Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for December 2021

Diane so sorry you have to have surgery

no workout today I had to take hubby at 630 am to have his other knee replaced!!

Debbie yes I am doing STS
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Tonight I did YT Olivia Lawson 30 min Killer Cardio Hiit. I was ambitious and added extra. It felt good and I was sucking wind.

Diane, sorry you have to have surgery but I am sure you will be glad you did it. You can't go on like that. Hope you get in soon. Did he say how long it would take before you're able to get into surgery?

Good workouts everyone! Going to eat and take my dog for a quick walk. She likes her afternoon walks with my daughter so she doesn't really want to go at night, which is fine by me. But we'll see what her mood is. You never know with her.
Has anyone ever used the protein powder that is vegan called Vivo Life? They have several brands, I'm looking at the Performance one. I hear it is an excellent mix of proteins and vitamins and has no heavy metals in it. I am going to purchase one and see how I like it. I heard about it on one of my Vegan channels I subscribe to. The price is fair as well for what it is.

This morning I did REAL RAW Box & Pump 2 - Diane, thanks! I did find it last night, I sat down and searched for it. When you look under all workouts it's between R&R November and R&R December. I didn't know it was that one because it has the word REAL in front of RAW. So Real raw opposed to just raw? What's the difference. LOL! Anyways, I LOVE this workout and the music. Not sure why Kelly doesn't use 80's music in her workouts anymore. That music makes me want to work and I really worked hard with this one today. I upped my weights from the last time I did this with some exercises.

Boxing Drill - Used 1# sand weights
Squat Rows: 15's - 16 reps
Run Rows: 8's - lots of reps

Boxing Drill - Used 1# sand weights
Overhead Press: 15's - 16 reps
Connected Front/Side Raise: 5's

Boxing Drill - Used 1# sand weights
Overhead Triceps Extension: 15# - 16 reps
Run Kickbacks: 5's - lots of reps (had to stop a bit early with these)

Boxing Drill - No sand weights
Chest Flies: 15's - 16 slow reps
Run Press: 10's - lots of reps
Ab work: 5's
Hammer Curls: 15's - 16 reps
Run Curls: 10's - lots of reps.

Workout was 41 minutes, burned 249 calories and did 3404 steps. HR was 117/160.

Glad I found the workout! Love these Box & Pump ones.

Diane - Thanks for looking for me, I didn't see them in the Cardio & Weights section but then again, I didn't realize it was called REAL RAW. She needs to just get rid of the RAW and put only the workout name, my letters on the TV are so large that it only showed REAL RA when I was looking. Oh well, now I know. I'm sorry you have to have surgery, but I do think you will feel so much better after you recover. The shots are just bandages, you need to take care of the problem. Glad you are!! Hopefully your recovery won't be that long, I'm sure you'll be back to working out after about 8 weeks. Knowing you, probably before!! LOL!! Hope you can get in there soon. Are you looking to do it before Christmas if possible? I will keep you in my prayers, my friend!

Belinda - Nice workout yesterday. We don't have an IKEA near us, I heard those stores are awesome but expensive!!

Roselyn - Have fun with STS, great series.

Cam - Nice job giving it your all with your workout yesterday. Awesome stuff!

Jolie - You must have had a rest day, hope you enjoyed it!

Have a great day everyone!!
I did RWH Back and shoulders (rear delts) this morning. I forgot this one has the band moves as finishers. Enjoyed the workout!
Yesterday was my rest day. Today I went out for a walk but I only got in 2 miles, 1 mile out it started to rain and so I turned around, by the time I got home I was soaking wet. Walk was 2.1 miles and I burned 289 calories. I was not walking fast on this walk because the rain was getting in my eyes. Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles :)

Debbie, fantastic workout today. I loved the kickboxing workout I did the other day, I will be doing more of their workouts. I see they have an hour-long kickboxing workout, I will try that one next. I want to do a new CL workout that is step with weights. I will let you know how I like that one.

Diane Sue, sorry to hear about you having surgery. But, at least you will heal and not have to go through this again. Is it the rotator cuff? Do you think you can schedule surgery soon?

Roselyn, good luck to your husband and his surgery today.

Cam, what workouts have you done from RC Fitness that you liked?

Doreen, Try the RC Fitness workouts that Cam turned us onto, they are great, I have only tired the kickboxing workout but I really liked it and the instructors.

Make it a great day. I just got all of my Christmas cards written and now I need to start wrapping some gifts.
Hi everyone.

SBF D4 Feel Good Cardio DVD Segment = 15 min + Amy's D10 32 Minute Pilates HIIT Workout for Core & Cardio + walk is done.

Roselyn - wishing your husband a speedy recovery. How is he doing?

Debbie - IKEA is actually very cheap compared to others stores. I can't find a media/buffet style for my large living room without spending thousands of dollars. My style is more modern/sophisticated. At IKEA I can get a similar look without the high price tag. I am redoing my my pantry this weekend.

Cam - fantastic on your workout yesterday.

