Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for December 2021

I hope you all had a great Christmas! It went by so fast, I can't believe it's over. I had a very nice one with my family and enjoyed it very much. I am looking forward to getting my eating back on track, which I'm starting today. I ate way too much and today my stomach is telling me so.

My DH got me a Vivosmart 4 Garmin and it's a small watch but so far I am loving it. I have been wearing both my FB and the Garmin to see what differences there are. I see a step count difference for sure, but... the Garmin is on my right wrist which is my dominate hand, I'm sure it is doing more movement than my left had does. I did my workout and used both to clock calorie burn, I had some interesting results.

This morning I did RAW Box & Pump 4 - love this one. It has great music and Jane joins Kelly with this workout. I like Jane, she's cool.

Box & Pump 4 - 1 minute intervals:

Hammer Curl Pulse/Supination:
Deadlifts: 12's
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Dumbbell Curl Pulses/Pledges: 12's
Squat//Fold/Deadlift Up: 12's
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Overhead Press: 12's
Lunges: 12's
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Lateral Raise/Alt. Front Raise: 8's
Lunge Sequence: 8's
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Overhead Triceps Extension: 12#
Plie Squats: 12#
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Kickbacks: 8's
Glute Pulses: BW
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

So each time I looked at my FB and Garmin, the Garmin had a higher HR - once my FB said 92 and my Garmin said 151. Another time my FB said 118 and my Garmin said 157. Such a difference. I wonder if left or right sides matter? Anyways, stats were:

FB: 48 minutes, burned 306 calories, HR was 117/173 and I did 3990 steps
Garmin: 48 minutes, burned 286 calories (shocker), HR was 145/173 and it doesn't clock steps

Weird huh? How can my HR be up a lot higher with the Garmin verses my FB but I got a lower calorie burn? Sort of stunned me. I think the lifting workouts will be what shows a difference with calorie burn. I will do a weight workout tomorrow and see.

The Garmin shows my oxygen levels where my FB requires a monthly fee to show me that. I love the Garmin app and it really has some nice information on it. I am very impressed with the Garmin so far.

Diane - I hope you are mending and not feeling much pain anymore. Hope you can check in soon to let us know. Been thinking about you.

Have a great day everyone, I have many errands to run today.
Merry Christmas and it is almost New Year's Eve already!!! I had a very hectic but good holiday; I was so exhausted yesterday that I could barely function. Last night I slept 12 hours and feel amazing today. I got outside early today before the rain comes in and walked 4.6 miles and burned 858 calories. It was cold, barely 50 degrees burrrrr.... I was going to lift weights, but I have been in the house for so many days due to rain that I had to get out and get some fresh air. I still have an issue with fascia behind my right shoulder, I have to use my back jack today and try to loosen it up a bit. I need to go out and buy a vest to walk in to stay warm on the colder days, I hate freezing when I am out walking.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. That is very odd about the two devices, I would think since your heart rate is up higher on the Garmin that you would have burned more calories, weird. I am using my fitbit that I got 6 years ago, and it is still going strong.

Diane Sue, I hope you are not in such pain today. I am glad to hear that your surgery was a success.

I will check back in later to read the other posts for the day. Great job everyone who got workouts in during the holiday!!!!

Have a great day.
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I went for my post op this morning. They removed stitches and put glue and steri strips on. Feel a bit down as this surgery was a bit complicated as they showed me photos of what they did. They had to reattach the biceps tendon and do repairs along with attaching and mending the shoulder tear. He said something about making holes for the attachment. They rearranged the sling/immobilizer as it was put on wrong and they do not want me lifting the shoulder. It still all hurts and said it would take awhile and with what was done it would hurt from the neck to my hand. So, they want me to start pt next week or this week, I have to look. Did not say i could drive though and that is the only way i will get to pt. They want pt to follow a protocol they gave me That goes to 26 weeks o_O i am bummed about that. it will probably work itself out. Forgive my typing. I am not lefthanded and right hand makes my forearm hurt.

Debbie , i love the garmin app. i get higher heart rates too, and generally higher burns, but not as high as i thought they should be. it stays pretty much the same all of the time with no ridiculous reads though. i think it is more accurate than the Fitbit. I mostly use the cardio setting and it gives me steps. Weights setting, but do not usually do the reps. I just let it go steady. other wise you have to push buttons for the rest and restart for the next set. That works best for slower work. It gives two readings at the end as one will give actual time working and not the rest time and the other gives the rests included. I would ditch the fitbit. Am wondering why you did not get steps. I use my Garmin for a lot of stats and it tracks mfp calories and workouts along with steps. i do not need to enter the workouts myself.

