Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for December 2021

Jolie Fit

Today I started my workout with a 20 minute run the elliptical, traveled 2.2 miles and burned 231 calories. I did it on interval mode, 2 minutes high incline higher resistance, then 2 minutes lower incline lower resistance. It felt amazing to get on the cardio machine again. Next, I did Caroline Girvan's Giant Killer Upper Body Epic Heat day 32 and boy was it killer. I think the workout was 38 minutes and it does not disappoint. Total workout was 1 hour and I burned a total of 513 calories. I will be sore tomorrow no doubt about it.

Debbie, nice job on the short workout today but it looks very effective. We had cool weather yesterday but it was calm out. I feel so bad for all the people in the tornadoes path, boy what destruction.

Belinda, nice job on your workouts lately. No one wears a mask where I live, the virus has died off. The latest strain of it was tested to be very weak with little symptoms so no one cares in my neck of the woods. Also, the US is past Herd Immunity so that is a positive. First responders probably are all vaccinated but it is the vaccinated people that get Covid, not the non-vaccinated it seems. I am sure you will be ok. If you wear a mask than I think you should be ok. I believe state to state, companies have the option if the employees need to wear masks or not.

Doreen, nice workout today, I have never done on of her workouts.

Cam, I almost did the Cathe High step workout today but changed my mind at the last minute, weird that we were on the same page.

BBL to read the other posts for the day. WE are going to get major rain starting tonight so I have to batten down the hatches!



Amy's D13 35 Minute Dumbbell Burner HIIT Workout plus SBF Standing+Mat Lower Body = 24 min is done.

Jolie - great job on your workout. It's the company's policy that requires their employees to wear a mask at all times. Not my policy. I wouldn't take my dog to a groomer that wasn't wearing a mask around my dog. I am sure they all vaccinated, they still can transit the virus to someone else that is immune compromised. I ask the vet a few weeks ago, he told dogs can transmit covid just like humans do. So no, I will not be ok. If someone comes to my house, I don't care if they are fully vaccinated and on their 8 booster shots I will not allowed anyone to enter my house without a mask. I take all the precautions to keep myself safe and my family. I am immune compromised, I will not take a change on catching covid again. It doesn't matter if you vaccinated or not both can get covid. Nobody is safe, IMO! My sisters best friend husband is fully vaccinated, got the booster shot 2 weeks ago. Now he is on a ventilator in the hospital. They are not sure if he makes it through.



Friday and Saturday I did stretching as my hip has been hurting again along with the shoulder. Neck is hurting as well. I did 21 minutes of mild cardio moves low impact on Saturday to warm up for stretching. My big mistake was coloring my hair. Parting off and doing the roots ended up causing me loads of pain that I finally gave in and took Advil for as Tylenol does nothing. Besides they still have not called and the pre-op says no Advil, Aleve etc for 1 week prior to surgery. I decided I was not spending the whole weekend in excruciating pain. We went to my daughter's for family Christmas gathering and gift exchange. Also did a white elephant/dirty santa (child appropriate) for fun. I am a little better today and just let my hair air dry since I am not going anywhere. I am hoping that they call soon to schedule the surgery. My husband needs to know so he can get off of work and I want it done soon. I do not know who to call to ask as I seen the surgeons PA in one facility and the paper work is having me to go to a bone and joint hospital downtown somewhere. I have multiple phone numbers on my list. Plus I am supposed to have a pre-op testing done the day before surgery.
Saturday afternoon and evening was spent mostly sitting in the recliner in pain. Anyone have an idea how to keep from sliding down hill with the wedge pillow?? I wake up halfway down hill several times a night and this makes my neck hurt. I feel good till I get crunched all up near the bottom with my head pushed forward. It worked much better when I used the knee wedge as well, but left hip and leg starts hurting. I can sleep with it to the side with one leg on it.

Belinda, I am sorry that you are having so much anxiety over the masks and vaccines. Being immuno compromised is tough. I would think one consolation is that you should have some antibodies after having the virus that may protect you some. I am hopeful that the oral stuff they are working on for covid will help a lot when they get it out. My vet office that I had before we moved still has curbside drop off for pets. Not so much for covid now though. It is because they are running out of space and keeping space and safety in the waiting area is tough. They are building a new larger facility. They do grooming and everything there. New vet only had one patient come in when I was there and their dogs were disrupting mine during exam and he asked them to go outside.
Nice work with Amy day 13 dumbbell burner today.

