
- Loved this!!
Lateral Raise/Rotator Cuff Move/Chest Squeeze - This burned like crazy

Abs - Skipped

Workout was 51 minutes, burned 258 calories and HR was 118/147.

No time for personals, I will try to be back later.
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This week has been more Cathe Live workouts.

4/27/17 Lower Body Bootcamp
9-29-2016 Old School Cardio Plus Kickbox
8-23-18 Fit legs
2018 Glassboro upper body.
8/10/17 Get Steppin'

I've been enjoying - Cathe delivers some brutal lower body work! My month is almost up and I still have so many to try!
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So I'm thinking I need to take more time off from working out - AGAIN. I am in pain again and when I breath it hurts. My waistline and low back are hurting and I probably should NOT have done those deadlifts yesterday. I need to let this heal so next week I plan to do nothing but stretching and light yoga. Even some of the yoga I've been doing I think has been too aggressive. This needs to heal or I am going to really hurt myself. Plus my stupid hamstring is still tight. How can coughing do such harm to the body? It is incredible.

I did walk on the treadmill this morning for a bit. Low back started to hurt, hamstring got tight. I got off a couple times to stretch and then finished after about 40 minutes.

So workout was 40 minutes (if you call it a workout), I burned 232 calories and did 2 miles and 4864 steps. HR was 105/127.

I also did the first part of Stretch Max w/Band. That one feels good. I need to do Kelly Voight's Yoga Stretch and plan on doing that one a few times next week.

Belinda - Great job with AAA, that one looks good too. I'll have to take some time and watch them, if the workouts aren't rushed, I may like them. It does look like a lot of fun.

Diane - Nice workouts yesterday! I guess I should rephrase what I said about the foam rolling workout, I don't mean I didn't like it, I guess I just expected more foam rolling and not the other things she did, although they did feel good. I just need more rolling in areas she didn't do and I guess that's why I didn't like it so much. I probably will do it again on occasion.

Jolie - Nice job with your step workout yesterday. I don't think I'd like it too much, I'm not crazy about hard step workouts anymore. My knees just can't take it. I'm so glad your house sold and the papers are final!! Hooray! That is great!!!

Roxie - Sorry to hear you are having these issues, I know what itching like that feels like. Are you using a lotion that you might be allergic to? Have you changed detergent? Anything like that could make your skin react like that. Perfume, body sprays. If you use any of that stuff try stopping it for a while.

Doreen - Nice job on your workouts!

Roselyn - You are kicking it! How is school?

Have great workouts everyone!!!
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Good morning,

D6 Legs is done. Great I am sweating like crazy. Sorry, I have a lot of work to catch up. Not sure, if I have time to post all the exercises. Loving these workout.

Debbie - I am so sorry your back is hurting. I threw my back out a few times with deadlift. Had my share on slipped discs. Be careful with those deadlift. My PT in Germany told me not to do them anymore. I still do deadlifts I just don't go down as far. the workouts are not rushed, you get lots of breaks in between exercises. Hope you feel better soon. She uses the loops, 2 sets of DB's and gliders. I saw on FB that Autumn is coming out in a few month with another 21 Day Fix (?) program. I always liked and got great results with her programs.

Jolie - keeping my fingers crossed. Glad you enjoying Yvette's workouts. Looks brutal.

Roxie - so sorry your are going through this. You must be miserable. Your poor thing!

Diane - nice job as well.

Roselyn and Doreen - good job!

I will try to be back later.
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Jolie Fit

So my house is officially sold and the sold sign is now up! What a process! Now it is crunch time. Today I chose a Cathe Live workout, Toasted Trisets with core. I changed it up a bit, adding some extra reps to the first set, x 12 instead of x 8 reps. The other two sets are x 8 reps. Workout was on the short side, 50 minutes and I burned 328 calories. I am tired from yesterdays workout but I feel really good otherwise. No aches and pains, which is an absolute first for me. Ever since I started juicing and drinking celery juice, my inflammation is down and I have so much energy. Now I see why it is such a big deal right now.

Bicep Curls- 15's x 12, x 8, x 8 ( 3 rounds of each Giant Set with NO rest )
W Curls- 15's
Hammer Curls- 15's

Triceps Ext.- 15's x 12, x 8, x 8
Cross Body Lying Ext.- 12's
Kickbacks-0 10's

1 Arm Rows- 25's x 12, x 8, x 8
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50#
Rear Flies- 12's

Chest Flies- 15's x 12, x 8, x 8
Chest Press- 20's
Close Grip Chest Press to Chest Press- 15's

Seated Shoulder Press- 15's x 12, x 8, x 8
Lateral Raise- 10's
Front Raise- 10's

Core, x 3 exercises x 3 time around

This is a great workout if you want to lift a little heavier since the reps are low.

Debbie, I am sorry to hear that you are suffering with some pain again. When I got like that the last couple of years, i just started walking like crazy. Remember, I was walking 5 miles a day. I let everything settle down and then eased back into lifting again. Your body is just saying that it needs a break. Sometimes spasms just dont want to let go so rest is a great idea. I hope you feel better soon.

