Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for June 2024

Once again, walked on my treadmill for about 1.3 miles and then did CDorner's Day 24 Neck and Shoulder Mobility. It was much easier this tiime so I think I'm finally getting better. I still have a knot but now it seems to be workable where I can massage it out. I used the infrared light again last night and that thing really works. I am very surprised. It feels good, too, because it gets warm and seems to calm down all the muscles in that area.

Jolie - Nice job with your weight workout yesterday. Can't wait to get back at it myself. My summer break starts after next Friday. Can't wait!!

Belinda - Nice job on the belly dance! Glad you caught the mouse. Just a word of warming, where theres one, theres more. Don't move the traps just yet.

Diane - Nice job with your workout. Is that an STS 2 workout? My Garmin has been reading my HR weirdly lately. Today I did a hill climb and my HR didn't get above 122 whcih is low for me when I'm walking up hills. Oh well, who cares? LOL!!

Have a great weekend everyone! So glad it's Friday!!!

We had the exterminator come this morning. Everything outside looks good. He said there was no need to come inside the house. He believes we caught it early. He thinks Dh left the doors open in his workshop or the mouse come from the garage through the mudroom. Dh always leave the doors wide open. He gave us more mouse traps. We will keep the mouse traps up for a few weeks to make sure we don’t have more in the basement or in the living area. I put up all my food and the area where we saw evidence of a mouse.

I did EMPOWERING Glutes and Abs At-Home Strength Builder Workout | STF - Day 24 today.
Exercises: 42 min
1. Band Activation
2. Hip Thrusts
3. DB Hamstring curls on the floor - I used my bench with the leg curl
4. Left side standing Hip Abduction
5. Right side standing Hip Abduction
6. KB Swings
7. RDL Lengthened Partials
8. DB Left side Sit up and twist - I did those on the SB ball, felt better for my back
9. DB Right side sit up and twist - used my SB ball
10. Leg raise - those are tough.
11. 1 Minute Weighted Ab Max Out

Debbie - so glad to hear you getting better. Nice job on your walk. I know you bored out of your mind. Thanks for the warning about not removing the traps yet. I really appreciate all the advice.

Diane - great job on your workout.

Waving Hi to Roselyn and Jolie!

i am meeting my son for dinner in DC. He leaves tomorrow.

I will be back tomorrow.
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Today I did CDorner Aerobics & abs 90's music hi or lo, 45 minutes, 201 calories, heart rate 127/161, 3,639 steps. I also did CDorner Mobility Day 12 spinal mobility and Day 18 chest and shoulders, 34 minutes, 49 calories. Total time was 79 minutes, 250 calories.
Today I decided to do STS, the original series (which I love) and started with Meso 1 Disc #1 Chest, Shoulders and Biceps. I had a great workout! I love this series because it is a no repeat type of workout and I do not get bored. I wonder how many times I have done the STS series over the years! Workout was 1 hour, and I burned 358 calories. I am not going to commit to the entire series, I am going to go where the wind takes me. If I love doing it week after week, then great, if not, I will move onto something else. My best muscle gains have always been while doing this program.

Nice job on the workouts yesterday everyone!

Belinda, way to go on catching the mouse!!! My pup caught one in the yard two days ago and had the time of his life! He was so proud of himself.

Debbie, I am so glad you are getting results with the red light therapy. I tell you what, it really works well. I have been using mine for about 20 years and it always does something positive for my body. I use it while I read in bed before I go to sleep and it is so relaxing.

Diane Sue, Nice job on the workouts the past two days. It amazes me how low your calorie burns are since you do lift heavy weights and do hard workouts. I guess this comes with age but I do remember years ago your calorie burns were always lower than mine. Maybe, mine are just high?

Roselyn, nice job on the workout.

Have a wonderful Saturday. It is June gloom here again today, when is the sun going to come out at the beach this year?!
Today I did Perfect 30 Perfect Pump Upper Body +extended stretch, 54 minutes, heart rate 98/134, 143 calories. That is all I had time for today.

