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Diane - glad you like PHA3. I read somewhere else the this one had a huge cardio factor. Good thing you have so many stretching workouts. Hopefully you get your SBF dvd back soon. She has a lot of amazing stretches on her site. I was grandfathered into the old price system. No way, I would pay what she is charging now, lol. Especially since she isn't uploading new content regular. She added a few new workouts 2 month ago. That's it. She lost a lot of her customers. I don't blame them.
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Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

I can’t believe its almost Christmas but it also means boat seasyis right around the corner. DH has recovered you can hardly see where the cut him. He walked on the treadmill while I did the spin bike last night and this motI finally finished Morning Meltdown the last workout was an hour long and it took things from all 10 workouts. We are having our family Christmas tomorrow love watching the boys unwrap their presents. DH and I will do the spin bike treadmill thing later.
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I did get my package yesterday when I got home. I started with PHA 3 this morning with the extended premix #2 where abs are done after 1b and 2b. I started out doubtful because the warm up started at a slower pace than normal. But I ended up really liking the workout! New moves with the step and some twists on some familiar moves. The pace is perfect to work toward heavier weights. I did use heavier weights than Cathe several times in the workout already. So I'm really excited to do this one again and see what rotation she puts it in.
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My Step Boss dvds were supposed to arrive yesterday. Now it says delivery date unknown and tracking says delivered to next stop. So I am wondering where they are. Yesterday it said they were supposed to be delivered but then I saw they were leaving Texas. Glad I have the downloads.
This morning I did I Max 4. I really liked it although it does have some down to the floor moves like dropping to the floor and doing squat thrusts and back to the step and other side. Some moves that are familiar, but instead of on the floor they are done using the step. I also did the Abs 2 which Cathe uses an 8# dumbbell for the first part and the last half is planks using the step. I Max 4 was 46 minutes, heart rate average 148, MAX 177, 3760 steps, met 8.0, 319 calories. I then did Step Boss Abs 2, 10 minutes, heart rate average 99, max 124, met 5.0, 44 calories, 54 steps. I finished with Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga back and chest, 22 minutes, heart rate average 84, max 110, 33 steps, 37 calories. Total time was 77 minutes, 3,847 steps, 400 calories.

Belinda, it seems that if SB wanted to keep her followers she would do more with her streaming and add to it.

Roxie, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Our family is having Christmas Monday. It takes some effort working around everyone's job and other families to get it all together. I am getting my grandson to take to my daughter's early so we can play games and stuff and my husband will come after work. He gets off early though. Great that you finally finished that last workout.

Doreen, that is great that your dvds finally came. I can't wait to get mine so I can use premixes and mish moshes.


I did SBF Killer core and walked a mile. That's it.

Diane - I have no idea what's going on with SBF streaming. Her streaming site isn't cheap either especially now. Hopefully your dvd will arrive tomorrow.

Roxie - Merry Christmas! Glad your husband is recovering. Enjoy your family Christmas tomorrow.

Good job everyone.
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Hi everyone,

SBF Christmas Stretch = 35 min + 2 mile walk is done. Knee is starting to feel a little better, still can't bend it. Hopefully with lots of icing it will go away on it's own.

Tomorrow DH and I will leave for DC, we probably will stay until after the New Years. I will use my DD's gym. DD does a lot of pilates with transformer. She signed me up for a live class on Wednesday.

I will check in later.
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This morning I did Step Sync. I only missed a few cues the first time through-not bad. I also got about 6100 steps!!! I'm a step choreography junkie and I was enjoying this.

I had one Christmas present for my husband that looked like it wasn't going to get here on time. I had it shipped to my office so it wouldn't sit on my front step taunting porch pirates but then yesterday I got a notification that it was scheduled to arrive Dec 24th..... however - my office is closed December 24th!!! AGGH. So I contacted Fed Ex and they are going to route it to a FedEx pickup site so I can pick it up this afternoon! Yeah!!
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Good morning,

Today DH and I did a 45 min upper body workout. We did super sets/high reps. Played my own music had a lot of fun. I also did SBF Barre 18. I was going to do IMAX4, my knees still hurts like crazy when I walk up stairs. I didn't wanted to make them worst. IMAX4 has to wait until my knee feels 100% better. I will do barre, walking, core and upper body workouts. No lower heavy body workouts except light walking. I am getting ready to leave for DC.

Tomorrow I probably will not be around much. We celebrate German Christmas on Christmas Eve.

I will try to check in tonight. Merry Christmas (Frohe Weihnachten) from my family to yours.
Today I did the first RAW Box & Pump, this one has Kelly and Laurie in it. Very fun, I really love these Box & Pump workouts, they are really fun. It was only supposed to be a little over 40 minutes but I wrote all the exercises down so it took me a little longer. That's ok, I got a great calorie burn.

