Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for February 2023

Still recovering but I'm back at work today. Not doing too bad, no pain but knee is a bit swollen. No surprise there. Everyone I've talked to said they've heard this is one of the worst surgeries you could have and I'm like, really? This is nothing. Weird. Maybe I can tolerate pain better than others, but I would think if it was painful, I'd know it. I'm thankful I am in no pain. I brought ice packs with me and have been wearing them on and off. I go back for my follow-up on Friday.

Jolie - Did you have your MRI? How did it go?

Cam - Nice job with your walk today. Wish my brother would walk with me!! LOL!!

Diane - You are doing some good workouts. Lots of CDorner. I can't wait to start working out again. I miss it already.

Belinda - I did ok at the grocery store. I had most of my weight on the cart so it wasn't too bad. I'm sorry you are having such issues with your sinuses. I could not handle that! Hope they can get it under control.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Sorry I have been MIA the last two days, I just felt like not being on any electronics over the weekend, my brain needed a rest. I had my MRI on Saturday, another fiasco but I will not bore you with the details, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease!!! I felt really sick from the contrast solution they had to inject in me, so Saturday was basically a bummer day. I go in tomorrow to have my collarbone taped down for stability. Yesterday, I went for a 4 mile walk outside and it was so nice out and sunny! I burned 503 calories. Next, we got to go visit our new puppy and boy oh boy is he a cutie! He is the only male in the litter, and he is so rambunctious, I think he is going to be a lot of fun. We pick him up on March 6th, he will be 10 weeks old. His AKC papers name is Nickolas, but that is my son's name so I am going to have to change it so there is no confusion. I think I want to name him Whiskey. He is the color of whiskey, and his breed is Scottish.

Today I did a 3.25 mile walk on the TM, not a high incline, that really hurts my knee because it makes me quad dominate. Next, I did some leg exercises because I am week in the hamstrings and glutes, these exercises will help with the quad dominance issue. Then I ended with 3 AB exercises, 3 rounds to failure. Total workout time was 76 minutes and I burned 599 calories.

Squats- 12's x 16, x 16, x 16, x 16
Deadlifts BB- 25# x 12, x 12, x 12, x 12
Pizza Presses with 5# ankle weights- x 16, x 16, x 12, x 12


Debbie, great job getting to work today. I think a lot of people confuse MCL tears with ACL tears, where they have to take part of your hamstring and place it in your knee, that must be brutal. I bet you are so glad that it is behind you and now you just need to recover. I probably will not get my MRI results back for a couple of days, my insurance is very slow.

Diane Sue, thanks for posting the workout you did the other day, I love to see what others are doing for workouts. I need to find some step workouts that have no dancy moves, just more workout types of exercises using the step like Yvette Bachman's workouts but easier. I guess I could do her lower body step workouts and modify or just do half since they are so long, and I am in too bad of shape right now. I have lost all of my muscle in my shoulders and arms, it makes me so sad.

Doreen, the bike ride around Hawaii sounds great!

Belinda, I hope you feel better today!

Cam, great job on the workouts over the weekend, I was surprised that you went out for a walk with your brother, I thought it would be freezing in your neck of the woods.

Roselyn, great job with the workout and how is your grandbaby?

Make it a great day.
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I did a 25 mintue Hiit with Hannah Eden this morning. But so many burpees - I kept modifying. One round I did squats, next I did deadlifts, then pushups, then planks. (All the components of a burpee without the "burp" or "ee" HAHA! I really hate burpess - even more now that my dog jumps on my back and scratchs me up with his claws whenever I do them!
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Had my post op appointment with the Rhinologists. He took out the the nasal packing and cleaned my up my sinus. He numbed me up pretty good. I didn't feel a thing. I can breath though my nose again. I been having a lot of pain in my ear lately, when the doc looked at my ear he was concerned how red my left ear was. I had sinus surgery on my left. The doc wants stop taking with the antibiotics. I had to stop taking Humira. You can't take antibiotics while being on Humira (TNF blockers). If you take Humira, the antibiotics will not work when you have an infection. The doc wants me to get back on Humira to get my RPC under control. I left a message with my Rheum, waiting for him to get back with me. I am suppose to take high doses of antibiotics for 2 weeks. I have a follow up appointment in 6 weeks with the Rhinologists. Still he can't do any for the next 2 weeks. Still can't blow my nose. Taking it easy and getting a lot of paper work done. I did went for a slow, short walk today. Felt good to be outside.