Perfect 30 Upper Body
warm up and tubing
Pullover set 1 15# db 10 reps (I used 1 weight for this as Cathe uses 2)
Pullover set 2 20# db 10 reps
one arm row set 1 30# db 12 reps
one arm row set 2 25# db 10 reps
bent over clutch row 20# dbs 10 reps
posture pull with tubing
rapid row toss 25# db 10 reps
standing sweeper curls 20/15# dbs 8 reps
clutch curls 15# dbs 10 reps
biceps curls 1 15# dbs 10 reps
biceps curls 2 12# dbs 10 reps
biceps curls 3 10# dbs 10 reps
incline V Lat Raise Combo 5# dbs
lateral raise 5# dbs 8 reps
scarecrow 5# dbs 12 reps
push press 3.5's 10# dbs
incline bench press 15# dbs 16 reps
incline clutch press 15# dbs 15# dbs 10 reps
flat dead bug fly 12# dbs 10 reps
overhead triceps extension 20# db
kickbacks 10# dbs 10 reps
push ups using step top 10 reps
triceps dips set 1 12# db 24 reps
triceps dip set 2 12# db 18 reps
triceps dips set 3 12# db 12 reps

Debbie, I am so glad that the red light is helping, and you can move better. Nice work on the treadmill walk and the day 24 neck and shoulders stretch.

Belinda, hopefully that was the only mouse. Great job on the Empowering Glutes and Abs workout. It looks like a really good one. Also, nice work today on chest triceps and shoulders.

Roselyn, nice work on upper body yesterday.

Jolie, nice job on the STS Meso 1 disc 1 chest, shoulders, and biceps. Those are always great workouts. You burn some nice calories even doing weights. The thing that bothers me is I can work out hard for an hour and feel like some of those burns I get, I would have gotten sitting on my buttocks. It averages out though. I don't worry because I am trying to gain weight, so concentrating on weights and skipping cardio some days, but need it for cardiovascular health. I have always gotten lower read outs than everyone else, and used different sources of monitoring so I know it is just the way I am. I used to do Insanity workouts plus others and still did not get what one would think I should.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I am dragging today. I did get in a dance.

Jolie - we are happy we caught the mouse. I just hope we don’t have anymore showing up. Aww…that is great your pup caught the mouse. When we had our Lap/boxer mix he would have fund the mouse too. Great job on your workout. I love the original STS too. Sydney rotation reminds me so much of STS. I am sore with those workouts. How is your tooth doing?

Diane - great job on Perfect 30 Perfect Pump Upper Body + extended stretch. Yeah, I hope we don’t have another mouse with his friends. We are still keeping the traps up.

Roselyn - great job on your trampoline workout.

I will be back tomorrow.
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This morning I walked on my treadmill again. Even though I am feeling better, I still get a slight pain when I raise my left arm up, like when I'm taking a shirt off or reaching for something. Not sure what that's all about. I'm still using the infrared light and all the muscle pains have subsided. I'm not sure what the pain I'm feeling is? Hopefully just a muscle that's piinched or something.

Workout was 41 minutes, burned 456 calories (holy crap, not sure how that happened!), went 2 miles, did 4730 steps and HR was 162/187. I don't think my HR was that high, I'm not sure what is going on with my Garmin but all of a sudden it doesn't seem to be able to read my HR right. Last week I had really low HR readings and now this high one. Weird.

I don't have time for personals, I'm moving from one office to another here at work. Just found out about it on Friday, not sure why everything is such a secret here. I have so much junk, great week to clean up everything. I'm done with work after Friday until August. YAY!!!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Today I did Cathe's Killer Legs, 42 minutes, 157 calories, heart rate 113/152. I then did Raw String Along Abs, 15 minutes, heart rate 106/141, 53 calories and Raw Yoga Stretch 14 minutes, 28 calories. Total time was 71 minutes, 238 calories. I have my ladies group gathering to go to tomorrow so will probably not work out. Sunday was my rest day.

