Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for June 2024

Today I did CDorner Kickboxing Cardio, 31 minutes, 156 calories, heart rate 134/165, 4,307 steps. My Garmin decided it was time for an update right when I was finished with this. I let it do it while I set up for the next workout. I did Total Body Barbell Upper Body only, 40 minutes, 113 calories, heart rate 99/130. I finished with CDorner Day 24 Upper Back and Neck and added some lower body stretches, 19 minutes, 38 calories. Total time was 90 minutes, 307 calories, 4,852 steps.
I just kept with Cathe's weights, and everything is the same as last time. The only difference is I switched to iron barbell plates and was wondering why it seemed like I was working harder and realized the iron plates are heavier than those plastic-coated plates that come with the barbell. Also, for the lunge with bicep sort of cardio segment I used my easy curl bar and had it already loaded so full weight came to 1 pound more than it would have been. I tried to simplify things as much as possible because Cathy moves through weight changes fast. Also some of the sections go from one exercise right into the next with no break or weight change.
Roselyn, nice work on arms day.

Debbie, I am sorry, hopefully the PT gets an opening sooner. I use the massage gun with the padded attachment and not to much pressure. I get it though. When my husband bought it for me I hated it. Plus it was after surgery and not ready top take a pounding. I have used it more recently on my tight calf that is making it hard to do calf raises at all on the right leg. It is improving though. Killer legs is in the series I think called the 2023 series theat came out soon after STS 2.0. She got them out quickly. It just includes the two weight workouts, a kickboxing workout, and a spin bike workout. My knee is still a little unhappy from that high step work. I should have known better and lowered the bench.
Yeah, on tomorrow being the last day at work for a while. I know you can use the break. Nice work on the treadmill walk and stretch.

Belinda, good job on Day 28 Lean and strong Legs today.
This morning I walked on my treadmill for 45 minutes, burned 332 calories, went 2.2 miles, did 5233 steps and HR was 120/144. Worked up a good sweat. Feeling better today but the pinch/tightness is still there.

Belinda - Good workout yesterday!

Diane - Dang girl, no wonder you can't gain weight! 90 minute workout yesterday!! Nice going, I'm jealous! LOL!! Great combo you did, too. Yea, I'm not too fond of that massage gun, haven't had really good luck with it. And yes, today is my last day for about 6 weeks. Can't wait for 3:30!!!

Have a great workout today!!
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Yesterday I took the pup for a 3-mile walk, 1 hour and burned 401 calories. I did not do steep hills this time, I went on a level trail most of the way because I have little pep in my step lately. Today I did STS Disc #2 Back and Triceps and had an excellent workout. Workout was 56 minutes and I burned 384 calories. The sun is starting to come out now and the June gloom is not so bad, so now my allergies are going away!!!!!! I woke up feeling 60% better today and I can actually function. I have to say, I am loving the STS program again. This is my all-time favorite workout program, it has basic exercises, and the time just flies by. I hope I can stick to it without getting bored since I have done it so many times in the past. I got on the scale today, the first time in 2 months and I have lost 9 pounds. Between the stress with my dad, the teeth issues and the allergies, I have my summer body back! God works in mysterious ways... :)

Debbie, I am so sorry you are feeling pain again. I bet it was because of you hanging the picture, I hurt myself once doing the exact same thing. This kind of tells me that it is Myofascial Pain, it happens when you are doing something and it triggers it to lock up. I have a book I got on Amazon called Trigger Point Therapy for Myofascial Pain and it can help you understand why it is happening and what you can do about it. My husband will help me kneed it out and I am like a new person afterwards. The authors are Donna Finando and Steven Finando. It sounds like it could be your Trap, Rhomboid or your Levator Scapulae. Maybe get a deep tissue massage in the meantime, till you can get into your PT. Nice job on the Butts and Gutts yesterday.

Daine Sue, wow on the workout yesterday! I love a good old long workout sometimes, it feels amazing. I did not know about the link with the antihistamines and Alzheimer's. I will not take those anymore now that i know. Thank you for telling me.

Belinda, great job on the workout and I hope Sadie looks cute after the grooming appointment!