Each segment is 1 minute

Boxing warmup

Rows: 15's
W Back Flies: 5's (she used 10's which I can't believe!! These were hard for me)
Overhead press/flies: 8's


Supinated Curls: 15's
Hammer Curls: 10's
Front/Hammer Run Curls: 8's (killer!)


Overhead Press combo: 12's
Bent Elbow Lateral Raise: 10's
Bent Over Flies: 8's


Overhead Extension: 15#
Double Arm Kickbacks: 8's


Chest Press: 15's
Flies: 10's
Face Plant Push Ups


Squats: 15's
Back Lunges: 10's
Scales: 8's

After the scales my right hamstring spasmed and now it's really tight again. SO FRUSTRATING!! What is going on with this hamstring? I just don't get it, it's been fine for months and I run one time and now it's tight and hurts again. What could possibly be causing this? I put Aspercream on it and later I will sit on a heating bag. Yeesh! Sick of it.

Workout was 57 minutes, burned 463 calories, did 3272 steps and HR was 146/186. Happy with these stats.

After I stretched really good, especially my hamstring, I got on my treadmill for a little and just walked. This was 24 minutes, burned 174 calories, went 1.14 miles and did 2754 steps. HR was 129/167. I'm almost at my 10k steps already and it's only 11! Yay!!

Great workouts this weekend everyone! Hope you are all ready for Christmas. Our kids are coming over tonight, tomorrow is Christmas Eve mass where I'll play my guitar with the folk group - we are doing "Mary Did You Know" and I cannot wait. My most favorite Christmas song ever. I'm planning on working out every day this week except Christmas day. We'll see how those plans go.

Have great workouts!!!
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I did Imax4 this morning taking breaks to write down what each of the blasts were. I think it's silly the the user guide just says blast 1. What is the help in that?
I liked this one. Much easier than low max in my opinion though...I think because the blasts are shorter. But then again I paused after the blasts to take notes.
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This morning I did CL #267 Metabolic Meltdown that Doreen did the other day. Fun workout and she's right, it's very well laid out. I only did it one time through, though, because my upper back started getting really tight. I didn't want to chance it.

This is the workout:

Sumo Walks: 15# lots of reps
Pulsing Lunges w/Front Flies: 10's - 12 reps each side
Deadlifts/Calf Raise: 12's - 6 sets
Lunges w/One Arm Press: 12# - 12 reps each side
Sumo Squat w/Side to Side Punch: 3's - 8 sets
Squats/Calf Raises: 15's - 6 sets
Walk Out/In Pushups: 5 sets
One Arm Overhead Triceps Extension: 10# - 24 Reps (killer)
Front Lunge/Knee Raise/Lateral Raise: 3's - 5 sets each side
Scarecrows w/Leg Curls: 5's - 12 reps each side
Rear Delt Flies: 10's - 6 sets of 3 pulses
Pyramid Biceps Curl: 15's/12's/10's - 10 reps each
Side Lunge/Upright Row: 10's - 6 sets
Bonus Burn: 100 Jabs: 3's (killer, I couldn't do it all)
REPEAT all but Bonus Burn

However, I only did it one time through. Workout was 31 minutes, burned 199 calories, did 1145 steps and HR was 128/168.

Also got on my treadmill to get some steps in. Walked for 25 minutes, burned 164 calories, went 1.25 miles and did 2973 steps. HR was 117/148.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve everyone and a beautiful Christmas day tomorrow. I won't be back until Thursday!! Love you all!


Yesterday we had our family Christmas. My grandson came over and we visited for awhile then went out to my daughter's house for the gathering. We played games for a couple of hours which was a lot of fun. Only thing is I should have known better than to lean forward over the coffee table for so long. My neck and shoulder really hurt last night and this morning. I was so stiff when I got up. Moving around helps.
Yesterday I did Step Boss Step Sync, 302 calories, heart rate 126 average, 150 max, met 6.7, 6,024 steps:D. My new Versa 2 seemed better on the heart rate. The blaze seemed to be too high for the amount of effort I was putting in. It also seems to count my steps better. Sometimes I would have to get really exaggerated moves to get steps to show up, or they would stall out and a bunch would show up at once. I then did Step Boss Ab Stacker 10 minutes, 40 calories, met 4.5, 102 steps(must be the leg to arm movements??) heart rate average 112, max 137. I then did Step Boss Chair Stretch, 16 minutes, 10 steps, heart rate average 94, max 116, 27 calories, met 2.0. Total time was 83 minutes, 369 calories, 6,136 steps.
Today I just did Step Boss PHA 3 upping some of the weights on the lower body and a couple of upper like the plank rows. Still light on the Arnold press at 10's. Just too fast for me to take a chance with heavier weights, 59 minutes, 248 calories, met 5.5, 1,785 steps, heart rate average 124, max 154. Cathe had this way high in the workout manager and the met value was 7.5. No way for me and my calculations.
My dvds finally showed up. I do not know what the hold up was because they had been in Oklahoma City since Saturday. I printed up the user guide awhile ago and downloaded to my tablet, which I use to check out premixes and stuff without digging in my folder that holds the user guide. I only dig out the worksheets.
Beautiful weather here the next couple of days then cold coming in. I think my husband and grandson are going to go out on the motorcycles when he is off on Friday.