Killer Legs
Squat Oblique twist 10# db
squat alternating arm up 10# db 10 reps
alternating rear lunges 10# dbs (singles and one and a half) 26 reps?
deadlifts 15# dbs
squat deadlift combo 15# dbs
squats 20# dbs 12 reps
close grip sumo squats 20# dbs 12 reps
pass under squats 12# db
deadlifts 25# dbs
touch down lunges 20# db 10 reps RT/LT
deadlifts 25# dbs 10 reps
cross back lunges 15# dbs 10 reps
cross back lunge deadlift combo 15# dbs 4 reps
static lunges 20# dbs 12 reps
tap lunge combo 12# dbs (this is back lunge/forward lunge/backward lunge tap forward a bit and up)
calf raises 20# dbs 20 reps 2times
sumo calf raise combo 20# db 20 reps
side to side sumo squats 12# dbs 16 reps
triple side lunges 15# db
alternating front lunges 15# dbs 12 reps
lunge knee up no weight 16 each side
lunge side bend combo 10# db held overhead
sumo squat to side lunge 15# db

Roselyn nice work on the trampoline workout.

Belinda, nice work on the dance yesterday. I hope that you got some rest.

Debbie, good job getting in a treadmill walk today. I have things where something hurts or feels like it is trying to cramp up into a charley horse or something. Triceps a lot of the time, biceps at times. Usually reaching overhead. Also, my neck sometimes does it as well and boy does that take a bit of time to get worked out where I can move my head to a non-painful place. I do not know why it happens at all. This all comes and goes. Funny, I have a lot of clothes and workout tops that I purchased that I can step into, including bras so I don't have to go overhead. Wide necks are nice on things or extra stretchy.
I know you are looking forward to your summer break. Hope your day of moving things goes well. Be careful.

Day 26 Full Body Supersets is done.

Diane - great job on your workout. I did get a good night sleep.

Debbie - good job on that walk today. I feel so bad for you :( What is going on with you lately. Maybe you need to see your doctor, they can give you a shot. Maybe that would help. Feel better soon.

Good night.
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I have been so sick from allergies, I can barely function. I was in bed most of the day on Sunday and yesterday was a just a struggle to get through the day. I cannot eat except for some fruit; I have zero energy to do anything. I also have a terrible cough so working out just is not going to happen till some of these symptoms subside. I feel a bit better today, I feel like I can almost get some air through my nose. I literally feel like I have the flu!!! I got on the scale today and I have lost 8 pounds in the last month. I work so hard to get muscle mass and now I am losing it due to my tooth issue and these allergies. Oh well...

Diane Sue, great job with the killer legs workout! How are your allergies in Oklahoma? They are so bad here this year, but your area has the rag weed and they say that allergy will be the worst.

Debbie, I bet you have a bit of frozen shoulder, which means you may have to have someone break up some Myofascial release done to get it to go away. The good news is, once you break it up, you will be feeling great. Nice job on the walk on the TM and wow on the calorie burn too!

Belinda, great job on the workout. When are you going on another vacay with the motorhome? I bet that is so easy with Sadie, she can just roam around the rig verses a hotel room.

Roselyn, way to go on the Chest workout!

Make it a great day. Hopefully I will be back in the gym the next few days. I am walking the dogs, so I am getting some steps in each day.
This morning I did RAW Butts & Guts and had a great workout and then I walked on my treadmill for .80 miles. Felt good doing something other than just the treadmill. I really wanted to try the STS 2 Biceps only workout but thought better of it. I may try it Thursday but I'm worried about picking up weights right now.

Workout was 53 minutes, burned 400 calories, did 2818 steps and HR was 123/166.

Jolie - I don't think my shoulder is frozen, it has good range of motion, it just hurts a bit when I reach up for someting. I mean, I guess it could be frozen, but I've been using the red light on it, stretching, massaging the area. I'm hoping it will be better soon. So sorry to hear you are sick, are you sure it's allergies? It does sound like you might have the flu again? I hope you feel better soon!!

Diane - Great job with Killer Legs, that looks like a tough one! I bet you are feeling it today. The side of my neck is really tight, I'm wondering if that is my problem? I put the infrared on it last night and I keep massaging it throughout the day with my fingers but it sure doesn't want to release. It is definitely better than it was, just not 100% yet. All my stuff is moved and I love my new office. It's so quiet, which is a good thing.

Belinda - I'll see, I may go see my PT specialist next week if I can get in. It is feeling much better, just certain movements hurts now. Before it was my entire left side. Good job with your workout!

Have a great day everyone!
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I did Upper body plus abs today.