I need to stop. Meds are wearing off. i read all of your posts and will try to get back here. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.
Hi everyone,

I did CL A Christmas Ball. It was a fun workout. I am deciding if I want to sign up for another CL year. My subscription is running out the beginning of Jan or do I want to do monthly? I will skip Amy's last week of her Christmas challenge and will finish her last week in Jan or skip it all together.

Diane - sorry the meds are wearing off. When my DH tore his biceps he was in a lot of pain too. Hopefully the PT and meds will help you heal faster.

Good night, everyone.
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This morning I did Tracy Steen 53 min No Repeat Work-It Circuit Cardio & Strength. That was a good one. I was looking forward to my last day off, but once again, my mom ended up in the ER. She has beens having trouble breathing. I have been in and out of hospitals with her since 2011. 3 times this year. Its always something. It started with cancer, then broken leg and hip from falls, open heart surgery, sepsis, pneumonia...the list goes on. I have no idea how she keeps surviving. Tomorrow the lung specialist will see her. I can't stand those lame hospitalists. They really don't know much. They found a small blood clot in her lung. Hmm. I just hope the 3 covid shots didn't have something to do with that. Anyway, the lung specialist should have some answers.

Glad everyone had a nice Christmas.

Good workouts everyone!

Diane, Try not to get down. I know that's easy to say, but hopefully your pain begins to subside. Did he say how long the healing process will be? 26 weeks of PT??? Wow. You may find you won't need that much, but starting out, it will help you a lot with proper movement. Impressive, typing with the left hand!
Cam I am sorry to hear that your mom had to go to er. I hope you get some answers. I really do not get the pt as the prescription says 4 to 6 weeks, but has a plan set up in 3 phases with what they want the therapist to do. This is a 26 week program. Maybe they will educate me on how to do it on my own. Hoping it is not that long. I have to find out how i can get myself there.

Belinda, nice work on the Christmas Ball.

Jolie the walk sounds nice. It got up to 80 today I think and next week it will be in the 20's.
Today I did Kelly's RAW Weights 1 and had an excellent workout. I went fairly heavy but was very careful. This is one great full body workout. I may do Weights 2 on Thursday.

Tabata style, 25 seconds on/10 seconds off. 8 rounds each exercise.

Dumbbell Curls:
15's (4 rounds)
Hammer Curls: 15's(4 rounds)
(alternated between the two)
BW Squats (Did this during the rest period)

Shoulder Press:
20# (used only one dumbbell so it was more of a front shoulder exercises) - 4 rounds
Upright Row: 15# (one arm at a time) - 4 rounds
(alternated between the two)
BW Alternate Lunges (Did this during the rest period)

20# (alternating sides)
BW Curtsy Lunges (Did this during the rest period)

Overhead Triceps Extensions:
20# (4 rounds)
Alternating Kickbacks: 8#/10# for 3 sets (4 rounds)
(Alternated between the two)

Lower Body
Curtsy Squats: 15#

Dumbbell Flies:
20's for 4 rounds
Dumbbell Press: 20's for 4 rounds
(Alternated between the two)

Planks: Did the first 4 sets

Reverse Crunch

So after each tabata of 8 sets I wrote down the difference in HR with my watches. So with Tabata 1, FB said 84 and Garmin said 116; Tabata 2 FB said 68, Garmin said 141; Tabata 3, FB said 71, Garmin 146 and it was similar for each tabata. Now that is a HUGE difference in heart rates between the two devices. Even with the ab work the FB was at 77 and the Garmin at 149.

FB Stats: 55 minutes, burned 135 calories, HR 79/123
Garmin Stats: 55 minutes, burned 248 calories, HR 126/165
That's more like it.

Diane - Wow, I cannot believe they repaired so much. Did you ever feel like your biceps had something wrong with it? I cannot believe they did all of that. It explains why you've been in so much pain. I know it's depressing to go through this, but I think you will be very happy after all is said and done. Once you start healing and the pain is gone you will not regret it. I think your recovery will be much faster than 26 weeks. With the Gamin, where on the app does it show the steps you did during a workout? I don't see it out there and I've used the cardio mode yesterday and today. I checked each screen on the workout part and see nothing about steps. I really like this Garmin, I think the FB will be history soon.

Jolie - Which FB do you have? It seems as you go up in models the worse they get. I had my most accurate readings when I had the Ionic. I loved that thing. Great job on your walk. LOL on how 50 degrees feels cold to you. That's warm for us during these months!

