Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for December 2021

This morning I did RAW Shadow Boxing 1 and had a really great workout. I used my 2# hand weights for this and it really made a difference. Fun combos and not too fast, my HR was in the fat burning range the whole time.

Workout was 42 minutes, burned 260 calories, did 3815 steps and HR was 118/158.

Diane - I'm glad things are coming together for your surgery, hopefully it will all go smoothly. It's good that you are taking it easy right now, too. I'm sure you have no choice at this point. So is your surgery today or next Wednesday? I thought it was today and all the pre-op work should be done by now. I'm confused. No matter, I will be praying for you until you are recovered!!

Jolie - Hope all is going well with your Christmas get together, I know it's a lot of work. Do you invite your sister? I'd make her bring something at least. I get lucky every year, I have only had to make sides for our holiday get together's. Once my mom passes that will all change. Don't want to think about that.

Belinda - I never got to wrapping presents. LOL! I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to gift wrapping. Not one of my favorite things to do at all. Hope you got yours done!! I need a pantry, I just bought a cabinet thing from Walmart so I can put my canned and dried foods in it. I have no cabinet space at all in my kitchen because it's so small. My husband redid it some years ago and I have much more than what it was when we first moved in, but I still need more.

Roselyn & Doreen - Great workouts!!

Cam - CDorner's step workouts are fun!! Great job!

Have a great day everyone!!! I have a lunch date with one of my girlfriends from work.
Today was day 11 - Power Legs 40 mintues. Decent workout - she does a lot of talking explaining form in this workout which I think made her breaks longer than they were supposed to be. It wasn't a killer leg workout but effective.

When we redid our kitchen we put in a big pantry with pull out shelves - but it still gets so disorganized and a couple shelves are too high so its hard to use them. My sister has a huge walk-in pantry with cute little french doors.
Lots of confusion at the surgery place. They called and did most of the pre-op stuff over the phone. I was able to forego the trip downtown and got my covid test at the facility near me 3 miles away. So that is a relief. They said they would call this afternoon and give me exact surgery time. I think it will be in the afternoon as I was told he usually does it in the afternoon on Wednesdays. That means a long time of no water or eating.

Debbie, surgery is tomorrow. Today was pre-op.
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Hi everyone,

Crazy day today. I did get in Amy's No repeat HiT D20 and SBF D16?) Core and stretch.

Diane - good luck and lots of prayers. I wish I had a walk in pantry. I only have closet top to bottom pantry. It's pretty big has lots of shelves.

Debbie - I never wrapped my presents either, lol. I ran out of tap. I did sent out xmas cards. My kitchen is huge, the pantry could be a little bigger. I do have space in the basement if need to store more. I do store dry goods in the basement. I have an extra shaving unit especially for that. We want to redo the kitchen, not sure I will do anything soon. Maybe DH and I will do it ourselves, lol.

Great job everyone on your workouts.

Good night.
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Today I did Cathe Fit Split Shred Cardio (just 1st 10 rounds) followed by Push & Pull weight workout. 2 rounds instead of 3 for most circuits. Completed in an hour. I did this once when I first got it. I like Push Pull much better now. I guess I was in a different place with my workout mindset back then..I would like Shred better if she didn't do so many power 15's. I grew so tired of that move. Anyway, my arms are still shaky. I got a good workout. I like rediscovering workouts.

Wrapped presents too. I am tired and am heading to sleep.

Good workouts everyone!
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No workout yesterday. Today I was supposed to lift but I pulled something in my rear delt on the right side and into my traps that is pulling on my neck. Thanks to weightlifting the other day. I did not lift heavy; I did not pick up anything heavier than a 15# DB. I think I will take the rest of the week off from working out, I have so much to do, I will have my parents staying here for 3 days and I really do not think I will have the time to squeeze a workout in anyway. My body needs a break before the new year, and I want to start 2022 feeling my best.

Everyone is doing great with their workouts!

Debbie, I have not spoken or seen my sister in over 8 years. She has never liked me, and she is an alcoholic, I cannot subject myself or my family to her way of life anymore, her behavior is very destructive. She doesn't really take care of our parents at all, only if she needs something, so I do it all by myself and I am happy to, it is just a lot of work.

Diane Sue, praying every day for you and a speedy recovery.

Have a wonderful day.
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Diane - Hope your surgery goes well today. Praying for you.

This morning I did RAW Step & Pump and had a great workout. This one is fun, not very hard to do and goes by fast. I used heavier weights that Kelly did and felt it with the weight work. The cardio parts were easy.

Everything was 1 minute long and 10 seconds of rest

Cardio - 1 minute
Dumbbell Curls: 15's
Wide Dumbbell Curls: 15's (these hurt my elbows but I was careful doing them and didn't feel any pain)

Cardio - 1 minute
Front Raise: 10's
Lateral Raise: 10's

Cardio - 1 minute
Overhead Triceps Extensions: 8's
Kickbacks: 8's

Cardio - 1 minute
One Arm Row: 15#

Cadrio - 1 minute
Chest Press: 15's
Chest Flyes: 15's

Repeat all of the cardio together X2
Repeat all of the weights together one time through

Fun stuff! Workout was 45 minutes, burned only 173 calories - my HR did not get up too much with this workout. The cardio parts were easy and she did a lot of step boxing which wasn't high impact at all. My HR didn't get very high. HR said it was 96/135, that is probably about right.

Jolie - Wow, sorry to hear about your sister, that is sad. Why do people put so much importance in drugs and alcohol? I know it's an addiction, but there is so much help out there for anyone who wants it. That's the thing, though, she has to want it and obviously she doesn't. Hope you feel better, sorry to hear your pulled a muscle. That sucks!

Cam - Nice job with your workout!! I love Push/Pull, haven't done that in years.

