Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for June 2024


Good morning,

I did D20 Cardio and abs today. Next week I am starting week 5. I really like those workouts.

I will go for a walk before it gets to warm outside. I will be back to catch up on personals.
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Today I did Raw Kelly's 8 Favorite Moves(June) Total Body , 37 minutes, 121 calories, heart rate 104/139. I also did Raw Yoga Stretch 14 minutes, 24 calories. Total Time 51 minutes, 145 calories. I just wanted to do weights today.

Raw Kelly 8 Favorite Moves (June)
Kelly uses a bench with 6 risers each side for one segment timed

2 moves back to back repeated once
then at the end all moves once

Upright row/reverse curl 15# dbs 15# dbs 11 reps
Landmine Row 30# db 23 reps, 20reps 2nd time

power press/triceps extension 12# dbs 8 reps 9 reps 2nd time
Side step squat thrust, curl 15# dbs set one 2nd set I did the squat pulse option

Biceps curl twist 10# dbs
landmine squat 30# db

Close Grip bench with a twist at top 15# dbs
(hard to explain) seated on step bend over pick up 30# dbs(me 25's) sit up intended for upper hip area

stop here or go on to repeat all moves through once for full workout

Belinda, nice work on day 20 Cardio and Abs today.

Walk outside today.

Diane - nice job with Raw Kelly's 8 Favorite Moves(June) Total Body and stretch today.

Have a great weekend.
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Well, still hurting in my upper back, neck, shoulder, lat and tricep area. Some days it feels great, other days not so much. The new pillow doesn't seem to be making much of a difference so far. I purchased an infrared light system so we'll if that helps. If not, I'll be going back to PT. All I want to do it lift weights and I can't really do anything right now because so much bothers me. It even hurts to walk on my treadmill because of my arm movement going back and forth. Ugg!! So sick of this. Only 2 more weeks of work and I'll be away from this desk for 6 weeks. Hopefully that will help make this go away.

I did get on my treadmill this morning and walked for 40 minutes. I burned 423 calories (which can't be right), went 2 miles, did 4746 steps and HR was 155/187. There was no way my HR was that high, I wasn't even walking fast or breathing hard. I'm not sure what my Garmin was reading but that wasn't right.

I'm so happy it's June!! Our weather has been pretty nice lately and I hope it continues.

Diane - Is that a new Kelly workout? Looks great, I can't wait to try it!!

Hope you all have a great day and workouts!! I'm jealous! So sick of walking on my treadmill. Boo.
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Sorry I have been MIA, I have had so much on my plate lately. Saturday I went to visit my parents but got in a workout before I left. I did CL All In Upper Body and did good with the weights. I have low energy still from not eating a lot due to my dental issue. Yesterday I took the pup for a 3 mile walk and he pulled me so hard the entire walk, my shoulder is feeling it today. Today's workout was Cathe's STS 2.0 Upper Body workout #1 and I did ok, my weights were down in some exercises, but I know I will get my strength back soon. Workout was 1 hour with the stretch, and I burned 381 calories.

I have gone to numerous specialists about this tooth issue, and we have decided to extract it and put in an implant. It is vulnerable and if I put a crown on it, it's life span will be short and not worth the money in the end. I will have it pulled on June 17th. I have one implant and I swear it is the best tooth in my mouth and the most expensive. Of course, my insurance does not cover an implant! Another reason why I have been feeling so badly is, I was deathly allergic to the antibiotic they put me one and it has made my body feel so bad. I had blisters in my throat and on my tongue making it difficult to eat and drink. I am starting to feel a bit better slowly but surely.

Great job on the workouts over the weekend everyone.

Debbie, I am so sorry to hear that you are still suffering with the upper body tightness issue. My collarbone area always hurts to some degree, it is very frustrating, but I make myself push through because I know it will not get better even if I stop working out. I have to sleep on my back now and I get poor sleep due to the position that does not feel natural. I hate getting old!!!

I hope everyone has a great day. June gloom here again today, I want the sun to come out! Also, another shark attack at the beach and my youngest son just left to go surfing! This makes me nervous until he comes back home. He does not seem worried at all :(
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Walk outside and D21 Full Body heavy lifting. The rotation reminds me off STS2 a little.Last month was endurance, this month is heavier weights.