Jolie, nice work with the elliptical and upper body today.

Debbie, nice job with Raw Intervals 1 this morning. Those storms were bad. I was looking at scenes on Newsmax while stretching and thought what an odd time of year for tornados. We have had some high winds and sprinkles, but that is it. We get a couple of days of 70's this week and then it is going to drop below freezing with rain. Mostly evenings which probably means some ice. Not the thing I look forward to.

Cam, what field was your doctor in that did your surgery for your neck? I am thinking maybe when I get through this I should look for a spine health doctor. It seems a better option than the rheumatologist giving me an epidural between spaces in my neck. That frightens me. I have to get past the shoulder issue though, before other decisions and I am supposed to get a bone scan when I do my mammogram if I can get there in January. Not sure if my shoulder will let me get it done then or not. 3 years ago I had stress fractures in my hip and mid back.

Doreen, it is fun going through and trying new workouts.


Diane - sorry you having so much pain. I hope they will call you soon. I don't have anxiety over the mask and vaccines. If you have to take high amounts of immune depressed medications like I take you would be carful too. I am also on a 60 day high does of steroids for RP. I don't trust others not having covid or pass it on to you without masks. Too many breakthroughs :( I am constantly sick. I feel run down.
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I did Penny Barnshaw Total Body AMRAP w/Weights High Intensity. It was 40 min and that was plenty. My arms are still a little shaky. 10 reps of a circuit of 4 exercises for 6 circuits. I think each circuit was 5 min. It went quick, but I was fatigued.

Doreen, my introduction to YT workouts were Yvette Bachmann and Sydney Cummings. I did their workouts exclusively. I kinda quit Sydney but should check her out again. My daughter does her workouts regularly. Her 2nd job is a personal trainer at a gym and I think when she creates workouts for her clients, they ars Sydney inspired.

Diane, I am sorry you haven't heard about your surgery yet. I think it took a week before I got the call. I had an orthopedic surgeon do mine. If I recall the surgeon had a scheduler call me and she goes through everything over the phone and then she set me up with Pre-Op. The Orthopedic Hospital called and set up the pre-op appointment about 2 weeks before my surgery. They are very thorough and go through everything with you. I felt it eased my nerves a lot. It also helped that I heard nothing but good things about my surgeon. I would call the PA and tell her you haven't heard anything yet. If I recall, I received a phone call about a week after I met my surgeon and then I had to wait 2 months for my surgery. He was booked up. Hopefully you won't have to wait that long. I also talked to the biling department and she talked with my insurance company and they told me how nuch would be out of pocket. I was impressed, she was dead on with my share of the costs.

Jolie, good job with Caroline and the elliptical. I love getting a good cardio session in. Funny you were going to do High Step Challenge on Saturday. This is still one of my favorites.

Debbie, good Kelly workout. 30 min is better than nothing.

Good workouts everyone! Good night.
This morning I did RAW Hi:Lo and had a great workout. Actually, I'm not sure this is the name of the workout, it's one where you do the workout on the floor first, and then she does the same moves on the step. It's not a very high inpact cardio workout so not sure it's called Hi:Lo. Had a great workout, I was sweating toward the end.

Workout was 39 minutes, burned 248 calories, did 3847 steps and HR was 121/154.

I also did about 10 minutes of her RAW Athletic Stretch. I want to do this whole thing and hopefully will by end of week.

Diane - I cannot believe it takees that long to get anything done with surgeries where you are. Usually when someone I've known needed surgery, they make the appointment right then and there. It may be a few weeks, but at least it scheduled. I sure hope you hear from them soon. That is ridiculous.

Great workouts everyone! I don't have time for personals again as I am getting ready to do a training on homelessness. I'll catch up tomorrow!


Cam - I did Sydney pretty regularly a couple years ago and then got tired of her chatter. And her cardio sucks - she doesn't stay on a beat so I don't do her cardio workouts. But for lifting - she is great.

I did Day 4 of her Power program - 30 minute tabata strength. It was odd that she just did 3 tabata sets of 20sec/10sec - but she was lifing heavy so it worked and it was a good 30 mintue workout that hit everything except back.

