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I am starting a new thread. My surgery went well today too.
y surgery went well today too. My appointment was at 5:30 am. My surgery wan't until 7:30 am. I left the house an hour earlier thinking my surgery was at 5:30 am. It was snowing here this morning, we left an hour earlier. I wasn't released until the afternoon. I had a lot of bleeding in my noise and throat. My surgeons, anesthesioligists and nurses were all amazing. Before they took me to the OP room, the anesthesioligist gave me a shot to prep me for surgery to take the edge off, I was giving a second one in the OP room. I don't remember much afterwards. I was giving 3 heated blankets, it was so cold. They kept asking me if I needed more blanckets. I also had some electric compression socks during my surgery. The sinus specialist and the anesthesioligist kept checking on me after the surgery, I was bleeding a lot. I am on antibiotics and high doses of prednisone. I have a nasal stray to stop bleedings and another to smoothing my nose. I have a lot of rinses which I can't take until Sunday. I will get the stance out on Monday. My doc staid I had a lot of scarring not sure if it was from my old surgery/RPC or all the sinus infections I had over the years after? He went all the way up near my brain and eye. I was a little worried about that. He had to do it.

Debbie - I am so happy to hear your surgery went well. I was thinking about you. Sorry you were so cold. I had heated blankets and I had long hospital paints a surgical shirt, rope and socks from the hospital on. I was comply. While I was in the recovery room my husband picked up all my meds from the hospital pharmacy, that one is only for surgery or emergency. I also wasn't allowed to walk to the car since I was under anesthesias, I was picked up in a wheel chair, she waited until my husband arrived and made sure I am safely in the car. I was giving Percet for the pain. I haven't taking any yet. I do have pain in my noise and sinus. Glad you happy with your team of doctors. I been resting a lot too to stop the bleeding. I have to rest for 2 weeks. No workouts.

Diane - thank you for the payers! I really appreciate it.

Jolie - thank you! I can't bent over without bleeding through my noise. I am resting a lot.

I will be back to catch up on personals.
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Tonight I did Penny 45 min No Repeat Shred Strength & Cardio. I had a good workout, enjoyed the moves and the time flew. The first two-thirds was mainly unilateral strength. The last third was bodyweight/cardio.

Debbie & Belinda, glad your surgeries went well. Debbie, my anesthesiologist for my surgery had said it is much better now and rarely does anyone have a reaction. It did mess up my equilibrium for a day though. I also didn't take anything more than Tylenol. Hope you both will be back at it soon.
Belinda, I am glad the surgery went well. I hope the bleeding stops soon. That was nice that they had heated blankets for you. Wow on how far up they had to go with the surgery. Get plenty of rest, you want to heal well.

Cam, nice work with Penny no Repeat shred strength and cardio. I looked at the surgery and read on it that you had and I thought it looked like it would be really painful. (Just in case I had to do something like that too). Amazing that you did not need more than Tylenol.
Diane, I didn't need the Tylenol for my neck at all. I had no pain in that area. My pain was my throat. They move my esophagus/throat during the surgery. My throat was so swollen and sore, I couldn't eat any real solid food for about 3-4 days. My neck, on the other hand, not one bit of pain.:D I remember I went on a 2 mile walk 2 days after my surgery.

Going into work later this morning as I work late tonight, but I am going to do Michelle's Power Pilates & Yoga. Previewing now and it looks good. Doing that later tonight.

My brother an SIL are coming in town and staying with us this weekend, so not sure what my workout schedule will be.

Hope everyone is doing well!
I did an ifit bike ride this morning - Get Fast Progressions shot in CA. It was a fun one.

Speedy recovery to Belinda and Debbie.

Good work Cam on the Penny workout - I think I maybe did that one yesterday. Anyway, I like her workouts but not always the music!
Today I went for a 3 mile walk outside, and it felt so good to be in the sun. It is still cold but if it is sunny, I can deal with it. My watch was dead, I forgot to charge it, so I have no idea of my calorie burn for the walk. I believe that walking uphill on my TM is making my knees hurt, I will be walking more outside as soon as it warms up for spring. The Groundhog said we have 6 more weeks of winter, say it isn't true!!!!!!! I think I will try to run on my elliptical more, that has never been an issue for me knees since there is zero impact. I have the machine, I might as well use it.