Great job everyone on your workouts.
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Today I did a short workout to get moving at 4 this afternoon which is rare for me. I had a dentist appointment this morning, got groceries delivered and they forgot my pack of water so I had to deal with that. I am hoping I get some painting in, but not much time left today. I did Raw String along cardio 13 minutes, 69 calories, heart rate 138/159 followed by CDorner Day 24 mobility challenge, neck and upper back, 14 minutes, 27 calories. That is it. My neck and upper back have been hurting all weekend. Saturday aggravated what started last week. It poured rain this morning. I was worried from the torrent that hail was going to hit while I was in the dentist office. More possible tonight.
Hopefully tomorrow is not so busy and I get a decent workout in. Also my Fire TV has slowed me down as the format is changed and I keep having to search all over for Coffey Fit. I think I got it right this time as I found the link and moved the app to the front of the list. Youtube pops right up. It starts up with movie listings. On top of all of that I am having computer issues. It said I had to move from Windows 10 to 11 before October on my computer. So I started it downloading and installing Saturday around noon. Yesterday evening it was installed at 97% and when I came out ready for bed, it popped up that there was an error, try again. :( So I have been messing with it this morning and it bogs down and is slow. Microsoft Edge keeps sending me set up stuff. I already had it set up. Oh, well. It blacked out on me a couple of days before all of this. I am not a computer expert.

Roselyn, nice work on the trampoline workout.

Belinda, nice job on the walks outside and today's Day 21 Full Body Heavy Lifting.

Debbie, I am sorry you are going through that pain. I hope the red light helps. Right now it is one side of my neck, lats, traps and back of my shoulder hurting. Sometimes it stings. Not new to me though. Maybe being away from the desk will help. It seems I have been sitting here at the computer an awful lot lately and I find myself leaning forward into it and I know that causes me issues.
Yes, that favorite moves workout is a new one Kelly just put up. I am wondering if she is going to start putting together some new workouts like that monthly since she put June in parenthesis.

Jolie, great job getting in the walks, Cathe Live All In Upper Body Saturday and STS 2 Upper Body #1 today considering how you are feeling. The blisters in the mouth sounds like what happened to me when I took a statin my cardiologist gave me. 3 weeks in and I could hardly swallow with sores in the back of my mouth roof. I tried a second time and the same thing happened so I told him I was not using them.
It is a shame that insurance does not cover dental implants. My husband checked them out, but they cost so much he ended up getting a bridge. I am not sure what all the dentist did. Yours is probably higher there than here though.
This morning I did a short treadmill walk and then did CDorner's Day 5 Neck and Shoulder Stretch which felt good but was hard to do. My neck and upper body area is so tight it actually hurt to do the stretches. I just don't understand why this happening, I don't remember doing anything that caused this issue. My infrared light therapy should arrive today, I'll try that for a few days and if there is no improvement I'll get an appointment with my PT.

Jolie - I think your decision to do an implant versus a crown is a smart one and you won't regret it. I've had an implant done and it's so easy. It just sucks because you have to go back about three or four times until it's complete but it's worth it. I think mine cost me $4,000 or something like that. I can't believe how expenses that work is, it's crazy. My insurance doesn't cover implants either, it's considered "cosmetic" which is ridiculous. I'm afraid to push myself with this issue because it only gets worse. Hopefully it will begin to loosen and heal soon.

Belinda - Great job on your workout yesterday. Are you traveling again?

Diane - I was going to do RAW String Along Cardio but it was too jumpy for me. Even jumping hurts the shoulder/neck issue I am having. Hate this. How is the Day 24 stretch you did yesterday? Do you think I would benefit from that one? I might do it tomorrow. Sorry about your neck and upper back, man, what is it with this crap we are dealing with? I just don't get it. It sounds like you have the same thing I have right now. Crazy. Hope yours feels better soon.

Hope you all have a great workout!!
Today I did Total Body Barbell premix lower Body + Core, this has the bonus lower body included, My time was a bit longer because I had to stop a couple of times to forward some messages to my husband. This was 42 minutes, 116 calories, heart rate 97/129. I keep using the weight setting on my Garmin and I think that I need to go back to the cardio. This is higher reps and I think I was working harder than the stats look. I finished with part of today's CDorner Mobility which was just too much on my hands doing things like bear so switched and did Day 30 Full Body static stretch(holds stretches for 30 sec with timer), 28 minutes, 36 calories. Total time was 70 minutes, 144 calories.
Total Body Barbell
lower +core
warm up 15# barbell
squats 35# barbell (I counted 64 reps total) I could be off a bit
deadlifts 55# barbell 12 reps
rear lunges 10# plates
deadlifts 55# barbell 12 reps
plie squats 35# barbell (I think 26 reps
bonus weight plate/ barbell
step up (I used 5 risers) 10# weight plates(opt db's) 16 reps; 8 reps
squat crossover 8 inch step 10# weight plate 16 reps (my left knee never likes this move)16 reps
glute bridge 35# barbell on the floor not sure about reps, I counted 16 3 times and 24 once so I will just say a lot of reps;)
sit up overhead press 10# plate
seated twist 10# plate
forearm plank hold
sit up overhead press 10# plate
seated twist 10# plate
forearm plank hold