Make it a great day. Tomorrow I am walking for my workout.
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On the antihistamines, worse in studies is the one in Benadryl. It is also in Tylenol PM and things like that. I read one article where the others went from Zyrtec worst, Claritin second and Allegra not as much. They are doing studies as too how much, how long, ages and other heath things. There is along NIH study on it. Harvard Health. Anyway, I prefer to be on the safe side and avoid any of them to be on the safe side as much as possible. I can't take Benadryl anyway as it knocks me out and makes me feel ill. Plus, I have two aunts that one passed away from Alzheimer's and the other has it.

Sadie looks fabulous. Today was a rest day from Sydney rotation. I did a dance workout.

Jolie - glad you enjoy STS. I also love the program.

Debbie - great job on your walk. Sorry you still have tightness going on. Feel better.

Diane - Benadryl knocks me out too. I have to take it before I get the infusion. Great job on CDorner Kickboxing Cardio.

Good night.
Today I did CDorner Aerobic Cardio Low Impact 70's 80's music, 46 minutes, 253 calories, heart rate 136/166. This was fun. I then did her Mobility-core-stretch, 29 minutes, 53 calories, heart rate 85/100. A lot of balance and plank, bear, bird dog stuff. Total time was 75 minutes, 306 calories, 4,270 steps. I plan on doing weights tomorrow.

Debbie, I was just trying to do catch up yesterday since I Tuesday off and Monday I did legs and abs. It looks like you got in a great workout on the treadmill today. Lots of steps too. Does you Garmin keep updating? Mine did yesterday and then today it wanted to update again.

Jolie, great that you got in a walk and had some pep in your step yesterday and today's STS disc 2 Back and Triceps. The Sun is out here in getting in the upper 80's and 90's. I have to get out early to do things in the yard. I wish my allergies would go away. I don't know why I try allergy meds because they do not work. It is mostly in desperation, I guess. I am glad that you are feeling better. I have days that are better though than others. I got a lot done yesterday and was not tired when it was time to go to bed.

Belinda, nice work getting in a dance today. I bet Sadie looks cute all groomed.

Lower body glutes is done. We are tasking off on Tuesday. I have my infusion on Monday. We are going back to Solomons Island MD, than to Nord Carolina.

Diane - great job on your Aerobic Cardio Low impact today.

Waving hi to everyone that checks in today. BBL
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Google Afternoon,

DH and I have been on vacation all week left for the lake Sunday came home yesterday. I walked at least 2 miles everyday and did 2 of the TBTS workouts easiest to do in the camper, I need to buy a set of weights for the camper so I don’t have to carry some out. I am still having hip pain so going back to PT but they changed my appointment until the 25th. DH did figu out my side of the couch was not right so he fixed it today hoping it helps with the hip pain.

Debbie-there are 2 Physical Therapy offices in my town and they are both booked out several weeks.

Diane-I take Zyrtec every day if I don’t I start having dizzy spells.
This morning I walked on my treadmill again and then did RAW Ab Finisher. I like that workout but not the music - it's the music her sons recorded. She plays them three times each and it gets old. But the workout is so good, first part is standing, second part is lying down.

I am feeling really good today, not sure why because yesterday it was hurting. I used the infrared light right on my trap area for the last two nights and that seems to have helped. I did get a PT appointment for next Thursday so I will go whether I'm in pain or not. I want them to give me some exercises to strengthen the area. I sure hope the pain is behind me, though. I almost lifted today but thought better of it. And the ab workout uses an 8# weight but I didn't.

Great job with your workouts everyone. I don't have time for personals so have a great weekend!!
Today I had an excellent workout. I did STS Disc #4 Chest, Shoulders and Biceps. I love doing these workouts again, they are so good, and the time goes by so quickly. Workout was 1 hour and 5 minutes and I burned 388 calories. Yesterday my allergies were so bad again. I could not stop blowing my nose the entire day. I took the pup for a 2.5 mile walk but that was it because I ran out of Kleenex and was desperate to get home for more. Walk was 45 minutes and I burned 319 calories.