Debbie - glad you did ok at the grocery store. Did you get one of those wheel chairs? Thank you. The problem why I have so many nasty sinus infections/problems was my sinus surgery in Germany. I had a lot of scaring in my sinus which lead to infections after infections until I had a blockage not too long ago. Rhinologists had to do a lot of cleaning and reconstructing to do. What I am experiencing probably has something to do with my RP and not with my sinus. It's normal to have some pressure/bleeding and a little discomfort. The Rhinologists said, they are hammering around in there, lol. I haven't used or needed any pain meds. My throat is sore/horse from the breathing tube other than that I am fine. I can breathe through my left nostril again. I am so happy to hear you doing so well.

Diane - thank you! I still have some blood coming out, the doc said it's normal. The bleeding is getting better each day. I am just happy to breath again though my nose. I know it sounds silly, lol.

Julie - sorry about the MRI. So exciting to get a puppy soon.

Cam - thank you. Great job on your workouts.

Roselyn - great job on your workouts. How is the grand baby doing?

Have a great evening.
Today I did Perfect 30 Perfect Pump Upper Body, 43 minutes (took me longer than around 30 making adjustments and answering the door two times) heart rate 07/124, 118calories, 509 steps(probably from running to the door). I thend did Cathe X10 low impact with the warm up and stretch and skipping most of the glider portions, 22 minutes, 100 calories, heart rate 122/161, 1,350 steps. I finished CDorner relaxing flow mobility, neck/ upper back/shoulders 28 minutes, heart rate 82/113, 52 calories, 41 steps.
Total time 93 minutes, 270 calories, 1,900 steps.
Perfect Pump Upper Body
w/up tubing and 3# dumbbells
Pullover set #1 8# dbs 10 reps
Pullover Set #2 10# dbs 10 reps
one arm row set #1 20# 12 reps
one arm row set # 2 20# db 10 reps
bent over clutch row 15# dbs 10 reps
posture pull with tubing
rapid row toss 20# db reps ?? (this is hand to hand pass row
standing sweeper cul 16# dbs 10 reps
clutch curls 15# dbs 10 reps
biceps curls set #1 15# dbs 10 reps
biceps curls set # 2 12# dbs 10 reps
biceps curls set #3 10# dbs 10 reps
incline front V lat raise combo 12 reps 5# dbs
lateral raise 5# dbs 12 reps
scarecrow 5# dbs 12 reps
push press 8# dbs 12 reps
tubing shoulders and chest
incline bench press 10# dbs 16 reps
incline clutch press 10# dbs 10 reps
decline push up 4 point skipped
overhead extension 15# db 12 reps
kickbacks tubing
kickbacks 10# dbs 10 reps
push ups with step top skipped
triceps dips #1 10# db 20 reps
triceps dips #2 10# db 18 reps
triceps dips #3 10# db 12 reps
I had to get dinner made before my husband goes to work and did read over posts. So now here to comment :) I did not do the weights Cathe did on upper body today. I did this one in July and have improved a lot. I used really light weights then.

Cam good job getting in a walk yesterday.

Debbie, I did not have much pain either. When I did it was a after I started doing some workouts which I was told that I could do, and my knee would swell and hurt some. The doctor gave me an injection and I was okay most of the time. I think some of the pain I had off and on later was just the arthritis. I did not go for another injection, and it was not long before I was back doing step and lifting for lower body again. My son in law had the surgery and he was fine as well. I iced a lot to keep swelling down. I was up and doing household tasks pretty quickly. I do not like lying around and doing nothing. I hope work goes well today and am glad that you are not feeling pain. Chris said she is not putting up new workouts this week and put up a plan for the week.

Jolie, I think it is good to get out of electronics for a while. I have to take breaks when I am on media because for some reason it makes me drowsy. I sleep better if I am off of it. I do try to keep the computer off till in the afternoon if at all possible. I have not had an mri with contrast in years. I do not like it. I am sorry it made you sick. So, the doctor is taping your collarbone?
Great job on the walk yesterday and the treadmill and lower body work today. I bet it was fun seeing your puppy. I know you are anxious to take it home. It is nice you can go visit with it.
I am trying to work more on my hamstrings and glutes more. My doctors want me to work on the right hip as the bone density is lower than last time. Also, it helps support the knees. I really concentrate on the deadlifts and stuff and where I feel the work.
CDorners, basic step workouts are usually not dancy. Don't worry about the upper body. I was really worried about my right arm after surgery because I swear my skin looked really loose and wrinkly to me after the swelling went down and I wondered if I would ever get the muscle tone back to fill the skin back up, but it looks fine now and muscle is coming back. My PT told me it would be like starting over.