Doreen - great job as well.

Jolie - sorry about the rain. Hate when that happens.

Diane - will you get the surgery soon? Hang in there.

Good night.

I did Heather Robertson Fierce 45 min Full Body Strength No Jumping. Loved this one. It consists of 5 superset circuits repeated 3x. 40 sec.work/15 sec rest. My muscles felt it. It actually went quick.

Jolie, I've done most of RC Fitness Total Body Conditioning workouts. I think they may have taken some down, now that they went to subscription service. I like their cardio too. I hate it when I get caught in the rain when I walk.

Debbie, good job on your workout . I think you would like Heather's Fierce series.

Doreen, Belinda & Roselyn, good workouts today.

Goodnight everyone!
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Did anyone receive another Census from our wonderful government? I'm wondering if this is legit because I already filled one out about a year ago. I hate filling these things out. I think it was only sent out to certain people, not everyone.

Today I did a workout from Caroline's EPIC Heat series, #42 - Chest & Triceps. Wow, what a great workout. This was a triset workout with no rest except between each triset. 45 seconds on and a 45 second rest when the triset is over. Tough!

Triset 1
Chest Press: 20's
Dumbbell Flyes: 15's
Pushups: Did on my knees

Triset 2
Deadstop Chest Press: 20's
Diamond Press: 20#/25#
Deadstop Pushups: On toes

Triset 3
Alternating Chest Press: 15's
Alternating Flyes: 15's
1 rep Slow Pushup (killer)

Triset 4
Skull Crusher: 10's
Tate Press: 10's
Close Grip Press: 15's

Triset 5
Lying Tricep Extension: 12#/12.5#
Tricep Pushups - I did Overhead Extensions: 15#
Deadstop Tricep Pushups - I did Kickbacks: 5's

Chest Press w/Pulse: 15's
Pushups w/Pulse - I did Flyes w/Pulse: 15's

I hate pushups and she does a lot like Cathe. I subbed because I didn't want to put too much strain on my neck and shoulders. Loved the workout.

Workout was 38 minutes, burned 87 calores (COME ON!), HR was 83/123. Jeez...

I also walked on my treadmill for about 15 minutes. Stats are unimpressive. LOL!

Jolie - Nice workout, sorry you got rained on. I hate when I get soaked like that. Let me know how you like the CL workout. I'm sure it will be a good one.

Belinda - I've only been in on IKEA store and I don't even remember where. I just remember I couldn't believe the prices. Maybe they have dropped them since I've been there, this was years ago. Good job on your workout!

Cam - I'll have to check out Heather's workouts. There are so many I want to do and so little time. Wish I could workout 3 times a day! LOL!!

Have a great day and weekend everyone!!
Today I was supposed to do a new Cathe Live workout but went a different direction and did Yvette Bachman's Moderate Impact Step/Multi Muscle Group Training and had a fantastic workout. My gym room was 56 degrees and I was soaking wet when I was done with this workout. It is 40 seconds of cardio then 40 seconds of weight work focusing on legs, shoulders and biceps with ABS. I went lower weights than I usually do and it worked out well for me. The heaviest weight I picked up was 15# for 1 arm rows. Workout was 1 hour and I burned 568 calories. I used 2 risers under my step. Heart rate was 133/175.

Debbie, wow on the Caroline workout today, you are lifting some impressive weights again. I will try to do that Cathe workout soon, I previewed it and I will have to do some modifications for sure on the cardio portions. Why does Cathe always do such high impact?

Cam, great job on the workout yesterday. do you find it hard to sleep working out later in the day? I have a difficult time sleeping so I have to workout out first thing in the morning or I will talk myself out of it all together.

Belinda, I have been buying upscale used furniture from Consignment stores and on Facebook marketplace or Offer Up. I bought a console, brand is Bernhardt and it originally cost $10k and purchased it for $250! I have bought couches and tables for dirt cheap and they are all high end pieces. I hope you have a nice workout today.

BBL to read the other posts for the day.
This morning I did stretching. CDorner 15 minute lower body and her neck and shoulder. Modifying for shoulder. Still waiting for them to call to schedule the time for the surgery.

Debbie, no census here. There are so many scams out there, I do not have a lot of trust in stuff that comes like that. No small print anywhere saying who they are affiliated or not affiliated with? Maybe search it out. I don't think I would fill it out myself. I am glad you got to do that workout. I wish Kelly would use more of the 80's music too.
Hi everyone,

I walked outside and did Amy's D11 30 Minute Dumbbell Pyramid HIIT Workout. Today was a rest day from SBF.

Diane - great job on the stretch today. Praying for you.

Debbie - you can look online for IKEA all their products. I love there products. Great job on your workout. That sounds like a scam to me about he census.

Jolie - wow, you getting lots of great deals on furniture. No luck her in WV. If you find any good deals in my area sent them to me.

Great job everyone else on your workouts today.