I took the pup for a bike ride last night. I'm getting to where I prefer this over walking him!! Once I get him moving at a light trot he is a lot less distracted by everything on the ground. Its not a workout for me though because we don't move that fast but it enables me to cover a lot of ground for him a lot faster. We take smell breaks so he can rest and sniff around.

Jolie Fit

Today is a rest day, it is raining cats and dogs here today so I am just focusing on finishing up Christmas, from wrapping present to baking cookies for my dad and making fudge for a neighborhood party this weekend. It is so windy my patio umbrella was just thrown across my deck as I am typing this post. What is everyone cooking for Christmas? I am stumped... They have a huge recall on ham of any sort so that is out. Maybe Filet of Beef and Shrimp Scampi with a winter salad? My mom is making Swedish Meatballs and bringing them so that helps. I need some ideas.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. Look at your calorie burn, that was higher than usual, really where it should be all of the time. I loved my workout yesterday, Caroline goes so slow and controlled, less room for injuries. I will be doing more this week.

Diane Sue, I feel so bad for you! Can you call the doctor and tell him how much pain you are in and to rush to get you into surgery? My dad did that with his hip replacement and they got him in a lot sooner because of the pain he was in. The doctor must have some pain meds that he can give you that won't affect your blood from thinning, you should ask for something so you can at least function. I think coloring your hair was tough on your shoulder, next time have someone do it for you or go get it done.

Doreen, nice job on the workout and the dog run! Dogs get more energy out if we run them a little and that may calm him down a bit. I had to do that with my dog when he was young otherwise, he was in trouble all of the time :)

Cam, nice job on the workout last night. I will look into Penny's workout today. I love Yvette's workouts but I have to modify quite a bit because of how high impact they workouts can be sometimes. No big deal, I love the calorie burn I get and that they work my legs a lot without lifting a lot of weights.

Roselyn, way to go on the cardio and STS! I love sts.

Belinda, I hope you get in a nice workout today.

Make it a great day.



SBF D9 Strong back plus Amy's D14 30 Minute Quiet Cardio HIIT with Weights Workout.

I have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow plus I am getting my hair done in DC. Can't wait to hang out with my DD tomorrow.

Great job everyone.


I did Tracy Steen 45 min Killer Barre and No Repeat Cardio. I don't usually do barre type workouts, but I loved this. It consisted of a barre move for 40 sec followed by a cardio move 40 sec. The same barre exercise was repeated 3x alternating with 3 different cardio drills. It was more cardio intensive, which I wanted with a little light weight work. I worked up a good sweat.

Doreen, I had to chuckle at the Sydney's cardio sucks comment. I couldn't agree more. Another thing that turned me off, are her motivational speeches. A little over the top for me. Good job with your puppy!

Jolie, yes, Yvette's cardio is never low impact and is also a little repetitive, but I really like her. BTW, I am doing brunch on Christmas. I have been doing brunch for the past few years. It works out well with the elderly parents. Also, this year the Packers play, so I want to be done with cooking and eating.

Good workouts everyone and goodnight!
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Jolie - thanks for the heads up on the Caroline workout! This morning I did Caroline's EPIC Heat #32 - Giant Sets Upper Body Workout and had a great workout. This one was awesome and tough. I like picking and choosing which of these workouts to do, following her rotation is almost impossible - especially for my knees.

Four exercises in each Giant Set and each are done for 45 seonds. Once all four exercises are complete, 45 seconds of rest. Then you repeat that Giant Set again:

Giant Set 1 - Shoulders
Seated Shoulder Press:
Lateral Raise: 8's
Face Pulls: 15's
Pike Push Ups: she does them off a chair, I just did them on the floor

Giant Set 2 - Back
Bent Over Rows
: 20's
Renegade Rows: 12's (I don't like this, you do alternate rows while in plank position)
Superman: I actually did this
Pullover: 20#

Giant Set 3 - Chest
Chest Press
: 20's
Diamond Press: 15's
Flyes: 15's
Push Ups: on knees
This was a killer

Giant Set 4 - Bi's & Tri's
Hammer Clean to Press
: 15's (tough!)
Hammer Curls: 15's
Alternate X Body Curl to Arnold Press: 12's
Skull Crushers: 12's

Finisher - 30 seconds each, no rest
Alternating Run Curls
: 12's
Alternating Run curls
: 12's

Workout was 41 minutes, burned 112 calories, HR was 87/112 although I know it was higher than that. This was non-stop. Can't wait to get my Garmin!!!