Doreen, nice work today. I hate burpees too. I try to avoid too many of them. I have a workout that had tons of burpees. I just cannot remember which on it is. I think it might be one of the bonus set of Les Mills Combat or Revd abs. I have not pulled them out in several years. My other dog used to try to help me with the bad guy (heavy bag) and would claw me up missing the bag.

Belinda, I am glad that you can breathe again. That is tough with the conflict of having the Humira to stay on top of RP and the antibiotics for the sinuses. You do not want a relapse. I hope the doctors get back to you and things can be worked out for what is best.
I did a 38 minute bike ride today - a nice threshold endurance ride in Iceland to some waterfalls. Such beautiful scenery.
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Today I had an excellent workout, I decided to start adding in lite weights for upper body and everything felt fine. I obviously will not lift heavy weights until I have gotten to the bottom of this issue but until then, I am doing what my body allows. First, I started with an uphill walk on the TM, 45 minutes, traveled 2.5 miles and burned399 calories. Next, I did an easy Shoulder, Biceps and Triceps workout and did really well with it. No pain, just some clicking noise when doing the upright rows, and I have good strength in the arm with the shoulder issue. That is positive! Total workout time was 69 minutes and I burned 501 calories.

Standing 1 Arm Overhead Shoulder Press- 10# x 16
Traditional Bicep Curls- 10's x 16
Lying Triceps Ext.- 10's x 16

Upright Rows- 10's x 16
Hammer Curls- 10's x 16
Lying Cross Body Triceps Ext- 10# x 16

Lateral Raises- 8's x 16
W Curls- 10's x 16
Kickbacks- 10's x 16

Rear Flys- 5's x 20
Alternating Bicep Curls with a Twist- 12's x 16
Lying Triceps Ext.- 10's x 16

I found a sports Chiropractor around the corner from me that I am going to check out once I get my results back from my MRI. She is an Iron Man Triathlete and understands how important it is to be able to do the things you love to do with sports injuries. I am going to see if she can help me with this issue, I do not think that the doctors of traditional medicine will be able to figure out what to do for me, unless there is a tear or something like that. I am excited to talk to her and see what she thinks.

Debbie, how are you doing today? I bet each day you will see a big improvement in your knee.

Diane Sue, I will check out that step workout you suggested, I want some variety, walking all the time is getting boring. Nice job on the workout yesterday.

Doreen, you ride through Iceland sounds amazing!

Belinda, it is so great you got the bandages out of your sinuses, I bet it feels so much better and now you can breathe! Hopefully you do not have an infection with the red ear issue.

Make it a great day. I is going to be 70 degrees tomorrow and I cannot wait!
Cardio trampoline today

Today was the burial of my neighbors beautiful daughter the past two days have been heartwrenching . She was such a shinig light
Today I did Step Moves 45 minutes, heart rate 124/146, 219 calories, 3,435 steps. I followed it with X Train Legs doing portions of it. I skipped the warm up since I did cardio and started with the single leg deadlifts doing them twice with 10# dbs, then did the work with feet on the chair bridges, the ball work, and floor work with 3# ankle weights on. This was 38 minutes, 96 calories, heart rate 92/118,162 steps. Total time was 83 minutes, 315 calories, 3,597 steps.
Doreen, nice work on the Iceland bike ride.

Jolie, nice work on the light weighs and treadmill hill climb. I hope you can get some help with the new chiro. I hope you get your mri results soon.

I went for a short, slow walk again. It was chilly outside. I did get a call last night from my Rheum, I am off the antibiotics. He wanted me to start my injections for RP last night to help with the flair ups. He also wants me to make an appointment with him to check out my ear. I don't have an ear infections, they ENT checked me yesterday.

Diane - good job on improving your weights. I am so glad I can breath through my nose again. My Rheum called last night. I went back to Humira last night. He also wants me to make an appointment with him so he can check out my left ear. I saw the surgeon yesterday, he ruled out an ear infections. I had my sinus surgery on my left sinus.

Roselyn - my heart goes out to the family.