Debbie and Belinda, thank goodness you are both on the mend and everything went well during your surgeries!!! Rest up and you will be back to good as new soon. :)

Diane Sue, nice job on the workout yesterday. I am looking forward to getting my supplement and trying it out, my knees have been sore but like I said, I think it is from all of the uphill walking I have done lately since I can't lift weights.

Cam, way to go on the workout, and have fun with your guests this weekend.

Doreen, good job with the bike ride workout this morning. I had to get rid of my spin bike, it hurt my bad knee every time I rode it. Bummer, because it really worked the quads good.

Make it a great day today. MRI on Saturday. My PT really believes that it is a Subluxation, where the tendon and ligaments get stretched out and it doesn't keep the bone in place. Not the end of the world, just no weightlifting for quite a while. I think I may do more step workouts this spring, just to do something new and exciting.
Just checking, I'm doing really well today, I haven't had any pain at all, and just taking 800 mg Ibuprofan. They wrapped my whole leg in a cloth wrap and I can take it off tomorrow. So happy this went so well. They can do very amazing things with knees. I've just been watching movies and taking it easy.

Belinda - They wrapped me in heated blankets as well, loved them!! I think I had about six on me at one time. LOL! My follow up in on the 10th and I can't do any physical activity until he clears me.

Jolie - Looking forward to hearing what your MRI says. Hope it's not too bad.

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

I am checking in. My nose is completely closed off with blood. I called my doc this morning , he said to gentle use warm water to losing up the blood that formed/closed my nostril. I can breathe a little better. I want to blow my nose and sneeze, I am not allowed too. I can't wait to see the doc on Monday to take out the stance in my noise. I haven't taking any pain meds yet. I ask my doc if I can go for a short walk staring tomorrow. He said it was ok. I am taking it easy and watching some tv depending on my sinus headaches.

Debbie - I am so happy you doing well after your surgery. I do love those headed blankets. Sorry you were so cold. I have a follow up appointment on Monday the 6th. He will take out the stance in my noise. I can't do anything for the next 2 weeks. He did say I could go for a short, slow walk starting tomorrow depending on how I feel. I can't lift or bending over. No vigorous activities for the next 2 weeks. Which is very hard for me to do. I will be a good girl and follow the doctors orders.
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It is late again. Today I did portions of 3 different cardio workouts. I started with CDorner Dance Cardio and got 10 minutes in and was not feeling remembering all the moves. THis was heart rate 89/115, 624 steps. I put in Coffey Fir Raw Cardio Crush stopping after the planks, 10 minutes and went on to do her Stepboxing drills, 42 minutes, heart rate 109/135, 163 calories. 2,163 steps. Cardio crush was too much impact and I did not want to do planks. I finished with CDorner Magical Mobility Flow, 33 minutes, 61 calories, heart rate 83/97. Total time was 82 minutes, w60 calories, 2,792 steps. The Step boxing drills I used 2# dumbbells for and I used two risers instead of the 3 that they used. Last time I did it I used the 3. It really is more like doing Up and down leg press with a kick at the top. No impact and one segment is done on the floor. They used a higher step to make it more intense. Option is a weight vest or on the floor.
I am headed to bed as it is almost 1 am.

Belinda and Debbie, I am glad that you are doing well and on your way to recovery.

Cam, I remember when researching that they had to move things around in front to get to the area they needed to work on. I figured that would make the neck hurt. I had not thought about the throat. That part would be miserable.

Jolie, you are probably right on the hill climbing. I hope your knees feel better. We watch Grooundhog day every February 2. I do not even have to look at the tv to know what is going on and my husband says their lines before they say them. I hope we do not have too much icy cold weather. It warmed up to over 40 today.
This morning was a full body bodyweight but I modified it to be completely different than what the instructor was doing - I guess I basically ended up using the video for a workout timer because I kept not wanting to do her moves and swapped out something different and added weights. HA! But the only reason I did it was it was part of the Feb Ifit challenge and if I do it I get a digital medal on my app for completing it!! Then I did 15 minutes on the rower with a video shot in south america somewhere - it was a good workout with sprint pushes and now my arms are dead!
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Hi all. Just been relaxing. I took the wrapping off and there are two small incisions on both sides of my knee. I feel a bit more bruised today than I did the last two days but no pain. I have to go grocery shopping later and I'm a bit worried. My DH is going with me and hopefully we can find one of those wheel chairs things I can just sit in. We'll see, I might be able to walk the whole thing but not sure.