Debbie, I do not do much jumping anymore myself because it aggravates my neck. Nice work on the treadmill walk and Day 5 neck and shoulders. You should try day 24 Neck and Upper Back. It is one of my favorites that I choose when I am hurting or tight. Your heart rate reading was pretty high yesterday so maybe that is why the high calorie burn. I do not think any devices read real well sometimes. I do workouts where I feel I am working pretty hard and get low readings and then times where it is much higher and I feel like I am not working all that hard. Kelly's new workouts have good music on them. I have done the string a long cardio twice now. I like the Shadowboxing 2. Too much of that with weights does bother my neck and shoulders though. I am curious if the red light will help. Let us know.

Today was day 22 Back + Biceps. The program reminds of STS…last month was endurance, this month hypertrophy. Did you order the new workouts yet? I still haven’t.

DH and I spend a few hours cleaning out/getting rid of stuff in the garage.

Debbie - your poor thing. What is going on with your upper back/neck? Maybe it’s time you see a specialist. I hope the infra red therapy is helping you. So sorry you are going through this

Diane - great job on your TB BB + core workout today.

Roselyn - great job on your lower body today.

Jolie - sorry about the insurance not covering your implant. Crazy how much it cost. I hope you feel better soon.

Good night.
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Walked on my treadmill again. B O R I N G ! Good thing I'm reading a good book or I would be going out of my mind. I also did CDorner's Day 24 Mobility for Neck and Shoulders and although it was hard for me to do some of the moves, I do feel a bit better right now. My entire upper left side - shoulder, neck, lat, shoulder blade, tricep feels like it's all inflamed. My goodness, what did I even do that caused this? I don't get it. Anyways, it is feeling a bit better. Aleve has helped a lot too. I didn't get the infrared light yesterday like stupid Amazon said I would. Now it's supposed to come today. I hope it does. Why do I pay for Prime? Uggg.

Roselyn - Thanks, it sure isn't fun. :(

Diane - I always use the Cardio setting on my Garmin. Except when I stretch, then if I remember I use the Yoga setting. I honestly don't know why the settings read the heart rate differently, you would think the heart beat is the heart beat, no setting should change that. I did Day 24 today and liked it but it was almost too much for the way I'm feeling. I just did what I could and I do feel looser now. I'm dying to try Shadowboxing 2. So bummed I can't do anything right now. Great job with your workout.

Belinda - I wish I knew what was going on and what caused it. I swear I didn't do anything for this to happen. I will see my PT if the infrared doesn't work. Great job with your workout!!

Hope you all have great workouts today!!
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Yesterday and today, I took the pup for a 3 mile walk each day. My husband is sick so I have had to do the walks with the dog but that is ok, I will lift tomorrow. I feel so much better by just lifting weights 2 times per week lately, it gives my body time to recover, and I am not sore or stiff feeling anymore. If I can get in two upper body workouts and 3 walking workouts per week, I am good with it right now. I like carrying less muscle mass and I feel so much better too.

Great job on the workouts everyone!

Debbie, you will like the Infared light, I hope it helps you. I use it on my face and it gets rid of age spots and fine lines. Be sure to use sunglasses while using it on your face. If you ever have a stuffy nose this will help you too. I get the boring walking thing, I feel the same way lately!

Have a great day.
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Today I did D23 Lean strong legs.

I don’t know if I mention it? We believe we have a mouse in the house. I believe it go through the garage into the house. We put mouse traps up, no luck catching the thing. DH put peanut butter on the trap, the mouse eats it and gets away. I put peppermint oil all over the floors, around the base boards. I put it everywhere. We can’t figure out where the mouse is hiding? My house smells heavenly. I picked everything off the floors so we can see if something is moving. The exterminator is coming out on Friday.

Debbie - I feel so bad for you my friend. You been going through this for a long time. I hope the infrared light will help you. Heard good things about it. Feel better soon. Yeah, I hear you on walking on the TM. I love walking outside.

Diane - I hope you have a great workout today.

Great job everyone on your workouts.

Have a great evening.
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Today I did CDorner Fast Basic Step # 386 90's music, 268 calories, heart rate 125/157, 4,744 steps.