Julie - Yes, I am so glad those bandages are out. Now I can breath.I saw my ENT yesterday, I have no sign of an ear infections or a sinus infections. The inflammation of the outer cartilage of the ear, redness, swelling, or pain of the outer ear is from RP. I also get a lot of inner ear pain from RP. When I have an ear infections my inner ear gets red. I am sure once I am back on it, things will calm down. Great job on your workout.

Good night.
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Hi everyone! Still recovering but doing really well. I've been able to stay at work all day with no problems. I've been walking quite a bit and the swelling is finally going away.

Jolie - Can't you view your MRI results in your online medical chart? I was able to see mine the day after I had the test in MyChart. Do you have anything like that there? I hope you get the results soon. Good job with your workout, be careful!

Diane - I think I will start back with my workouts with how I've been doing them, just upper body and boxing for now. I find out on Friday if I have to go to PT, I sort of hope he tells me I have to. I am like you, I do not like laying around doing nother. I've been cooking and cleaning my kitchen myself since Monday and it hasn't affected anything. I'm happy with my progress so far.

Belinda - I'm glad you are able to breath again. Hopefully you will heal up soon and have no other problems with your sinuses. I wonder what could be wrong with your ears? That's concerning. I sort of felt like I was getting an ear infection before I had my surgery, I'm glad it didn't turn into one. It seems fine now.

Have a great day everyone!!
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Today is a rest day, I have a chiro appointment with a sports Chiro this morning and I am excited to see what he says about this issue. He was a pro football player, so I think he has seen quite a few Clavicle injuries in his time on the field. He focuses primarily on sports injuries, not just back issues and so forth. No MRI results yet, I can view them on my Kaiser APP, but they have not posted anything yet. It is a beautiful day today, warm and sunny and I have a big smile on my face. The cold just depresses me, I have to be outside in the sun. What a whimp right!

Debbie, I am so glad you are healing quickly and getting through work is not an issue.

Belinda, I hope you feel better today.

Diane Sue, I cannot believe how long your workout was and how low the calorie burn was too. Nice job on getting it done!

Roselyn, good job on the trampoline workout and sorry for you poor neighbors with the loss of their daughter.

I hope you all have good workouts today.
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I went for a walk with Sadie today. It was beautiful today. I didn't wear a jacket, it was 58's. I had a lot of nose bleeding this morning. I took it easy today. Maybe I am doing too much.

Debbie - glad you recovering well and your swelling is going down. My Rheum called today, I have an appointment with him on Friday. He wants to take a look at my left ear. I don't have an ear infections, it was ruled out. I have redness from the inflammation in the outer ear cartilage. I had a lot of problems the last 2 years, every time I stopped one of my injections. I felt really good when I was on prednisone after my surgery. I hear you on not laying around. I been organizing/going through my dressers, paper.

Roselyn - great job on your upper body.

Diane, Cam and Doreen - I hope you have a great workout

Good night.
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I did another bike ride this morning, this time a recovery ride in Canyonlands. Good scenery and encouraging instructor.
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I did Penny 40 min. Kettlebell Strength & Cardio Hiit Full Body No Repeat. I used dumbbells for most of it as I only have a 20 lb Kettlebell. I thought dumbbells were more challenging anyway.

I have been doing some walking and now that company is gone, I am back at my workouts. I wished I could have walked today at lunchtime. It was 45 degrees and sunny. Now some snow is on the way.

Debbie, glad your knee is doing well. How long did your doctor say it will take for your knee to heal?

Jolie, I don't mind walking in the cold. You just have to dress for it, which can take awhile.

Good workouts everyone! Time for bed.
Posting right quick as I need to get up before Walmart delivers groceries. It is snowing here today. I have been cleaning and putting things away and planning menu items and stuff for the valentine's day I am hosting with my ladies' group. I did not mop yet. While I was vacuuming, my dog decided to go outside. She came in with mud all over her feet and I decided to wait till tomorrow evening as I will have to vacuum again. I woke up yesterday with a horrible purple red rash on my eyelids. I used antihistamine drops and was careful about putting anything on them. This morning one eye lid was puffy and they are both still red and purple. Mainly the left. I sent my daughter a picture and asked if I could use cortisone on my eyelids and she said for no more than a couple of days and to put vaseline on them. I cannot think of what caused it though. I kind of thought maybe because one night I put on 20% glycolic moisturizer and was tired I guess and put it on my eyelids too. I felt it sting though and wiped it off. Otherwise I have no clue. I have been using a small sample size IT eye cream lately with my usual anti-oxidant serum from 100% Pure which has not been bothering me. i hope it is better tomorrow.
Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Kickboxing Outside. 44 minutes, heart rate 111/144, 179 calories, 3090 steps. I used 1 # dumbbells. They use the egg weights at 2# I think. I do not remember doing this one. I think it might have come out when I was having a lot of shoulder issues. I remember the other one and the one in the park. I do not know how they do jacks on pavement. My heart rate did not get much past 11 til 20 minutes into the workout. Also, I put down the dumbbells and I think I got more movement out of it without the weights. I then did Raw Abs Finisher with 8# the standing portion and some of the floor stopping at the oblique crunch. Just too much on my neck. This was 12 minutes, 56 calories, heart rate 117/136, 335 steps. I finished with CDorner Stretch from Cardio/weights/stretch, 20 minutes, 32 calories, heart rate 77/90.

