Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for February 2023

We had storms last night with tornado warnings and sirens. We lost power for a couple of hours. This morning I did RWH Back, Biceps and Shoulders, 55 minutes, 138 calories, heart rate 95/121, 599 steps. I decided to skip some cardio and just get in a good stretch so I did CDorner Cooldown and Stretch routine, 32 minutes, 51 calories. Total time was 9minutes, 189 calories.

Ripped With Hiit Back Biceps & Shoulders
One Arm Row
set 1 25# 12 reps: set 2: 25# 12 reps set 3: 25# 12 reps
Finisher barbell rows and band power pulls 30# 20 reps
Pull Overs ( I subbed a move with a reverse grip pull over and light weight) set 1 9# body bar 12 reps;
set 2 5# dumbbells 12 reps; set 3 5# dumbbells 12 reps (I am not taking chances as I keep reading that pullovers can be bad for the shoulder)
Finisher: Barbell Row and Supine Band Pulls30# barbell 20 reps
One Arm Angled Row
set 1 20# 12 reps; set 2 20# 12 reps; set 3 20# 12 reps
Finisher 1 Arm Seated Band Pulls 20 reps
Rear Delt Flys set 1 10's 12 reps,;set 2 10's 12 reps; set 3 10's 12 reps
Finisher: One Arm Band Pulls 20 reps
Prone Rear Delts
set 1 3's 12 reps; set 2 5's; set 3 3's
Finisher: Seated T-Band Pulls 20
Biceps Curls
set 1 30 # Barbell 12 reps; set 2 30# barbell 12 reps; set 3 30# barbell 12 reps
Finisher: W curls 10's 20 reps
Concentration curls
set 1 15# db 12 reps; set 2 12# dbs 10 reps; set 3 12# db 10 reps
Finisher crazy 8's 25# barbell 24 reps
simultaneous standing hammer curls
set 1 12's 12 reps; set 2 12's 12 reps; set 3 12's 12 reps
Finisher Crazy 8's 20# barbell 24 reps (my arms were tired by this time)
Worked a long day. Did Michelle No Repeat Full Body Met Con Strength and Bodyweight. It wad a goodie.

We got flash flooding today. A lot of rain on top of snow. I didn't mind working. Sounds like rain all over the country.

Good workouts everyone!
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Doreen, I hope that your bike worked when you got home.

Belinda, nice work on STS day 16, CST today.

Debbie, great job getting in a workout. I am glad that you are finding some workouts that work for you. I find it hard sitting on the floor for long periods of time. My hip flexors and back start hurting. I sit on my foam roller sometimes if I am to have my feet crossed in front of me.

Cam, nice work on the Full Body Met Con Strength and BOdy weight today. After last night's storms it was bright and sunny today and up to 70. Weird weather.
Our internet went out yesterday and is still down this morning. I did a KCM dvd this morning (which is why I still keep DVDs around!)

I did turn on my bike yesterday and was able to get it back to level. But without an internet connections I couldn't test anything to see if it works or not. I'll have to wait until the internet is back on for that!
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No workout today, I went to bed late and just didn't want to wake up at 4:15. I'm ok with that, I'll workout tomorrow.

We have had some major rain here, too. My backyard looked like a lake yesterday. We have hardly gotten any snow here this year and the temps have been in the upper 40's. Weird winter but I'll take it. I hate driving in the snow. However, when I went to the school where my Solo & Ensemble took place on Saturday - I had to be there by 6:15 a.m. so I left my house at 5:40, it was snowing like crazy. The roads were a solid sheet of ice because all it does is rain here, it froze and then snow was on top. No one was out plowing because no one expected it to come. It was a white knuckle drive all the way to the school. Luckily by the time it started, the snow stopped and it went into the 40's again. Really weird.

Anyways, great job with your workouts everyone! Have a great day!
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I walked outside today. It was a little windy.

Diane - sorry about the power. Great job on RWH Back, Biceps and shoulder and stretch.

Debbie - we didn't get any snow/ice. The sun is out, it's windy. The weather is crazy this year.

Doreen - sorry about the power. This is why I am holding on to my DVD's too. Great job!

Roselyn - great job on your lower body.

Cam - what did you end up doing today?

Have a great evening.
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I did a CDorner Step & Strength HIIT. I have quite a few Step & Strength's of hers on my playlist and thought it's about time I do one. This wasn't bad, but I didn't realize it was 3 sets repeated 3x. Still a good workout and pretty challenging, but I look forward to doing others.
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This morning I did the older Cardio Kickboxing and Abs Intervals workout that CDorner put up. It was 38 minutes, 201 calories, 2,475 steps, heart rate 129/152. At first I was worried when she said she was using a 12# dumbbell. I used 10# and it was only for one of the abs segments. It was 5 minutes kickboxing alternated with 3 minutes abs. There was 3 ab segments, fist being Russian twist and punches in a v-sit, second various plank moves, and side planks and oblique work. I then did CDorner Cardio Barre and Boxing Fusion that I have in my saved workouts for the first 25 minutes (I just wanted to get to 300 calories :p) 126 calories, heart rate 126/158, 1,784 steps. Total time was 64 minutes, 327 calories, 4,229 steps. Weird weather here. It got up in the 70's today. I expected to be really sore after yesterday's back, shoulders, and biceps. I don't think I have worked those areas that hard yet. I am glad that I rolled and stretched some afterward. Hoping for legs tomorrow.

Doreen, that is definitely a reason to have dvds. I have done that when we had power outages before, and my laptop still had power and one of the reasons when specifically chose a larger laptop that still had the ce drive in it. I also have some of my Cathe downloads on my tablet, so I have that to go to as well. Nice that you were still able to get a workout in.

Debbie, I have a dreaded fear of driving on icy roads. I have had a couple of scares and I will do most anything to get out of it. We get a lot of the ice covered with snow, but mostly ice here.

Roselyn, nice work with Caroline full body today.

Belinda, I am glad that you got to get out for a walk today.

Cam, nice work with CDorner Step and Strength Hiit. I usually kind of look through the hiit workouts to see if there is squat thrusts and bear crawls and that sort of thing. I like that she usually will suggest a different move for those that do not want the impact in workouts.

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