Belinda, killing it with the workouts and boy is your a## going to look great this summer for wearing shorts! :)I am glad you are enjoying your workouts, I love what I am doing as well. My body is responding in such a positive way, if i could only get my eating cleaner I would be in business. I just have been too stressedd and I am reaching for the wrong things.

Doreen, way to go to getting in some fun workouts.

Roselyn, I have to try Metabolic Blast Live soon, I have previewed it and it looks fun!

Diane Sue, I hope you have a great workout today.

Roxie, sorry about the health issue you are going through right now. Nice job on the spin workout.

85 Degrees here today and my son is coming home from college tonight!!!!!! I am so excited to see him.

Happy Friday my friends.
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Julie - Congratulates!!! That is wonderful. You must be relieved. WTG, on Cathe Live Trisets and Core. Looks intense and on your results. I do like those workouts and how my my body is responding. Once you slow down you will get your eating under control. You have a lot going on with the move. Moving is always stressful. Again, congrats! So happy for you :)


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Intervals #3,27 minutes, heart rate average 134, max 178, 1,749 steps, 203 calories, met 7.6. I then did Pyramid Pump Lower body only time saver. , 45 minutes, 259 calories, met 6.5, heart rate 115 average, max 170?? , 1,281 steps. Total time 72 minutes, calories burned 464, 3030 steps.

Raw Intervals #3 uses a step with 1 riser for some of the cardio moves A warm up is needed. I threw the ball and ran around with Gertie for a warm up ;)
Kelly uses 3# dbs and 10# dbs weights are done in a light weight quick paced set then heavier slow set between cardio intervals
biceps curls alternating quick paced 5# dbs me, followed by 10# curls
ski runs and jacks
bent arm lateral raise with pulses 3# dbs followed by 10# lateral raises
step single leg pulls all on right then all on left
triceps running kickbacks 5# dbs me followed by 10# dbs kickbacks
step scissors then pop squats 3 sets of 8 reps
standing pec dec 3# pulses followed by slow paced 10# dbs
step lateral leg lifts with arm movements
back rows 5# dbs me followed by 10# dbl arm rows
waist line side bends followed by seated knee ins

Pyramid Lower body 12,10,8,10,12 reps each exercise
rear slide lunge 8,10,15,12,10 lb dbs
step ups 3 risers 10,12,15,12,10 lb dbs
side slide lunges 10,12,15,12,10 lb
elevated lunges 8,10,15,12,10 lb dbs
sliding crossback lunges 8,10,12,10,8 lb dbs
deadlifts 12,15,17.5,15,12 lb dbs
calf raises 12# dbs 30 reps, 15# dbs 25 reps, 17.5# dbs 20 reps, 15# dbs, 25 reps, 12# dbs 30 reps


I need to catch up. I have just had so much catching up to do and also trying to catch a short nap here and there because my allergies are keeping me up coughing. The sun is shining today :) I need to make my dog go out and sit in the sun. She doesn't like to go outside that much. The vet said she may have seasonal alopecia where dogs lose hair because they are not out in the sun. If it keeps happening seasonally they suggest melatonin.

Roxie, I am sorry that you are so itchy. I read something today about an adaptogen herb that I looked up because it was in my Suja Kombucha berry tea. I guess it is a berry and you can buy in capsules, but, on Dr Axe they mention it can help dermatitis. It is called schizandra. It has something to do with regulating cortisol levels. I thought of you when I read about it helping dermatitis.

Debbie, I understand you feeling more the need to get in the rolling. I liked the workout because it used the roller a bit differently for the stretching as well as rolling and some mobility. I did spend some extra time on my quads and hamstrings though. Kelly does seem to spend quite a bit of time on the back area to avoid fusion with age. The yoga for a week sounds like a good idea. Maybe you really pulled something with the coughing and it just needs to heal. It is amazing how some yoga moves can actually aggravate things. I have learned not to push too hard. Also, I tend to feel those areas that are hurting , even if I am working another body part. I think just picking up weights makes the rest of the muscle tighten up. You had a great workout yesterday and nice job on the treadmill this morning.

Roselyn, way to go on Metabolic Blast Live. Is it anything like the Lite series Metabolic Blast?

Belinda, nice workout. I have learned to keep my knees bent slightly and not to go down so far as well with deadlifts. I used to go to my feet and keep my legs straight. Those workouts sound great that you are doing. I have thought about doing 21 Day Fix Extreme again. Right now I am still into Kelly's Raw and getting the Lite workouts. I just ordered the Rev'd and Rumble workout. I am getting them as I get enough rebate money back off of grocery shopping so I don't have to pay out of pocket.

Jolie, that is awesome that the house is sold!! Now on to getting moved. I tend to want to eat when I am stressed. It helps to be busy. Keep your kitchen stocked with healthy go to snacks :) I have noticed the price of celery has gone up since the new trend for drinking celery juice. I know I have used celery seed with tart cherry capsules because they are supposed to help with gout. I would rather just drink juices that are already done LOL It seems like so much work and I don't have a juicer. I used to just dump everything into the blender.

Doreen, you are really using the Cathe Live workouts. That is what I did when I signed up. I sure got a lot of different ones in.