Belinda, I am glad you are able to get out for a walk. I am sure that helps you feel better. My daughter is always telling me how well her patients that are taking Humira do with it for the RA. I am glad you are able to breathe again. I am glad that there is no ear infection. That takes off one worry with stopping the antibiotics. I am sure having to work with so many different doctors are quite a task. They each have their specialty and want to make sure things are going well which is good. It was nice a couple of days ago here and I was out sweeping the walkway at 9 at night. Then it rained all day yesterday and today till temps dropped and we have snow. I think it is supposed to warm back up though. I hope it is nice Tuesday when the ladies all have a drive from the north side of the city to get to my house.

Debbie, I am glad that you are doing so well after the surgery. I figured that you would. You see the doctor Friday, right? Hopefully he just gives you a go ahead to do more. I was doing things around the house a couple of days after surgery. One of my doctors uses MyChart. The arthritis doctor uses Follow My Health and I like that I can read all of my blood work results and see the Doctors notes and test results.

Jolie, I hope you like the Chiropractor and get some help there with what to do. I hope the results come in soon. I was happy I got more than 200 calories yesterday. But, I also did not do an added stretch. I think my expectations on calorie burns is not to think about it too much. It stays pretty steady that way. Over the years it has gradually dropped. It used to be a 90 minute workout would end up at around 700 calories, then I was happy later at 5 to 6 hundred, Then average was 400. Then with the FIt Bit it was always pretty low, so I guess it is just that way. I think after doing the older Cathe workouts lately that I see I could get it higher if I put as many extra jumps and effort into them and did mainly hard cardio and extremely heavy weights without all of the stretching I could raise that quite a bit. I just do not want any more injuries and wear and tear that is hard on the body.

Roselyn, nice work with Upper BOdy with Caroline.

Doreen, nice work with the recovery ride in the canyonlands.

Cam, nice work today with Penny 40 minute Kettlebell strength and cardio hiit. I love Kettlebells. I have quite the collection and a lot of Kettlebell workouts. most of them I have two of. I had some Kettlebell dvds that used a pair. So they range from 1 10#, 2 of 15,20.,25, 31.2#. There are times that I will pick up a pair of them for deadlifts or squats rather than using dumbbells. I was looking at one of Kelly's workouts this morning that is boxing and kettlebells. Think I should do that one again soon.
Today I had a great workout. I purchased some of my favorite Cathe Live workouts last year and did one today, slower pace than Cathe and lighter weights. I did All Out Upper Body; it is one of my favorite upper body workouts. I did not pick up anything heavier than 15# DB's, not even for 1 arm rows. I have to play it say and that way I will not be sorry. Workout was 47 minutes and I burned 354 calories. The only exercises that hurt my collarbone are the ones where you pull back, so I am super careful and only do the Back exercises that do not irritate me.

I went to a new Chiro yesterday and he agreed with me that the best treatment for this issue is PRP, plasma therapy and he has a doctor he wants to send me to for the treatment. He tried to adjust me, but this darn thing doesn't want to move, it has been out of alignment for so long now it is just stuck. However, he did do something positive because it looked so much better today. He also told me to continue to work out, that strengthening the muscles is the best thing for it, lose muscles and tendons is why it is slipping out of place. It never gets worse so why not. I am still waiting for my MRI results, my PT said it takes 5 to 7 days to get the results.

Great job on the workouts yesterday, you all are killing it! I feel bad saying this, but it will be 76 degrees here today and I cannot wait to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. I think that is why I am so chipper today LOL!

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