Belinda - I loved last years CL Christmas workout. Was Cathe and crew dressed up again? If you think you'll use the CL workouts, sign up for another year. Have you ever watched some of PlantifulKiki's Youtube stuff? She has a cookbook I think I'm going to order, she has some amazing recipes. She is the one that made up that vegan cheese sauce recipe. You might want to check her out sometime.

Roselyn - Hope you had a great Christmas, I'm sure it was hard without your dad. :(

Cam - Sorry to hear about your mom, I hope she doesn't have Covid. She sure has gone through a lot. I hope she gets better soon.

Have a great day everyone!!
Hello all and Merry Christmas (belated) to everyone!

Diane - Take care of yourself during recovery. Maybe you can look for a medical ride sharing service? We have them out here to take people to dr appts - kinda like an uber but just for dr appts.

My kids are both on Christmas break so we've had lots going on. My son has been helping cut up the tree that fell down and re-build the gate and fences. My daughter decided to re-paint her room. My husband decided to buy a fishing boat. I'm just trying to feed everyone and keep the kitchen clean and the dog walked!!

I'm loving all the new programs that are going to be coming to Youtube in January, one by Heather Robertoson, one by Lindsay Bomgren and of course EPIC Endgame by Carolyn!! I've been continuing to do bits and peices of Sydney Cummings POWER program from earlier in the year. I keep thinking of Beachbody in the back of my mind and I got some Christmas money I could use for a subscription but I think I'll try these on Youtube first!!
Debbie- is Kiki coming out with a new cookbook? I love the her vegan cheese sauce. I will make her stuffed shell tomorrow. My husband requested this recipe, lol. I love CL but also want to try some YT stuff. I probably will do Carolyn's new program she is coming out in Jan. If I don't like it, which I doubt I will run through my dvd's. Need to use them.
I got an appointment Monday afternoon with pt and it is only 2.5 miles away. I will drive myself or have my husband get up early to take me. Feeling a little better today. I just used ibuprofen this morning. I hate wearing the stabilizer. it is bulky and i can only take it off for pt seated and showering. Miserable for sleep.

Debbie the Garmin sounds right compared to Fitbit. I write down my steps off the app or watch before i begin the workout, then check again when I finish. If you click on the workout on the app there will be more info, like body parts used etc. You can also add the exercises specifically and reps etc so you can see specific body parts and I have not done it, but i think you save a workout that you may want to go back to and do again. My forearm and elbow were hurting a lot and the biceps tendon attaches there and to the shoulder. Now i understand why typing and playing the piano was so painful, even before surgery.

Doreen, I doubt there would be a ride service. I messaged my doctors office and they have not responded. We live on the outer edge of the city and for shopping and stuff i drive into the smaller city. That is where I will do pt. For a small city, they have 4 pt facilities. It was convenient also when i needed a covid test as my doctors health group is associated with the hospital their. That was so easy. only me there and i checked in went straight back and was done in 10 minutes.
It sounds like you have a busy household right now.

Belinda, I hope you had a good workout. I am trying to get back to healthy eating. Family bought over enchiladas and meatloaf. Lots of salad. I am trying though. Too much salt in packaged foods. My husband is doing the prep work. He has been so sweet doing things for me and trying to keep from doing anything.

Hi everyone,

Today I only went for a walk outside. Felt good getting out.

Diane - glad you feeling a little better. Sorry you hate wearing the stabilizer especially for sleeping.

Great job on your workouts everyone.
This morning I did RAW Step Boxing and had a great workout. Love this one, it's short but really fun. I used 2 risers for my step and also used 1# sand weights for the boxing part.

I'm only using the Garmin and unfortunately, it is not showing the same calorie burn as my FB does with cardio. It's definitely better with lifting workouts, but not so great with cardio which is weird. I still like this device better, so I will use it instead.

Workout was 29 minutes, burned 159 calories (last time I burned 186), did 3461 steps and HR was 135/164. So the heart rate was up there, not sure why the calorie burns are so low.

I also walked on my treadmill and used the "Walk" function of the Garmin. The workout was 20 minutes, burned only 86 calories (TM said 126), did 1.17 miles (which is better than how the FB was tracking), did 2501 steps and HR was 86/96. Weird.

Doreen - You do have a lot going on, wow! I'm looking forward to the Epic Endgame as well, but I'm not sure I want to follow it yet. I will see how the workouts looks after she posts them.