Jolie - Loved this workout, thanks for doing it and reporting back on it. I love her workouts, I just don't like doing them every day - they are way too intense for me, especially for my low body. We are having ham and turkey on Christmas. My DH, brother and brother-in-law will attempt to deep fry the turkey outside. Not sure I want to eat it, though, especially due to all the oil it will cook in. It will be a fun experiment, though. I agree, my calorie burn yesterday was awesome. Why can't this FB always figure like that? I don't get it.

Diane - I sometimes fall down on my wedge pillow, too. Not sure how to stop it. I seem to be doing better with it, though, and finding I'm not sliding down anymore. I can't tell you what has changed, because I don't know. Have you heard from your doctor yet? I hope you have. Ridiculous that it's taking this long.

Roselyn, Belinda, Cam & Doreen - Great workouts!!

Have a great day everyone!! Three more days for me and then I'm off until January 3! Woo hoo!!!

Jolie Fit

Today I did a new instructor for me, Janine Peterson, workout name Cardio #1Sweaty Aerobics Workout Class beginner to advanced. It states Newbie friendly step workout but there was nothing friendly about it, LOL! She uses 3 risers, the workout is basic but brutal at that height of step. This was not to must turning, more basic step and you keep adding on to it. I was drenched by the end and so was the instructor. Workout was 51 minutes and I burned 606 calories. What I loved so much about the workout besides the calorie burn, was the cueing, she is fantastic. I will be checking out more of her workouts on YouTube. My heart rate was 136/179! I had to modify in a few places and take some breaks but I made it through!

Debbie, I am so glad that you liked the workout too! You lifted heavier weights than I did, I have to keep them lighter so I avoid injury at all cost. Thanks for posting the workout for the others, I did not want to stop to write the entire workout down. I have not tried any of her lower body workouts because my knees just cannot take those workouts anymore. I got a fantastic leg workout yesterday on my elliptical, having heavy resistance is a great leg workout, along with step and kickboxing.

Cam, way to go on the workout last night! Have you tried any of the workouts from the instructor that I did today? If so, what one's do you like that you have tried? I like Yvette's step with heavy weights workouts, they work they entire body and really do the job!

Roselyn, nice job on the workout yesterday.

Belinda, have fun getting your hair done and visiting with your daughter.

Diane Sue, how are you feeling today.

Doreen, I hope you have a great workout today.

Have a nice day. The storm yesterday was so brutal that our entire back yard looks like a tornado touch down, furniture everywhere and branches from trees down too.


Good evening,

No workout to report today.

I talked to my sister about the guy that's in the hospital after getting the booster shot and caught covid He is a coma :( So sad.

Good night.
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I did Sydney's Power series day 6 - 40 minute Hiit Strong. (Not hiit, just interval weights) I liked the workout - she just had one akward move I couldn't get the feel for.

So we got hit by that big windstorm today. We had a 40' Blue Spruce tree uproot in our backyard and topple over onto our truck camper. The shed was next to the tree so the root ball tipped that over too. All the fences blew over in the backyard too - so now we have to take the dog out on a leash.
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I did Heather Robertson Fierce Lower Body (Day 2). This was a great lower body workout it was 45 min. A circuit of 2 exercises. 1 strength/1cardio repeated 2x.

Jolie, I haven't heard of Janine Peterson, but will check out her channel. It's fun discovering new YT instructors. Glad you had a good workout.

Debbie, good workout with Caroline! I would like that one. Complete upper body and only repeated 2x..

Roselyn, good workout today.

The storm has reached us Jolie. Extremely windy. I pray we don't lose power. We have lost power a few times this year already. It's 65 out, but the wind is awful. I have flashlights ready and my phone charged. Normally we are preparing for a winter storm not rain storm. Weird. I did take a good walk at lunchtime though.

Doreen, just read your post. Not looking forward to tonight and tomorrow morning. Sounds like you have power. I was going to take my dog for a quick walk before the rain but decided that would be a bad idea. A quick walk around the yard was it for me. However, my dog wasn't phased by the gail force winds.

Tomorrow will be a rest day.