Belinda - I'm getting ready to wrap presents now! LOL!!

Roselyn & Doreen - Great job with your leg workouts!

Have a great day everyone!
Today I did Penny Barnshaw 30 min. No Repeat/No Equipment Fat Burning Cardio. Absolutely loved this workout. I was breathing hard. She doesn't do a lot of high impact but more Bodyweight and some lower impact moves. Definitely saving this. Perfect for a busy week. I am a little sore from yesterday's Push/Pull workout.

Jolie, good idea resting your upper body. It's not worth it to workout when you are hurting. I try telling my daughter, who is a big weightlifter, to rest her body once in awhile. She doesn't listen. She can't miss a workout. I used to be a little like that but she is really committed. She has a great physique but I worry she will eventually injure herself. Oh well, youth.

Debbie, good job with RAW. I need to do a Kelly workout soon. Maybe tomorrow.

Have a good night Everyone!

Today I did SBF LB and Amy's D21.

Diane - thinking of you. Hope the surgery went well today. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Debbie - lol, I ran out of tape. DD is visiting for xmas, she had extra. I will wrap presents tomorrow. I did clean my entire house today.

Cam - I haven't done PP in years. I always like that one.

Jolie - glad you listen to your body. Enjoy the time with your family. Sorry about your sister.

Good night.
This morning I did RAW High:Low Cardio 2 and had an excellent workout. This one has a few on the floor plank work intervals but I was actually able to do them. This has 9 rounds of 1 minute intervals and you do 3 rounds of them. Loved it! Kelly really knows how to put a workout together. Love her stuff.

1 minute intervals were:
1. Plank Caterpillar w/step ins
2. 2 Jacks/Knee In/Kick - switch sides
3. Boxing Drill w/Eggweights (I used my 2# hand weights)
4. Single/Single/Double jog back/2 squats jumps forward
5. Using bands: Squat out right and left/4 jacks
6. 3 pendulums and a knee
7. Planks: Tuck jump rt side/side star (repeat other direction)
8. Boxing Drill w/Eggweights (I used my 2# hand weights)
9. Bands: Circle Jumps/4 Side Steps
Repeat 2 more times.
She also does some standing ab work at the end

Fun and a killer. Workout was 48 minutes total, burned 309 calories, did 3953 steps and HR was 121/161.

Diane - Thinking about you. Praying that everything went well.

Belinda- I got some of my stuff wrapped, I will finish up today after I make cookies.

Cam - Good job with your workout. Do you subscribe to Kelly's RAW workouts? They are awesome.

Have a great day everyone!!!
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I had my surgery yesterday. They did a nerve block with ultrasound to help with pain the first 24 hours. They shaved off a bone spur and some arthritis that was causing the damage and didrepair. Connected the tendons with a plastic screw. The pain really started up this afternoon. I am icing every hour and have 3 pt moves to do.
Thanks for thoughts and prayers.
Today I did KCM Your Best Body (both workouts). Wow! That was tough, but felt awesome! I will definitely feel it tomorrow.

Diane, sounds like your surgery went well. Sorry you're in pain, but hopefully it wil subside soon. Glad you checked in. I am assuming you are home? Did you have to stay overnight at the hospital?

Debbie, I like Kelly's weight work and her non-kickboxing cardio. I really avoid her boxing workouts because that is the one form of exercise I don't care for. One of the reasons I didn't preorder her new ones. Something about punching drils/moves I can't stand.

I did a lot of cookie baking the last couple days. Tomorrow should be more relaxing. Christmas Eve is always just our immediate family. Christmas Day will be with everyone. It's fun, but is it bad for me to say, I can't wait until it's over?

Tomorrow I will find a good fun cardio workout to do.

Good workouts everyone! Merry Christmas!
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Good morning,

sorry for not checking in yesterday. DD, DH and I decided to visit https://www.baltimore-christmas.com/about.html. It was very cold and only a few vendors were open. We wanted to get some German food, the only stand that was open was the roasted nuts and a French fries one. That was very disappointing. We still had lots of fun except we didn't eat lunch until 4:30 pm :( Sadie got lots of complements at the market with her beenie hat, I also had her in a dog dog carrier sling. We didn't get home until late evening. I also had to call around to find DH xmas gift. I ended up driving 45 min to an Apple store. The day my Orthodontist ask me to came in to discuss my treatment, I wanted to pick up DH's xmas gift at Costco. They sold out. We still had a fun day walking around the Harbor in Baltimore.

I did ended up doing my workouts before we went to the Christmas market. I did SBF UB and Amy's mobility workouts.

Today we will celebrate Christmas. We will exchange gifts this evening. Tomorrow on the 25th is when we get together with family and eat a tractional German meal. In Germany we also celebrate on the 26th. Besides some restaurants everything will be closed on those 3 day's.

Diane - glad your surgery went well ,I am so sorry about the pain. Thanks for checking in with us. I was worried about you. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Debbie - with all that running around I still haven't wrapped one xmas gift, lol. DD and I will bake vegan cookies today too. What are you baking?

Cam - hopefully you get some rest after xmas. Enjoy your family. My family are in Germany. Wished I had them all around. Maybe next year.

Roselyn - great job with STS yesterday.

Jolie - hope you having a relaxing week.

I will check in later.
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Merry Christmas to you and your families!

Presents are wrapped and we also baked vegan cookies.

Diane - thinking about you!
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Today I did Penny Barnshaw 45 min Full Body Strength & Cardio. It was a doozie. I was glad for the minute break half way through. I needed this today.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!
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Hi everyone,

Yesterday I did Am's workout and SBF plus we walked twice. Today was a SBF stretch. DD joined me.

Diane - how are you feeling? Thinking about you.

Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Good night.
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