Belinda, your knee sounds pretty inflamed. I would almost be afraid of doing much stretching on it till that goes down a bit to keep from aggravating it. It is good you are being careful with it. That is great that your daughter signed you up for a class Wednesday. Something to look forward to. I don't think I Max 4 would be ideal with your knee hurting. Even if you did do a lot of modifying.

Doreen, I love Step Sync for the fun and all of those steps I get :) That is great that they were able to reroute the gift for your husband so you can pick it up. My younger daughter had ordered most of their Christmas from Amazon and it is running late. She said if things do not show up she may be changing Christmas. The 5 year old will have to think Christmas is a different day. Although he was trying to count the days when I picked him up from school Friday !! I hope there things arrive. It might make a difference if you did not stop to write things. I have done that both times with PHA 4. I have not looked over the user guide yet. I usually do not print the cover page picture, but the pages were numbered as 1-30 which really started after the cover. So I was not sure if I was eliminating the cover or not. I just managed to eliminate the back page.

Debbie, sorry you started to get tight. You still got in a really good workout. I just have to keep reminding myself of the pain I just went through so I don't get carried away with the weights and thinking the instructor is going heavy and I should too.

I hope all of you have a really wonderful Christmas !!


Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful, relaxing and fun day yesterday. Today we decided to get food delivered this evening instead of cooking, lol. It was DD's idea, lol.

Yesterday I went to the gym and worked my abs in super sets/high reps. Later today I will go to the gym again. Not sure, what I will do.

Diane - I am very careful with my knee. I can't bent my knee it's very painful. I wake up in the middle of the night in pain.Nothing seems to help. I probably end up making an appointment with my doctor. I guess, Step Boss has to wait until my knee feel better. Glad your dvd's finally showed up and you enjoy them.

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Today I did I Max 4 time saver first half 28 minutes, 143 calories, heart rate average 135, max 179, 2,539 steps met 7.2. I mainly wanted a good warm up and to do some stretching. I followed this with Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga neck and shoulder flow and chest and back flow, 43 minutes, 122 calories, 93 steps. Total time was 71 minutes, 265 calories, 2,632 steps

Belinda, hopefully you can get help with the knees. I am sorry you are going through this.
Today I did RAW Box & Pump 2. Love this workout and the music in it. I have been eating way too much lately and I feel the pounds creeping on. I need to reel it in. Hopefully today will be a better eating day.

Boxing Drill
Squat Rows: 12's - 16 reps
Run Rows: 8's - lots of reps

Boxing Drill
Overhead Press: 12's - 16 reps
Lateral Raise (but she does them weird): 8's - 16 reps

Boxing Drill
Overhead Triceps Extension: 12# - 16 reps
Run Kickbacks: 8's - lots of reps, I didn't do them all

Boxing Drill
Chest Flies: 15's - 16 slow reps
Run Press: 8's - lots of reps
Ab work: 8's
Hammer Curls: 15's - 16 reps
Run Curls: 8's - lots of reps.

Love these Box and Pump workouts, they are so fun. If I had only one complaint, though, I'd ask for Kelly to do more kickboxing leg work. But that's a small complaint. Workout was 41 minutes, burned 328 calories and did 3174 steps. HR was 143/180.

My DH got me a Fitbit Versa 2 for Christmas, I love it. It is more feminine looking that the Ionic. They are both similar in how they do things, though, so I'm glad. I loved my Ionic, but the Versa 2 seems to sync with my phone better.

Diane - I see you have a Versa 2 as well. Aren't they awesome? I hope your neck and shoulders are better. Same thing happens to me when I sit in my recliner for too long. Wish this would go away. My DH got me some electrodes that you put on sore muscles and it's suppose to release them. I am going to try it on my hamstring and upper back soon. Those new Step Boss workouts sound like fun. I don't want to buy new DVD's, though - but you girls are making me want them!

Belinda - Great job with your workouts during the holidays! Glad you are having fun with your DD!!