Goodnight Everyone!
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No workout. I contacted my surgeon's office and they said the woman was out that sets up the date of surgery. They left her a message and she called me back this afternoon. I am getting the surgery done next Wednesday. My husband is arranging to be off. The bone and joint hospital will call me with specifics as to exact time etc.. Finally maybe I can get on the road to recovering from this pain. I am reading everyone's posts, just not spending as much time typing on here.
My primary doctor and the orthopedic doctor says that often these tears can happen as we age as tendons and bones become more brittle. Makes me afraid to do anything to taxing on the joints after this. I will see if the orthopedic doctor gives any instructions for the future. Weird as I thought that weight training was supposed to help keep our bone density. My Breast care center called today as well because my primary had sent them a request for the bone density test. When I told her what was going on, she said she would make not on my stuff for the bone scan and we would leave my appointment still set for the end of January till I see if I can do it then or not. She said they have had patients that healed pretty fast and were able to do it and others that could not. I know I could not do it now and besides it is not a year till January since the last one.

Debbie, I have tried putting something else at the bottom to help, but the suggested use of the leg wedge along with the upper wedge does work better than without. My body cannot scoot down that far then. It is just the problem with the right hip and leg. The last two nights I moved the leg wedge over so only the leg that did not bother me was on it and that worked. Another advantage of the leg wedge is that I cannot so easily turn on my side. Sleeping on my side makes my neck hurt as well as shoulder if I lie on it.

Jolie, I am in a lot of pain today and that prompted me to contact the surgeon. I asked if there was anything else I could use besides tylenol that does not work and how long I had to wait for surgery. I got the arthritis strength tylenol from Amazon today, but I don't think it is any better. Yes, I was thinking I may have to enlist my husband's help or my daughter. Or maybe I will just have to run around with grey roots, which is not a me thing. I don't go out to the mailbox without some lipstick and my hair fixed.

Belinda, that is terrible about the guy in the hospital after the booster shot. It is frightening. I have heard different things like this from others and you do not hear them on the news. I feel so bad for those people that this happens to and their families.

Cam, I was kind of surprised that I can get the surgery done this quick. I asked about the paper work saying come in the day before for testing and pre-op paper work and she said recently they had told her they were not doing it till the day of surgery to avoid having too many people in the facility at the same time since covid. So, I may be doing all of that the day of surgery, which in the past has been the protocol anyway.

Doreen, we have had some high winds today and I looked out and two streets over there is a big pine leaning sideways. My husband says maybe they did not plant it deep enough. It just looks funny from my dining room window. The wind whistles through the rain gutters and it sounds like someone using a riveter or nail gun. They are saying high winds and dust tomorrow as it has been so dry. Unfortunately the house lots along the street behind us has piles of gravel and dirt out preparing to pour concrete slabs.
My knees have felt great the past two days so why not aggrevate them again? LOL! This morning I did RAW Burn Out: Lower Body workout and it was a really good, short workout. I really felt this, my entire lower body was trembling by the time I was finished. I skipped the bridge work, though, I don't care for that exercise(s) and just never really feel it.

Supersets with 45 seconds on/15 seconds off each exercise - each superset is done 3 times through

Superset 1
: 20's
BW Fast Squats w/Calf Raise

Superset 2
Reverse Lunges
: 20's
BW Lunges w/Pulses

Superset 3
: 30#
BW Plie Pops (holy smokes did this burn)

Superset 4
Front/Side Lunges
: 15's
BW Side to Side Lunges

Bridge work - Skipped

Workout was 35 minutes, burned 141 calories, HR was 92/111. Killer workout, loved it

Then I hopped on my treadmill for about 12 minutes just to get some steps in. I walked about .5 miles.

Diane - I'm SO GLAD you have your appointment, hopefully by a few weeks into the new year you can start doing some light workouts. So happy to hear this and a great time of year to just relax and recover. Tell your husband or daughter they need to come on here and give us an update so we don't worry about you!

Jolie - That workout you did yesterday sounds like fun, dang, wish I could workout 3 times a day so I can do all these workouts. LOL!! Great job!!

Belinda - So sorry to hear about the guy your sister knows that is in a coma. This is so sad what is going on, when will it end?

Cam - Great job with your workout. Yes, I think you'd like some of Caroline's workouts. They are tough.

Doreen - Sorry to hear about your tree, we had really bad winds on Saturday, when I was at church I thought there was a tornado outside. It was scary!

Have a great day everyone. Got a meeting I need to get to. Two more days....

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