Debbie - glad you feeling much better and plan on seeing your PT next week if you still in pain. I would wait until you pain free to pick up weights. Your workouts can wait. Feel better.

Jolie - we plan on taking off after my infusion next week. We already have reservations for the Key West Fl in Aug. Yes, Sadie feels comply in the RV. She has lots of room to run around. The RV is ready to go. All I have to do is fill up the refrigerator with fresh food. Sorry you’re sick with allergies. Feel better soon.

Have a great day and workout.
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No workout today. I had fun with my lady's group. It is always such a nice time. I need to get busy doing some stuff around here before my husband comes home from work. We did the get together a bit later today and I got home this afternoon.

Belinda, nice work on Total Body Supersets Day 26 yesterday and today's Upper Body Plus Abs. I am glad you got some rest.

Roselyn, good job on chest.

Debbie, nice work on the treadmill and Butts and Guts. I know how you feel, wanting to do more. If you can move your shoulder around and reach behind you, I would think you just need to work it out. The first time I went in with mine, they checked my movement and doctor just gave me a muscle relaxer which I did not use much of. It got better, but just took a long time. Have you used your massage gun on the area? If it keeps coming back, you might see someone to find out if there is something else wrong.
I am not really that sore this time with Killer Legs. The first time I was very sore. Also when I did Total Body Barbell just lower body and added the bonus I was really sore. I should have lowered the step for the step ups even though it was just lighter weight plates. My knee, hip and low back hurt afterward. Cathe used a lot of risers for that one. I took it down one, but that was not enough and if I remember right she had 6 risers or maybe it was 5. Those two workouts are more on the endurance side. I really like Killer Legs and I like the bonus barre work on it as well. I haven't done much for endurance work for some time now.

Jolie, I am sorry you have allergies so bad. Mine have been really bad lately too. Coughing, sneezing, drippy nose and airways are so irritated. I had been taking some allergy tablets and drops from my area from Allergena that is sort of like getting allergy shots well before allergy season. I was doing good till lately. The other night even though I took the Allergena and used some Flonase, by evening I felt so bad and like you almost wondered if I was coming down with something, but no fever at all, jus misery. When I went to bed I took Allegra which I do not usually use. Antihistamines are linked to dementia and they make my mouth dry. I wasn't sure if was safe, but I was able to sleep. I have been somewhat easy on myself and taken some naps here and there. I almost stayed home from the fun today, but somehow managed not to cough and sneeze all over. Well, cough a little and needed a tissue a few times.
This morning I walked on my treadmill again and then did CDorner's Day 5 Neck and Shoulder stretch. My shoulder and neck are hurting pretty bad again today. Yesterday while setting up my new office I hung some artwork and I think lifting them over my head did this. I called my PT to make an appointment and the lady I go to is booked out three weeks. It is very frustrating when you are in pain and need to go somewhere NOW and they don't have any openings. I never understood why a doctor wouldn't leave at least two spots open a day in case of emergencies. I asked for them to put me on a waiting list incase someone cancels and the gentleman I talked to said he would call me if something opened up. Hopefully it will. Ridiculous. I took an Aleve this morning so hopefully the inflammation will go away.

Anyways, such is my life right now. My last day is tomorrow and I'm so excited!! Looking forward to getting away from this desk for a while. And also, I finally have time to get long workouts in and here I am, not able to do anything. GRRRRRR!!!!

Diane - I can definitely reach behind me, I have good range of motion except for up. So doing a shoulder press is out of the question right now. I can lift my arms up, but it hurts. No, I haven't used my massage gun, that thing always puts me in more pain. Cathe is a little nuts when she does her leg workouts on so many risers. I always just use 3 risers at the most. Anything more than that is a no go for me. Killer Legs is from a different series, right? It's not an STS 2.0 one.

Belinda - Great job with upper body and abs yesterday.

Roselyn - I'm trying to keep is slow and steady. It's getting hard and frustrating to not do more. I was doing so good with the weights lately, I'm not sure what happened. :(

Have a great day everyone!!

D28 Lean and strong Legs is done = 45 min. Sadie has a grooming appointment today. I have to keep it short.

Debbie - I am so sorry you still in so much pain. You need to get that checked out. Poor thing.

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