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I went back today and saw a doctor not a practitioner be my stomach is now broke out so I wanted to do something before the weekend he says he doesn’t know what it is but he gave me some prednisone told me to take Benadryl and my Zyrtec to help he also said not to get hot and sweaty take either a cool shower or get in an out and no workouts until it’s gone.

Diane- thanks for thinking of me I was going to ask you for some herbal thing.


Debbie- I still think you need to see a sports doctor

Belinda’s-good job today


Roxie - your poor thing :( You don't get a break, hah? Hope the Benadryl and my Zyrtec will help.

Diane - sorry about your allergies bordering you. I hope you feel better soon. It's hard getting the dogs outside if they don't like going out. The only time my dogs went outside if went with them. Brawler was clued to my hip. Can't wait to hear what you think of Rev'd and Rumble. How do you get rebate money for grocery shopping? Autumn is coming out with a new 21 DF program soon. Made me want to pull mine out too after I am done with 80DO.

Is anyone on here a vegan? We have a new vegan restaurant and it's so yummy. I am not a vegan nor a vegetarian :) The food is so good, even my husband who is a picky eater loves it. I took my kids last weekend they all loved it. I don't even miss the meat. So yummy!


Roxie, I went for about a year with some itchy rash all over me from head to toe. Mostly legs and midsection. My daughter who is a dermatologist did a test to rule out anything and gave some name for it. It was a name they use for no real understanding of what it is, but it goes away in 6 months to a year. It did go away. It would get a bit better and then worse. Every once in awhile it will seem like it might be coming back and I think it starts up when I am under a lot of stress. So, I try to find things to help with the stress. I use ashwagandha most days. Reishi mushroom helps relax too. I can't do that that often. It makes me sleepy into the next morning. I am sensitive to most things and use smaller doses than what is recommended to see how I tolerate them. I hope what you are taking helps. I can't do those allergy meds. Not even Zertec. Benedryl wipes me out. When it happened and lasted so long, I had been under lots of stress, my Dad had fell and was in a coma, then passed away, we were moving and had not found a house yet, and had to put things in storage and then I lost one of my dogs to tick born illness, and several other things. It was just one thing right after the other. I kept itching when I was at my Dads after the funeral and I thought it was bugs or something. We were packing and making trips out of state for my Dad. Maybe your job changes and stress has some to do with the immune system and causing the dermatitis.

Belinda, I have 3 apps that I use. Ibotta is where I get the most money back. I check the different stores that I shop at for their rebates and check them off then when shopping I purchase the things I want and come home and scan my receipt. There are other ways to get the rebates as well. I go through ibotta then click on Amazon and shop through the Ibotta app and I get a percentage of my purchase back. There are travel rebates and lots of stores. Walmart is easy since I mark the things off before I scan the receipt and it picks up the stuff with the QR code and I don't have to scan the barcodes on the items like I do for Target and Sprouts. They give bonuses for getting so many rebates. I usually manage to get several of those. If someone sends you an invite to join, and you join they will become a team mate and you get to combine both of your purchases and get better bonuses. I don't have any friends or team mates. I did have my daughter, but she got a new phone and somehow had to rejoin as another identity so she is no longer a team mate. Check out 51 has a list of items on their rebates and I get some money back from them , but the list is short. Fetch Rewards is the easiest. You just scan your receipt and it picks up on everything that you purchased that is on their rewards brands list. I have only drawn money from them once. I can now, but I am letting it build. With Ibotta I have been using them 18 months and have received 874 dollars in rebates so far. Not bad, since I don't use all of the perks they have. Sorry for the long explanation. WHen I first started it took me a bit to get into it and understand all of it so I did not save as much. Now I have it down. You can redeem your funds too your pay pal account, bank account, or gift cards for most. I usually do Amazon gift cards although with Check out 51 I did it on Pay Pal to try that out. I wanted to see how easy it was and private. It all worked through my e mail, I didn't have to give out info.

Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

Diane Sue- that sounds exactly what I have I take zyrtec every day to combat dizziness and benadryl knocks me out than wires me up. The prednisone seems to be helping and my boss said the same thing about stress. I plan on doing some yoga or stretching in a little bit it shouldn’t make me sweaty. Thank you for the help
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Good morning,

D6 Cardio Flow + SBF UB + 2 mile walk is done. I need to shower and get ready to go grocery shopping.

Diane - thanks for the info. I will check into it this weekend.

Roxie - glad the meds are helping.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me.
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I am getting ready to do another purge on my workout dvd's. I have way to many dvd's, haven't used them in month. I need to let them go :) I will list them if no one on here is interested. I have brand new Beachbody sets Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, P90, 10 Min Trainer with Tony Horton just to name a few. All sets come with material and original equipments. I also have brand new Barre 3, Pure Barre, Tracey Mallett. I am also have all the Tracie Long workouts. they also new. If you are interested in any, please sent me a pm.
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Roxie 1965

Good Afternoon,

I know I wasn’t suppose to get hot and sweaty and didn’t think my workout of choice would but it was deceiving StudioSweat Strength Training For Active Older Adults followed by a Stretch. The rash is starting to clear up.
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