Hope you all have a great day.
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Good morning,

DH and I went to the gym, we did upper body. I tried using Peloton bike after my upper body workout, my knee couldn't take it. I only was on it a second my knee was in a lot of pain plus I can't bent it. It's still pretty swollen. I need to make an appointment and have my knee checked out. Nothing seems to help.

Diane - thank you! I tired everything but nothing seems to help. I am going to make an appointment. I had to stop doing barre workout too. Glad you had a great xmas with your family and like the new workouts.

Debbie - your workout today looks like a lot of fun. We having a great time with DD.

I will try to check in later
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Jolie Fit

Sorry I have been MIA, I have had so much company that there is no way that I could workout. Everyone just left, except for my son, and now I cant workout because my other son is using the gym! So much to pick up and clean!!!!! I hope you all had a great holiday, I did but I feel like I gain 10 pounds! Tomorrow starts the New Year New You thing so I will be watching my diet, working out and getting good sleep.

Great workouts everyone, I wish I could have but when my parents are here they never give me anytime for just myself.

Debbie, how did the guitar song go at church! That is awesome that you play an instrument. Bummer on that hamstring issue again, do you think that was from Cardio Coach the other day or just doing RAW workouts? That is so great that you got a new Fitbit for Christmas. I am still using my old one but it does not sync with my new I Phone. I will have to upgrade soon. However, I only wear it when I workout anyway, I got away from counting my daily steps because I am always way over anyway and the rubber watch band gives me a rash on my arm.

Belinda, I have a spin bike and cant use it either, it hurts my right knee. The only way I can is if I do not put my toes in the clip. I have to angle my foot slightly or I am in total pain. Way to go on the workout with your hubby, I wish mine would workout with me but he will not.

Diane Sue, how do you like your new Fitbit? I hope you had a great holiday with your family. Hopefully you get your Cathe DVE set soon!

Doreen, I am glad you are liking the new Cathe DVD set. Can you buy the weight workouts on their own without purchasing the Step workouts or do you have to buy the whole set?

I hope we all have the best 2020 and we all stay healthy and happy!

Have a nice day, I will be working out tomorrow and hopefully will jump on my TM later today if I can.
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This morning I did I Max 4 time saver intervals 6-10, 27 minutes, met 8.0, 151 calories, heart rate 133, max 166, 2,530 steps followed by Step Boss Intermediate bonus step, 21 minutes, heart rate average 131, max 149, 2315 steps, met 6.4, 114 calories. I finished off with Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga, Total Body Flow, heart rate average 126, max 154, 27 steps, met 3.5, 85 calories. Total time was 70 minutes, 350 calories, 4,872 steps.
My Versa 2 seems to be giving me higher burns and heart rate with the Yoga than my Blaze. By a lot really. Blaze was always really low and half what Map My Fitness gave. I just find it odd. I really feel like it should be somewhere in the middle, but then I used to get around 100 or more when I used the Polar for a 25-30 minute yoga practice.

Debbie, I am loving my new Versa 2. I need to figure out the music. I have not tried answering a text yet. Alexa is nice and I like that I can get weather right on the watch. My neck and shoulders are better today. They were hurting again yesterday. When I watch a movie sitting on the couch I put my neck roll behind my neck and a small pillow behind my lower back to correct posture and give my neck support. I cannot sit in the recliner. The back pushes my head to far forward and my behind is way back in the chair. I generally sit on a barstool at the dining counter since we have an open concept for the area. It is not quite the same for my husband though when we are enjoying a movie together. Box and Pump 2 is a lot of fun. I didn't know you played the guitar. I took lessons as a teenager along with piano. I pretty much stuck with piano. Now I have a new keyboard with the pedal and headphones and everything to add to my piano that was my mothers. I find it a way to unwind.

Belinda, sorry about the knees. I used the spin bike to rehab my knee after surgery, but I had to stay slow and seated. It would work your knees though and I think a doctor visit is a good idea.

Jolie, I know how you love to workout, but I think family time is the most rewarding ;) You will get back on track. I don't think I gained anything. I have been too scared of all of these heart tests and that lung nodule so have been pretty good about leaving out most of the bad foods. I noticed fitbit suggests removing the watch periodically and cleaning it often. I wonder if you put a bit of powder of something on the band it would absorb moisture away and maybe not cause so much reaction. I have cleaned mine with a bit of baking soda, only on the straps before just to help with odor from sweating.


This morning I did CL 256 express plyo legs and core - but I skipped the core and switched to KCM Split sessions premix total body. So Express Plyo Legs was just that - express. The Leg section only was about 20 mintues before she was going to move to core. It was fun - not too much on the plyo. It was a cardio exercise followed by a leg exercise repeated 6 -8 times. I've never done Split sessions before - it was one of the DVDs I picked up at the thrift a few weeks back. I liked all the exercises in the premix so I'll have to do the real workouts soon!

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