Belinda, I hate mice. One time we had an open field behind our house and the Vo Tech decided to expand. They drove lots of mice out of the field. We caught 12 in traps. Nice work on Day 23 Lean Strong Legs. Hope you catch your mouse.

Jolie, good job on the walks. I do not think that you have to do more than 2 workouts to gain muscle mass. It is better if you let your body recover. If it were just body parts it might be more than 2 though.

Debbie, nice that you got in the treadmill walk today. I hope you can figure out what is causing the problem and the red light helps. I am glad the day 24 helped a little. I can't imagine it being hard to get into the stretching moves.
I used my infrared light yesterday and it seems to have helped some. I didn't wake up in pain like I have been. It still feels tight in places but much better. I will use it again tonight.

I walked on my treadmill for about 25 minutes and then I did CDorners Day 5 Calming Stretch for Neck and Shoulder. I like this one, it's only 15 minutes but it's really good and concentrates on the neck a lot.

Jolie - So far so good with the light. It got a bit hot and my skin started to itch but it was tolerable. I used it for a half hour on my upper left side and over the top of my shoulder. It's a nice flat one with 5 rows of lights and is about 11" x 7" (not exactly the measurments but you get the idea). It wraps around body parts nicely, like the arm, the knee, the leg and I placed it on my shoulder blade area and over the top of my shoulder and it has velcro straps that held it in place. I like it and see myself using it often when I have muscle issues. I wouldn't use that on my face, I don't think this one is made to use on the face. Good job on your walks!!

Belinda - We have field mice all the time get into our house. My cats usually catch them or my DH traps them. We live in front of a wooded lot so there are a lot of moles and mice hear our house. I hate them. I'm feeling better, I just hope it continues. Getting really sick of doing nothing.

Diane - I'm hoping the light helps, too. Can't hurt. Yea, I was surprised it was so hard for me to do those moves yesterday with Day 24. It was the one where you raise you arm behind you, that hurt like crazy doing that move. There were others, too. Today wasn't so bad, I like Day 5 a lot. Good job with your workout!

Have a great Thursday everyone! I only have to get through this week and next and then I'm off until Aug. 1!! Yaya!!
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Today I woke up refreshed and ready for a great workout. I did CL#136 Upper Body Challenge with the Ball and did great with the weights this morning. Workout was 1 hour and I burned 444 calories. I like the workouts that have ABS at the end, otherwise I never seem to do them anymore :(

Belinda, we have had a mouse in our pantry for months and it has eaten everything. Two days ago, I found out where it was coming in, through a hole where the electrical wires were coming in. They can get through the smallest of holes, amazing. I have to rat hunting dogs and they could not get it because it would stay on the higher shelves at night. I cleaned out the entire pantry and sprayed foam into the hole and covered it with thick tape. Hopefully that will work long term, so far so good! Nice job on the workout. Oh, they also come in through the dishwasher vent that goes to the outside of the house.

Debbie, I am so glad that you did not wake up in pain today. It is actually great for the face, the mask ones are the exact same lights and frequency but 10 times more expensive. I use one at my Chiro and she said I could use mine at home too. just wear sunglasses. Are you on summer break yet?

Diane Sue, great job on the fast basic step workout, that was probably great music and a fun workout.

Tomorrow is a rest day; I have to take my dogs to the groomer first thing in the morning for their summer haircuts.
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I did a belly dance today.

We trapped a mouse in my husbands workshop in the basement. I hope that was the only mouse. We put traps around the entire living room, basement and garage. We do live in the country.

Diane - isn’t that something? I read the same thing about wild life like bears, they getting moved out and end up in neighborhoods. Great job on CDorner Fast Basic Step # 386 90's music.

Debbie - maybe I need to foster a cat to catch the mouse, lol. I have no idea how much it will cost us tomorrow. He has to go to the attic too. We live in the country with lots of fields.

Jolie - OMG! After reading you had on in the pantry…I had to check mine. No evidence in the pantry. The mouse likes to leave evidence on our fireplace in the living room. Our fireplace is sealed, nothing gets in or out. DH put a trap under the sink. Something got into my dish towel thrower next to the dishwasher. I have to clean out my entire kitchen again. I just cleaned it.

Good night.
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Today I did Cathe Total Body Barbell Upper Body Only, 43 minutes, 114 calories, heart rate 97/132. I followed it with Raw Yoga Stretch 14 minutes, 24 calories. I used the cardio setting on my watch for the upper body as a couple of segments are somewhat cardiovascular, but it did not help my calorie burn or anything. Not that I am worried about the calories anyway. Total time was 57 minutes, 143 calories. I will try to come back here before I go to bed. I have things to get done.

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