Great job on the workouts yesterday everyone. I hope you all have a great weekend. We have sun today instead of fog so that will make for a great day!
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Yesterday I did Raw Kellys Favorite 8 moves (June), 34 minutes (3 sets option), 142 calories, heart rate 116/142 followed by CDorner Stretch and Relax Full Body, 37 miinutes, 59 calories. This is slow and relaxed and stretches are held for a while. It felt good. Total time was 71 minutes, 201 calories.
Today I did Raw Step Boxing, 29 minutes, heart rate 136/165, 162 calories, 2,509 steps followed by Raw Yoga Stretch, 14 minutes 24 calories, and CDorner Day 6 Total Body Morning Mobility, 12 minutes, 22 calories. Total time 65 minutes, 208 calories.
I have family day tomorrow and cake baking to get done for birthdays an father's day. I spent several hours on a painting yesterday. Still more to do though, but almost done with the first one. I have 3 to do. These are 16x20 paintings so it takes a while.

Jolie, nice work on STS. My allergies are like that too. One day drippy and needing the tissue box handy all over the house plus sneezing and the next somewhat better. It is not fun.

Belinda, on the upper body workout today. I am sure that you are looking forward to your trip.

Roxie, nice work on the TBTS workouts and walks while on vacation. I hope the couch adjustment helps with your hip.

Debbie, nice work on the treadmill and Raw Ab Finisher today. I like that one too. I hardly pay attention to the music on it. I mostly like the standing part. Sticking with the PT is a good idea. Hopefully you can get something from it that keeps this from happening again.
Good Afternoon,

I did Raw Shadowboxing 1 and standing ab work from Kickboxing and Home Gym Intervals. We drove 2 hours to a baseball tournament and they lost the first game won the second one and comping home we ran into a big storm he played agai today but we stayed home and this time they won the first game but lost the second one.
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Well, I'm feeling much better so I thought I'd try a weight workout. So I'm starting slow and with really light weights. I did STS 2 Biceps (One Body Part) and really liked it. I did well but my left side did tighten up. I can't wait to go to the PT on Thursday. I have been stretching every day and using the infrared and it's helping a lot. But why is the trap muscle so tight??? At least the pain is gone in my shoulder.

This is the workout:
Barbell Curls: 20# - 2 sets/8 reps
Barbell Curl/Pause Reps: 20# - 8 rep
Kneeling Alt. Sweeper Curls: 12's - 8 reps (I did concentration curls)
Kneeling Double Arm Sweeper Curls: 12's - 8 reps (I them seated)
Hammer Sweeper Curls: 12's - 8 reps
CrossBody Curls: 12's - 8 reps
Kneeling Hammer/CrossBody Curls: 12's - 6 reps (I did them seated)
Incline Curls on Stability Ball: 10's - 2 sets/10 reps
Single Arm Preacher Curls: 10# - 2 sets/8 reps (I did concentration curls because the way she does these on the stability ball does not feel right to me)
Banded Dumbbell Curls: 5's + Blue band - Lots of reps
Reverse Curls: 10's - 2 sets/12 reps
Barbell Wrist Curls: 5's - 2 - 16 reps (I used dumbbells)

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 172 calories and HR was 91/127.

Then I walked on my treadmill. That was 32 minutes, burned 235 calories, went 1.58 miles, did 3729 steps and HR was 118/133

Nice workouts everyone! I tell you, it is SO NICE to be home and take my time with my workouts. I'm really lucky to have the job I have. It's the best of both worlds. Great job with your workouts this weekend, you all did a great job!! Have a great day!
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Today I had an excellent workout. I did STS Meso 1 Disc #5 Back and Triceps and did good with the weights. Workout was 1 hour and I burned 368 calories. My back is going to be feeling this workout tomorrow for sure!

Debbie, great job with the STS Biceps workout today. I cannot wait to get to Meso 2, but I am enjoying the higher rep workouts in Meso 1 right now too. I hope the PT gets to the bottom of your issue when you go on Thursday. Is this the same issue you had the last time when you had to go to PT? Enjoy your summer break and more time for your workouts :)

Roxie, wow on the baseball games, that is a lot of them. I bet it is nice to go to the lake for your vacation.