Good job with your workouts everyone! I will be happy when I can get back to my routine.
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Today I did CDorner Step #266 Int/Adv, 62 minutes, heart rate 111/135 (had the hardest time getting my heart rate up today) 4,950 steps. This was one had more challenging choreography with lots of side changes and turns on and off the step. I finished off with CDorner Stretch after Step, 20 minutes as I added some back stretches, 30 calories, heart rate 76/92. Total time was 82 minutes, 267 calories, 4,974 steps.
I may do something with weights tomorrow. Todays workout was kickboxing and abs and I did not want to do that after doing Kelly's Step with the 2# dumbbells yesterday. My upper back and shoulders are a bit sore after that.

Doreen, great job on the workout and adding your own moves with weights. The 15 minutes on the Rower sounds tough.

Debbie, it is always nice to get the bandages off. Isn't it amazing how much they can do without making a big incision? I have several small places that they used to do my shoulder surgery and like you small cuts on the knee which I would have to look for to notice. Years ago I had a knee cyst removed and they cut a 6 inch opening on the side of my knee and that scar shows up.
Is there a grocery store that you could order from and go pick them up at the store? When I do that with Walmart there is no delivery fee and it is usually quick to pull up and they bring them out to the car.

Belinda, I hope that you are doing well with recovery.
This morning was a 30 minute endurance interval ride on the bike. Nice scenery in Hawaii riding up a lava field.
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Yesterday was too cold for a walk outside and my nose. It's even colder today. I am not feeling well today. I am very light headed and have a lot of pressure in my sinus/nose and head. I am taking it easy. I went to bed last night around 8 pm.

Debbie - glad your bandages came off. How did you do in the grocery store? I can't wear a mask, plus I have a bloody nose. Not going anywhere until my nose completely stops bleeding. Every morning my nose is completely covered with blood. I am so glad to get the stance out on Monday.

Great job everyone on your workouts. Keep up the good work.
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Checking in with Penny 60 min Strength & Cardio Supersets. Love this one and it's a toughie. I barely made it through the Finisher. I like the exercises though and most of the cardio is low impact.

Debbie, be careful. Don't do too much. Glad your knee is feeling good!

Diane, I heard Chris say in a video that when you do a lot of step, your body gets used to it and you have a hard time getting your heart rate up and feeling cardio challenged. Good workout.

Belinda, hope you feel better.
Today I did CDorner 30-minute Low Impact Cardio Walking Workout no jumping. 31.29 minutes, heart rate 125/162, 157 calories, 3,705 steps. This is a fun one I have saved. It has fun music and Chris stays with the low impact. It is not just walking like most walk workouts. I followed it with CDorner Cardio Weight Stretch workout doing the weights and then doing the stretch. Weights was 28 minutes (extra time to write it down) heart rate 95/135, 80 calories, 181 steps. Stretch was 24:38 minutes(I added some upper back, and shoulder stretching) heart rate 77/104, 35 calories. Total time 83 minutes, 272 calories, 3,886 steps.

weights 1 minute each repeated twice

dead row used 12"s
forearm plank knee drops
chest fly/glute bridge used 8's
star crunch
kneeling or optional standing supination curls (kneeling makes it a bit harder and no swing) used 12's
cross reach with leg
kickback/bird dog 10# db right saving left for second round
pullover leg drops 8's

Doreen, nice work with the interval endurance ride up the lava flow in Hawaii.

Belinda, the cold would probably be not real good with your sinuses and nose. I hope the bleeding lets up soon. I am sure you are anxious for Monday to come.

Cam, good work on Penny 60 minutes strength and cardio. That is probably true on doing the step all of the time. Today was good with the low impact workout. I am better on most kickboxing, but I cannot do it too often. When I did the step with the 2# dumbbell boxing drills Raw workout 2 days ago my shoulders and upper back were sore. So, particularly the ones that do not have some kickboxing breaks and other moves and without weights, work better for me. I try not to let it bother me. I actually lost 3.5 lbs this week and was not wanting to lose weight. I was surprised because my husband brought me a big package or Ferro Rocher and I had been munching on them a lot. I expected to have gained. 108 lbs is too low for me.
Belinda, thinking about you and your mri. I hope all went well today and you hear the results soon,
This morning I took a 3 mile walk with my brother and did Michelle Briehler 50 min Full Body Power Pilates & Yoga. That was a good one.
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