Belinda - Kiki's new cookbook is an update to one she had out. It's called "Plantifully Lean, Second Edition". If you already have the first edition, I think she lets you download this one for free. It was on sale for $15 so I got it. I love her recipes and they are easy to do. I want to check out Caroline's new series, I might do some of them here and there. I doubt I will follow it as is, though, I do not like her cardio workouts.

Diane - I bet that stabilizer is uncomfortable. I'm surprised you have to wear it, usually they want you to start moving your joints around right away to get them mobile again. I'm sure with all the work they did on you, it has to mend a bit before you can start moving it. I hope you do well on Monday at PT. I don't see how you can use the Garmin for the Strength setting, how on earth can you log all that in while you're working out? Seems silly to me, not sure why it doesn't just keep track of your HR and calorie burn while you do the workout. I love that it can check your oxygen levels at any time, that is a great feature. FB made you pay a monthly fee to use that option.

Roselyn - Great job with your workout yesterday!!

Have a great day. I sure am enjoying my time off. Not looking forward to Monday when I have to go back. :(
I did Sydney Cummings POWER Day 19 Full Body Power workout this morning. It was ok.

My fitbit broke about a month ago- the plastic attachment that the band clips into snapped off. I bought a different band that the watch slides into to keep using it. But then my company switched health insurance companies and the new one doesn't pay money into a HSA for walking 10k/30 min/6x per day like the old one did so I don't even need a fitbit anymore.
Hi everyone,

CL 373 Bands, Loops and Weights – Oh My! is done. I also did SBF Barre Fire.

Debbie - I will check out her cookbook. I just got a few Dreena Burton's cookbooks. She has a coupon code if you need it. I love Caroline's workouts and Amy's.

Diane - feel better soon. Thinking about.

No workout yesterday, we have had severe storms and we lost our power for 16 hours!!! Today I pulled the trigger, I signed up for Kelly's RAW workouts and did two of them today. I never previewed any of them I just picked two and did them. The first one I did was RAW step and pump, burned 179 calories and the next one was RAW R & R Jan 2020 and burned 304 calories. Total calorie burn was 483. I really got my heart rate up on the second workout by getting on my rowing machine instead of using the bike. I also did some step work with Kelly but some things I could not due like burpee type exercises. Heart rate was 120/167. I thought the workouts were easy but effective. I just used the same weights that Kelly used but dropped on the lateral raises. I think these will be great workouts for me, I do not see myself getting hurt, so that is a good thing. I need to get some 2# DB's to use when doing the punching exercises, my 1# weights are too easy.

Debbie, great job on your workout today. Crazy how your FB and Garmin are reacting to your workouts. I have the original Blaze and it works perfect. One time it started acting up and I just shut it down, downloaded a new app and signed back in and it has been working great ever since. What are your all-time favorite RAW workouts? I want to try some good ones this week.

Diane Sue, I hope you can get some walking in soon, so you do not go crazy from the lack of movement. Do you still have your Tread Climber? Maybe that would work if you wore your shoulder brace? Good luck with your PT appointment.

Doreen, my son is home from college, and I never stop cooking!!! Good luck over the break, I have never done so much laundry in my entire life!!!

Roselyn, great job with STS.

Belinda, nice job on the walk. I want to walk so bad, but we have had so much rain lately, I must can't get back out there till at least Thursday. We have a high of 55 degrees today, that is too cold for me to walk in, I don't want to get a head cold.

Make it a great day!
So forget what I said about using youtube workouts... I just signed up for a trial of IFIT. They have workouts programmed to equipment but now their app lets you do them without their equipment... so I'm going to check it out! So many bike, treadmill and rower options!!
Today I did YT Penny Barnshaw 60 min Intense Full Body Strength & Cardio Supersets. Each Circuit was 2, 60 sec. sets of strength followed by 3, 20 sec cardio. Intense it was. I had a good workout.

I took advantage of Total Fitness sale and got Cathe's LITE Pyramid Pump and Perfect 30 Hiit. I keep saying I am not ordering anymore DVDs, but I am enjoying a lot of her dvds that I feel I missed out on.

Jolie, power outages suck! We have lived in our current house for 2 years and have lost power 4 times. A lot of windstorms this year. Enjoy RAW!

Debbie, hope you get your Garmin figured out.

Good workouts everyone!

I have a dumb question. If I would subcribe to Cathe Live, can I view it on my smart tv? I am used to mirroring YT from my tablet to my tv, but I assume that's not how I would do it with a streaming service? I don't like trying to watch a workout on a smaller device.
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