Belinda, good luck at the doctors today and enjoy your trip!

Diane Sue, my allergies are better today but yesterday the wind was blowing and I was absolutely miserable. I never stopped blowing my nose. I use Sudafed, I hope that is safe to take. I only take half a tablet to sleep, I do not use any for during the day, I just suffer. Nice job on the workout on Saturday. I hope you feel better today.

Roselyn, great job on the 2.0 workout on Saturday.

Make it a great day.
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Good Afternoon,

I did TBTS Push and I am hoping that later it cools down enough to go for a walk it’s in the 90’s right now.
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Infusion went well. I didn’t had any coffee this morning, I am dragging. My blood pressure is always a little high at the infusion center. Today I decided not to have coffee before, blood pressure was perfect. My energy is down. Go figure. When I came home I made myself a nice couple coffee. I probably be up all night long, lol.

Cathe’s presale ends June 28? I think?

Today I did D31 Full body - 30 min. Glad it wasn’t a long workout. I was half asleep.

Diane - sorry you dealing with allergies. Feel better soon. My noise is so stuffed up. I hope it’s not another sinus Probleme.

Debbie - Yeah, school is out. Enjoy your summer. Great job today.

Jolie - thank you. You are doing so great with STS. Keep up the good work.

Have a great day and workout.
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Today I did CDorner Sculpt Your Glutes and Abs, 33 minutes, 90 calories, heart rate 97/143. I then did Raw Shadow Boxing 2 using 2# dumbbells, 18 minutes, 83 calories, heart rate 119/141. I ended with Yoga with Adriene yoga for calves, 23 minutes, 36 calories and Quad Release yoga, 17 minutes, 25 calories. I have done her yoga a few times in the past. I came across her on Chris Kresser's website when he mentions he uses her yoga. It felt really good other than lots of on my hands on the calf one. She does do some interesting things as far as checking alignment and adding a little extra to standard moves. My right calf and hip flexor is so tight all of the time. I kept working on my calf this morning when I got up. I cannot do a single leg calf raise with that side anymore unless I am holding on to something with both hands.
I am still kind of sore from the Raw 8 moves Friday.
Amazon sent a package delivered message and it did not have our doorstep in the picture. I went out to see which neighbor had light colored brick and not a bunch of plants on the step. It ended up being across the street. They did not answer the doorbell so I came back and called my husband to see if he thought I should just wait as I did not want them to think I was stealing things off their step when the doorbell camera shows it. He was telling me to put a note in the door and take my package. She came out though while I was on the phone. Funny, her little boy said they were hiding. She explained that she didn't want to answer the door right then. Then he chattered all about them going to the library. It was kind of funny. I told her I don't usually answer the door when strangers are out there and my husband is gone.
I finished the first painting for my granddaughter. Now I need to start the next one. I have things set out to draw it out and transfer to the canvas for placement of things before I paint.

Roselyn, nice work on Shadow Boxing 1 and the standing ab work yesterday and today's TBTS Push workout. It is supposed to be 90 today. I went outside and did some work in the yard early this morning. Fortunately, it is windy for comfort, but not so much for fires.

Debbie, great job on STS 2 Body Parts Biceps. I do like those workouts. I like most of them other than when I hit one of the workouts using a lot of band work. There are options though. Some of them require a lot of items and set up for me. No room to keep the Fit Tower set up and bands(tubing) needs to be arranged for different things. That is the one drawback for me as I dread getting it all set up and planned out.

Jolie, nice work on STS Meso 1 Day 5 Back and Triceps. Those are such long workouts. I went outside in the wind today and came back in sneezing like crazy. I keep forgetting that I have some Nasal Guard ointment that I put around the nose, and it helps block allergens. It does help some. Sudafed is a decongestant. It would only have antihistamine in it if you got a Sudafed night one that had it.

Belinda, I am glad the infusion went well. I do not drink coffee before doctor appointments because it elevates my blood pressure. Unfortunately, my next cardiovascular appointment is in the afternoon, as I changed days and July 1st was the earliest, I could get one. So, no coffee till late in the day. I sure hope you do not get another sinus infection.

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