Good night.
This morning I did High Step Challenge from the Hardcore Series. I don't know when the last time I did this one, but it had to be about 4 years ago. I still like it. I modified the air jacks and tuck jumps. Those days have sailed. Otherwise, a good cardio and weight workout. The music is good too. One of the last series where Cathe had good music.

Jolie, I never have a hard time falling asleep at night. I am an early riser, as I get up during the week at 5:00. Though I am an early riser, my energy level for exercise that early is, nada. I have my most energy level at 5:00 p.m. On the weekends, I workout in the morning, after my coffee and breakfast have digested.

Debbie, I hear you on the "too many workouts and not enough time". Story of my life. I sort of preview a lot of YT workouts while I work on my phone with no volume. Shh, don't tell. Then I figure out what I will do when I get home.

Jolie, BTW I love Yvette's workouts! I miss her now that she has paid subscription. Do you subscribe to her streaming service?

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
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Hi everyone,

SBF TB barre plus Amy' Hitt workout is done.

Great job everyone. I am tired. I will catch up on the morning.
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I did CDoerner's 2000's step workout this morning. I have lots saved to YT playlists to try, RC Fitness is one of them.
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Today was Tracy Steen 40 min Fat Burning Cardio Hiit/No Jumping/No Repeat. As always, I love Tracy's cardio sessions. I added a little impact to some of the moves, but I was breathing pretty hard. I feel like I am regaining my cardio endurance. My recovery is getting quicker. I also took a 2 mile walk. It is warmer here today, but the wind is cold. I still needed a hat and gloves. It's supposed to hit 60 by Wednesday. Yay!! Hoping to get some lunchtime walks this week.
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Hi everyone,

We had a power outage last night which lasted until after midnight. As soon as, we lid up a candle in the kitchen all our smoke alarms were set off. Not matter what we tired they didn't stop. The security stytem we have advised us to leave the house in case of of a gas leak. She also mention taking all the pets out of the house which I though was cool. Not that I would have left Sadie in the house. Poor thing! The fire department came to the house very quickly. Of course, they the guy didn't wear a mask. We gladly gave him one. Than another lady came from the fire department. I ask her before she enter my house to please put on a mask. I am not taking any risk. I am sure they all fully vaccinated, breakthroughs are happening. They were very nice and professional which I appreciate it. Turns out one of the upper bedrooms, the smoke alarm set off a chain reaction. Probably dust got into the smoke alarm. We never had this happened. After they clear they house, DH disinfected the house house. Sadie and I stayed in our car until all was safe for me to return safely. My immune system is completely down at the moment with all the steroid I am one. I am on a high does of the next 60 day's. Not good for my immune system :(

Today we took Sadie to the groomer, her hair around her eye were too long. Once we arrived nobody was wearing mask. There was a huge sign before entering you have to wear a mask. I ask the young girl if she would wear a mask handling my dog. I explained to her that I am immune compromised. Short story short, she came back putting on a mask. WTH? I wasn't comfy leaving Sadie with the groomer knowing no one is wearing mask. The groomer is also in the same building as the vet we taking all our dog. I always felt very safe taking my dogs to the vet. We left Sadie with the groomer, at the same time we call the clinic about the covid policy. The lady told us it was company policy for all (even the groomer/boding to wear mask at all time. We ask her to walk to the groomers to see if they wear mask. She told us that the girls had not wearing mask the proper way. She ask her to wear her mask round noise not their chins. What is this going to do? Nothing! I hope from now on the staff also will wear mask. I was very upset about what happened. Even if you fully vaccinated you still can get someone covid. No wonder the so many people getting infected. I hope to get a call from the manager tomorrow.

Good night.
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Checked out a trainer on YT I haven't done in a couple years - Sydney Cummings. I did one of her Strength and conditioning Power workouts. I liked it- especially the clean and press move at the end.
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I sure hope everyone is safe from those horrible storms on Saturday. We faired well, but it was scary windy all day. When my mom and I were in church I seriously thought there was a tornado outside. The wind was blowing through the doors. It was scary.

This morning I did RAW Intervals #1 and had a great workout. I only had a half hour to workout because I had to be to work early. This has a lot packed in for just a 30 minute workout. I started a bit later than I wanted so I had to skip the abs at the end. Bummer.

Everything was 30 seconds doing two sets of each:

Step cardio
Squats/Overhead Press: 8's
Step Boxing Moves
Uppercuts/Hammer Curls: 8's (uppercuts with 8's was hard)
Football Drills - fast feet
Step Cardio
Reverse Lunge off Step/Lateral Raise: 8's
Step Boxing Moves
Bunny Hop/Front Raise: 8's
Floor Cardio
Standing Waist w/Dumbbells (boxing moves): 8's
Step Boxing Moves
Floor Cardio
Dead Bug: Skipped
Turkey Situp: Skipped
Double Leg Lifts: Skipped

Fun stuff! Workout was 28 minutes, burned 190 calories, did 2828 steps and HR was 124/161.

Great job with your workouts everyone. I don't have time for personals today.
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